Coming Exclusively To PS3: The Tomb Raider Trilogy In HD

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Coming Exclusively To PS3: The Tomb Raider Trilogy In HD

Happy New Year everyone!

Coming Exclusively To PS3: The Tomb Raider Trilogy In HD

Last month we revealed the new Tomb Raider in the January issue of Game Informer. Personally I’m thrilled about the new direction Crystal Dynamics is taking Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider franchise overall. There is so much great stuff planned, I CANNOT wait until we can divulge more info.

Coming Exclusively To PS3: The Tomb Raider Trilogy In HD Coming Exclusively To PS3: The Tomb Raider Trilogy In HD

If all this talk about Tomb Raider is making you nostalgic for the previous titles, I have great news ─ you’ll get to revisit three of them in The Tomb Raider Trilogy. Included are remastered HD versions of Anniversary and Legend as well as the final chapter in the trilogy Underworld. In addition, The Tomb Raider Trilogy includes an exclusive static theme pack, Lara Croft and Viking Thrall Home avatars as well as trailers that go behind the scenes of all three titles.

Coming Exclusively To PS3: The Tomb Raider Trilogy In HD Coming Exclusively To PS3: The Tomb Raider Trilogy In HD

When can you get your hands on this fantastic offer? The Tomb Raider Trilogy will be available March 22nd, 2011.

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  • Very cool indeed.

  • Are the first two the PS2 versions or Xbox360 which are already in HD ?!

    I played them on the other system but might play ‘Em again for some trophy hunting. Legend is awesome BTW.

  • Is it actually remastered ps2 versions, or just the 360 ones ported over?

  • Awesome… I love the games…

    even if I already got each title for xbox360 (because of the better graphics…) and “underworld” as a ps3-donwload-title….

    – i will definitely buy this! :) I LOVE LARA – can’t wait to play my girl in HD :)

    I hope we’ll see the original games from core in HD, someday! :) Woudl die for a remake from Part III and IV!

  • I like the avatars!!

  • does underworld come with the 360 exclusive dlc?, this is a dealbreaker if not


  • i hope its with the dlc’s from underworld… i wouldnt buy it if its been missed again…

    and btw: why not stereoskopic 3D?! :D would love to play my icon on my bravia, in 3D!

  • trophy support and dlc will make me buy it give us answers please and this sukka will pay £50 greenbacks for the lot

  • I also demand to know whether or not DLC is included? If it is ill gladly buy this regardless the fact that ive already got the underwordl.

  • Awful EU boxart. Absolutely awful.

    The ports better be from the 360 version too and made HD. No excuse for not doing that.

    That goes for you too Ubisoft with your Splinter Cell collection. Port the Xbox versions, not the PS2 versions.

  • Also _static_ theme pack… why static? static themes are so 1980. I rather watch lara bouncing

  • What about exclusives dlc’s for underworld 360 version ? Are they includes in underworld ? Thanks

  • Guys, take the word exclusive out of this article please. It’s getting Sony nothing but mockery. These games are all available on PC and the Xbox 360. The 360 version even has exclusive content which is TBC for this edition.

    I’m a big PlayStation fan. It left my 360 gathering dust from the moment I bought it but things like this just annoy me.

  • SWEET getting this for sure the Tomb Raider series have been EPIC

    nice one cheers


  • Yes i to like lara she kick ass look before nathan drake come on the scene so SE how about releaseing all other TR series before HD trilogy go on i know you want to ;)

    BTW it be a day 1 buy as well as ico collection my wallet will cry scream with pain but i dont care. :)

  • Didn’t I read somewhere that Tomb Raider 1 and 2 from PS1 where also remastered for this release?


    ‘TimeSplitters’ 1 + 2 + 3 in HD! ! ! :P

    (i know this is not the place to ask) :D

  • Think this’ll be the first HD porting where I pass on all the games. Never could stand Croft and her sluggish frustrating controls in them early TR games and the PS3 has the far superior Uncharted games anyways.

    Now Soul Reaver on the other hand would be a PS1 third person game I would like to see redone.

  • Nice!
    Please, don’t call me a trophy wh*re when I am asking this. Any trophy support for this remastered games?

  • oh, i think ive already played Underworld in HD (unless its a different game im thinking of?), but still, two games getting HDed isnt bad at all :D

    will Legend and Anniversary have their own trophy collections (and each have a platinum?).

  • This should be called “A Tomb Raider Trilogy”, not “The Tomb Raider Trilogy”.

  • it would be great if we could get the original ps1 games actually rendered in a higher resolution as well instead of just upscaled, actually all ps1 games would be better rendered at higher resolution.

    i’ve got underworld for ps3 already, the camera needs some strong coffee.

    would be nice to get the other two in hd though.

