MUBI Update: 9 December

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MUBI Update: 9 December


Woman on Fire Looks for Water (Malaysia, 2010), pictured above
I’m particularly proud this week to recommend a wonderful Malaysian film, Woman on Fire Looks for Water, whose existence on MUBI embodies what we are trying to do. I caught this film less than a year ago when it played at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in January, and it turned out to be the best new feature I saw there.
Immediately I set our team on acquiring it, something we usually have little luck doing for new films because filmmakers and producers want their movies to play in theatres first, then on DVD, and finally on VOD platforms. But the producers for this knew a perfect fit when they saw it: MUBI was founded to be an alternative distribution channel for precisely this kind of film: a small movie of great beauty from a new talent (promising Malaysian director Woo Ming Jin) that traditional and conservative channels of distribution thought was unfit for release. Well, lucky us, and more importantly, lucky you! Now we’re hosting the online premiere of one of my favourite films of the year, an exquisite work by an exciting new filmmaker on the international scene. If you need more convincing, I wrote about the film from Rotterdam at our online magazine, The Daily Notebook.
Available in: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Everyone Else (Germany, 2009)
Birgit Minichmayr walked away from the 2009 Berlin International Film Festival with a best actress award for Maren Ade’s hot-blooded island-set drama, which also took away the Silver Bear award. Like Roberto Rossellini’s Voyage to Italy or even Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, this film watches the relationship of a couple that knows one another so well, loved and hates each other by turns, fall apart in slow motion. Instead of Rossellini’s philosophic existentialism or Kubrick’s nightmare-horror, Ade takes the route of naturalism, observing the interactions of Minichmayer’s buoyant character and her sullen boyfriend during a vacation to Sardinia with revealing detail. In last year’s writers’ poll for our online magazine I paired this film in a fantasy double feature with Hitchcock’s Marnie, as well as the above mentioned films, Antonioni’s L’avventura and even Albert Brooks’ Modern Romance —read why here. We also interviewed the writer/director from Berlin at The Daily Notebook.
Available in: Switzerland
Comic Book Confidential (United States / Canada, 1989)
Director Ron Mann has done his share of documenting the fascinating and eccentric histories of American popular culture in a number of films (Twist, Grass, Tales of the Rat Fink), and this film on comic books is one of his best. It profiles twenty-two of the most significant artists and writers working in comic books, graphic novels and strip-art in North America.
Available in: UK, Germany, France
The House of the Devil (United States, 2009)
This terrific genre film came as a surprise to many horror fans last year, a precise and chilling homage to older school (though not that old, think 1970s, Halloween-style) horror films. Director Ti West evocatively strips his film down to the basics: a coed stuck in a creepy house. But that doesn’t even begin to describe that happens next. The poster for this film, commented upon by our own Adrian Curry in a Movie Poster of the Week post, neatly sums up the eerie dose of classic American horror on display here.
Available in: Denmark, Norway, Finland

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2 Author Replies

  • hi i have a problem with mubi.
    my main PSN account is a UK account it is connected to my Mubi account and to my Facebook account.
    however due to the fact that i live in germany i am forced to use my german account for the mubi app, that is neither connected to my mubi account or my facebook account… i seriously do not want to have to make a new mubi account and or facebook account to be able to use mubi to its fullest… its annoying as hell as i would really love to get a mubi subscription but not under these circumstances.
    that makes me a sad panda :(

  • Might grab that: The House of the Devil later today ;-)
    Oh and just out of curiosity why is that not for Sweden?

    • @vicheous we’re working on it, but the way film distribution works is that the rights for individual films are fragmented across several countries. So to show one film in all of Europe, we need to negotiate with more than a dozen companies, some of which may no longer exist or may not want to show their films online, etc. The short answer is: it takes a lot of time and effort!

  • Still no Poland? Come one, give us a nice Christmas gift (no, the 3.55 update isn’t one)

  • Same problem as No. 1
    I have UK account and cannot access Mubi on my PS3 as I live in Spain.
    I have a Spanish account too, but dont use it, as I dont want to mix up all my info across accounts.
    The application wont even start up on the PS3.
    Why cant I at least access it and change the options, rather than kicking me off before I have even started.
    Incidentally, I can access the normal MUBI website with my UK account via the PS3’s rather pathetic browser. Kinda makes the built in application pointless.
    And your help page,isn’t helpful…….

  • The House of the Devil might have been a nice film for me but not available in my country.
    nothing for me this week.

  • Same as #1. Expat Finn living in Netherlands, with a UK account (I don’t speak Dutch). Fortunately Dutch Mubi works fine, and is in English, but it’s a bit of a hassle to login with my Dutch acct just to watch Mubi.
    Great service, though. Quality is ok, and there’s a quite nice selection of HK cinema.

  • When will there be news about cross game voice chat? When it’s not gonna come then just tell us.. don’t say nothing…

  • I love Mubi, it’s the best thing to happen to the PS3 this year.
    My 30 day subscription ran out a few days ago, the automated email I got from the playstation network was frightening. the heading was
    ‘PlayStation(R)Network Notification of Subscription Termination Due to Payment Failure’
    There was no reference to mubi in the email at all, at first i thought it was my PSN account that had been terminated until i realised it could only of had been mubi. maybe you, or the folks at PSN should take a loo at this, parhaps soften the wording o at least mention what it is had expired?

  • You forgot Poland.

  • great but i would be happier finally seeing a video store for the EU psn..some of these movies look great but id love to see some movies more relevant and modern..i can’t believe that we STILL don’t got a video store while this has been out in the other stores for idk how long..

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