Voice Chat Coming Soon To Dead Nation

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Voice Chat Coming Soon To Dead Nation

Dead Nation for PS3 Panorama

We here at Housemarque sincerely apologise that Voice Chat is not available in Dead Nation‘s online co-op mode.
Following player demand for this feature, the team is currently working intensely to introduce it as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we’re keen to get as much feedback on the game as possible so we can further improve what we think is a great zombie game. We’ll keep you posted on the PlayStation blogs and other channels, such as facebook.com/DeadNation, when we have a firmer ETA for the Voice Chat patch.
It’s regrettable that Voice Chat did not make it into the final game straight away. We at Housemarque put our hearts and souls into our games and we hope that many people enjoy the fruits of our labour and that we are able to create thrilling gaming moments for all of our players. The game is currently missing this feature, which is a major issue for some players, but we think that releasing Dead Nation has been the right decision as the game is still great fun.
Yours Sincerely,
The Housemarque Team

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  • any idea when voice chat will arrive

  • Dead Nation is amazing even without the feature! It’s great to hear that you are working on improvements and really care about player feedback! Thank you!

  • Could i please have a free code for this game , i,d like to try it plz ??

  • You added online co-op so you shouldn’t apologize for anything.

  • Not bothered about chat but it certainly would complete an already awesome game.
    Well done Housemarque and thank you.

  • I am shocked the game was released without voice chat. It is just a standard feature for any online game, especially co-op.
    Serious drop of the ball not having it.

  • I’d rather not have it to be honest. Haven’t needed it in any online session I’ve had playing the game and I don’t want to hear random players very often not even speaking english (none of my friends have bought the game yet and I seem to keep getting paired up with european people and from past Uncharted 2 matches I’ve always had to mute them cos I can’t hear the enemies over the other players yapping away all the time).

  • How about save option in the checkpoints??

  • Well, voice chat should be available as a general feature on the PS3 ;)

  • be glad they actually listened 2 us not many developers do that.

  • Mr. Kuittinen, do you have that picture at a higher resolution than 1000 x 611 by any chance?

    • I added that in there. If you click on the image it will take you through to our Flickr page. You can then click ‘actions’ and then ‘view all sizes’ to get a larger one… pretty good wallpaper, huh?

  • i just posted the no voice chat in dead nation in another topic, and i see you guys posted it, so im happy to see that it will be there soon.
    great game
    hopefully someday we can change depth of camera so closer to the game, so we can enjoy all the details of the map.
    are there any DLC planned for new maps/ weapons? our any other things?
    you know that first person vieuw would be sick in this game but i think thats impossible.
    hope to see voice chat soon!

  • This highlights the fact that Voice Chat should be part of the underlying OS and not added on a game by game basis. Everyone knows that today, that is the only feature that puts Xbox Live ahead of PSN.
    If PSN had it built into the XMB experience, there would be less of a reason to continue using Xbox Live.
    Come on Sony, you know it makes sense, so as Jean Luc Picard used to say, “Make is So!”.

  • Any idea on when the full friends list bug will be fixed?
    I know the quick fix delete people / play off line but I was really looking forward to playing co-op.

  • awsome game must say but does it have to be sooo hard on the hardest setting the second crowd of z’s are eating me faster that a fat kid eats cake its gettin really annoying gr8 job on the game though plus it trophy list is awsome looking forward to killing 50’000 plus zombies looking like a fun plat to get

  • also could u please give us just 1 health pack to carry JUST 1 PLEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEE

  • How about this feature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ability to kick someone from the Co-Op room for being AFK and play with someone else!
    Thanks you

  • Great game. Any plans on DLC?

  • Is it posiple to get the discount since it game 2hours from the releas and I Had to pay the full price ?

  • Any news on the release in Germany?

  • How about Cross Game chat, that’ll impress.

  • Loving the game so far, but haven’t tried co-op yet. I’m still getting through the single player, it’s really kicking my arse at times. But that’s how SSHD was at the start too, so I’m determined to keep going. Hopefully I can convince my friend to get it too by the time voice chat arrives.

  • great game and a must buy.
    it would be awesome that you could revive player 2 when he dies.
    instead letting him wait until the other finds the checkpoint or finish the level on co-op or on-line. yesterday a few people disconnected my game, because they where inpatient and didn’t wanted to wait until I was dead. I was quite disappointed because every time time that happen I had to replay everything again. I rather revive someone and let him play till the end.

  • @Spauling: they pointed out elsewhere already that the German rating board refused to rate this thing (probably because of flying meat-packets (which is a typical reason for refusing stuff there).
    So unless you believe Housemarque should have made a different game, you know where you should really complain …

  • @ ShadowFlex whats the use pointing that out here?
    try another section

  • damn! saw voice chat n clicked before i saw dead nation, oh well still its a good game anyway…

  • you could have a word with SCE cambridge/London and ask them to implement X-game chat so that you wouldnt have to work so hard patching it in?
    i know it not quite a cold day in hell yet though

  • Major kudos and thanks! Other developers just ignore our wishes, leaving us struggling with online gaming. By all means grumble to Sony for not providing system level support for this essential feature, and making your lives unnecessarily harder than it needs be. Rest of the game is great. :D

  • As for features, a way to revive the second player would be welcome. If they die early on in a level, they can only sit there doing squat. Some res mode like Uncharted 2 would be nice, or a checkpoint you can return to so can backtrack to ressurect them instead of having to push forwards.
    Also the international ratings should be balanced by population, otherwise the ratings can’t be influenced much by players with US having the largest singular population. Would also be extra nice to have critters with certain weaknesses to encourage use of different weapons, and a reference guide to learn them, but voice chat is the most important feature and I wouldn’t delay that patch for other updates.

