New PlayStation Plus Content For December And January

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New PlayStation Plus Content For December And January

New PlayStation Plus Content

Hi Guys, there are three things I need to cover off in this post: first, I need to give you the latest Plus content list for December and January, then I need to let you know that you will be getting lots of extra festive treats in December and, finally, I need to clear up any confusion around the issue of DLC in Plus.
Here’s the list of content that is available to Plus members from 1st December – 5th January:

PSN: Cuboid
minis: Bubble Trubble
Dracula: Undead Awakening
PSOne Classic: Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus
Exclusive Discounts: PlayTV Live Chat (25% discount) – valid until 6th July 2011
Punisher No Mercy (50%) continues until Jan
Greed Corp 50%
Age of Hammer Wars (50%)
Impossible Mission & Super Fruitfall Deluxe bundle (two for the price of one)
Dead Nation Day One discount (20%)
Full Game Trial: Assassins Creed
Dynamic themes: Exclusive Winter Theme
Exclusive Lava Lamp Theme x4 Colour variations
Premium avatars: Dead Nation Avatars x2 exclusive from 8th Dec
Hustle Kings Avatars x5 from 8th Dec
Premium Home Elements: From the 2nd of Dec. all Plus members will have access to an exclusive Private Members Club in PlayStation Home. Relax with friends, check out the latest Plus content and play the exclusive Home card game ‘Shed’.

And here is some of what you can expect to see from the 5th January –

PSN: Astro Tripper
minis:*Brand New mini* Pipe Madness (2 weeks early, exclusively for Plus)
PSOne Classic: Colony Wars
Exclusive Discounts: PlayTV Live Chat (25% discount) – valid until 6th July 2011
Stardrone (PS3) – 20% – Day 1 discount
Breath of Fire (PSP) – 40%
Dark Stalkers’ Chronicals (PSP) – 40%
Megaman Maveric Hunter (PSP) – 40%
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP) – 20%
Fate Unlimited (PSP) – 60%
PowerStone Collection (PSP) – 40%
Capcom Classics Reloaded (PSP) – 40%
Capcom Classics Remixed (PSP) – 50%
Capcom Puzzle World (PSP) – 40%
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (PSP) – 40%
MAG DLC Bundle – 50%
Costume Quest and DLC bundle (20%)
Dynamic themes: Exclusive Fire Theme
Exclusive ‘Year of the Rabbit’ Theme
Premium avatars: Eat Them Premium Avatars x5

We have again tried to give you the most complete list possible for January but sometimes we will have to make slight changes. We will let you know if there are any changes and what the full game trials are ASAP.
Now, let’s talk treats! In December we have managed to get you more than the average in terms of extra little bonuses to hopefully bring you a little festive cheer. I’ll be on here a few times during the month to let you know what’s coming your way.
Now onto the subject of DLC within the Plus schedule. Firstly I just want to apologise if I caused confusion over this issue, that was never my intention.
Here is the current situation within Plus Premium game elements, mentioned in the T’s&C’s (Terms and Conditions) are not referring to DLC. The Private Members Club in PlayStation Home is an example of a premium game element and we are working with developers to try and get you other premium elements in certain games. When we are able to provide these, they will expire if your Plus subscription expires (as stated in the terms of service).
Add-ons are separate to premium game elements. In the original blog-post, I was using the phrase “Add-ons” to refer to extra content, including DLC. Currently, add-ons do not expire when the subscription expires
Premium game elements and add-ons are not part of the core monthly content, I apologies again if my post during the launch of Plus was incorrect, I’m afraid this was just an honest mistake during the hectic launch period of Plus.
I hope that clears up any confusion around DLC but I also want to let you know that we are working hard to make sure we bring you the Premium game elements and add-ons as often as we can.

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30 Author Replies

  • That is a massive shame about the DLC but hopefully we can still get stuff like the fallout packs in the future. Thanks for at least being honest and holding your hand up. I and I’m sure many others appreciate it.

  • Nice thanks. Dead Nation today me thinks ;)

  • Great contents there but one second, COLONY WARS!!!! Does this mean that classic is coming to the store soon!!!!!

  • crazy big update for January. thats what I’m talking about!!!

  • isnt the title meant to say December and January. Not November and December??

    • I’ve had a bit of a proofreading nightmare there, haven’t I?! That’s now fixed – thanks for the spot.

  • Still waiting for some new functions like online storage OPTION for backup-prohibited savegames and a new and kept up to date browser…

  • Would it be possible to add a token system for PS+, where we could use the tokens to pick amongst a wider varity of DLC?
    Say each member is given 3-5 tokens every month and a very easy example, a single singstar song or a Rock band song would be 1 token?
    Bigger stuff like map packs and such would of course be worth more tokens, and maybe need 2-3 months of token savings. I think that way every user would feel that they could get something new from each month.
    Today I sometimes feel like PS+ is a little luck based, do we get something I already have, or is it something amazing I haven’t thought of buying?

