PlayStation Home: Relive Old Favourites In The PSN Sphere!

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December is a great month for events, and so it is that this week we announce the launch of the PSN Sphere public space. The brand new PSN Sphere will showcase the top PlayStation Network titles and act as a hub for accessing the uniquely themed event spaces devoted to each title. At launch, the Sphere will host three classic and much-loved event spaces: Fat Princess, Hustle Kings and Gravity Crash. In addition, those who love puzzles should try out the maze mini game, in which you’ll use the SIXAXIS controller to navigate a glass ball towards a portal against the clock. There’s a reward on offer for each area navigated … if you’re fast enough! The Sphere will be worth revisiting over time, as it grows with information about upcoming titles as well as themed areas for the best titles; the first of which is due soon, and is sure to send a shiver down your spine!

PSN screen 4 PSN screen 2

Christmas: a time for good food, good times … and good sledging! The good people at Audi have taken their long-held interest in all things winter sports related to another level with the design of their technically peerless Audi S1 Sledge concept. Now this isn’t your run-of-the-mill toboggan. Nor is it available in the shops any time soon. But through the magic of PlayStation Home you can now give this sledge-to-end-all-sledges a run down the piste. Have you ever noticed those glorious snow-covered peaks in the distance from the Audi Home Terminal? The Audi S1 Sledge game takes you there to the Audi Alpine Lodge to test your sledge skills. For those that are successful there are a range of fantastic rewards to be won. Oh, and who said the yeti doesn’t exist…. Happy sledging! While you’re visiting Audi, don’t forget to get your votes in for the questions that will be submitted to Audi for a Q&A soon. Voting ends December 20th!

Audi_Yeti_Costume Audi_SledRider_Costume

Audi_Sled_Race01 Audi_Sled_Furniture_Reward

Enjoy a good murder mystery? Head for the GAME space this week, where you’ll find a selection of items from Relentless’ Blue Toad Murder Files! In the Billabong store there’s another new release, featuring ladies tight jeans and vests for the guys as the highlights. The MyDeco store has taken delivery of new stock, including lamp, seat and festive tree. Finally, Codeglue’s Cardboard Cartel store updates with a special Santa costume (he’s on a reindeer!) alongside a range of new dresses sure to set new ladies fashion trends in Home this winter.

FlowerDress Tuxedo

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