LittleBigPlanet 2 Launch Week Fun: Reviews And The LittleBigMap

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Hi everyone. It’s an exciting day in Sack-land – from today, LittleBigPlanet 2 will roll out across the PAL region. Woo hoo!

LittleBigPlanet 2 Collector's Edition

It’s been fantastic to see LittleBigPlanet 2 receiving such enthusiastic and thoughtful reviews across the web – with an average score of 92%, Media Molecule have done a fantastic job of living up to the high standards they set with the original LittleBigPlanet.

The chaps over at the fantastic fansite LittleBigPlanet Central have been helpfully collating reviews, so check out their thread to get an overview of the great scores LBP 2 has been receiving from the likes of Edge, Eurogamer, GamesTM, Game Reactor, NowGamer, Jeuxvideo and 3D Juegos.

We’ve got some fun news and content this week to get you even more excited about LBP 2, or persuade you if you’re still sitting on the fence (get off there – surely it’s just uncomfortable?) and

First up, how about some exciting interweb-based news? The smart cookies among you will have noticed already that, just before Xmas, we launched some brand new Share-based functionality. is a powerful new part of that gives you the chance to browse the fantastic user generated levels that have been shared with the world.

You might want to use it to build up a shortlist of the coolest levels to play when you get home – and if so, you can even log in with your PSN ID and add levels to your queue, so they’ll be ready and waiting for you when you get back. Browse trending levels, check out stats and reviews to see what sounds appealing – and then get playing!

Or maybe you’ve created something awesome that you want people to bow down before in sheer amazement? From your profile page you’ll be able to find unique pages for each level you’ve already shared – meaning that you’ve got a handy URL that you can use to promote your creation all over the place. Mail it to your friends, tweet it to your followers, plug it in forums – do anything short of tattooing it on your forehead (definitely DON’T tattoo it on your forehead – it’s a very inefficient promotional device). There is even a nifty widget creator on the site, to help you share the word on your fansite or blog.

The LittleBigMap

The awesome LittleBigPlanet fan community is filled with helpful, friendly and creative folk. But it’s also pretty darn huge, and spread out across the world and the web – so if you want to dip your toe in, it can be hard to know where to start.

That’s where the brand new ‘LittleBigMap‘ comes in…


The LittleBigMap collates LBP discussions and content from across the web, and plots some of the latest and best videos, pics and tweets on a handy and familiar map interface.


So, at a glance you can see that thousands of people are contributing to the LBP community from all over the world – and then you can zoom in, navigate around and take a look at some of the content they’re sharing. There are some nice photos in Hawaii, for starters.

The extra cool thing is – the LittleBigMap notices when URLs are included in video descriptions, screenshots and tweets, and automatically pulls in stats and information about that level. It’s another way of discovering the most fun and creative levels that people are talking about around the world, and it’ll grow as more of you start to make use of URLs around the web. So check it out!

Check back later in the week for a final brand new trailer that shows Sackboy’s tribute to the history of videogaming, a behind the scenes look at the Media Molecule studio and a sneak peak at the LittleBigPlanet 2 advertising – featuring creations from some of the stars of the LBP community.

Happy Sack-week!

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6 Author Replies

  • Can’t wait for the game.

    I got the CE but no Ratchet or Jak preorder bonuses though. :(

    I couldn’t find they anywhere.

    Can’t wait for the LBP2 event in Dublin at the weekend hopefully I will pick up some swag there.

    • Hey Lucreto – great to hear you’re looking forward to LBP2! Sorry you couldn’t track down the Ratchet and Jak pre-orders costumes – but keep an eye out because there should be other opportunities to get hold of them in future. Hope you enjoy the event in Dublin – should be a good one!

  • Hoping my CE comes tomorrow! :D

    That littlebigmap thing is kewl.

  • I still dont get why we in netherlands didnt even get a CE to preorder anywhere.

    Are we just to small a country for u to make an effort for?

    We had 2 stores i think offering a sackboy (pluche) with it .. but the game was also 10 euro’s more expensive so it wasnt extra there.

    Really really disappointed in the release schedule of this game.

  • Will the EU CE DLC be on the psn later for a reasonable price?

    For the countries that had no CE release?

