The Gran Turismo 5 Signature Edition Competition Begins On 27 December

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The Gran Turismo 5 Signature Edition Competition Begins On 27 December

Gran Turismo 5 - Something Special

Good afternoon, Gran Turismo fans.

I am very pleased today to confirm further details of the very special competition that was included exclusively in the Signature Edition version of Gran Turismo 5.

So to have a chance to win your very own gull-winged, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, €180,000, 6.2litre supercar, here’s what you need to know.

Gran Turismo 5

The first phase of the Signature Edition competition will be open from 09.00 GMT Monday 27th December 2010 and will be open until 23.59 GMT Monday 31st January 2011.

From the 27th December, there are a few steps that you must follow to enter the competition, these are as follows;

Step 1: Redeem the PSN Voucher Code
Sign-in to your PSN Account, go to PlayStation Store and redeem the competition PSN voucher code found in the leather wallet of the Signature Edition.

Gran Turismo 5 - Something Special

Prior to redeeming the voucher code, ensure that your PSN account details are up to date and correct.

If your country of residence has changed since you created your PSN account, then you must update your address information on PSN prior to registration on, or alternatively create a new PSN account using the correct country of residence.

Your country of residence must of course be one of those within the eligible markets for the Signature Edition competition.

Step 2: Register on
Go to the website accept the Terms and Conditions, sign-in to your PSN Account and fill in the registration form.

Step 3: The Signature Edition Challenge
Boot up your copy of Gran Turismo 5, sign-in to your PSN Account and get yourself on the Signature Edition Challenge which will be accessible from the Seasonal Events section within the game.

Full terms and conditions will be available on from 27 December 2010.

One other thing – it’s also essential to make sure that you have downloaded all of the latest functionality updates to Gran Turismo 5.

During the competition period you will have the chance to test your skills in 5 races across 5 courses within the B-Spec mode of GT5.

All of the eligible markets for the competition have been placed in regional groups. Please refer to the competition terms and conditions at time of entry to establish which region you fall within.

At the end of the competition period entrant(s) with the fastest composite time over the five courses within each regional group will win a place in phase two of the competition at the Mercedes-Benz driving event.

There is no limit to the number of times that you can attempt each of the five races to improve your best time. Leaderboards will be viewable during the duration of the competition on

The special Mercedes-Benz driving event that is phase two of the competition is due to take place in Spring 2011.

Over the course of two days you will be put through your paces in a real-life AMG vehicles and eventually, whoever has the smarts and the skills will emerge with the keys to one of the finest supercars in a generation.


So, after the excesses of the next weekend to come, make sure you keep a note of where that Signature Edition entry card is – it could well be the ticket that makes 2011 a very happy new year!

Keep an eye on and the PlayStation Blog for more Gran Turismo news.

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7 Author Replies

  • Excited!
    Just a bit of clarification… My main PSN account was made when I was living in AU, but I’ve now moved to GB and am living here permanently.
    Am I right in assuming that I need to create a GB PSN account and use that for the competition? (as I can’t change my PSN account’s country despite the fact I’ve moved here PERMANENTLY)

    • Hello DestroyMachine. If you are living in GB and have proof of residence then you are eligible. However if your PSN account is still registered within AU then you should set up a new account because when you fill in the entry form on on the 27th Dec. the address details given there must match that of your PSN ID.

  • Do the in-game Signature Edition Challenge races use specific vehicles, tuning and/or a stock B-Spec driver?

    I’d hate to think I’m at a disadvantage because some other player’s randomly generated B-Spec driver stats and form are better than mine.

  • Also, does the car come with insurance? :P

  • “If your country of residence has changed since you created your PSN account, then you must update your address information on PSN..”

    Really? You can change your country info on PSN?

    • Hello Tundra – You cannot change the country information but if your country of residence has now permanently changed since you set up your PSN account then it makes sense to set up a new account and you will need to this to ensure that when you enter the competition your registration form details match the details on your PSN account.

