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This is my first recap since coming back from holiday so I hope you all had peaceful and relaxing Christmas breaks, if peaceful and relaxing is what you’re into. Thanks to those who sent me kind PSN messages over the holiday – I intend to respond over the weekend. The blog has been pretty quiet this last week but rest assured we’re back to full throttle and I already have plenty of posts lined up for next week. 2011 has my permission to begin. Here’s your recap.

PlayStation.Blog.Europe Weekly Content Recap

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4 Author Replies

  • I’m waiting for LBP 2 >.<!

  • Good to see you back with us, James! Been very quiet in this corner of the internet without you!

    • Thanks a lot! These months are traditionally a little quiet but there are so many big games coming out in Q1 this year, I reckon I’m going to be busy from now until the annual trade show madness!

  • DAMN IT SONY!! Fix the PS3 browser or give us a new one (like Google Chrome or Firefox), I’m tired of having to reset the console everytime it freezes up.

  • wow first time i posted on this site but do u know if there is coming a demo for socom 4 or uncharted 3

    • It’s very early to know re: Uncharted but I do know that the previous games had demos. That’s not confirmation as I have no idea at this early stage. There are plans afoot to give players an early glimpse at SOCOM which will become clear very soon. Oh, and welcome!

  • ..since we haven’t heard anything about it, disc or otherwise, I thought I’d ask.. Will Mass Effect 2 be available for digital download on the EU PSN, like on the NA one?

    Or did you, by some off chance, pass that offer by?

  • Hi James

    I assume no word from EA about the Dead Space 2 CE. I am getting the limited edition instead just for Dead Space: Extraction the collectors edition is not worth it without the the gun.

    Secondly, I have yet to pre-order LBP2 a week before release as the retail sites don’t have the pre-order bonuses up. Sorry has Jak and Daxter but we don’t know who has the Ratchet and Clank one. Also you can’t get the collectors edition and a pre-order bonus at the same it.

    Finally I was planning on pre-ordering Killzone 3: Helghast Special Edition Pack on HMV’s website but the website says UK addresses only. I don’t live near a HMV store and the last time a did deal with them they forgot to hold my pre-order also thier prices in Ireland as expensive.

    Anyway James, do you know anything about the LBP2 event in Dublin next weekend? I will be attending but I am not sure what it is all about.

    • Hiya, Happy New Year.

      I’m afraid I don’t have anything for you on the first three points. However, I did drop a quick call you our Irish office and, as the LBP event is invitation-only, they suggest the best idea is to send a quick email to the person that sent your invite and they should be able to provide details on what you can look forward to at the Dublin event.

  • Also James will the SE conference be streamed from here on Tuesday morning or will there is a post sometime during the day?

  • Hi there a good new week to all..!!

    Everybody knows by now about the homebrew and jailbreak news of last week. I am kind of worried that we the honest games that buy the games will become the victim here.

    Is there a possibility that someone could shed some light on this situation.

    Really looking forward to the dead space 2 release in about a week and a half. Are there gonna be some more blog posts surrounding the release..?

    Oh and yes a download version of Mass Effect 2 will we be able to download this from psn on its release day..!! And how much will it cost..

    That’s it for me thanks in advance if someone is able to squeeze in some answers.

  • @MrLopes

    i’m afraid they most likely will DRM every game i hope not idon’t want 2 be online everytime i want 2 play a game.the hacker probably
    wants the attention did ya see him at one off the american shows the guys an idiot who thinks it’s fun 2 screw up everything for ppl like otherOS sadly he will probably win the lawsuit.
    homebrew stuff is kinda super for europe considering we can’t even get the basic old games yay for europe no more waiting for the stupid store team 2 get off their asses

    and it seems the Dead space 2 CE with plasma gun replica is only for goddamn xbox360 for the love of god how stupid why!!! sony why!!! do you sucks so much

  • @dgnfly

    Yes i saw the dude and the news really [REMOVED] me off. I do see some positive things in homebrew but we all know what it is gonna be used for in the end of the day..

    I don’t want to be online to play every game I play. I mean seeing friends pop up in my single player game every time can be quite annoying. But if they do DRM we should @ least get a choice to not display friends coming online.

    I saw things about games that are tbere is a possibility they could be delayed or pulled completely. I really hope the piracy through this homebrew product is minimal. Games will only get more expensive for us hard working honest people..

    Yeah I orderd the limited edition I mean if we are not getting the gun or other great goodies then what is the use.

  • To bad the moderation is so tight on this blog there is maybe one word that should be moderated in my text.. :(

  • ja. je mag niet eens meer in het nederlands praten.

