Playing With The PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter

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A couple of days ago I arrived at work to find what turned out to be the first PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter peripheral, with a post-it note stuck to it saying “something for the blog?”
Rather than write a blog post telling you what it is and what it does, I decided to fire up Killzone 3 and give it a try for myself, and you can follow that voyage of discovery in the video below.

[viddler id=86d73a26 w=545 h=327 playertype=simple]

While we don’t have a firm release date yet, I can assure you that the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter will be in Europe in time for Killzone 3.

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  • I realize you can’t name something the “Sharp Shooter” and then go all-out with a semi-(or non!)realistic marksman- or sniper rifle… but they could have strayed away from the SMG look.
    Keep in mind: I mean in combination with the NAME.
    Other than that little thing I choked on, it looks pretty sexy.
    There. I said it.
    It’s sexy.

  • Do you aim down the sight though or just rely on the on-screen cursor?

    • At first I was moving the reticule around but, the more I played and got used to it, the more I started to trust my aim and just go with that.

  • not being harsh but that looks ugly and hard to use. if you could make an shooter that looks like the GunCon/Gcon45 (the PS1 gun) then i would buy when i get move.

  • But how long can you keep that posture?

  • i was hoping for something like this to get released. what other games will this be compatible with? and what’s the pricing on this?

    • I don’t know the pricing right now, but it will work with the upcoming SOCOM: Navy Seals, Time Crisis Razing Storm, Dead Space: Extraction and more… basically any Move enabled shooting game.

  • I’d buy a House of the Dead game on PS3.

  • That colour scheme worked for the standard gun attachement but not for that size. I hope it’s going to be revised to a darker colour. Otherwise functionality wise – looks awesome.

  • Hey James! Cheers for the vid. I have a slight concern regarding “lightgun” games using the Move. When I tried the demo for The Shoot, I found that the crosshair did not represent exactly where I was pointing the Move, but rather the Move was used to almost guide the crosshair around the screen. I hope I am being clear! I long for the days of Time Crisis 2 where your skill at aiming dictated where the bullets landed, rather than having to watch the crosshair move. Can you confirm that aiming in killzone 3 relates directly to where you are pointing?
    Thank you sir, you do a great job

    • Glad you like it… I know I’m not exactly Ant and/or Dec! As for your question, it really is all about your calibration. Get that right and the crosshair will be in the right place.

  • this is not aiming (like the old timecrisis games for example) this is moving a mouse on the screen :(

  • Can’t we just stick to normal dualshock…

  • You should really try to have your Move peripherals match the rest of the Playstation hardware. I’m staying away from the gun attachment because it’s red and it seems I’m not getting this one either. Make something black like everything else Playstation and I’m on board on day one.

  • Man, this looks great – might be a reason to get Move, been waiting for hardcore games for Move before taking the plunge. I agree that the color is a bit too much (distracting), a deeper red would work better. Or different camo options.
    #9 it did look like the crosshair on the screen was indeed slower than James’s aim. It could be the alpha/beta version he uses, perhaps it doesn’t properly treat Move controls (ie. applies sensitivity adjustment like when one uses Dualshock instead of mapping 1:1 speed with aim).
    #10 Yes, you can if you want to. KZ3 supports both Move and Dualshock.

  • Looks cool. But i can’t ever see me not using a Dualshock pad for…LIFE :D

  • You ok James? You look like you have the flu.

  • DKShadow: It can’t be black, as all-black replica firearms are banned – in the UK at least. They have to be a bright colour like red.

  • everything i tried so far suggests move is not up to function as firearm controller. why not implement g/c3 support for kz3 like namco did for new time crisis. Granted g/c3 is not perfect but atleast it works with point towards enemy squeeze trigger principle. move is just mouse without balls…

  • Does it add clicking to the trigger because the current one is too spongy and does the attachment vibrate?

  • I’d rather see some work going into solving the calibration/recognition issues when using the Move system in moderate/less than perfect light. I’ve pretty much stoppped using it as the reticule-drifting is terrible, totally ruins The Shoot, Time Crisis, etc.
    I’m not buying any more Move products until I know I can use ’em when I wanna actually play, not just mid-morning when there’s adequate sunlight.

  • hey hey
    James, you mention that the trigger is connected by a “long lever” when its all actually connected by the ext port on the move. the move is hardwired into the “shooter” peripheral.
    because the ext is directly attached to the move’s motherboard the controller is able to place the move button, triangle, and circle buttons anywhere it pleases.
    how is the confguration done ? will each game have patches to add button mapping or is there specific software for the shooter (ps firmware etc ?) with this “configuration” it kinda makes the Triangle and Circle Buttons a touch moot as they are no longer specific and completely customisable.
    how was the balance ? it didnt look comfortable to hold.
    what about the “pump action” mentioned in the us blog ?
    can you totally remove the adjustable stock ?
    thanks in advance

    • Yes, I didn’t mention the pump action as I only discovered it after we’d finished filming! You can pump it to fire.
      It felt fine to hold and I don’t think that the stock is removable, although I reckon it would be less comfortable without it.

  • @ DKshadow
    You could always mask off the buttons and spray it black.

