DC Universe Online – Gorilla Island Alert

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DC Universe Online – Gorilla Island Alert

Hi guys,

We have a brand new DCUO ‘Alerts’ video for you below.

‘Alerts’, for those of you that don’t know, are high action, quick grouping, experiences where you can get together with your friends (whether they’re playing as a hero or villain) and, as a team, embark on unique in-game missions.

In case you missed it, check out the ‘Area 51’ alert video by visiting: http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2010/12/22/dc-universe-online-area-51-alerts/

I’ll hand over now to Chris Cao – Game Director for DCUO – to walk you through Gorilla Island in a little more detail:

DC Universe Online releases in PAL from 12th January 2011.

See you in Gotham City. :-)


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  • might have been interested if you’re monthly fee’s had’nt been such a rip off.. dirty theiving rob dogs.

  • They first need to understand developing for consoles comes with other issues like Plasma burn-in and make it possible for the HUD to be turned of and also be semi-transparant. Especially with MMOs you’ll be playing more than a few hours, and these full-white HUD items will be leaving a mark on plasma TVs. Even the newest ones with anti-burn-in tech you’ll need to have it run for hours on regular video to get rid of the rentention.
    Please take a good look at the Fallout games which managed this perfectly. I sure won’t be playing something that leaves the HUD items permanently on my screen.

  • lol rob dogs stop being a cheapskate its an MMO i deffo will be buying this i just hope u sort the freeze issues and comm issues. And also please keep the content coming !!!!

  • Not been happy the yanks got continuous beta updates and EU didn’t. Seems to overshadow the retail release

  • i agree shadow if that sort of thing happens with release then i wont be happy

  • well looky here a 1st blog post of the year.

    hey elliot you been demoted from HOME duties you did the or use to do the home blog post lol. :D

    i really link the beta so far but wondering what beta updates did the SCEA had?

    the huge in-game loading was a Pain thought. :|

  • edit: typo alert i mean like lol :)

  • You shouldn’t of made this pay to play

  • Im loving the beta and im sure i will love the full game. Not happy with the fee but i dont mind too much. My worry is that, like someone above already mentioned, the US had more patches than us in the beta and i hope this doesn’t continue in the actual full game.

  • elliot have you (as promised) got any info on the life time subscription for us playstation guys, im very very very intrested in this game, as are many others but the silence from you guys make me worry that i aint joining straight away… i will only buy for a lifetime subscription.

    how about 2 halfs so i can buy 2 seperate items which make the lifetime sub!

    • Hi rossthebassist
      It’s something that’s being looked at.
      I don’t have any further information at present, but when we do, I’ll update on the blog.

  • life time subs should be easy to do on ps3, to get around the £99 limit on psn just sell the lifetime sub for the ps3 on a pc and when you buy the sub on the pc you get a code to redeem on your ps3 which gives you lifetime access to the game itself.

    shouldnt be hard to implement surely

  • i have the beta and hmm i am stil undecided, this game feels very chip at times, for example gotham city police department and disco club in metropolis are exactly the same interior layouts with some minor differences. it is not a good sign as there might be much more of similar places an such…

    really i hava a dilema now

  • i have still not got past the tutorial section it keeps freezing on me after 2-3mins of play

  • Any sign of better suits, items and generally better options for the create a character section. Hope to see Bizarro, Brainaic, Darkseid, Doomsday, Two Face, Riddler, Penguin type options.

  • I wish that guy would stop saying “you”

  • I like how people think we’re gonna get answers. lol.

    Also the EU beta HAS been getting the updates, so…not sure why people are whining we haven’t.

  • I’m not also not happy with the pricing of the monthly fee. Nothing against monthly fees for MMO, they are common, but this fee is way too high for that game. Just my opinion.

  • I totally agree with 17 even if it were a PC only title it’s way to steep a pricing, any smart company would price it lower to wow right? Seeing as there’s way more subs with them

  • All I want to know is, can I be a battle axe or large sledgehammer wielding minotaur with geokinetic abilities?

  • BTW the beta is comming to a end today in USA servers, tomorrow for EU servers go out with a Bang fight the good fight, fight with superman vs lex.L or Batman vs the joker to the death.

    log on january 6th by 5pm GMT that EU beta servers. ;)


  • Sony made ME and MANY others 2 hate the game ,we real DC geeks waiting 4 so long.But with these subscription prices,by-by game.WE R NOT ALL RICH you see.what makes me more angry,is that the game will be bought not by those who love and grew up with DC Universe,but by those who got the money(4 now at least)

  • Please make this game rock and get high scores! Otherwise I’ll have to avoid this game. But I do like the idea, so I hope it will rock.

  • @DaftMav
    lol who plays games on a plasma screen that is the funnist thing i have heared in a while hehe 3D HD LCD FTW!

  • I hope we can continue with the characters we created in the beta. I kept my saved game dataer.

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