New PlayStation Plus Content For January And February 2011

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New PlayStation Plus Content For January And February 2011

Exclusive Extras For PlayStation Plus Members

Hello community,

For those of you who have already downloaded Shatter from the PlayStation Plus section of the Store and are experiencing problems accessing it, please rest assured that our Store team are doing everything they can to rectify the problem. As soon as a fix is made, we will let you know in this post*.

For those of you who have not yet downloaded Shatter , you will now be able to download and use the content as per normal. Currently, the trial issue only affects those who have already downloaded the game.

Also, once the fix is applied, Shatter will be available free of charge to PlayStation Plus subscribers for an additional month to give everyone a little extra time to grab it.

Hi Guys, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope you all had a great Christmas.

If you haven’t signed up to Playstation Plus yet, or don’t have a year’s membership, then don’t forget that you only have until the 2nd Feb to sign up and get 15 months for the price of 12.

Without further ado, here’s the list of content coming to PlayStation Plus members in January and February:

January 5th – 2nd February

PSN: Shatter
Samurai Showdown – continues from the end of December
minis: *Brand New mini* – Pipe Madness (2 weeks early, exclusively for Plus)
PSOne Classic: G- Police
Full Game Trial: Borderlands (also includes a full game and DLC bundle if you purchase after the trial – available for 2 weeks only)
Exclusive Discounts: PlayTV Live Chat (25% discount) – valid until 6th July 2011
Breath of Fire (PSP) – 40%
Dark Stalkers’ Chronicals (PSP) – 40%
Megaman Maveric Hunter (PSP) – 40%
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP) – 20%
Fate Unlimited (PSP) – 60%
PowerStone Collection (PSP) – 40%
Capcom Classics Reloaded (PSP) – 40%
Capcom Classics Remixed (PSP) – 50%
Capcom Puzzle World (PSP) – 40%
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (PSP) – 20%
Battlefield 1943 – 40% (until Jan 18th)
Costume Quest and DLC Bundle – 20% (from 19th Jan)
Modern Combat Domination – 25% day one discount (coming mid Jan)
Dynamic Themes: Exclusive Fire Theme
Exclusive ‘Year of the Rabbit’ Theme
Premium Avatars: Eat Them avatars
Super Street Fighter 4 exclusive bundle of all avatars released to date for €4.99

**Apologies that we had to change swap Colony Wars but there some last minute problems with it. We will be getting this into Plus as soon as possible though.

And here is some of what you can expect to see from the 2nd February – 2nd March.

PSN: Magician Lord (new to PSN)
Mushroom Wars*
minis: Brand New mini – Karimogi (2 weeks early, exclusively for Plus)
(*2x PSN titles instead of 1 PSN and 1 PS One)
Exclusive Discounts: PlayTV Live Chat (25% discount) – valid until 6th July 2011
Crash Bandicoot (PS One) – 50%
Flow (PSP) – 25%
I Must Run – 50%
Flight Control HD – 40%
Worms: Battle Island – 50%
Exclusive Demo: Wheels of Destruction
Dynamic Themes: Exclusive Cloud Theme
Exclusive PSN Wave Theme
Premium Avatars: echochrome Avatars

We have again tried to give you the most complete list possible for February but sometimes we have to make slight changes. We will let you know if there are any changes ASAP.

Don’t forget that I’ll be back on here with some exclusive treats during the month so keep an eye out for that.

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23 Author Replies

  • I’m such a fool. I bought Shatter (amazing game) like 2 or 3 days ago! :'(

  • What happend to 50% MAG DLC discount promised on blog december?

  • Pretty nice, any chance of throwing in some Qriocity discount though ;)

  • Seen a trailer for Modern Domination, looked pretty good, any fixed release? :D

  • OMG! There is no way I’m going to renew my sub. PS+ is becoming a joke. All these ‘hundreds of dollars of content’ is mostly rubbish that nobody wants. I wish I hadn’t bought into PS+, i’s a complete swindle!

