The Final Festive Treats For PlayStation Plus Members

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New PlayStation Plus Content

Hi guys, not long till Christmas now so hopefully you are at home and enjoying yourself, or at least winding down at work.

Here’s a final thank you for supporting PlayStation Plus before we start another year.

From today, you will see the first of many brand new minis coming to Plus. A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks is the first of a whole load of new minis that are coming to Plus in the coming year. During the year, at least one of the two minis each month will be brand new to PSN and two weeks early for you guys. So you are the first to play them!

A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks is an extra game for you this month though and is launching in Plus later today, at the same time as the rest of the Store. Enjoy!

Next on the list is the NEO GEO classic, brand new to PSN, Samurai Shodown. And you guys are getting it at a 100% discount from day one. This will also stay in the Plus section of the store until the 2nd of February so that any new Plus members in January can get it too.

I’ve been reading that you like day one discounts so here’s another one for you. When the great new PSN title ‘Eat Them’ launches today, Plus members will get an exclusive 20% discount.

And last but not least for your December treats, here are some more discounts for Plus members:

  • Battlefield 1943 – 40% off
  • Blokus – 25% off
  • All NEO GEO Station launch titles 20% off, including:
  • Alpha Mission II
  • Art of Fighting
  • Baseball Stars Professional
  • Fatal Fury
  • League Bowling
  • Magician Lord (This title will be coming free to Plus in February 2011. We wanted to make sure those who just couldn’t wait that long still got a discount.)
  • Metal Slug
  • Super Sidekicks
  • The King of Fighters ’94
  • The King of Fighters ’94 (PSP)
  • Metal Slug (PSP)

Well, I’m sure you’ve had enough of me on here this month, but I really hope there have been plenty of little extra treats, and not forgetting the regular monthly content, to keep you busy over the Christmas period.

Have a great holiday and Merry Christmas.

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  • i dont like minigames

  • Getting PS Plus on Christmas day and my download list will be quite full looking at this list and what’s already on offer. Thanks James, great start to PS Plus!

    Also Merry Xmas.

  • Is there any chance of us getting the MAG demo like North America have?

  • No MAG trial like in the US?

    We don’t want minis, they are worthless…

  • looks good to me, would have preferred metal slug as the freebie but hey ho, should be good anyway.

    dont see why people ae annoyed we arent getting what the US has… all i want for christmas is Castlevania SOTN, the USA has had it since sept ’07 but we’re still waiting.

    please? :)

  • “Posted on 22 December, 2010 at 11:07 am by Bjarno86

    We don’t want minis, they are worthless…”

    Speak for yourself, I’ve played (and enjoyed) all of the free minis since I signed up to PS+, both on my PS3 and my PSP.

    Just because they’re not for you doesn’t make them useless.

  • yes the minis ar worthless

  • Disapointed!

    I was hoping that December treats were real treats and not only discounts, themes, avatars and early access to betas/demos :(

    Even the plus festive discounts, compared to the regular offer, are close to nothing in my point of view.

  • Poor US got MAG while we got Space shooter for 2 bucks and a 20 year old NeoGeo beat-em-up. :D

  • I see why people dislike SCEE. SCEA give Americans a full unlimited MAG trial with a Lv. 8 cap, and you give plus members minis.

    It’s quite hilarious.

    Was really hoping the MAG trial would be worldwide, then some people with purchase the full game and it will keep it alive for a bit longer, since I love MAG.

  • Wow, Bjarno86. You may not like them, but worthless? They are EXTRAS to everything you already received. Talk about lack of gratitude.

    Thanks for all the extra PS+ stuff, guys! You rock!

  • Poor display of treats.

  • Nice update.

    With discount, what price does Battlefield come in at?

    Have a good Christmas and Happy New Year.

  • we in sweden wanna have movie store not minigames.

  • I was hoping for MAG, like the US Plus members.

    So I am a bit disappointed.
    (a free mini is nice, but I usually play them only for a couple of minutes)

  • if your all worried about MAG go buy it its 15 quid in game and its mint ive had it from release could do with few more players.

  • I know some people think that the PSN+ is a bit poor so far, but I for one am loving it. Not all of the mini’s have been fantastic but I’m glad we get them, they kept me entertained on the 4 hour flights on my honeymoon earlier this year.

    Have to remember that its not even a year old yet and I assume there’s a lot of the developers looking at the service to see what they might give to it without losing any money.

    Thatnks for the discount on Eat Them!, I’ll be getting that as soon as I can. May even have a look at getting the Neo Geo titles for my PSP too.

    Thanks for everything so far guys, heres to a great 2011. Merry Christmas everyone.

  • Some people just can’t be happy, we got LBP move levels, DC universe online beta, Killzone 3 beta and discounts off so many games in the last two months.

  • what do england have killzone 3 beta????

  • funkpower ??? treats i think we have had loads of treats this month already. I bet your the little boy who use to get a bike for xmas and moan about it stop being spoilt.

    I may not like whats not on this selection but its free and last weeks little treats made up for it

  • Archonik, lack of gratitude?

    See what the US got yesterday:

    Borderlands Full Game Trial (Are we getting this?)