  • lol 80% of the members here cant even get a insurance. our pay the road tax. even if they could get this care insured. they pay so much that they cant pay there normal bills haha.

    i stick with my beemer

  • Is this competition age restricted? The image of an extremely lucky 10 year old gamer being handed the keys to a SLS has just popped into my head… that would be hilarious if it happened. :D

    Most of the people entering the competition won’t be able to afford to actually drive the SLS (insurance, maintenance, fuel, speeding fines, etc), I assume Sony are aware of that.

  • Hello NRX1000 entrants must be 18 or over as at the 27th December.

  • Can I get an answer? It’s a simple enough question…
    I just don’t want to waste time and effort, basically.

  • I have this serious question. I have purchased the signature edition and have various accounts including a UK one. I was using a US account mainly since I bought my PS3 and thats where I leveled up my B-spec driver.

    I now how 2 issues of course and I am not sure if they can be solved.

    1) Does this mean I can not use my already leveled up driver for the competition?

    2) I have tried to redeem my code on both the UK and the US account and it doesnt seem to accept!!

    What is wrong???

  • Btw I am from and living in EU not in the US.

    • Hey DANTESINFERNO – I would suggest that if you are living permanently in the EU within one of the eligible markets and can prove residency, you should set up a new account with the correct personal details. As the US is not an eligible market then you would not be able to use the B-spec driver you have created with the US account.

      One further thing to note is that you will not be able to redeem your entry code until 09.00 27/12/10

  • Also I was wondering if I can transfer my save to my EU account in case I can not use my US account.

  • Please answer my question !
    i’ve tried to redeem my code today and it dosn’t work ..
    i don’t know if i should redeem my code again or wait
    to the 27 December and try then ?!!!

  • >> 2) I have tried to redeem my code on both the UK and the US
    >> account and it doesnt seem to accept!!
    >> What is wrong???

    the post seems to suggest that it’s not redeemable until 27/12. where did you buy the game? if you have the UK edition, you’ll need to redeem it from the UK store – the code won’t work on the US store.

    >> Also I was wondering if I can transfer my save to my EU account
    >> in case I can not use my US account.

    the last update allowed you to backup the save data, but the manual suggests that it will only work when the same user is signed into PSN. i suppose that’s fair, otherwise what’s to stop somebody giving their mate a game save with lots of high powered fancy cars?
    the easiest way to find out for sure though is to try it.

  • i can’t even drive anyway so this competition is useless to me, i may give my redeem code to a friend or something.

  • I have one more question. Should someone who is from EU and is living in the UK (i.e studied in the UK and now working in UK) but is for example from Greece, use a UK account or a Greek account??? Both countries are eligible AFAIK

    I need to know so I will use the correct account

  • Is there no other way but to start anew, for us “migrants”?

    I am using my US account all the time, aside of the fact that I have been living in Europe for quite some time.

    There is no way to transfer cars and AI drivers back and forth, I assume?

    Or is this all really just a test of skill and the reason we have to input a PSN code is that the competition comes with a pre-determined savegame?

  • Yeah they should give us a solution to use what we have already started on another account.

    I have spent HOURS trying to get cars and level up on my US account and its really disheartening to think that I have to start from the beginning

  • Can i reedem my code in 28/12

    and what tracks is in the competition??

    so we can train

  • and which cars are not accepted to play on the competition??

  • AHH!! i’ve tried so many times today to redeem my code today but i always get invalid code =\ don’t know what to do???

  • Same here. Lets wait until 09:00AM (wich timezone?!)…

  • Hi There;

    I’m really unlucky and disappointed, i’m the 3rd of the World in GT5P but i’m Egyption lining in Qatar, do i have any chance to get in although i got my copy from GT5 Signature Edition??????????????????????

    OR any other new competition will be opened later for the rest of the contires (POOR people)…???????

    please Answer me sir

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