Gran Turismo 5 Functionality Update

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Gran Turismo 5 Functionality Update

GT5 Release Announcement

Hello Gran Turismo Fans,

As a very special Christmas present to all of you have been enjoying the pleasures of the real driving simulator over the last few weeks, I can confirm today that a new functionality update has been made available for GT5. The update features the following new functionality.

Seasonal Events
[Seasonal Events] has been added to the upper left of the [GT Mode] – [GT Life] screen. From here you can participate in official events being held for a limited time.

In these events, all participants are under the same regulations, and if you complete the event you will win rewards and experience. Compete on the leader boards with players around the world, in Time Trials and Drift Trials!

Hot Car Dealer
A [Hot Car Dealer] has been added to the left center of the [GT Mode]-[GT Life] screen. In the Hot Car Dealer you’ll find popular and rare used cars.

You might just come across that one car you’ve always been looking for, that you haven’t been able to find in the [Used Car Dealer]

Online Race Rewards and Experience
When you complete a race in the [Open Lobby] or [My Lounge], you will now gain rewards and experience.

Even if you are focused more on playing online, you’ll still be able to gain rewards and levels that you need to progress in [GT Life].

Driving Distance and Number of Wins in Online Races
The driving distance and the number of wins you achieve when you complete a race in [Open Lobby] or [My Lounge] will now affect your stats in [Profile] and the [Garage].

Here again the results from your online play will cumulate within [GT Life].

Improved Rewards
The rewards for winning races in both A-Spec and B-Spec in [GT Mode]-[GT Life] have been increased for a limited time. (Until the end of January, 2011).

This is a great chance for those who were previously having difficulty getting ahead in the game, due to a lack of funds for tuning and purchasing required cars.

There will be further enhancements and updates to come in the future, so until then enjoy the great new functions and keep a check on the PlayStation Blog and for more news.

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2 Author Replies

  • Also No HUD and Save Data Backup :)

  • just played the new update. it’s great! shame it’s all online features though as i can’t get PSN back at uni, so i’ll enjoy it whilst it lasts!

  • As soon as I finished reading this blogpost, I instantly grabbed GT5 and slam-dunked it into my PS3. I’m extremely glad to see the game getting improvements such as these, it’s really making me think of how and what the game will become further down the line through developer support. :O

    Thank you for listening to us fans, Polyphony Digital! :D

    • Thanks for the positive feedback BAZ1307, rest assured that GT will continue to evolve alongside the GT community.

  • Awesome update! Only problem is that I have 4 hours left of the Tsukuba 9-Hour Endurance Race. I can’t even yell at my B-Spec Bob to drive faster because it’s fixed time:p

    Looking forward to test this patch in a few hours.

  • 1. Is there list of the improved rewards and where there located?
    2. Will i unlock those ive done automatically?
    3. If i have to race them again will i even be eligible to unlock them if ive already got gold?

  • @5 i think the improved rewards = more cash. did the american race series on extreme, the indyspeed one – normally pays out 93,000, paid out 117,000 today

  • @6 Ah thanks, that makes more sense i was thinking it meant new cars to unlock, a cash bonus ties in more closely to what other games generally do.

  • Nice 1. Excellent update.
    I really wanted to back-up my GT5 save & now i can :P

    + 3 things that would make it even better would be –

    1. Get rid of random cars in the ‘Used Car Dealership’ shop & have a ‘FULL’ list of the Cars that GT5 has to offer.
    2. Get rid of ‘Auto save’ when you buy a car.
    + erm. . .
    3. Make ‘ALL’ cars Premium cars :D

  • Excellent update Mr. Penrose ;-)
    I already updated the game before the maintenance was over! Love the new races :D

    Now where is my SLS competition? Just past level 30 on B-spec now 6 drivers above rank 25…

  • Fantastic update, to a fantastic game! I’m loving this, finally I can play without fear of losing my gamesave…wahhheyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  • @Jaaay2k It’s fixed now! I did a backup of it earlier today :D

  • Another step in the right direction, keep those updates coming though as GT5 is still far from being perfect…

  • Thanks for the answer Penrose ;-) Maybe i’ll get it up a few more levels before it happends then…

  • When we will have the leadersboard?!?!?!, please it´s a very important issue…

  • 15#

    Yeah the same here. And it should be like the gt academy where you have a leaderbord for your own country and for the whole world.

