Eat Them! Launching Exclusively On PlayStation Network On 22 December for €7.99/£6.29

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Eat Them! Launching Exclusively On PlayStation Network On 22 December for €7.99/£6.29


What’s not to like? Eat Them! gives gamers the chance to create and bring to life colossal monsters in order to flatten entire cities and feast on their inhabitants. Always dreamed of laying waste to downtown? Here’s your chance.

If you’re still not convinced, wrap your destructive side around some of the game’s features::

  • The Monster Lab. We want you to be able to piece together the apocalyptic creature of your worst nightmares, and the Monster Lab gives you access to a huge selection of monster parts including a full arsenal of excessively powerful weapons. This gives you the power to play mad scientist to your heart’s content, designing creatures tailor made to handle the variety of mission on offer in the game. If you were so inclined the Monster Lab would allow you to create over five million unique monsters – you certainly shouldn’t run out of ideas any time soon.


  • Challenging Missions. Whether you get your kicks from maximum destruction, or prefer to face endless waves of opposition in a bid to survive as long as possible, we’ve got the game style for you. Survival, assassination, racing and pure unadulterated destruction are readily available in Eat Them! tying together the story that is as big as the monster you’re controlling. Ever wondered what it’s like to rob a bank using a 100 foot tall, laser firing mechanical tyrannosaur? We can answer that question – it’s freakin’ awesome!
  • Co-op Multiplayer. The only thing better than single-handedly destroying an entire city is teaming up with other monsters for more carnage. Eat Them! allows four friends to join forces and play every mission in the game in multiplayer. Anything you can do in single player, you can do in multi-player, only with far more devastating effect.


  • Mayhem. As the missions play out, the city’s defence forces get wise to your destructive plans and send an increasingly lethal barrage of artillery and even superheros to take you out. You certainly need your wits about you to fight them off; complete the mission at hand, and stay fed (I’ll give you one guess what your primary source of nourishment is).
  • Destruction. The sheer joy of charging up to a pristine building, and letting rip until only the foundations are left!


Eat Them! launches exclusively on the PlayStation Network on 22 December 2010.

Happy Chris-munch!

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2 Author Replies

  • Will this game have a platinum trophy?

  • This game looks amazing, I will be buying it… just sucks that I lost my job… YOU ARE STEALING MY UNEMPLOYMENT!

  • Just for be sure: Cooperative Multiplayer ONLINE?

    Great price anyway. Demo?

  • Ah good I’ve been waiting for this one.

  • will there be a demo?

    Any more news on the Blog App for iphone and Android?

  • is this compatible with the playstation move ? i thought i saw a video of this in a move trailer

  • I wasn’t sure if I was going to get this straight away but at that price I’ll be buying for definite tomorrow. :)

  • Hi, I’m an average gamer and played mostly RPG games on PS3 and becoming more, not so dissapoined, as thinking, same thing different game! Why, with the all the power of the PS3(and xbox) fir that matter, are we getting the same games, just in different styles! Why, isn’t augmented reality or,(a little story, I was in town a good few years ago, had a go on a 3D experience, with a helmet on and walking through a basic blockey world trying to shoot little moving squares up and down steps with a pretend gun in hand, but was good at the time, slow but gud experience) what happened to the future of gaming? Why are we still playing same(I wouldn’t say) but different day!! If you want ideas ‘gamer makers’ look at the ideas we used to come out with in the earlys! We want the experience and got the technology so why aren’t we using it!
    Just a small rant on a forum that probably won’t be seen but come on it’s the 20th century
    bedebedebede ok buck !!
    Come on game makers give us something COMETELY different and blow our minds!
    Anyone agree ???

  • Gah… This actually…

    ..looks like fun D=

    …But I already have my games for purchase set for tomorrow :'(

    … >.> I’m sure I could sneak another tenner into PSN though right?

  • Did they get it to a playable state? Absolutely awful at beta rooms, unplayable, framerate drops to less than 1fps and screen tearing galore. Be aware.

  • Does anybody understand what “Tocaman” said? :/ This game looks fun, if a demo comes out I’d like to try it before I buy it, if not a demo then I’ll probbaly ‘llow it.

  • Hi guys i tryed this at the beta rooms this game was slow game speed and poor game play jumping in the air took a while to come down lol and smashing buildings crashed the game many times im not buying this..

    • To those people asking, the co-op multiplayer is local only (so is an ideal Christmas party game).

      Manga_Kid_UK, Addyjones1234,

      The problems that you would have seen at Beta stage have been fixed for release. Why not give it another chance? I think you’ll be impressed with what we’ve done since the early build you would have seen

      James, Fluffylogic

  • Only saw this the other day and it did impress me from the gameplay I saw.
    At that price, i’m not so sure. Simply because of no online. An online mode would of been fantastic, in my opinion.

  • Oh, also, is there a demo?

  • Hello James, I downloaded Eat Them! On release and finished it this morning, I believe there is a lot to like about the game but there are a number of things holding the game back from being something truly special. This probably isn’t the right place to give feedback and many companies don’t listen to it but I’m hoping that I could encourage some support and fixes for the game, and that new features will be added in future patches:
    My number one complaint about the game would have to be its length, once you complete the main missions there is little incentive to go back and do the same missions again. I managed to complete the game with gold medals (a couple of silver and 2 bronze) in under 4 hours and that was even when I redid levels to get a better result. I believe that in order to improve the lifespan of the game it should include a simple city editor that presents the maker with a grid and the ability to place buildings, enemies, and race checkpoints on the map, and set time limits and points so that players aren’t just replaying the same level over and over again. It’d be great if these maps could be traded with friends and be downloaded over the psn store.

  • Another complaint would be the unrealistic expectations put on players during the maximum destruction missions, oftentimes I was eating 8 people at once to get bonuses, button mashing to destroy as much as possible every single second, stomping and kicking tanks around, and yet I would ever only be capable of getting a bronze or barely a silver if I was lucky. I felt that the time limit was so restrictive I couldn’t take my time or have fun with it, nor could I ever stop and recover my health when being shot at by the defence forces for exposing myself to their fire to eat soldiers or searching for civilians just wasted too much time or would get me killed. To compound this problem sometimes attacks against buildings felt ineffectual, even when hammering into them with high damage parts it wasn’t clear if I was actually doing anything and it seemed like as if I was getting diminishing returns. Kicking also is way too slow and can’t be done on the move which is a real shame because it’s necessary against defence forces and for hitting the bottom floors of a building. Stomping also doesn’t feel powerful enough or it takes too long to perform, it takes about 3 stomps to flatten a floor when it should only take 1 or 2.

  • Lastly, I felt that fighting vehicles of the defence forces was obnoxious (infantry were fine). Tanks (especially the heavier ones found later in the game) took me around 6 stomps or kicks to destroy (when your foot is around the same size as they are) and every time they kept on bouncing away so I’d have to stomp, walk up to them, stomp, repeat and all the while was getting shot at by everything surrounding them, all the while wasting time needed for acquiring points. The other more common vehicles (save for police cars) were also too hard to destroy, so instead of fighting them I was running away all the time. I think that the vehicles should either be more fragile, or should be able to be picked up and thrown, stomped with 1 or 2 hits, or make stomping faster

  • Other than that I think Eat Them! Is a good game but I think that with a patch or even some dlc addressing the issues above it would be perfect.

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