Sackboy Gets Creative 3 Of Australia’s Cheekiest Online Personalities

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LittleBigPlanet 2 is set to hit Australian shelves on January 20th, and in anticipation of Sackboy’s return, SCE Australia is dialing it up a notch with the news that three of Australia’s cheekiest YouTubers are pitting their wits against each other in a battle to see who can dream up the coolest levels.

The infamous YouTubers are: TV presenter and music aficionado Danny Clayton; reviewer, gaming fan and respected YouTube commentator Blunty3000; and Christiaan Van Vuuren, aka The Fully Sick Rapper, who spent a solid six months quarantined in hospital with a rare strain of Tuberculosis and thankfully came out the other side with a clean bill of health, as well as a web series and cult following to show for it.

Danny, Blunty and Christiaan have come up with some awesome ideas for their own LittleBigPlanet 2 levels and they want Australian fans to get involved to help them play, create and share like never before. Check out Danny and Blunty’s videos at the Official Australian LittleBigPlanet YouTube Channel to hear their crazy (and sometimes bizarre) thoughts. Also, comment on our YouTube channel and PlayStation’s Australian Facebook page to tell us what you want to see as part of our brave participants’ levels and see which of your ideas they make happen.

For more on LittleBigPlanet 2 check out the YouTube channel here: and join the fun on PlayStation’s Australian Facebook page at

You can follow the Twitter chatter for each of our participants at:


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  • AU isn’t part of EU (yet). No Australian only stuff in our blog please

  • Australia shares the pal rating system and the playstation store so i don’t see why we can’t have blog posts

  • I suppose it’s a small consolation for them considering they lost the Ashes so badly :P

  • Im only here becaus3e you said somthing about Infamous. PEGI is a stupid game rating system, just saying

  • @ShadowDoGGG: Agreed. I dont have a problem with aussies but why post stuff that affects the aussie region here when they have their own blog? It kinda annoyed me other day when Ross in the Store Update started reeling off info about games coming to the AUS Store then went back to “I’m in the dark about game X and game Y” mode.

    @PFC_Hudson: LOL nice.

  • Only 5 posts and already the Poms are whingeing.

  • Only one post is whinging.

    By comparison just how many Aussies are whinging this morning due to losing the series 3-1, a winnings and 83 runs down in the final test?

  • I’m an Aussie. I hate cricket. So boring.
    Anyhow, we are part of PAL. There is no point in an AU Blog because it will be identical to the EU Blog, 98% of the time.

  • Sooooo… any news on the wonderful content supposed to come with the EU CE edition? No? Really?… That’s wondeful! Good job guys!

  • Are you guys seriously complaining about there being an Aussie-only post every now and then? Jesus, get over yourselves. We scroll past every FirstPlay post and every other UK or other European-only post without complaint. Honestly, shut up.

    On-topic: Why no reader-events for LBP2?

  • Oh i do. This is actually the post i was reffering to.

    “One important and cool thing to note is that this core Collector’s Edition, with all of the exclusive additional content, has the same recommended retail price (RRP) as the standard edition.”

    One of 2 retailers sells the CE at a bigger price.

    “On top of all of these ‘core’ contents, in many countries there will also be additional or expanded bundles available that include some cool real-world LittleBigPlanet items. And there are four other exclusive costumes that are also available as pre-order bonuses – Jak &Daxter and Ratchet & Clank.”

    In France the only retailer giving real world stuff is GAME and it means a small plush only for pre-order.

    So i’m really dissapointed and i know that i’ll get the american version, sell the game and get the eu version second hand.

    The sad thing is that the game itself is really great, it just don’t like the way the marketing crew handled the thing…


    when you do UK or GB nothing occurs so yeah, I can moan about seeing Australian stuff but you can’t about seeing UK stuff

  • Quite a petty complaint, I would prefare that all english blog posts were in the english section, as I dont mind reading them. Better to have some blog posts that none and this isnt just the UK Blog ;)

  • To those who are moaning about there being an Australian-only post, get over yourselves, it’s incredibly rude.

    Also, while I think this is a great idea I’m disappointed Natalie Tran of communitychannel isn’t involved, since she’s the most popular Australian Youtuber and one of the most popular world-wide.

  • calm down… it’s not really only Australian only, it’s just that Australians are making levels for us to see. I’m sure we can still comment on these videos and take part. Tbh I like the post, anything LBP for me :)

  • I hope to see something Ab-original ;)

  • no ben yahtzee croshaw?

  • i feel ashamed to be an australian. blunty is a woman basher. good background check sony.

  • cant wait to see his level idea then……….

  • Just read up about that Blunty3000 tool. He beat up his girlfriend? Seriously, how dumb can SCEANZ possibly be? I would’ve though after the Koran thing with the first game any controversy would be avoided. Now you’re including levels by a scumbag who beat up his girlfriend, in a family game.

  • Who are these people? The only famous Australian Youtuber I know of is Communitychannel :)

  • @ #16 Ha, snap…

  • It will be interesting to see what the finished levels are like, but I wouldn’t get too excited about it. The only good things to come out of Australia since the UK started using it as an extended prison are lager, and rotary washing lines.


  • I didn’t know an Australian PS Blog exists and I’m going to go on pretending it doesn’t.

    Anyway, who cares about these D-list celebrities (if that)? Get Stephen Fry to make a level. It will be the most intellectual stage in the universe.

  • I know this isnt the place for this question but our complaints/comments in the PS plus section are consistently ignored week in week out.

    *The free game this month is not working for most people and only appearing as a one hour trial.
    *Amazingly it was changed to this one because apparently there was an issue to the original one.
    *The free game was changed to a game that has been on offer in the last few months, slapping the people in the face that took up that offer. Seriously games should not appear twice in a 12 month period or something otherwise whats the point.
    *A large number of people, myself included, are having content expire and no being able to redownload, even with a current subscription.
    *We are told to expect 1 PSN game and 1 PSone game a month but are having the PSone game stripped from us next month apparently, despite what we have signed up to.
    *PS+ are trying to pass off a neogeo as a second PSN title next month despite the fact that no one is being fooled by it.
    *we were originally told to expect DLC every month but have had that taken off us and told we were told that by accident.

    I’m sorry I have had to hijack other threads but we receive no reply on the one we are supposed to use.

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