  • Anniversary really needs to be the same as the 360 version, not a remastered PS2 version. As for Legend and Underworld, I have Legend on 360 and Underworld on PS3.
    Personally, I would probably prefer the Original 3 TR games enhanced for the PS3, to bring back the quality of the Originals.

    Unless of course that is what Anniversary was/is, but I haven’t gotten around to playing it properly.

  • TR-anniversary is a remake of the 1st ps1 tomb raider got it & legend in the SALES on psp But big screen is great as well ;)

  • @Skookie30.

    I thought that was the case with Anniversary, but wasn’t sure. As for Legend, on the big screen is good, because it was a good game, but hope its a Port and not an upscale of the PSP version.

  • you realise on the cover youve cut off her head on underworld?
    surely it would have been better to cut off the feet?

  • Day 1 purchase as long as the DLC from the 360 version of Underworld that was denied to your PS3 customers is included.
    If it is not, then I will give this a miss.

  • I think this is cool if you have not played these games in HD on 360 and it includes the DLC in Underworld (which it doesnt) otherwise I have played Legend/Underworld on 360 in HD and Anniversary is still in my collection to be played on 360, what I dont understand is, its a good deal if you havent played these TR games at all and/or a big fan (I am getting Splinter Cell HD remake Trilogy even though I played them all) but this is not a HD remakes, its 360 ports surely? A good deal though for TR fans…but this one I will pass on. I have Anniversary to do on 360, the other games I dont wanna play again….I dont understand the reason for this, a cheap cash in but there is no DLC!!!

  • I like the US boxart more. It’s better without the ‘Classics HD’ label, and you can see more of the Lara Croft screenshots. I do want to get this.

    Will there be any making-of videos, XMB themes, avatars included on the blu-ray? It would also be nice to include exclusive previews of the new Tomb Raider game.

  • Don’t get me wrong I live tomb raider and all these hd remakes but what I really want is a Socom 1,2,3 trilogy :D I know alot of other people would too with multiplayer too :D

  • My dreams of a Final Fantasy HD pack is fading away.

  • Sonia.

    Q) Please can you confirm whether or not the Underworld dlc is included?

  • they can add DLC doesn’t need to be out of the box, anyway i thought the 360 Underground DLC was a timed exclusive besides PS3 EU ppl are use to Waiting for content. :|

  • The last good Tomb Raider – make that the last Tomb Raider which wasn’t awful – was Tomb Raider Chronicles. If the first five games had been stuck on a disc and made better looking along with some extra content, I’d have bought it. But these three? Awful battle systems, terible controls and cringeworthy stories and scripts. I’d even have preferred The Angel Of Darkness re-done (ie, made playable) than these three. You didn’t even have the decency of throwing The Guardian Of Light in there, which all of us disc-only prejucuded people have never played. Only Anniversary is anything near what I’d call fun. Bring back the old controls and the “Lara squared” model!

  • I think it’s a shame we still don’t get the Underworld DLC. Would’ve made this pack a must-buy for me. Now I’m not sure, as I already own all games (and completed them all 100 percent). Only thing new for me are the trophies for Legend and Anniversary.


    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease please please include the DLC after all! Surely after two years Microsoft won’t mind :P

  • I’ll wait for screenshots. Theres no way I’m buying games I already have unless they look as good as the God of war remakes with 60FPS because the prince of persia Remakes looked the same as the PS2 versions except not as many jaggies

  • Are we ever going to see HD remakes of the original Tomb Raider trilogy? :P Man, just thinking about it makes me want to throw in TRII again and do a triple somersault off the great wall of china.

  • SWEET, Can’t wait for it! Underworld I really liked so I’m very happy for this.

  • this is kinda stupid we are getting the ps2 HD versions but they can’t even bother bringing us the other missing ps1 games off tomb raider how retarded can’t you actually release the ps1 games for once

  • I’ll pass.
    Played Legend and Anniversary on PS2 and buyed Underworld the last week at 10,9€ on the PS Store (Thanks Square-Enix and Crystal Dynamics ;))

  • Instead of including Underworld which is already available, how about The Angel of Darkness? Ones again, epic fail.

  • THERE IS NO DLC that Xbox 360 got for any of the 3 games.

    These are not the superior 360 versions either, it is the PS2 versions and nothing more.

    The ‘Classics HD’ tag also ruins the PAL cover, you even cut off the top of Laras head on the Anniversary image due to it.

  • Coming exclusively to PS3: Inferior versions of games already available on the 360 and PC!

  • Great News!I love Tomb Rider!I am still waiting for a Tenchu WOH with HD and trophies too………(If Sony Release Tenchu Wrath of Heaven in Playstation 3 i will play PS3 every day and night,my eyes will be Red lol)

  • It may do not have the DLC that xbox360 has but if u see the Boxart it says that there is an eclusive Content!Maybe it will be something cool =)

  • bord of HD remakes.

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