ITV Player And 4oD Are Now Available On PS3

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Great News TV Fans: ITV Player and 4oD have joined BBC iPlayer as TV catch-up services on PlayStation 3.
Catch up on great TV with a wide selection of popular ITV Player programmes including Coronation Street, Gossip Girl and Emmerdale on all UK Internet connected PS3‘s.

PS3 _ Don't Miss - ITV ITV Player

Popular 4oD programmes including Peep Show, Hollyoaks and Misfits are also now available.


To start watching, simply connect your PS3 to the Internet, sign into your PSN account and then select the TV icon on the XMB (Xross Media Bar) and opt for the ITV Network triangle or 4oD.
This will take you directly to the service where you can watch popular programmes from the last 30 days, free of charge.
Never miss your favourite programmes with ITV Player and 4oD on PS3.

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9 Author Replies

  • Absolutley Fantastic these are the great features we want, keep them coming!

  • Been looking forward to this for a while, great addition.

  • This is the kind of killer update that makes Playstation 3 not just an incredible entertainment machine… but an ESSENTIAL one!
    I’d love to perhaps see a native Youtube app in the future too! That’s the last, creible, video content provider I can think of! Oh, Sky doesn’t count, their programming is terrible. Lulz.

  • Well 4oD is sorta alright. ITV never really has anything I want to watch usually (unless it’s ITV3 or ITV4 showing some classic stuff from before they seemed to do almost nothing but coronation street and ‘reality’ shows). Some people on Twitter have complained that PlayTV no longer works for them since these showed up though mine works just fine.

  • Brill, gonna be spending a lot more time on the ps3 now.
    nice to see this up after so many roumers

  • Brilliant. And also, well done for not tacking this on to your paid-for service, certain other console manufacturers would not be so generous.

  • Excellent, cheers guys

  • I really wish Sony and Adobe would work on optimizing Flash for the PS3. It’s nice to have these on demand TV channels, but they look like garbage on my big TV. HD would be a game changer!

  • Any chance of getting ITV & Channel 4 to design their sites so they recognise large TVs? Or does the PS3 browser not feed that info back? Those menu screens (as in the screenshots here) just look odd sat in the middle of a HD screen surrounded by enormous black borders…

  • Hi guys, first problem of the day for yas, i goto my tv icon, and i have ITV player, i have Iplayer, and i have PlayTV… no 4oD icon. i live in Newcastle area so last i checked im deffinatly part of the UK… any chance this will be sorted out quickley

    • Hi rossthebassist,
      As with iPlayer, if you have a foreign PSN account then you will not have access to the services I am afraid.
      If this is not the case please let me know and I will look into this further.

  • Rose can you tell us when the STV player is going live?
    Upon starting up the ITV player it asks for a postcode, if you enter a Scottish region it says STV player coming soon.
    I’m assuming deleting the cookies and entering an English postcode will allow us to watch ITV player until the STV player goes live?

    • Hi SyncroUK,
      STV are working to resolve some technical issues which have emerged post launch. You will be able to enjoy all STV’s content very soon. Apologies for any Inconvenience.

  • Sony please bring these to Ireland as well i would love to have 4oD on my ps3….Neglecting Ireland as per usual :(

  • its nice to have itv player and 4od.but can u do something about the picture quality plzz.looks very pixalled..

  • Im well happy.. i can now watch MisFits and chat on the chatlog how amazing it is… thanx scee

  • When Poland will get some new TV services?

  • Please state in the headline what regions the subject concerns, so we dont have to read until the end to get the;
    “on all UK Internet connected PS3‘s” -_-
    Well that was shocking!

  • So it seems that 4OD’s content on the PS3 is limited to about 10% (if that) of the content available online at the regular 4OD site.
    Why is this?!
    No Peep Show?!

    • Hi CactusLee,
      More content will be added as it becomes available in catch up, so this week’s Peep Show will be added after it’s aired on Friday evening.
      Hope this helps,

  • Been really looking forward to these and the ITV Player works great BUT, 4OD doesn’t work for me. Every time I try and play a video it says it’s not currently available in my area? I’m in the UK [DELETED]!
    ITV asked for my postcode and I had no problems, why can’t ITV work on the same principle!? This is stupid!

  • So, when will Scandinavia/Rest of EU get access to this?

  • Great addition but compared to the near HD quality streams offered up by the BBC-iplayer they look rubbish, will the bit rate/codec be improved in the near future?
    Also the content available is limited to say the least atm, if it does not improve I can’t see either service getting the use the iplayer does.

  • @Jokked17
    It is there just under the headline: Countries:GB
    And obviously TV-channels that only show in the UK are getting this, can’t be shared to the rest of the EU due to licensing etc.

  • That’s how it’s done Sony. Don’t stop now!

  • Thanks for not caring about the 16-18 million european who got PS3, and treating the UK, with their 3-4 millions as Übermenschen. Is SCEE elitist? I would seem so.
    @Shadowdragoon: Never. If we are lucky we will be sendt a burning bag of poo, and we better thank them for it!