  • set the patch download off earlier, but daughter #1 switched the ps3 off – argh!

    If sony can’t improve server bandwidth at least let downloads resume… ;(

  • Well, with the new update there are leaderboards for the online events.

    It would be great to have these on all events though, just to remind myself how much I still need to practice to be even close to average.

  • mostly the online component that has been updated by the looks of it..the improved rewards are nice but not necessary for me anymore at this point..not into the online for now..

    i would have loved to see some more premiums..especially the bugatti veyron should get a premium update imo..the standard cars just don’t feel as right..

  • and yes, as mentioned above here, get rid of the copy protected savefiles! what’s the point of that anyway :s

    it’s not even necessary for me to install the game on my second ps3 cause i simply can’t continue on my own savefile..i hate copy protected savefiles with all my heart..especially in games like these where you invest so many hours..what if my ps3 breaks down or the savefile becomes corrupted? start over from scratch? lol…

    enough with the copy protection, give us an update that get rids of that, and don’t feature it in future games.

  • RUBBISH!!!!

    I raced my ass of to get to lvl 33 and now you get XP for racing online!!! The beauty about GT5 was that levels actually meant something, if you where above 30 then it proved you raced for it in A spec and not only played around in online races. Never mess with a XP system after release, it’s not fair against the real fans that really worked for their levels. Thanks for destroying the XP system in one of the best games ever. A very dissapointed fan :(

  • YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! TAKW YOU SO MUCH KAZ!!! :D Finally I’m in peace for my save is backed-up…. :D

  • I hope this fixes the freezing menus when its having trouble conecting to the server.

  • once again thank you polyphony digital for letting us users backup our precious save data! most game devs would ignore our pleas, but you listened and gave us what we wanted, i am sure a lot of gamers here have a lot of respect for you! (including me)

  • Great update, really happy with these constant tweaks; certainly looking forward for more to come.

    If a suggestion could be made –

    1. When using the race camera where you can see the whole car the right analogue stick should allow us to look around the car freely. Would be a great way for us to really appreciate the car designs when simply messing around.

    2. Also maybe different camera settings (narrow, narrower) for the above camera setting so we can, again, look in detail at the car models when messing around.

    3. More split-screen options. Playing with a friend with you always makes a game ten times better so add some options. Drift races/time trials/proper rally events/in car camera angle etc.

    Excellent game overall and I can’t wait to see what you have in store with future updates, I hope some of the above points make it in!

  • patch seems to smoothed over the realtime shadows and other effects reliant on alpha maps… now if pdi can just up the resolution on the windscreen rain effect and it will live up to my very high expectations

  • how do i get a car to do the last race i need pls help some 1 its the formula gt race cant find the car been looking for days bought the f1 ferrari that didnt work [DELETED] am i mising help………..great update by the way maybe now the gt car is in the list

  • Yet another 2 hour wait to play a game because of an update that ideally should have been built in to the original gameplay. Getting really fed up with all these updates. Beginning to think buying a ps3 was a waste of money. Game Makers were able to get things right 99% of the time for the ps2, are they just being lazy and idle now that they can’t be bothered getting it right in the first place. Come on. A lot of users are from the UK where fast broadband is a myth, start getting it right before selling us half made games……

  • wow awsome 4,995,990 gr formula gt inthe the new dealership cheers polyphony u made my week been stuck at that race for a week bought and doing championship now

  • awesome update.

    I would love to see a option to make chase cam more flexible. Im sure people like the current stiff GT5 chase cam but I would like a option to make it more like the GT3 and GT-psp chase cam.

  • i feel the HUD option is the wrong way wrond, You can turn off instruments but leave driver name list, lap times etc etc up cluttering the screen. not much use for standard cars is it?

    i wish for the option to leave instruments on and turn off everything else which i find very distracting.

    apart from that it’s a great update. Extreme – Turbo – High Speed Ring win now worth 50,000Cr instead of 36,000Cr. *grind grind*

  • This is a great addition to the final game, and it’s really nice to see PD are clearly still working on the game after it’s release. I know there are still some issues with shadows, and people would like to see more Premium car models, but those things take time. So I understand why this update was released, and it’s a nice XMas present :D

    So long as the seasonal events keep changing that should help to keep me interested well into next year. Keep up the good work PD, and keep these updates coming.

