PlayStation Home: Private Members Club, Novus Prime And More!

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Launching this week in PlayStation Home is the latest party venue, open to PlayStation Plus members. The ultra-exclusive PlayStation Plus Private Members Club opens its doors to PS Plus members tomorrow. Members will be greeted in a marble foyer by a discrete doorman who will check your credentials. Inside you’ll find a stylish bar area decked out in black and gold décor, while further into the space you will find discrete alcoves for socialising.

PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home

Card sharks can find several tables offering Shed, an addictive two to four player card game. With rewards to be earned, this game is sure to keep you coming back for more. The space also offers a couple of great ways to stay updated on all the latest PS Plus news, either by reviewing a cocktail menu or watching the trailers running on the big screen.
Space-based combat arrives in Home with the newest multiplayer action game from Hellfire Games: Novus Prime. Novus Prime offers free-to-play missions in either single-player or multi-player cooperative format. You’ll be piloting a specialist fighter craft while defending the world from invading forces, all whilst gathering the highly valuable resource Nebulon. There’s a wide variety of mission types available, ranging from classic escort missions, mining, intense space battles and more. Upgrade your craft via purchasable add-ons, such as new weapons and defensive systems, to gain that all-important edge over your enemy.

PlayStation Home: novus PlayStation Home: novus

LOOT bring us the next in their expansion bundles for the Modular Stage Set this week. The City Blocks bundle comes with all the bits you need to create your own terrifying giant-monster movie.

PlayStation Home: city buildings PlayStation Home: city buildings

Meanwhile over in the V-store, you’ll find two new pool tables: the Judge Dredd table, and Skull table. There’s something fishy going on in the Lockwood store – guys and girls alike can purchase water-tight fish bowl helmets, complete with swimming fish!

PlayStation Home: new pool tables: the Judge Dredd table, and Skull table PlayStation Home: fishbowl hats

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7 Author Replies

  • Cool update any news of a GT5 Comp you said about last week?
    Also is there rewards for the Novus Prime game?
    cheers sweet update

    • Still nailing down some details for the GT5 comp, we’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready.
      Novus Prime – collect enough Nebulon resource and you’ll be able to buy upgrades for your fighter ship.

  • Looks like the Plus space is gonna be awesome.

    Cheers Guys , Keep up the good updates SCEE

  • brilliant looking space for plussers, cheers cant wait

  • Even though I’ve not been in Home for ages this PSPlus update has made me somewhat jealous…

  • Please let me use my Home guy as a PSN avatar.

  • Private members club truly reflects “the have & have not’s” divide in the real world…
    I wonder if I can blag my way in??
    Does the doorman say ‘If ur names not down, ur not coming in!!” ??

  • Very poor move to make an exclusive space as it suggests more will come like this. As I said on the forum, I can’t agree with something like this.
    You have just made what will soon be the least used space on Home.
    Also slightly disappointed that the Christmas spirit wont be hitting Home this week. I can understand that there’s still plenty of time but would be nice to see it sooner rather than later.
    The new game looks interesting so I’ll be looking to try that out.

  • awsome stuff like this is what we want from psplus thinking outside the box will it keep getting new games in there???

  • SCEE really need to learn to value customers that buy throughout the year and not just those that sign up for PS+.

  • “Does the doorman say ‘If ur names not down, ur not coming in!! ??”
    Nope the Cash-cow says if ur got no cash ur not buying getting in!! ?? :D

  • lol and so the divide begins . people have spent way more than £40 a year buying from store yet get naff all and now the plus members have a exclusive space hmmm makes sense . ALIENATING AT ITS FINEST

  • Love the new space, good to see something decent with PS+ in Home this time, but cant wait till Christmas comes to town :)

  • Another step in the wrong direction.
    Home is a ‘free’ online social online world…not anymore this is a huge step in the wrong direction. You cannot divide users like this just because of some overpriced rental service.
    Maybe if the space was dedicated to promoting Playstation Plus by advertising it and by letting Playstation Plus users gain exclusive content from there such as clothes. Apart from that I’m 100% against this space and I will not be using it.
    One huge step backwards in my opinion and I don’t support the idea even though I’m a Playstation Plus subscriber.
    You guys really need to rethink your strategies as this is a prime example of how poor they really are.

  • Who buys this crap haha honestly.

  • SCEA has just updated they blog it look like our Update beat theys no word of Plus space for em is it a EU exclusive. :o

  • Plus space looks awesome! :D

  • Playstation Network Users (Economic Class)
    Playstation Plus Users (Business Class) xD

  • I usually slate you guys on how poor the update is and this week is no different BUT, what i must say is this Plus member space is defo a good idea as this makes me feel a little less bad for spending 40quid on something i hardly take advantage of of.
    We need more spaces like that to make those that has plus to feel like we have something exclusive such as this new space.
    “what do you mean i need a female to come in?”

  • Will the Plus space get upgrades? You should put something in there that everyone will want to drive subscription uptake.
    Maybe stream E3 or Gamescom press conferences Live inside or something.