    • Hey Basket21 – Apologies you weren’t able to pick-up the CE where you are – I promise it’s nothing to do with not making an effort for the Netherlands, which is certainly a country we consider important. I can’t confirm specific plans for the pre-order DLC costumes for now, except to say that there will be more opportunities to get hold of them in future. Hope you enjoy the game if you do pick it up this week! :)

  • A 7+?

    do PEGI have issues with explicit jumping now or somthing? Ill wait a while to get this one, best of luck on the sales though

  • I really am looking forward to getting this game, going to pick the CE edition on Friday along with Mass Effect 2.

    It does seem strange to me however that those who are paying extra for the CE (which was said on this blog earlier should be the same retail price…) are unable to get any form of pre-order bonus through the CE’s exclusive retailer Game.

    I’m assuming this means that if we wish to get the Jak and Daxter or Ratchet and Clank costumes, it will be premium DLC from the PSN store.
    This is particulary annoying as without going into the other differences of the US CE, they get both the Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter DLC included with it.

  • I think they just reply to the happy posters in this thread :)

  • Oh forgot to ask here since Ross has gone home ;/

    about the week 1 tshirt
    Its 4.99 USD in the US and 4.99 euro here.

    that seems a bit weird.

  • Alex, can you shed any light on the prices of the standard edition vs the collectors edition … i thought they were supposed to be the same price, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with GAME (and very possibly other retailers too). They’re charging £5 extra for the CE … I know it’s not a lot,(and I’ll probably still buy the CE come friday) but it’s the principle.

    • Hi R1MJAW – I can’t comment too much on pricing, I’m afraid, as by law retail prices are set by the retailers themselves – except to say that the RECOMMENDED retail price for the EU Collector’s Edition is indeed the same as the RRP for the standard edition. But it practice, this may mean that the retailer may choose to price the Standard Edition cheaper than the RRP, and keep the CE at the RRP, for example. There may be variations, and that’s entirely at the retailers’ discretion.

  • I can’t wait for Friday! ! ! :P :P :P

  • I can’t wait to get my CE edition, but game told me I have to wait until the 28th lol, oh well one more week of waiting….

  • wow that looks awesome!!!!!

  • Yo liars! You stated on this blog that CE would be the same price as normal edition in Europe! All stores in Norway got the CE for about 200Nok more than normal edition (£22 more). I thought this was an error from the stores side, so I emailed them. Guess what! They said that SONY (or their lapdogs in Scandinavia, Nordic Film) sold the CE to the store for more AND gave the stores recomended price about £20 higher that normal edition!

    This have made me make the desition to NOT buy this game before I can get it dirt cheap. I don’t support people who lie to my face.

  • Are there any differences as far as languages on the BD are concerned across Europe?

  • I was a very happy man when my postie bought my copy this morning :) it’s awesome

  • @ Lucreto – Gamestop have Ratchet and Clank costumes and Smyths have Jak & Daxter.

    I will also be going to the dublin event…. I hope they give us some exclusive DLC at the event… it would be great !

    I pre-ordered at gamestop, but, I also wanted the Jak and Daxter… they should give all 4 when you pre-order the CE

  • Guys, some of you may be a little jealous…..

    Our irish Gamestop collectors has the normal collectors edition (steelbook) and

    – An official PS3 Controller
    – 11″ Sackboy statue

    And, Ratchet and Clank costumes for pre-ordering..

    Have a look :

  • Had to re pre-order the Collectors Edition from GAME because my bank rejected the order (yeah thanks for letting us know GAME – bunch of pr… unes) Anyways, cant wait for this to land on our doorstep but will Mm be overcharging us though for DLC this time around? Nearly £5 a pop for some of the packs.

  • Lot of positive review but the jumping is still sloppy. Is MM going to fix it any time (soon)?
    It is why I avoid this one because I hated it in the first one.

  • Roll on Friday and a half day from work.
    Little big map is class. Great work once again!!!

  • Thanks for the reply Alex, however according to GAME’s website the RRP’s are different. Clearly there is some other issue here.

  • Sorry for the double post, but here are the details from GAME’s website (which is usually slightly cheaper than in-store prices).
    LBP2 standard edition RRP £51.05, selling for £39.99.
    LBP2 collectors edition RRP £54.99, selling for £44.99.

  • Woo Hoo! Gonna get my CE tomorrow the steelbox looks great :)

  • Wow, I completely forgot this game was coming out this week… the was the EU CE was handeled just left such a bad taste in my mouth that I never cared as much for the game anymore.

    I guess I’ll pick it up used later…

  • I am so disappointed by the way you lied to us about the CE, really…
    I know it’s just a game and a few toys but the video game is an industrie today and less and less studios dare to try something new.

