Modern Combat: Domination Interview With The Producer

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Modern Combat: Domination Interview With The Producer

It’s been a while since Gameloft dropped by the PlayStation.Blog. We didn’t mean to go M.I.A. on everybody, but our dev team’s been quietly working on our newest project. The producer wanted to share a few thoughts on Modern Combat: Domination before its debut next January.


So…what exactly is the title about? Boiled down, it’s immersion in a modern war experience with one of the most complete FPS multiplayer games on PSN. Throw in PlayStation Move compatibility and you can look forward to a comprehensive shooter experience. FPS fans can expect maps featuring Middle Eastern and Western metropolitan cities, as well as high-resolution graphics and an extensive use of physics creating impressive game environments.
Read on for our full interview regarding our upcoming PSN title: Modern Combat: Domination!
Gameloft: With the Modern Combat series always offering an immersive experience, how did the development team work to offer greater depth to the gameplay?
Producer: We focused purely on the multiplayer experience. We worked on the different game modes, the level design of tactical maps, the core weapons to offer both variety and good balance, and the unlocks / ranks for an addictive progression. Regarding the gameplay itself, we wanted something more realistic; while still accessible to the newcomer, hardcore gamers would welcome the chance to hone their skills. We’re trying to make the gamer more interested in his role while he plays; it increase the adrenaline and tension during gameplay. We wanted to offer fans an experience that isn’t typically felt in the current top-seller FPS.
Gameloft: Were there specific challenges the development team faced?
Producer: We are using our latest next generation in-house engine for the game. One of the biggest challenges is the visual aspect; this required significant work from the team. Because this fresh engine is dedicated to next generation consoles, the development team had to quickly adapt and apply technical details on the fly. It was rather nerve-wracking, especially since the game features all the special effects you’d expect from a console game, including the latest shaders support and 60 FPS.
The second big challenge is online stability; we have to adapt and learn the massive scale for it to work flawlessly on such a game.


Gameloft: We know that Modern Combat: Domination is an online multiplayer experience with quite a variety of maps. How were maps for the game built and what can gamers expect?
Producer: I will try not to give away too many spoilers. For the Middle Eastern maps, we took our inspiration mainly from our previous games. For example, we created a cave and brainstormed how we could reuse the concept and push it graphically. Each map was discussed on paper first, then tested many times in grey boxes; once the core level design was approved, we applied texture and finished the last micro level design elements.
As for what gamers can expect, these maps are all about cover and opportunity spots. The level designs feature strong drawbacks and advantages that require teams to cooperate and coordinate attacks. Rushing into objectives will only lead to mission failure, so it’s key for the team to anticipate and progress with care. When under fire, gamers will need to be quick and accurate or else just a few enemy bullets can send gamers to respawn. It is the perfect challenge for people who are seeking a very engaging FPS experience; gamers will have to master maps, skill sets and abilities, and of course, function as a team. It’s not something we think you’ll commonly find on the PSN.
Gameloft: Modern Combat: Domination also features an extensive customization system. What are the customization options and how do they translate in terms of gameplay?
Producer: The development team wanted to go further with the weapon list. For both visual variety and gameplay richness, the team didn’t want upgrades to be simply cosmetic. Without breaking weapon balance, custom options can significantly change the way gamers play. The default iron sight can be difficult on some weapons so you can prefer visibility with red dot sight for precision. Or you can add foregrip to reduce the recoil of your weapon. Or you can add a grenade launcher. Or…well, the list goes on. That’s how we’ve worked it; it comes as a reward while you progress in the ranks to unlock them. They won’t magically turn you into the greatest player, but it allows you to define how you want to play your preferred weapon.


Gameloft: Finally, what would you say are the main advantages of Modern Combat: Domination over other PS3 FPS?
Producer: We come with a different multiplayer experience compared to what we always see now in contemporary military FPS. It offers great graphics, addictive gameplay and and a price that is far less expensive thanks to being offered on PSN instead of a traditional box title. I believe it will please players on PSN!
Look forward to more updates in the coming weeks because Modern Combat: Domination will be hitting PSN next month!

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