  • Needs to be like the Wii zapper,that has a great layout.But I’ll stick with move on it’s own and not use these sort of add ons,don’t see any reason for them.

  • Hmm where do you get these ideas from Sony?
    motion controllers?
    gun peripherals?
    maybe vitality sensor is up the alley?

  • What about the Green DS3 that was announced for the US? Will that be hitting the UK/EU as well?

  • When will there be news about cross game voice chat? When it’s not gonna come then just tell us.. don’t say nothing…

  • Australia accents > British accents

  • Very nice guys!!!! ;)

  • Until Sony resolve the drifting issues on the move then I would suggest people not to buy a shooting attachment. I bought the current best attachment the “Peacemaker”. Looked good but just accentuates the drift as you are expecting to be able to look down the barrel. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was say two inches off where you are looking but the pointer will move further away each time you move it back to the same spot – weak.
    I tried it on Time Crisis and on The Shoot and both are the same.

  • can you ask GG to make the crosshairs stick to the center of the screen, i hate that drift to turn crap, its what makes pc gaming horrible, looks like your gun hand is having some sorta fit, it didnt work well in MAG either, it stick to the center when using a DS3 so i makes sens to leave it stuck!

  • This video didn’t just demonstrate the playstation move, it also was a great example of input lag ! You coil clearly see the delay when he did a broad sweep and there was a delay where the tv caught up !

  • can we have the white 1 instead like the yanks?

  • Hey James,
    Question, looking US blog, it seems their model has a scope rail, where as yours clearly dont… care to share some light on this? are we europeans once again getting feature stripped model (like at PS3 launch)? or can we all still look forward to attach our PSPs to act as digital scopes (wink, wink)?

  • Is there a trophy for completing KZ3 with Move?

  • James, all I want to know is why there isn’t a peripheral on my desk ;)

    • There are plenty – you should know that an empty desk can become a shelf very quickly around here. Hope all is well over there; actually, I’ve been meaning to email you about Yakuza!

  • Ha! Its only the one and only Mike Kebby! Good to see you still hang around these parts. :)

  • Nice video James :-)
    Is it correct that I see a safety switch on the gun (below the PS logo and then a little to the right, left from the 2 small buttons) :-D?

  • I still did not have seen the option to have a fixed crosshair on screen. I think that really sucks.
    I have the move , and i have tried to play it with MAG , but unfortunatly there is no option to get a fixed crosshair.
    Why dont you ppl inplement this option. It would be so much better.
    I just hate it the crosshair is moving all over the screen, and i have to move it to the outside of the screen to make a turn. What is that for crap, it will cost you a hole more second to make a turn. PLEASE give us the FIXED CROSSHAIR OPTION!!

  • Is there a bayonet attachment James!? I’m envisaging glorious screams of “FIX BAYONETS!” before charging furiously into a bunch of Helghast :D

  • @MusterBuster: Ray Winstone, “Love, Honour and Obey” best use of “Fix Bayonets!” ever.

  • Looks decent!
    I agree mate! MAG is so hard to play with Move!

  • check out for some detials on how this would work better — basically using one of the functions seen in “start the party” but instead of controlling a fly catching frog, it augments a gun pointing INTO the fps environment.

  • @Mac11em
    I bet more than you would with a Wii Zapper. This one has a sliding stock with which you can actually put its weight on your shoulder and relax your arms from time to time.
    This peripheral looks good and I think I’ll get this along KZ3 once it’s released.

  • @Fordhandsfree – yup, I’ll always be hanging around, I’m good at lurking.
    I do miss not being able to reply directly to comments, I’m slumming it these days ;)
    James, if any of those peripherals on my old desk end up getting mislaid…ahem, cough cough, I won’t complain :P

  • Whats the price gonna be in the UK on release date ???

  • “can you ask GG to make the crosshairs stick to the center of the screen, i hate that drift to turn crap”
    There’s a reason it’s not been done,even when the wii launched all those years ago.
    It doesn’t work,and you wont be as accurate.And you’d still need to drift to turn,otherwise it’d become unplayable with zero deadzone and being locked.
    Imagine you could never rest or hold a position long enough without the screen moving left/right or up/down.It would become disorientating,frustrating,and I think it could cause some to become ill.
    The moving reticule is fine,so long as you can fully customize the bounding box and sensitivity.

    • I can promise that Guerrilla is working extremely hard on making Killzone 3 with Move a stunning experience, and they have been since very early in the game’s development. The actual details, we’ll have to wait to see, but they’re not a developer that would release something unless they were totally happy with it.

  • this is ridiculous! I’m not doing this

  • @47
    i don’t think there’s many other ways you can use a motion controller other than having bounding boxes at the edge of the screen, though you usually can set them to be very close to the centre of the screen
    have you tried the move support in MAG? if not look at the useful setup guide done on iwaggle website

  • @47 i think your completely wrong, how does it work with a mouse on fps then? and as for resting you would just press pause, im not talking about holding the controller in your hand im talking about the gun and if your would be moving your sights up and down and all around then that will seperate those with true accuracy because like a real gun you will need to keep a steady hand.

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