DC Universe Online Alert: Bludhaven

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DC Universe Online Alert: Bludhaven

We’ve got another high-level alert scenario to share with you today.

If you’re not familiar with alerts, they are high action, quick grouping experiences (you can even group with friends if they’re playing as a hero or villain) and as a team embark upon unique in-game missions.

Chris Cao, the Game Director for DC Universe Online, takes us through the Group Combat Alert on Bludhaven in the following video:

DC Universe Online is available exclusively to PS3 and PC and is out now.

See you Metropolis!

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5 Author Replies

  • Sweet, each one of these tempts me more and more to sub…

  • Free items for PS+ members please? :D

  • So which has the bigger population – PC or PS3?

  • 50% discount on sub for plus members and id sign up.

    Something to bare in mind for the future, but dont wait too long :)

  • The PS3 servers are always packed and I love it. First time MMO player and I can’t give it enough praise. I just hope my subscription will be justified by good monthly updates.

  • Where’s Nightwing during all of this? Doesn’t he come along to mentor?

  • it cost way to much just half a year cost the same as a brand new game WHY??????????????????

  • maybe you can get an answer to when europe will be getting some new servers, because i’ve had no luck on the official forums, every single question about europe on the official forum is completely ignored.

    to tell you the truth it’s really starting to get on my nerves.

    if they want people in europe to keep paying to play this game then they better show they actually give a stuff because right now we’re barely even acknowledged, and for them to treat paying customers like that is a damned insult.

    i think the game is fantastic, but if soe is going to keep treating europe like a dog it no longer wants then they will not get another penny from me, and i wont be alone, they may not care about us as people but they’ll care if they don’t make any money from us.

  • Just a quick question, Josh, and I really hope I do get an answer.

    Do you honestly believe that the DCUO game is worth the $330 AUS that I would have to pay out in the first year alone ($99 for the disc and $19.95/month)?

    Can you try and explain what value for money I’d be getting for that $330 dollars above and beyond the numerous (multiple) other games I could get for that price?

    Do you feel that the £330 price point is appropriate in the current economic climate? Will this the price point for future Sony MMO’s?

    • Hi blankedboy. I’m afraid that I’m not responsible for the pricing of this title, but what I can say is that on average it’s no more expensive than your average MMO.

  • Loving the game so far, the combat is great and nice refresh in a stale current MMO market.

    Are there going to be any more Alerts released in the future?

  • Just read this on Bleeding Cool. Seems as if you won’t be able to trade in or re-sell this game if you decide the DCUO MMO isn’t for you.

    Once the redemption code is used the game is locked to that specific Playstation 3 and can never be used with any other console. So the only way to get DCUO is to buy it brand new.

    Bit harsh if you don’t feel like paying $19.95 a month once your 30 day free trial is over. $99 dollars for one month of play is steep to say the least.

    Article here:

  • I’m glad I got to try the beta first, tho I will say pc gamers pay subs for their games, why should console owners, whom pay a fraction of what pc buyers pay for their expensive machines, be somehow exempt from sub charges. Not all console owners are 12 yr olds, but adults with incomes. Think about it…

  • I want to ask about issues with the pre-order content. Game is saying they have no knowledge and Gamestation has only had codes for the PC version apparently. Is SCEE doing anything to sort it or is it another company?

    • Hi Icematt12. The UK office have just informed me that any customers who experienced issues with pre-order codes should contact Game Customer services who will resolve the issue. Hope this helps?

  • I already got in touch with Game, who said go to the publisher. SOE says to call SCEA, one person has and the message was to go to the retailer.

    I get the information flow can break, but what people want (not just me) is to know what to do. By all means I will try Game again.

  • Thanks for the reply Josh, but with a first year price price of $330 I just can’t justify it.

    As I understand it WOW’s monthly subscription in Oz is $5 cheaper than DCUO’s $19.95 /month. But even with that monthly price it’s pretty much unjustifiable to spend out on one single game.

    I can see why MMO’s have never been a success on consoles.

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