  • Please tell me I can somehow get the stylish suit and hairstyle of the doorman for my avatar?
    They are pretty much excatly the thing I have been waiting for my avatar.
    After that it would be nice to see some games where you could use the avatar, just think about something like Uncharted3 or upcoming resistance3 where you could use your home avatar to bring mayhem against my enemies would be sweet.
    Just think about it:
    1. More players use home to customize their avatar. (more users?)
    2. More players buy unique clothing for their avatar. (more income?)
    3. Increased time spent in home
    4. More people talk about home

    • On being able to use your avatar in a game, have you tried the Dragon’s Green space in Home yet? It’s a simple – but fun! – little mini-golf game where your avatar is used.
      I suspect you want more action-styled games, though, and we’re aware of that desire in the community.

  • Yeah, because what Plus users want is a “private club” in Home NOT premium DLC every month as promised by Sony?!?!
    Way to screw your paying customers and giving them something no one wants or asked for.
    Plus is a total rip off.

  • @blankedboy
    Oh stop complaining. Sony don’t owe you jack.

  • so the aim of Plus is to divide the Playstation community then? things like this are really silly

  • I dnt usually come to eu blog but when is there going to be an update with a radio or tv screen that i can put in my own space and watch videos/music thts on my xmb and share it with other ppl???????
    They also need to do get more feautures for clubs

    • Unfortunately this is a very complex thing to do due to the wide variety of copyright and licencing (amongst other) laws around the world. We’re working to bring as much of this sort of content to Home as we can, which can be seen with the recent London Pub Radio release and upcoming Hollywood Hills personal space (already available for SCEA, we’re finalising details for SCEE currently).

  • @ShadowDogggy
    Cheer for the constructive criticism, now get back to working for Sony before they sack you, you plant.

  • im just curiouse if they are going to add the bonus secrets on to assassins creed brotherhood like templar toombs tasks ect like they did on ac2 as downloadable content as im a sucker for geting a complete edition and maxin out the trophies for more enjoyment and replay

  • *yawns* Home. Who does that anymore.

  • Is the PS+ Private Members Club something that will remain in all future or is it just a event ?!?

  • Hello Thy
    can you tell news about spaces :
    1. Disgaea 3 spaces
    2. Midway 2
    3. Hollywood Hills Apartment

  • So Alex…
    No news about a christmas space this year? :(
    I think the last one with a christmas space and gifts every day was fantastic!

  • They divided us long time ago when plus started.
    they divided us long long time ago when the PS3 since launch with the 3 region system
    & in the future when/if PS4 comes out we still be divided, so get use to it i see no change at present.
    i think “divided” is the norm with sony. :D

  • YAY, cool stuff for plus member FTW

  • Good idea, I will be checking it out but I think you need to add a lot more to keep people interested, maybe free club house / apartments and maybe a new item every week.
    Will also be nice if you could improve the servers so it will not keep logging me out of home.
    I would like to see a apartment builder so you can create your own space (like sims) or even if you could customize more in the old ones.

  • i have 2 agree with
    greyness123 and Skookie30
    it does alienate the non plus subscribers i might not really care about home stuff but i think the non plus users buys more from the store than the PS+ subscribers cause for them there is no need 2 subscribe they alrdy own every single piece off content they want.

  • the only people this is alientaing is those who are willing to pay for a better service and those who refuse to pay for a better psn. if your not on plus and you dont ever want plus then thats yor fault not sonys, what you think was gunna happen, plus users would play £40 a year and get the sam level of service and the non payers?

  • @Cloudedpaul
    how do you mean a better psn i haven’t seen any new features no new content we are still way behind america not 2 forget the stupid amount off content you get for being a ps+ subscriber and i own everything i wanted off psn so basicly i’m paying so that publishers want 2 publish games on psn with ps+ publishers get nothing out off and that makes publishers think it’s pointless 2 publish here cause no profit

  • With regards to copyright and playing music and vids why not let us stream Vidzone? All the copyright questions and issues are sorted?

  • it good to See SCEE still dragging it‘s feet on regards to music/video content our content thu XMB most games use the XMB custom soundtrack i & others keep saying if it only thu our TV speakers we can hear or see others can not.
    LBP does it on a friends pod host hears guests can’t the music doesn’t have to be on the servers it be limited to HDD so what‘s the problem.
    well it‘s good to know you are saying finishing off things late better then nothing. :|
    haven’t been on the cash-cow maybe 1 day the winter wonderland that was cool same with Xi enjoy that as well. :D

  • Are classy escort ladies present in this private club ?

  • @dgnfly
    no new features yet but i bet our money is going towards something worth it. i have no problem with people not on plus and i dont mind people saying they think its a rip off, but if thats how people feel then dont come on here complaining when we get something exclusive or good that non payer miss out on!

  • i do however agree about america getting more (as usual) and about needing to give people a choice over what they get a month. its been suggested a million times but some sort of credit system or tokens each month, if sony are worried about losing money on new games then just make it so new games can only be kept for a week.

  • Plus does not divide the market, though whether it is money well spent or a rip off is a matter of opinion. Instead of framing it has the have and the have nots, think of it like this:
    Plus is a lucky dip. That’s all.
    You pay £40 for a Blu-Ray game and you know what you’re getting. Does its existence split the market into those who have bought that game and those that have not? Course not.
    You pay £40 for Plus and you don’t know what you’re getting. Freebies (which you probably weren’t going to buy), discounts (which you mostly won’t use) and some other stuff. It may be worth it to you, it may not, but “Plus exclusives” are as exclusive as DLC for a game you don’t own – put up, or shut up.
    Just stop whining about not getting stuff you haven’t paid for!

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