  • nice addition. found that i didn’t use my iPlayer appon PS3 too much as the screen kept on darkening after about ten minutes of video streaming without controller input. has this been sorted yet or will i have to constantly press random buttons whilst watching to ensure i don’t have to watch through a darkened screen? other than that it’s great

  • @Martingutten #23
    Maybe you should petition broadcasters in Norway to add their services to the PS3 via SCEE.
    After all it is a two way street needing co-operation from both sides to get catch up services to the PS3.
    Maybe here in the UK we just have more forward thinking broadcasters willing to embrace the future?

  • @25 That’s your screensaver, turn it off in the system settings :)

  • @thomdibble #24
    Have you tried disabling the PS3 screensaver?
    I think you will find this puts and end to your darkening screen problems!

  • @CactusLee: Are you sure? It says in the post that Peep Show is available. If it’s not then, boo hiss.

  • @all scottish people
    since stv player isnt live
    hit triangle , tools, then delete cookies
    enter your ‘english’postcode to get iplayer :)
    i had to google mine as i forgot it ;)

  • i meant itv player …oops

  • @VictorAnalogy No Peep Show at present – maybe they’re still rolling out availability.
    As at 11:53am UK time.
    On average there’s about 3-6 shows available on the Catch-Up tab – no Peep Show there or in A-Z search.
    Todd Margaret is there, Franki Boyle and the Morgan Show filling out the three shows available in the comedy category…
    There is a ” in association with EA Sports logo in the top right”. Perhaps EA have sponsored a launch selection of programmes – of which Peep Show isn’t included.

  • pffffffffffffffff nevermind..

  • @CactusLee: Cheers. That sucks…maybe some knowledgeable person clad in red and black would like to enlighten us? Rose? You there? Fancy assisting some marketing?

  • I like others are reporting don’t have the 4od icon, onlt the itv one.
    I’m in manchester, can we have the direct link please.

  • Dear people outside the UK.
    Are you stupid? Why would SONY give you access to these channels? They are UK TV channels that are PAID for by UK citizens through a TV License. Do you pay for these channels? No, so stop complaining.
    Write to YOUR TV channels and ask them to put there channel on the PS3 like we have done. It took months for the BBC to make iPlayer for PS3.
    Remember, Europe is full of different countries with different laws and regulations. It’s hard for Sony to please everyone.

  • For people in the uk, here’s the 4od direct link if your missing the icon on the xmb.

  • I can’t take this anymore!
    Denmark is always overlooked and I’m really tired of it.
    No video store, no tv services and no PlayTV!
    Denmark, Sweden and Norway, we must do something about it!

  • ingodwerust – no need for that. reported
    sdr – you make a valid point, although not in the way i’d have worded it! LOL although itv & channel 4 are not paid for from the licence fee (only bbc iplayer is) they are actually funded through advertising.

  • EXCELLENT! ! ! :P
    All we need now is the Channel 5 one(Demand 5) :)
    + What about putting Twitter & Facebook icon’s on the XMB? Or you could pick your best sites to put on the XMB? That would be cool i think.

  • @Dakr91 In Spain it happens the same.
    It’s great that Sony keeps adding services, but it would be great if those services really extend to all the territories (I’m speaking about Netflix, for instance). The “TV services” we have in Spain are pretty crappy. At least we have some, but anyway, I don’t want to watch Spanish programs, but foreign TV shows and series that Spanish channels offer.

  • @InGodWeRust What are you talking about? Last time I looked Ireland weren’t in the UK. So I stand by what I said, people OUTSIDE the UK can’t have access to these channels.

  • @quidditys_shore Don’t know whether they still are but when ITV were in trouble of going under, some of the TV licence money went to them. I do understand that only the BBC are paid for by TV licence payers.
    You didn’t need to report him lol, he was just getting his point across. :P

  • All of these services are based on existing websites tweaked for the PS3.
    If our European friends could list all of their local catchup services that are websites (not applications) and use flash it would be a start.
    If your local stations do not provide web catchup services of any kind please write to them first as that groundwork needs to be put down before Sony can add these services to the PS3.
    To Sony I would request that do a deal with Netflix and get the Chrome engine they use for their app and replace the disgracefully neglected PS3 web browser. It is a joke that competitors standard def console has a far more up to date browser than the PS3.

  • @SDR – I was not questioning your grasp of local geography, just your insulting tone.

  • @SAMChrispynutt totally agree internet on a phone, Wii, and facebook runs wayyyyyy better on the xbox 360 not good sony just update the flash when Adobe do or use a different provider like Fire fox, Safari etc.
    PS3 internet browser facebook doesn’t work properly keeps crashing and some buttons dont work like commenting on people’s walls, not all videos on the EU and US blogs work and the search button doesn’t work at all on youtub

  • DAKR91: Use the competition instead. Sony obviously dont want us to have this service. But its a shame Sony only focus on a few countries in Europe.

  • @quidditys_shore: You must be proud – keeping the conversation childish… reported for being equally pompous as SDR, but not as insulting to anyone not living in the UK.

  • @Napo2k I think, that you have access for many more services then I have. I have many examples. Denmark has an extremely strict licensing provider.

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