DC Universe Online Video: Hive Moon Base

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DC Universe Online Video: Hive Moon Base

Greetings PlayStation.Blog,

We’ve got a brand new, high-level alert scenario to share with you after the launch of DC Universe Online last week.

For those of you not familiar with alerts, these are high action, quick grouping experiences (you can even group with friends if they’re playing as a hero or villain) as a team embarks upon unique in-game missions.

Chris Cao, the Game Director for DC Universe Online, has kindly taken some time out of his busy schedule to take us through the Group Combat Alert on Hive Moon Base.

DC Universe Online is available exclusively to PS3 and PC and is out now.

See you Metropolis!

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4 Author Replies

  • To bad you can’t buy the game on psn… would have been nice if you could get the game there at the same price as you can get the pc version digitaly (around £30). I have no use for an MMO that you have to have a disk inserted to play! (The “just click to play” factor MMO’s got on PCs is one of their biggest apeal)

  • ive just bought this game and im loving it but once my 30 day free sub is up i dont know .because i simply cant aford the prices they have anounced for subscription. been a psn+ member i was hoping we would get a discount ive put a number of replys asking the plus team if there is any chance of getting a discount on this game ie the monthy subscription but never get a reply. typical its about time they answered the people who feed them :)

    • I’ve passed your comment onto ‘Team PlayStation Plus’ so if there’s any development, I’ll be sure to let you know.

  • Hello, is there any info on if or when game will be available in Russia?

  • I did this alert in the beta. Very hard even for a level 20. Too bad about the price of subscription for PS3 users, it’s too much. Otherwise I would have got this game.

  • Awesome stuff! Really enjoying DCUO so far (been very addicted to it all weekend) fantastic work guys :) Will have to check out the new alert. Really enjoyed Area 51 (when i managed to get a group that actually wanted to work together).

    • Glad to hear you’re enjoying it! Keep your eyes on the blog over the next few days as it’s possible there will be a few more alerts for you… ;-)

  • thanks for replying josh im very greatfull

  • can i just say this game is great but can we have an update on some improvements as there is currently a few issues in the game.

    1) Voice chat is not working properly if at all
    2) Problems changing iconic power loads outs as in unable to change then at all.
    3) League chat not working at all.

    any update on these things would be great as there seems to be a lack of answers from the admin team over on the DCUO official forums

    • Thanks for your feedback Dante_Zero. I’ve passed on your comments to Sony Online Entertainment who are aware of these issues and are working to rectify them. As you said, the DC Universe Online Forums are the best place for technical issues so keep your eyes peeled there.

  • Lifetime sub for PS3 before all the good names taken!

  • great game, i love it. played almost the whole weekend.
    Just 1 additional issue: breasts should be a little smaller or adjustable. ;-)
    On the other hand: this huge power have to be stored somewhere :-D

  • Greece is unlucky again!I went to buy it today but u didn’t release it in Greece yet!Shops will have it in 2days=/,I was so excited for this game!
    I will buy it in 2 days,I Can’t Wait!Oh and it would be awsome PS+ members to have a discount on this game for the monthy subscription

  • I think that this game should be ‘free2play’ in 6 months or 1 year, and copy the bussiness model of Champions Online.

    There is much people who cannot allow themselves to pay monthly ;(

  • Won’t pay to play, especially when there are so many reports of crashed servers and buggy and glitchy gameplay.

    For $330 AUS a year (disc and month;y subscription) this game would have to be the best game ever, and it is far, far from that.

  • The prices for it are a disgrace and a great shame to the PS3 community,hence the
    very small number of comments.Sorry 4 not being rich,i love and know the DC Univerce structure
    in details.But it seems this game is not for who LOVE DC Univerce,but only 4 those just have the money.

  • I must say. never been overly into either pay-to-play or avidly into DC/Marvel.
    However been enjoying the game and currently upto lvl 20. i run a gig virgin media line, and i can firmly say i have not had any connection issues/lag or even glitch problems (i did notice that the science building in metropolis goes right into space).
    i did however used to play WoW and Linage2. and the one thing i do understand is that these games need to evolve, and the only way the world can evolve and not effect players is to have pay-to-play.
    I ask this question, how often do games such as COD and also NFS bring forward new maps/cars/equipment that you can only have by handing over hard earnt money????
    With pay-to-play everybody is on the same gamestate and its just the lvl of ability that changes between each gamer.
    NFS for example, you can be lineing up for a race, yet a gamer suddenly pulls up in a car that you cant afford till next payday, makes it kind of dis-heartening dont it?
    additionally, you pay £22 for 2 map pack from COD only for a newer game to hit the shelfs every November. and you will then never touch the old version ever again.
    Cheers for reading

  • *****20 meg virgin media******

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