  • Oh and the discounts for January are awesome! Great work (not what the missus will be saying I can assure you!)

  • Yes dead nation for me.. to thanks. And don’t be to hard on yourself about the DLC everybody makes mistakes..

  • The Home space sounds great. btw James the Plus Exclusive ‘Start the Party’ dynamic theme is currently free for everyone if you search for it. Might want to remove that ;)

  • Coll that we get to keep the DLC forever, and the discounts on Jan look plentyful. I can see the content of this service improving but a lot of people would like more firmware features on the console for plus, like……. XGC :P Or even Skype

  • Damn this is a SWEEEEET update
    great work guys looking forward to these
    have a kick ass xmas

  • Very disapointing update (again!).

  • Full Game Trial Assassins Creed & Prototype
    so thats why we have plus? old games that most people have?
    is there really nothing better? jeez

  • hi in this post said Assassins Creed but in the ps+ update service it say Assassins Creed brotherhoof so witch one

    • Apologies, thats a slight mistake on the page. Its the original Assassins Creed and due to some unforseen delays we have had to remove prototype until we can confirm the release date as a trial.

  • Looks I might buy another 3 months or possibly pay for a year.

  • disapointed i am very…

  • hi in this post said Assassins Creed but in the ps+ update service it say Assassins Creed brotherhood so which one

  • 1) James, I’d just like to express my disappointment at the EXTREMELY cheap game for January. It can be bought for $5 (€3.81) in the US Store !!!
    I would prefer more games that have a little bit more eg. Ferrari the Race Experience, Scott Pilgrim etc.
    2) Now, this is not your area, however, James said he would try to talk with the devs about the Blue Toad Murder Files Xmas Theme. It is included in the now extremely reduced 1-6 bundle for free… however, existing owners of 1-6 who have supported the game and paid more have to pay for the theme… it is a bit of a disgrace.. no ?

  • seriously when i expect to get a full psn game i expect it to be slightly decent i’m fed up of you giving us lame arcade puzzle games like critter crunch, why don’t you give us proper games like burn zombie burn or something which will be fun for more than an hour. i only have playstation plus for betas, everything else is just stuff i wouldn’t buy but i get it anyway because i was stupid enough to actually pay for this rip off.
    i usually don’t complain on her but i just felt the need to speak my mind.

    • Hi, sorry your not enjoying the Plus content so far, I can assure you that we are listening to you guys and trying to get you the games that you want. Critter Crunch ususally gets rave reviews from people who play it so sorry you didn’t like that as well. There are loads of great extra treats coming in Dec and Jan so i’m sure there must be something you like that will make Plus worth while.
      I will pass on the burn zombie burn suggestion and if you have any more then please let me know.

  • Colony Wars? COLONY WARS?? Get in!

  • wow its taken u this long to admit that u aint giving us dlc anymore.
    my question is why has it taken u so long to get the situation clear, most of the dlc that has been offerd has been for older games that users have lost intrest in.
    i know that 1 month in japan on the psplus section of the store that u gave them flower and lara and the guardian of light in the same month a brand new game and one of the best psn games but what did us loyal uk customers get…? street fighter hd with some boring ps1 game and those unbelivable [DELETED] minis thanks for the responce by the way…..
    also whats with those minis there always giving them away but the thing is if i want mobile type games ill by them for my sony X10 so i really dont want them looking cartoony and streched on my my plasme via my ps3 the valu that there worth could easlily get us say the Mw2 dlc when they were half price,, but no i had to pay for it myself when it was one of the few bits of content i wanted
    sorry by theres my word athanku for making us feel like the bankers did RIPPED OFF!!! im off xmas time over to microsoft see if there paid service offers anything better

  • So January is 90% PSP. Not very happy bout that.

  • @21 you crazy? Critter Crunch is one of the most enjoyable games on PSN.

  • Assassins Creed brotherhood

  • Is there going to be that LittleBigPlanet Prehistoric Moves on EU PSN+?

  • by the way i ve been with u since my first net yaroze blueps2 ps1 witch cost me 700 quid ps3 wich cost me 500 quid for the 60gb then annother 350 quid when psslim came out plus 40 quid for psplus
    wow thats a big iou wonder how many other ppl feel let down as well

  • Thanks for the update but can I make a suggestion that you offer exclusive competion to plus users that money can not buy. eg coming with to blog team to E3 or to a launch of a big game promo etc.

    • Good suggestion, it is somehting that we have talked about and will bring it up again with the relevant people.