    For me M.M was that little big english studio that love making games not only for money but to make gamers happy, you seemed to care. (plus LBP is amazing)
    So i was more than happy when LBP2 was announced. then i see the CE and i thought “hell yes!” but no, sorry, US only. Ok, what’s for us? a steel box and a couple of costumes everyone will get in a few months.. but don’t worry! There will be physical extras depending on countries and the CE price is the same as the normal edition!
    “Hummm okay…”

  • But no, it was a lie. the CE is 70€ here in France an not a single retailer give goodies with it. The only thing you could get was a small badly done plush for preorder from GAME.
    So i ask: Who is responsible for this? Who in the marketing department thought “let’s give EU a crappy edition after showed them the great US one then lie to them, that will teach them to be European! Ha!”

    So i’m gonna get the US edition, sell the game and wait for the EU version to drop in the second hand bin. But i want you to know that the heart of the kid playing games inside of me broke a little…

  • Here in Australia the only CE copy I saw came with just a sackboy. But I pre ordered online with amazon way back and got the full CE and it cost less than buying just the regular game from a brick and mortar store here. Very happy cant wait for it to arrive tomorrow.

  • Congrats! The release in Italy has been pushed to the 26th!
    Pat yourself in the back!
    Awesome job!
    Yay for week one t-shirt.
    Guys, you’ve messed the release of this game soooooooooooo much, especially the CE in EU.
    Congrats, again.
    And thanks :(

  • Cant wait to play this game, My copy has been dispatched from shopto 2day so should be playing it 2moz :D

    Wanted CE at first but wasnt using rip off GAME (Exclusive to them)so had to stick with standard :( please dont do that again Sony GAME are crap

  • Here’s my opinion on the CE, you guys messed up royally. You lied to us about it having extra physical stuff (I actually wasted my time checking tons of stuff because I WANTED to get my girlfriend the best stuff she could of LBP2 and there was NOTHING but the codes which we all knew about but they are not physical of course) and then there was the CE costing more for almost nothing extra especially when compared to the American one. I am shocked that MM would choose to do this to its fans and then not even elaborate on why there was no physical things that you suggested would be available, why the CE was chosen to be so small scale and sparse compared to the American one and why MM would think it is okay?

    Please for LBP3 get your f***ing acts together. I say that for my girlfriend and not for me as I wouldn’t even buy this game from a bunch of ******* like you (going to get rid of the whole word myself to keep it family friendly in here) if my girlfriend wasn’t interested. Sorry if I sound rude but I certainly don’t think you guys treat us any better so expect it.

  • Forgot to say we settled on just getting the normal edition since she is a big jak and daxter fan and there is unfortunately no way to get that costume (short of paying for it down the line when it comes on PSN) with the collectors edition so thanks for making her get the plain version just because you couldn’t put your heads together and do anything good.

  • Yeah, I have lost all respect for MM since they didn’t push SCEE to support us in Europe! I NEVER buy used games, since I allways want to show my support to developers, but for LBP2 I will go out of my way to get a used copy!

  • Another CE moaner here, I was in the beta and i really loved it, then i saw the US’s CE and was really excited to get it, Then we got shafted and based on principle i just wont be buying this game until a very sudden price drop :/ Feels bad media molecule.

  • Got my hands on a copy yesterday with a sackboy figurine as pre order goft (actually got two of them :P) Nice of Sony they give them away here in Belgium (to make up for the SE?). They’re no plushies, but heck, they are standing nice on my desk.

    Just need to find a replacement for those bookies and find a code for a Toy Story Alien (the claaaaaaaaw) and I’m a 100% hapy LPB player :D

  • and of course, the questions about why europe didn’t get the same content in the special edition as the us get ignored.

    but that kind of thing stopped being a surprise a looooong time ago.

  • In-game, from the pod, the store says 2 free packs, what are they? I cannot find them.

    Also £3.99 for that “rare” t-shirt, which was free for the US….come on…….

  • @ charliegeorgie – the rare t-shirt wasn’t free in the US, it was $5. Still not quite as expensive as ours, but definitely not free.

  • must have misread it sorry, but still £3.99,when other costume packs containing many more items are the price……

  • @ charliegeorgie – I totally agree. It was the same with the rare LBP1 t-shirt, but enough people must have bought that for MM to release this one at the same price.

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