  • Ik denk dat we gewoon automatisch gemodereerd worden.. :D

  • eigenlijk de homebrew hack lijkt veel beter dan wachten op sony ik wordt er moe van elke week waardeloose update’s.
    en niet te vergeten alles was fout gaat bij sony europa elke update werkt iets niet. of spul dat verdwijnt van de store, de waardeloose store je kan haast geen content vinden als je het zoekt en alles wat mensen willen komt nooit aan volgens mij moet sony uit de U.K want die denken alleen aan zichself je ziet niets nieuws voor andere landen.
    zouden we niet eens een update krijgen over hoe en wat er gaat komen?

  • Ja wie weet ik ben er geen fan van om homebrew te gaan gebruiken maar als het niet anders kan tja.

    Voor de rest ben ik het eens met je verhaal en daar erger ik me ook dood aan. Maar ik heb gemerkt hoe harder we schreeuwen of schelden hoe meer we genegeerd worden. Ik hoop ook dat ze nu eens naar de rest van de EU markt gaan kijken.

  • blijkt dat europe alleen erger wordt zelfs met Collectors edition zelf de spel hyperdimension nephtunia is alleen CE in amerika en europa krijgt weer niets.
    alle mensen die klachten hebben worden genegeert zelfs nadat ze dom zitten te praten dat er een update op de blog kom over alle informatie die iedere keer wordt uitgestelt ik wil nog steed psp games hebben.maar de store team blijkt incompetent nog steeds geen
    ghost in te shell die tijdens de psp-1000 launch uit kwam.

  • ben benieuwd als ze deze post gaan verwijderen?

  • Guys, internet should be english only. I understand that you are talking about homebrew and the recent hacks. Since this is eu blog and offical you should use english.

    Im so looking forward to LBP2, two days left! But I have looked around for a collectors edition and it seems its priced 50% higher here and without anything extra. Its like 5 costumes or something. EU/Norway ripped of big. :(

    I do hope you guys bring something extra to the game with PS+, considering this is a SCEE game. You did talk about exclusive extras when PS+ was announced. If I had been working at SCEE, exclusive extras would have been DLC just for Plus members, not possible to get for free or buy as non PS+ user. PS+ should also give me some ability to collect extras from other regions, like promotional things in US, let me BUY it in EU for gods sake. I am willing to drop money for some things that other gets for free.

  • @twinlight2

    hell i see a lot off other ppl posting in their original language. if ya want 2 know use google translation just be carefull google translation isen’t perfect i tried 2 translate what i just wrote 2 english i coulden’t make much sense off it. it was so incorrect in some spots

  • Yes a lot of people do post in there native language but I can respect posting in English on here.

    I can understand people just want to know what we are talking about. And basically you are right it is about homebrew and how it is really bad for all of us.

    It really makes me look back to the ending days of the dreamcast. That is how worried I am about this.

    I just got the feeling that my 600 hundred euro console entered end of life.. and all my money invested in games with it and I have a lot of them.

    I see games getting more expensive!
    Games being canceled

    etc. fill out the rest.

  • omg did ya see SCEA is getting this week [DELETED] why can’t we get update’s like that

  • James,

    Really getting worried here about this homebrew stuff.. I am getting news of people cheating in game Call of Duty: MW2.

    I hope we will here from Sony soon.

  • Oh my god i just watched a tut on youtube about this homebrew stuff.. It is just way to easy is there no news @ all???

  • @MrLopes

    maybe SCEE is glad with homebrew now they don’t have 2 work
    well not like they worked before the homebrew hack

    i think players should worry more about the possiblity they can hack your ps3 and get your creditcard data

  • Wheres this playstation “january sale” blog we were promised today ?!? got a wallet full of cash and no sale to spend it on !!

  • @dgnfly

    I agree.. I just deleted my creditcard data.

  • @MrLopes

    i have nothing 2 owrry about i don’t use a credit card but i was expecthing sony 2 alert everybody off the dangers they act like nothing happend untill a couple off million ppl get hacked and complain then they go into ignore mode

  • @dgnfly

    I don’t know if it is ignore mode or need to know bases. But there should be a statement soon I saw skookie talking about firmware 3.60. Even if they release this make it mandatory it will not help a thing there will just be a 3.60 homebrew.

    All you would be doing by releasing firmware after firmware will be postponing. They can’t reset the root key cause they will break a lot of games already released (i think).

    But nobody making a statement or even give some advise is akward..

  • Well not one bad word in my post and still I am being moderated.. :(

  • I would also really like to get an update about the PS3 hack and what kind of impact this will have on the firmware update cycle.

  • @Sp4reNL

    You and me both buddy but I think we should not be counting on it! Something like this will be need to know bases for sure. Which I think is :( sad.

    I am worried about the future of the PS3.

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