  • @24 – Yes, Critter Crunch was a very enjoyable game I’d never have bought myself..

  • Looks awesome lots of great discounts, especially in January. I guess PSP owners with plus will be happy too. Plus updates has become a monthly high point.

  • Huh?
    Prototype Full Game Trial is gone?!

    • Sorry, there were unexpected delays on this one so didn’t want to include it on here until I could confirm the date. Didn’t quite make it in time for the post going live though! Is looking like it will def be Dec though.

  • 40% off at Megaman maverick hunter x in january… Those who don’t buy it must be insane, it’s by far one of the best games on the psp =)

  • Colony Wars! At last! Great news. As for the rest – I already have Cuboid but nothing else, so a good result for me. Been thinking about buying Greed Corp too, to the 50% reduction is very welcome.

  • Oh btw, was thinking could you get hold on the exclusive Final Fantasy 13 avatars that Japan got? Would be extremly happy for the chocobo avatar to go with my name!

  • So was those free Fallout DLC packs apart of the ones you can keep forever?

  • Hi
    Full games for this and next month are rather not for me (although I will play them ;)).
    I am not sure if you still gathering suggestions but if yes then I would like to see:
    Driver (PS One Classics)
    Command and Conquer (any of them – PS One classics)
    Alien Breed (PSN) – yes I know it is quite impossible to get it but that is only my suggestion ;)
    Thanks for DeadNation discount – will buy once I am back home
    Keep up the good work James!!

    • Hi, thanks for your comments/suggestions. I’m always noting down what everyone asks for on here so will add yours to the list.

  • what happening about lbp beta ?

  • guess 1 plus is the £1.30 off dead nation was gonna buy it anyway but its too good to be true…………………all that money off be saving meself £40 quid next year any way ill just buy a game instead of ps+ [DELETED] also GT5 is rather bloody good old chaps

  • I subscribed to Plus for the PSN-games and DLC.
    (minis and PSOne games are not interesting for me, because I don’t have a PSP anymore).
    When the DLC is not coming anymore, there is no reason the re-subscribe for me.

  • Thanks!
    Huge Abe fan and plus was the reason I never purchased it to begin with. Will the Original Odd World be coming to plus or has that already happened?
    I’m sure more awesome stuff will come out during December what with it being Holiday Season an’ all, I don’t mind January behind laid back all too much because we’ll have plenty to get us through.
    I was wondering if the E-mails to the LBP beta had been sent out yet? I’m really itching to get my hands on this game now! I won’t be too disappointed if I don’t get it now I can hurl blind Mudockens off a cliff.

    • Hi, i’m afraid the original Odd World was included in Plus in September, sorry. Loads more to come in Dec and in the new year so keep an eye out for that and the LBP emails

  • James is the ‘Start the Party’ theme free for all or a mistake? You ignored my comment, and many are wondering about this.

    • Hi, I have been checking this for you and as far as I know this theme isn’t free for everyone on the Store? and the Ross doesn’t have it in his store schedule???
      Where did you see this?

  • So are when are we getting any more services (XGC, cloud service for the savegames…)?

  • woo colony wars, some great stuff in the update, cant wait to see what else arrives over the weeks!!

    That one -> “1) James, I’d just like to express my disappointment at the ….. etc.”
    Thanks if you reply

    • Apologies, I didn’t see a question there in 1)? I’m sorry you aren’t happy with the content and I have added the 2 games you mentioned to my list. We have been listening to lots of everyone’s suggestions on here when it comes to games and I wish I could promise to give everyone everthing but there are soo many things to consider when getting games for Plus.
      I have no idea about your second question but I will ask James to follow up on this for you.

  • Aren’t you forgetting quite a big one? Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves early and free!

  • “Posted on 1 December, 2010 at 11:41 am by ShadowFlex
    Will the Original Odd World be coming to plus or has that already happened?!”
    It already happened a few months ago.

  • Looking forward to Abe’s Exodus. :)
    But considering I only just signed up for PSN+ I wonder… Will PSP2, when that comes out, games also be offered cheaply via the PSN+ service?

  • The confusion about the DLC is regrettable yes, but honestly, if we get content like the Fallout 3 DLC once or twice a year that more than makes up for it for me. Or course I’d love DLC every month though ;) …but I figure perhaps that’s not a realistic position.
    Interesting to see those PSP discounts, I was hoping Plus members would see some PSP love (besides the minis of course ^^).
    I own a lot of that content already so it’s all about the discounts for me (and any suprises!) for the next two months. Besides, I’m guessing I’ll be too busy playing Dead Nation.

  • Now I have to choose between Abe’s Exodus and Dead Nation tonight :(
    Brilliant update though. I guess I’ll be renewing my plus membership when it runs out

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