  • Hello James, happy new year.

    When can we expect more exclusive console features from Plus? You know, like extra services or an improved Automatic Downloading.

    Content for February looks good.

    I already own Shatter though.

  • So what happened to Colony Wars? And Astro Tripper?

  • Ughh, only bought the EAT THEM avatars (they aren’t exclusive different ones are they), already have Kahoots.

    So, you changed Astro Tripper and Colony Wars. Astro tripper is only 4 euro anyway, Shatter is a bit better than that at 6.

  • Also i don’t own a psp… Ive already bought shatter and most psn games! Dislike

  • Did you change the PSN game for this month? I though it was a different one. Either way, this update is pretty okay, I think Shatter owns and Mushroom Wars looks cool too :D

    • yeh, sorry, there were some technical hitches but the titles mentioned before are still coming, just nto this month, sorry

  • COOL ! They are exclusive EAT THEM avatars , thanks !

  • Can’t everyone see this is just a way to sell more content to loyal fans!? It makes me cringe that I believed it would be anything greater than that.

  • Also my problems with ps+ continue and your customer support closed my issue claiming they had contacted me and things were ok. I have yet to receive a phone call or email regarding this. I am taking this higher and emailed Andrew House direct. I am absolutely fuming with this shocking service I am paying for. I have mentioned in my email I have reached out to you(James) for your contact details so I can deal with you direct, rather than go through customer service only for you to ignore me.

    For a former Sony employee to be treated like this is rather pathetic.

    • Hi, apologies if you are not happy with the Plus service but as a former employee i’m sure you understand that I wouldn’t get any work done if I gave my personal details out on here. Thats why we have a dedicated customer service team who are normally excellent at dealing with your problems. Apologies if you have had issues there as well, I will pass your ID onto the head of CS and ask him to investigate

  • Not the sort of games i want. Would much prefer joe danger or tales of monkey island. I didnt want shatter after you offered the trial a few months ago and i dont want it now. I didnt want mushroom wars after the free trial a few months ago and i dont want it now. Please offer us some decent games as THE LAST FREE GAME I ACTUALLY STARTED was sam and max. And that was offered for free in september!!

  • Looking forward to shatter,

    Oh and I thought we were getting MAG for free or is that only NA?

  • TRINE soon?

    shatter its a great game,i have already…WHERE IS ASTRO TRIPPER??????????????????????what a joke ps plus is…

    And here is some of what you can expect to see from the 5th January –

    PSN: Astro Tripper
    minis:*Brand New mini* Pipe Madness (2 weeks early, exclusively for Plus)
    PSOne Classic: Colony Wars
    Exclusive Discounts: PlayTV Live Chat (25% discount) – valid until 6th July 2011
    Stardrone (PS3) – 20% – Day 1 discount
    Breath of Fire (PSP) – 40%
    Dark Stalkers’ Chronicals (PSP) – 40%
    Megaman Maveric Hunter (PSP) – 40%
    Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP) – 20%
    Fate Unlimited (PSP) – 60%
    PowerStone Collection (PSP) – 40%
    Capcom Classics Reloaded (PSP) – 40%
    Capcom Classics Remixed (PSP) – 50%
    Capcom Puzzle World (PSP) – 40%
    Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (PSP) – 40%
    MAG DLC Bundle – 50%
    Costume Quest and DLC bundle (20%)
    Dynamic themes: Exclusive Fire Theme
    Exclusive ‘Year of the Rabbit’ Theme
    Premium avatars: Eat Them Premium Avatars x5

    • Hi, i’m afraid Astrotripper had to be delayed due to a last min technical issue. it is coming soon though.

  • Thank you for shatter instead of astro tripper, though it seems a bit unfair to give a game for free whilst you have given a discount for it earlier. Same thing with mushroom wars.

    Colony wars will be part of the March update I take it? Or just a treat inbetween. According to some reviews, G-police is not nearly as good as colony wars, which is said to be a classic.

