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As I popped open the third door on my advent calendar yesterday morning, I realised two things: I won’t experience a World Cup in my own country before I’m 40 and Christmas is approaching at an alarming rate. What do you think I should do with the blog over the holiday while I’m at home, working on my figure? How much content do you expect or even want to see on here? Here’s your recap.

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  • Great week, but i dont have time for internet anymore i got GRAN TURSIMO 5 :D
    After i got it i’ve played nothing else think i got about 80+ hours in it now…

  • I will get both Pac-man games but can’t stop playing GT5 :P
    (But i am still worried about not being able to back-up my GT5 saves)

    • Publishers love long-tail sales so I know they’ll appreciate those who wait a bit! I’ve heard rumours that PD is considering enabling back-ups in a future patch but I’ve heard nothing from people actually involved (just journalists) so don’t consider that official. There will be a lot coming to GT5 though. I went up to Kazunori in Madrid and told him how impressed I was with the game, and he was adamant that this is just the start and that it is going to evolve continually in the coming months and years. someone needs to apply that MMO attitude to a big console game.

  • This week I’ve been mostly playing GT5.
    Got some cars I wanted, sold some cars I shouldn’t have, now need to earn loads of credits for a massive racing car to continue.
    Next week I’ll mostly be playing GT5.

    • Everyone at SCEE is so happy that you’re enjoying GT5. I had to deal with a lot of the questions about when it’s coming so to think of it sitting in disc drives right now is really satisfying… and a relief. Personally, I’ve max tuned a McLaren MP4 and haven’t looked back…

  • is there news on that playstation reward system they started using in america?

    • At the moment I haven’t heard of any plans to implement it in EU. That being said, if it’s a success then it will surely be discussed. I think it’s a fantastic idea and reward structures for big customers is something that many businesses are moving towards right now. I haven’t heard anything but it’s one of the hundreds of things that we’re talking about.

  • What’s happening with the Official PS3 Sound Bar? It’s listed on a few websites but I’ve heard nothing on here?

    • I’ve asked about it and it’s something I’d like to see on the blog. In the meantime, my colleagues in the US posted this: and I’m reasonably sure that the same product is available in Europe. I’d really like one myself; this comment has reminded me of a good manners (blag) mission for Monday. Does this help?

  • Hi James,
    Sorry about bugging you over the issue but did you get any word from EA about the Dead Space 2 CE? have it as an exclusive with no Plasma Cutter or Dead Space Ignition: PS3 version with Plasma Cutter and Dead Space Ignition
    HMV 360 version with Plasma Cutter and Dead Space Ignition
    I know CE can differ from region to region but singling out just the EU PS3 version requires a response from them as if it unfair.

    • I have opened discussions and will hopefully clear this up soon. I know a blog might just seem like a few words and piccies, but it can take a while to source the info and basically do all the admin.

  • then like so many things it’s america only so the only way 2 get anything is immigrate 2 U.S.
    Omg it sucks 2 be europe it kinda feel’s like there is no end 2 the bad threatment we are getting like it wasen’t hard enough 2 wait for years for stuff. kinda doesen’t matter if it’s blu-ray games or digital everything takes years in europe.

  • Thanks for the info James;)
    I just can’t sleep worrying about losing my GT5 save :D
    (losing all my cars & stuff after playing it every day since i got it would make me cry hard + Heavy Rain + KillZone 2 + Bomberman Ultra + Namco Museum have copy protect to, i find them a pain really because i did lose my KillZone 2 save last year, because it wouldn’t let me back it up) :-(
    + It’s an amazing game GT5 & i can’t wait to see what they add to GT5 in the future :P
    I really want Pac-man now tho, but i can’t play 2 games at the same time(i have tried) :D
    + More old-skool games on PSN would be cool like –
    Original Versions of…Space Invaders, Scramble, Galaxian, Bubble Bobble, Rally X, Pole Position, Rainbow Islands, ExZisus, Phoenix, Return of the Invaders, Frogger, Pang, Bombjack, Arkanoid… :P

  • I’m wondering if Disney Sing It Party Hits will get DLC in PAL regions. I know they already have DLC in the US and I’m on the fence about whether to buy it here or import it so I can get access to more songs.

  • RE: GT5
    I’m in need of a Jaguar XJ13 Race Car. I’ll give someone the following three cars in exchange for the XJ13:
    1. Bugatti Veyron
    2. Lamborghini Gallardo
    3. Grand Touring Garage 1970 Ford Mustang Trans-Cammer
    They have all been tuned to the max.

  • @6 / Lucreto
    I think James will reply as soon as he has the answer. I also bugged James last week :-P.
    Did you also see the video where Steve told us (the fans) that Dead Space 2 will have no multi-player related trophies. ( ).
    I’m so glad he made that decision :-). Might still try out the multi-player though but just glad the trophies are single-player based only.

  • Thanks for the video. That is good news, I would like to see more developers doing that. Even if they did the Uncharted 2 model of giving online trophies after the game launches.

  • As promised I am back..!! :D
    Now about all those unanswered questions in the videostore topic. Can somebody please tell me why we are not being answered?
    Because if there is anything worse in not having it (the videostore).. It is not being answered if you ask something nicely.

  • Sorry, I don’t know where else to ask this: What were the recent PS3 and GT5 updates for?

    • The PS3 update was a security patch and the GT5 update added new options for vehicle damage in multiplayer.

  • Ah, thanks for your time Mr G :-)

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