  • For the next update:
    Please lower the insane difficulty of this game!

    Thank you

  • best race to grind is the american cup in extreme the first race is now worth 117,000cr as oppose to 93,000cr before the updates done the dream car race it got me 55,000xp and 700,000cr for all the wins plus bonus grind time baby yeah!!!!!!

  • @33 just play a bit better then its easy when u know how

  • Lovely, once I stop slogging my guts out on B spec (with a job, wife & 2 kids to fit around too)….I might actually have fun driving….curse this SLS comp! Still only at Lv21!

    As for Yeroon’s post, NO! keep it tough or make it harder…then all the children will go back to Need for Speed, MWBO etc etc soon. Already getting frustrated with the rear quarter nerfers racing in GT5 like a cross between rally cross and Burnout.

  • The difficulty is fine imho.

    Would like to see all the cars made “premium” eventually, but to be honest they got the ones I want to use most so I’m ok with it. (Love racing my Elise)

    Also, would have liked brake upgrades.

    Is there somewhere that has a full change log? Would like to know about the other minor tweaks.

  • Awesome upgrade. Full of little gems too like keeping the sorting you used last time in your garage, or being able to retry your race immediately after you’ve finished. I also really appreciate that online races now give xp and money, and the new online events are fantastic – I really love those challenges that give me an excuse to buy more Premium cars (took me an hour to win with that Fiat :D) and they give a nice payout too (the last one gets you up to a million if you win!). I’m thrilled that we are getting new challenges every week too!

    I also have two complaints though: I had hoped for proper leaderboards for laps in Arcade Time Trial, not just two Time Trials each week that are online, and in this day and age it is kind of unforgiveable that I can’t filter the leaderboards for my friends. If I could trade what we have now with seeing only friends, I would prefer that.

  • What’s really needed are performance points added to the race events and cars. At the moment race events are a joke, as you never know if the car you use is too slow or quick.

    It may take a while to get there but I’m looking forward to entering the X2010 in the clubman race, maybe I can win a race in B-Spec mode with it!

    Also why can’t you stay in the race replay menu after watching one replay plus the option to export the replay to the PS3 to watch under video. (Need to check the manual?)

    Other improvements which could of been added in the last 5 years –

    Why can’t you select a race and the game list the cars from your garage which are suitable or select a car from your garage and be given a list of races to enter

    When you go to buy a new car why is there is no warning to say that you already own this car. (tick on gt PSP ?)

    Note/flag car has got a race modification instead of taking each premium car to the tuning shop to find out.

  • Love this update. I won a quick one million credits in one of the Seasonal Events, then spent it (along with my remaining credits) on the Gran Turismo F1 car available in the online dealership. The other changes (restarting a race immediately, backups, etc) is just icing on the cake. :)

    Can anyone confirm that some endurance races can now be saved and resumed? People keep mentioning this but I haven’t been able to check it out myself yet.

  • Those things should have been in the game during its release, what are you thanking for people? For graciously giving things you already paid for? Almost 6 years in the making… premium and standard cars…pixels in photo mode large as an elephant…constant waiting for a race to load because the game is always online…yeah, that seems like a perfect 10/10 game doesn’t it?

  • One major disappointment with this update is the lack of save during a pit stop in the endurance races. I would love to get the Platinum trophy for GT5 but until a save mid race function is added that will never happen.

    I will take on some of the shorter endurance races, but there is no way I’m going to do a 24hr race in one day or leave my PS3 turned on over several days whilst I chip away at it. I can’t do the later simply because my PS3 is used for watching/recording TV (with PlayTV) and watching movies on. After all “it does everything” ;)

    Please, please, please add this simple yet important feature in the next update. I’d take this over more premium cars any day PD.

  • The fact that the information on updates requires a manual to explain where to find the feature highlights the biggest problem of the game, that the menu system was designed by an imbecile.

    If GT5 was a car, it would currently be in the process of a recall.

  • So just clarifying, if I back up my save and trade a car and get scammed (touch wood), I restore my save, car is back and trophies ect and everything will work as normal??

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