  • Well, I would be happier if I could actually get the GAME here in germany :(

  • I would really like an update to make the game 4 player co-op, maybe creating a DLC that introduces 2 extra characters. I’m sure many people will agree that this update would make this great game even better :-)

  • Really enjoying the game. Thanks HouseMarque!

  • Staid up all night playing through the campaign with a friend. Great fun – thanks for delivering a quality product yet again, Housemarque!
    I guess patching in Playstation Move controls are out of the question though? They would be a great fit because the game requires a fair bit of accurate aiming at times.

  • Brilliant game, we salute you HouseMarque.

  • I gotta says guys, I’m loving the game and also love the fact you’ve listened to the users and told us now that you’re going to grant this request.
    Here’s another one though.
    Keep this game fresh in the coming months with some nice DLC, loving what is in here so far but adding stuff later on to refresh the game os something I’d really love to see also.

  • Yeah cool game.
    But is there anyway you can improve the matchmaking?…I can hardly ever find a game. (i have nat type 2 whatever that means)
    Even making a private room for a friend we can’t play together cause we have to be on the exact same mission in the campaign which is kinda lame.
    Understandable that someone can’t play a mission they haven’t done yet, but you should be able to play previous missions with a friend.

  • Give us voice chat in XMB instead, thats the biggest wanted feature. Your saying that you listning to your costumers, but we still dont have voice chat..

  • @every single mentally challenged [DELETED] up there;
    Dead Nation’s getting voice chat, just like almost every other online game. Don’t get your heads up for anything related to Cross game chat.

  • This game is the best, everyone should buy it :)
    They heard us fans when we asked for online coop, because it wasn’t going to have, and they put it there.
    This is just great, a company that actually hear and care about us, everyone should love them.

  • Bought it straight away great game..!! will wait patiently for the incoming voice chat patch.. :)

  • Yeah, yeah.. no online chat. Gotcha.
    You’re working on it…Gotcha.
    Thanks for your support,
    Thanks for an awesome game!
    *goes back to playing game*

  • 1. There are some bad difficulty spikes. Being able to change the difficulty on the fly would fix this (Like L4D).
    2. Not sure how the upgraded weapons work but after having them upgraded in single player, in co-op I had to start from scratch. Would be better if your upgrades were permanent – there are just too many upgrades and it’s dull doing it every time. An option to keep them or start fresh would be nice.
    3. More throwing weapon drops. They are way too rare at the moment.
    4. When your friend gets close to death in co-op your screen goes red, too. It’s annoying and has nothing to do with your actions. Red fade should only happened to the player who is dying.
    5. The country leaderboards should be ordered ratio of zombies dead to players. Otherwise size just wins.
    6. Ability to revive your partner in co-op would be great. If that makes the game too easy maybe it could be at the cost of half of your health to make it more strategic.
    7. Ability to charge melee attack, like the power shop. It’s too risky to use on stragglers.
    Otherwise, an awesome game. I played SSHD to death. I’ll do the same with this. Hope you respond to this, Housemarque are brilliant and I’d love to see his game grow. :)

  • Really looking forward to buying this soon, was in the beta and really enjoyed it plus big big fan of super stardust hd! However im very dissapointed that basic features like voice chat or even custom soundtracks are not implemented during the production, instead later patched by an update. We are at the end of 2010, these things should be mandatory like trophies are, otherwise why would developers even care?
    Voice chat, in game music, and matchmaking…make them MANDATORY for 2011!

  • *** Possible bug/glitch on Grieving Towers ***
    On this level just before you get to the lift that you have to activate, there is 2 boxes you can open if you go over the pavement area (top corner right on the map) When I opened the box on the left, I got stuck into the wall it wouldn’t let me use my weapons and as I believe there is no checkpoint reset option. I had to quit and start the level again. The box had ammo in it and I think a flare. Hope my description is clear enough for you.
    It seemed like a glitch to me as I remember seeing similar things in the beta.
    I haven’t played through again to check, but didn’t want to do the same thing in case I got stuck again.

  • I’m grateful that you are adding in-game chat but why do you say it is being added due to ‘player demand’; did you really think that it wouldn’t be essential for an internet co-op game? You don’t need to lipsync like LBP.
    BTW Can you remove the 0% SuperStartdustHD trophy info that plagues anyone who played the demo?

  • Thanks a lot, this is an awesome game. Voice chat was needed cheers.
    Also make Super stardust HD 2 next please.
    You guys rock!

  • Forgot to say with 2 player online co op.

  • One of the best PSN games, a must have. It’s quite rare that a developer seriously listen to the players and take suggestions from us all in order to make a better game.
    I hope this title will be a great success so maybe we can start to dream to have a second one? ;)

  • Drop in/out co-op would be good.

  • Bought this as soon as i got in from work Wednesday Night, so haven’t had a chance to try out the full game yet but its awesome to see you guys adding to it already.. Like i say, haven’t had a chance to check it out yet but can we play our own music in the background like we could on SSHD? Also.. You started working on a new project??

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