MotorStorm Apocalypse: Cover Art…And A LAUNCH DATE!

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MotorStorm Apocalypse: Cover Art…And A LAUNCH DATE!

Our cover art has been sent to shops and websites ready for pre-order. Once again we’ve got different boxes depending on where you live; I thought I’d share a couple here.

Here’s our European box. Our priority here is to show what is new in the game, and it slightly harks back to the box for MotorStorm 1. It is quite unusual for a racing game and we spent a long time working out what we thought would be right.

MSA_PS3_2D_PackShot AW

…and here’s the US version. It is much more of a ‘classic’ box and is based on an image we created in early 2010 that I absolutely love, which means I can’t decide which l like best…

MotorStorm Apocalypse: Cover Art...And A LAUNCH DATE!

I’d love to know which you like best – and what cover art over the years have really stood out for you. My all-time favourite is probably the EU / Japanese version of Ico, painted by Ueda-San and inspired by The Nostalgia of the Infinite by Giorgio de Chirico. I’ve also get a nostalgia buzz from looking at the games I played in the 80’s with airbrush art by Bob Wakelin. Good times :-)

Oh, and we now have a date confirmed for our European launch: the Apocalypse hits from 16th March 2011. Stick it in your new diaries!

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