    Thank you for this update though, I reckon you guys must have a hard time picking stuff that’s fun for everyone’s gaming taste-buds

  • Also no offence but these updates (bar shatter) are not the best compared to The US’s updates…

    I really want Spyro and Lead and Gold :(

  • keep up the good work James!!

    how much will Borderlands be – will the price include the DLC e.g the same as GOTY edition??

  • Happy new year.

  • James, I’m confused. I bought the eat them avatar bundle last week and I got the pillbox avatar in that pack rather than the deathshead. So, I am missing an avatar for the bundle and I got one of the exclusive plus ones already ????

    Anyone else have this

  • I like that we got shatter instead of astro tripper, I really like the trial of shatter

    some suggestions for next time:
    joe danger
    pixeljunk shooter 2
    lead and gold
    castle crashers

    thanks again James :D

  • I too was expecting Astro Tripper so what happened there? although I don’t mind about shatter since I loved the full game trial a while back.

    February will be the first month I lose out since I already have Mushroom wars but PS+ has done me well upto now

  • If I bought PS+ the day it came out in Europe, did I still get the 15 months for the price of 12 offer. Sorry if you not meant to post questions here, but I never get a reply on twitter.

    • Hi, i’m afraid not as the offer at the time of Launch was that you got LBP for free with the one year membership. the 15 for 12 offer was started later once the LBP offer had expired. people who sign up now, may get the new offer but they will have missed out on all the great content and exclusives you have had so far

  • What do you mean Shatter is the free PSN game?!?

    I already bought Shatter! You promised Astro Tripper!

    Damnit, don’t announce anything if you change it anyway! The same goes for the PSone classic!


    • Hi, sorry you are so upset by this but it was due to a last minute problem that could not be avoided. because we are trying to let you know the content as far in advace as possible, there may occasionally need to be these changes, sorry

  • I have re-downloaded deathshead and I get pillbox every time. I think this is an error. You are giving the pillbox avatar to people who purchase the deathshead

  • No offense but Feburary looks very weak =/ Jan looks good tho =)

  • G-police? Thank you, Thank you. I loved playing this when it first came out. It must be at least 10 years since I played it. :D I don’t like the idea of next month missing a psone game though.

  • This update looks ok.

    One thing I am disappointed about is that Shatter is now being offered for free this month to PS+ members, yet it was already offered to PS+ Members as a Full Game Trial, and I think also came with a 50% Discount, the 1st month PS+ came out, and that was when I bought it.

    Seems like a bit of “Recycling” is going on :P

    Other than that little issue, as I said, its in ok Update.

  • Disappointed. Was looking forward to Astro Tripper and Colony Wars. Already have Shatter. Very different to what was expected. Should we take every advanced listing as a rumour.

    • apologies for the last min changes but they couldn’t be helped and we are still giving you colony wars and astrotripper ASAP. we are trying to let you know the content as far in advance as possible and since launch there have been very few cases where content has changed. The only way we could 100% guarentee the content would be to not tell you in advance

  • So now you guys are ditching ps1 game for feb content wow so glad I didn’t resub to plus

  • 1) The * next to Mushroom Wars means anything?
    2) Please, bring a day-one discount (no matter how big or small) to PixelJunk Shooter 2!!! :)

    Thanks for the update James, happy 2011!

  • Not very nice to let us try Shatter as a full game trial and let us pay for it if we like it, to give it away for free a few months later!

  • #31 I answer myself, it’s everything clear: I didnt read the sentence between brackets :D

  • Why is Astro Tripper still listed as the this months game on the PS+ site ?

  • Another good line-up again. Well done.

    Only thing I’m a little disappointed in is Shatter coming in as substitute as I bought this after a Full Game Trial last Summer (with PS+ discount, I think).

    But really, I can’t complain – there’s always going to be the occasional title that I already have. No problem. :-)

    Seeing as you’re mentioning Play TV, James, were you aware of a significant problem with this software freezing since the latest update (v2.02). I feel it ought to be mentioned here as the blog is promoting the discount on the upgrade, which requires the latest update version. Sony have told me that there is an issue and that they are working on a patch.