    A Space Shooter For 2 Bucks – Minis (This is our “treat”?)

    MAG Demo (Are we getting this?)

    And also all the same discounts that we get.

    Why should I then be grateful when the US got so much more (and better) content than the EU “extras”?

  • @Darko87 i know what you mean some peole just spoilt. What was they excpecting GT5 download for free and i bet some of um would still moan

  • There’s a reason why we’re not getting MAG and that reason is this.

    SCEE covers lots of countries with ALOT of different languages whereas in the USA it’s just English which means there’s alot of languages to cater for and putting all the languages will take up alot of space.

    If you’re so desperate for MAG get off your butt and go buy it.. jeez.

  • Regarding my previous comment (#8)..

    I’d like to say that overall I’m very pleased with the PS+ service and I’ll renew it for sure, I was just hoping for a little more on this festive time :D

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all !! :D

  • Some really nice stuff here!

    Just have to say, James, thank you for replying to all of our questions this year and doing your best to get us what we want from PS+ :D I think we all appreciate the work you do :)

    Have a good christmas yourself, mate

  • Hey James

    Best Wishes for you and your family! I love old classic arcade games so I am glad to hear that my Arcade Stick will become useful this month again :)

    Very good update!

  • Cheers James, was hoping to see a 1st day discount on the new NFS Hot Pursuit dlc. I know we cant get everything we wish for though lol.

    Thanks for the Xmas treats, will definately try Samurai Showdown. Keep up the good work into next year. Merry Xmas to you and all the blog staff!

  • To all the people moaning above

    The grass is always greener on the other side. If you read the US plus update you will see people moaning about how much better the SCEE plus updates are.

    There may be nothing there for me this week but look at the store update this week there is so much extra content it is not funny.

    We got free LBP move levels and DC universe beta.

    @James Have a good Christmas

  • Kinda disapoitning..

    And I still dont see what the point of Minis are…they are ugly and dont have any trophy support.

    But mostly they are just plain ugly, and I think it is something Sony should remove from the PSN.

  • #31 i like all that u say about the minis

  • Stop complaining you complainers.Thanks for the content James and everyone on PS Store team.

    Merry Xmas to everyone.(except the complainers,no merry for you).

  • Honestly, the Scandanavian posters really need to get a grip over the whole PS Minis issue.

    Why is it such a bone of contention with you guys?

  • James can we have Top Darts GT5 dc universe online full game trial. In january plz and ill tell u what i still wont be happy ;) MERRY XMAS

  • Bit disappointed with the Christmas treats. I thought you were building up to something but as always it seems with this service its a bit anti climax.
    Overall the service has been worth the money I’ve spend I guess but its not something I’d miss were it gone. I think improvements need to be made to keep people in and the decision to remove DLC as a regular thing the other week is certainly not improvement.
    Its a shame because there is potential here but this seems to be losing momentum, especially with the unrest caused by the disparity of regions.

  • ahhh i was hoping we would get MAG aswell like the US.

    How come we are not getting MAG?

    Just want to know why. I actually have MAG on disc, but the community numbers are so low, i dont even play it.

    Was hoping the MAG demo thing was worldwide, so more people can join in. Its a great game that is underrated. Zipper and Sony have missed a good chance here.

  • Hey leave off the Minis, yeah a lot of them are somewhat shoddy but some are surprisingly addictive and have provided me with more entertainment than some of the more polished bigger games.

  • when are we geting killzone 3 beta?

  • Nice last round of treats, I will probably buy eat them now (If it gets a good reveiw) And all of those psp discounts in january will be usefull as i am getting a new memory card for christmas.

    Thanks James for all of the festive treats

  • Always funny to read the comments.Do you no what people in USA says? Exact same thing that Europe are getting best things for psn +.

    And to people saying that minis are worthless.They are Great IF you have a psp and i play them often on my psp.

  • By the way can someone get a message to the folks doing the Neo Geo ports and get Shock Troopers on there. It’s easily by far the best two player shooter on the machine and is by far and away more fun than the overrated Metal Slug.

  • Merry Christmas

  • Minis aren’t good, there such a waste of time. I can play most of them for free on flash websites on the net. Please stop giving them to us and give us some quality games….

  • Do the NEO GEO Station games have trophys?

  • Seriously the Minis haters need to try and understand just how petty they’re sounding.

  • wow, quite a lot of ungrateful comments there, they are free games you don’t have to play them if you want, I however have loved my ps+ membership and sure not everything has been relevant to my interests but I’ve got well over my money’s worth in just a few months.
    Nice one ps+ people

  • @39, the killzone 3 BETA has been and gone im afraid.

    And onother thing, Stop whining about our last round of treats! America may be better off this time but remember when we got the full game of Little Big planet, and the americans got nothing? Mag is cheap now anyway, so chill and be greatfull that these people gave up a lot of work time to find mere gifts for us

  • Have to lol at the complainers. If you want MAG so bad just go get it from a shop for £15.

    Thanks for the content James and everyone on PS Store team.

    Have a Merry gaming Xmas.

  • will buy Metal Slug!

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