Dead Nation Metagame: Your Nation Needs You!

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Dead Nation Metagame: Your Nation Needs You!

Due to issues beyond our control, a nasty, disgusting and horrific zombie outbreak has occurred and we need you to help prove your nation is the best in world at fighting the zombie infection.

Dead Nation: Necropolis

Dean Nation has a unique online component which we call the metagame. It means that every time you kill a zombie we know about it and so does the game. The metagame uses that information to track many things. So, every single zombie kill counts!
Every single dirt ridden, disgusting sack of flesh you kill will count towards clearing the virus in your country. The more zombies you and your countrymen kill, the quicker the virus will be cleared.
Below is a snapshot of part of the Metagame:

Dead Nation metagame

  1. Currently selected country.
  2. Player’s statistics.
  3. Statistics about the currently selected country.
  4. Ticker texts which displays various information about the global status, player’s country status, player’s friends and about the player.
  5. Access to more in-depth detailed statistics.

The metagame features an interactive map of the world, which can be used to access all the information. For example if you want to see who the best player in Japan is, you would select the country on the map to get that information. You can also easily check if any of your PSN friends live in that country and how well they are doing compared to their fellow countrymen. Can you be the best in your country?
The metagame also informs you which player is currently the best zombie killer in the world; best in your country of origin; and best amongst your friends.
On a higher level the metagame tracks which country is the best in eradicating the zombie threat. This aspect can be seen as “Zombie killing World Championships”. It will be interesting to see which country will come on top and if they are able to hold that position.
Every country is ranked, so that you’ll be able to see how your homeland is progressing against your nearest ally or foe; and as you progress through the virus cycles it is worth keeping an eye out. Who knows when things might change?
Although the basic premise of the metagame is to see how your nation is progressing, it really does much more than that, and will take on a game of its own as it organically grows over the months and years after release. We’ll be keeping a close eye on it and are most definitely planning on supporting the Dead Nation community!

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  • Oh, very interesting. This looks like a great idea, and will come in handy! Glad to hear you guys plan on supporting the community on this game too, always good to hear :).

  • What rank is Sweden on?

  • Wonderful game. More people need to buy this!

  • Well I would be killing more zombies as we speak, only the Graveyard finale is EVIL. Why would you inflict that on me? I love the game, but there’s only so much dying and screaming at the tv I can take.

  • Awesome game, awesome community feature.
    I sometimes open it just to check these lol.

  • I dunno. I find the game a bit too frustrating and the camera too far out that I gotta go sit near the TV to play so I don’t tend to play it much.

  • Come on United Kingdom, last I checked we were in 7th place, and we can’t have that?

  • Great game, if not the best PSN title to date.
    I’m interested in how the Metagame (global stats) is calculated. Is it based on that countries real population vs virus spread…..or something similar?
    If so, someone needs to get the correct census figures from the US. ;)

  • I bought the game but I haven’t been doing my part to clear my country of zombies. I promise to kill lots of them over the holidays! Sure isn’t killing zombies what Christmas is all about? XD

  • How is the virus cycle calculated? I noticed that certain countries are further in their cycles despite there being lower kill-counts than other, lower ranked countries…
    Do higher difficulties count for more progress in the cycle?

  • Last time I played, UK’s recruit got stuck to 5000 for a week or so. Haven’t played for a while so it may have changed now.

  • We need voice chat for online co-op ASAP. C’mon guys please give us the patch soon!

  • ive contributed 20,000 zombie kills to help my fellow UKers race up the ranks! :D
    eventually we’ll get to the top and beat all other countries (or get bitten trying!), tis only a matter of time :)

  • Whats “Dean” Nation? :P

  • And how exactly are expats treated? I’m a Finn in Netherlands plaing on a UK account (don’t speak Dutch). Do my kills go to UK? And can I get my kills to count towards Finland?

  • Any news on voice chat,stopped playing with my brother because of this.

  • Finished the co-op campaign with the GF last night, wicked game, could be my GOTY actually.
    The metagame is a really nice touch, just a shame the majority of gamers in the UK only seem interested in playing the latest COD title.
    Dead Nation deserves to sell a lot more.

  • great game on psn to bad voice chat isnt active yet
    hopefully that will come soon so i can play this more online!

  • Great game this. I completed MORBID last night. The Gravyard was very hard but the last place in the game is a NIGHMARE. But it was worth it in the end :)

  • Unfortunately I don’t have time to represent my country today :(

  • I’m assuming about half of Finland’s score is just Tlo-Mek…

  • Amazing game (despite the was no demo.. :\).
    Today I’ve beated the game on Hard with a friend (Thanks Coop Online) and now we are trying Super-Hard (Sorry, I don’t know the names in English). And the difficulty is absurd O_O
    Would be great if you release the patch for the voice chat in the coming days.

  • Actually, I´m having a hard time playing this game. Its really hard to see the enemies because the camera is too far away.

  • So, how is germany doing? Since we can’t get into the fun… at least by the official way.

  • I read the comments on the US blog and they were all wondering how Finland was ranked so high. Naturally Finnish product sells well in Finland.

  • The Ranking is based on each contries population. So it’s not the amount of players but their performance that counts.
    Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense would it? US game would ofcourse have a totally different approach to showcase their suppremacy. :D

  • please tell us how the % calculations are made. it’s not based on population that’s for sure but what is it based on?

  • Just need my genocidary trophy for the platinum.. after work in dead nation is where I will be..

  • I think it a great idea this feature all devs should take note just think if soild snake was around & not subcome to Foxdie & died we all around the world will help cleanse foxdie virus, & help snake kill liquid butt (A$$).
    “Your fellow snaker needs you to kick 100% crap out of liquid sign up today”
    lastly i will do my bit for the UK this week so i be a Rookie. ;)

  • I’d love to fight the good fight against the zombie onslaught, but I’m holding out for the co-op voice patch.
    Any news on that guys?

  • Same here, and either a demo or a price reduction. Come on, Super Stardust had a demo and that made me buy it straight away :)

  • This game is great fun, think Left 4 Dead in isometric.
    It really does need voice chat though. although it is possible to make some suggestions by shaking the light at something you want another player to pay attention to it does make simple tasks alot harder. I’d also like to be able to tell the other person I’m leaving the game rather than just dissapear, i’m a sucker for netiquette.

  • @tobz1000
    Afaik Tlo-Mek isn’t yet active in Dead Nation as he participated in the gameplay tweaking @ HouseMarque. Being a fair guy, he didn’t want to “abuse” his experience before the game was even released and wanted to give everyone a chance to practice and learn the game without competing against him… But yeah, he’ll probably give nice boost to finland’s progress :)

  • This metagame doesn’t make any sense. If you crunch the numbers, comparing kills to players, recruits to population, kills to population, etc., there’s no way the current rankings can be found. The UK has a higher kill ratio than the US and a higher percentage of recruits. 3 of the top-ten scorers are British. Not that I care for national pride, but I’m trying to see what the mechanics are, and if they are fair, in the same way the original zombie-kill rate wasn’t.
    But then, why bother anyway? What happens as countries progress? Finland and the US are cycle two, but there are no reports of any changes. No new levels or equipment or anything at all. So why bother playing the game to push your country forward if it achieves absolutely nothing?
    Housemarque need to better explain this side of the game. Otherwise it’ll be completed and retired, and the metagame will never get anywhere.

  • Finns are simply best of the best :D

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