    Any chance you could have a word with them and try to get an ETA for this – I really need it to be working again.


    • Hi, apologies again for the PlayTV issue. i’m afraid i don’t have an eta yet but i know they are working on it now and will get it out ASAP. Thanks for your comments

  • I’m a bit disappointed as Shatter was one of the “Festive Offers” if I recall and I recently bought the game because of that.

    To offer a game that was recently in a massive sale is a bit cheap (excuse the pun!)

    I’m a big spender on PSN and i’m sure my account will verify that…but After a bit of consideration and hours of downloading 9gb’s of game to only then get 60 minutes to play it seems a bit too much for what the customers get back for their input.

    As a suggestion from that I would say how about scrap the full game trials and push for full game unlocks for current PSN “Trial and Unlock” games? It’s clear that digital copies of games are more expensive that what you can get in the stores so a great idea but is it really that fruitful?

    A free “trial and unlock” each month could possibly boost PSN+ sales too!

    Each month there is about 3-4 ish of them so plenty to pick one from. This alone would provide happiness amongst the avid PS3 fan surely.

  • Ive made a decision.. Im not going to purchase anymore games!! Plus is a joke.. Ive played and bought over 150 games! This update is a joke! So i basically got this month some crap avatars 2 crap minis 1 crap ps1 classic and 2 themes!! Im boycotting spending instore, Simples.

  • No good points for you for January, James.


    EAT THEM AVATAR BUNDLE : Deathshead is shown, when downloaded Pillbox is installed, deathshead not given.

    PLUS EAT THEM AVATAR : Pillbox is show, when downloaded Deathshead is installed, pillbox not given.

    Anyone else notice ?

    • Hi, I’m afraid I can’t get hold of the relevant person as its gone 6:30 but I will let them know and get this sorted ASAP

    • Hi, sorry for the mix up but this has been fixed now and they should all be as they describe. If you want to re-download them, this should correct the mistake for you. Cheers

  • Getting way worse… I’m starting to feel I shouldn’t have bought a year.

  • I already own Shatter (bought it after full game trial back in the first month) but I’m glad more people are going to enjoy playing it.

    I really can’t complain though as it’s the first PSN game I already own and I’ve got more than my £40 back so far. :) Looking forward to seeing what Magician Lord is…

  • I downloaded shatter but my ps3 still sees it as a full game trial and I can only play it for 80 minutes in total.

    does anyone else have this problem?

    • Hi sorry you are having trouble and for the delay in my reply but i had to check the problem out. The guys here have tested it and –
      If you downloaded shatter as a game trial previously then all you will need to do is re-purchase (free) Shatter from the Plus section now and this will then give you the full version of the game rather than the trial.

  • Getting worse and worse every month. Giving us a 20 year old Neo-Geo title instead of a PSOne game is disgusting.

    Besides earlier in this blog, Magician Lord was mentioned to be an extra, not regular content. I’ve had enough.

  • Oke, some things. (i hope you read these comments and maybe reply on them)
    1. Why shatter instead of astro trippers you promised?
    2. Why do we get games like astro trippers or shatter, while the us get’s an awesome multiplayer game called lead and gold?
    3. I’m plus member since the beginning of playstation plus, but why does the US gets better things in it? (It’s not the first time US get’s better stuff on playstation plus)
    Most of the time US is the one with the better stuff and why? we pay for playstation plus to…

    I hope we will get some good stuff in the next months or else i got to give up playstation plus in june when my subscribtion ends..

    I hope you reply on this.

    Robin (a.k.a. Fipoow)

  • Yes, I also have the same problem with Shatter, it only unlocks another hour as trail.

  • Rubbish Already have Shatter and the other stuff is crap

  • Shatter isn’t a full game trial for me

  • The Plus updates in Europe are Epic FAIL look at the in us store there plus is so much better than here

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