What’s Under The Bonnet of the Gran Turismo 5 Signature Edition?

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If you haven’t already seen something similar from a popular UK retailer *shakes fist* then here is a sneak peek of what you can expect from that glorious moment, seconds after the postman has arrived on 24 November, when you lift the lid on your GT5 Signature Edition.

[viddler id=37d6320 w=545 h=327 playertype=simple]

We shot this video as soon as the first delivery of Signature Editions arrived at SCEE HQ and, before you ask, no I haven’t played the game yet. I argued that I should get to keep it, seeing as I’ve already taken the box out of its plastic and breathed my DNA all over it, but that didn’t seem to work.
If anybody else thinks that I should keep that Signature Edition, fight for me in the comments.
Edit: as FULLMETAL56 pointed out in the comments, you can win your own Signature Edition by entering the competition at eu.playstation.com/psn/competitions.

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  • YES WE CAN! Oh how much does one of those cost?

  • Popular UK retailer? *Must check postbox*
    Genuinely can’t wait for this, all I need now is a wheel + pedals.

  • It costs WAY too much (179.99 Euro over here), but that’s what to expect from a game that has been WAY TOO LONG in the making…

  • James,
    As compelling as your argument seems to be perhaps it would be a great competition ;)

  • You should of worn Driving Gloves opening that GT5 box :D

  • NO YOU CAN’T! But I’ll have it. :)
    Get that bad boy installing and give us some thoughts.

    • I’m afraid it was swiftly removed from my hands before you can say Mercedes SLS AMG… it looks like I’ll have to wait until Wednesday morning like everyone else.

  • Sorry double post.
    I’ll echo TheRook21’s post, perhaps a competition reward with some SCEE goodies thrown in, maybe nip over to MusterBusters office and pinch his cushion or something. ;)

    • It has been a bit tricky legally to run competition on the blog but I have been working on it and will hopefully be kicking them off in the new year. You seriously want MusterBuster’s cushion?!

  • Very nice edition.
    You looks like a minesweeper, this edition is a real bomb ! :D
    “If anybody else thinks that I should keep that Signature Edition, fight for me in the comments.”
    > Keep it or… give it to me. :D The game at least. x)
    Oh, and you forget the link of the eu.playstation.com contest :

  • A cometition would be a good idea. Just wipe everything after you breathed your germs all over it 1st befor sending it out ;)

  • Impressive reflexes at 2.21 :)

  • Haha! The white gloves.

  • Such a waste of money, why did they fill it with rubbish like key-chains and usb sticks?
    I’d be all over this if they actually packed it with things that made it worth £120, and instead not trying to hide the fact you’re paying that premium to make the competition worth while for Sony/GT/Merc

  • lol, it was like you were performing delicate surgery or something

  • I envy you, i want one so much but can’t stretch to 179€ :( Looks like a great purchase though

  • Maybe you could package it in a few more layers and have an SCEE pass the parcel competition.

  • Fool, if you wanted to claim it you should have licked it, It’s practically a legal contract.
    Also can you tell me if the apex book has the car list and track list in it, theres been some confusion over the fact that US and JPN sites have the book down as 300+ pages where as the EU only has 200+ pages,whats the diference if any?

  • No YOU can’t Have it, it belongs me i want it to sell it on Ebay
    2,3 years in the make feels like 6 millon years never played Any GT Game what so ever i probably get it at Xmas i like arcade raceing games like burnout.
    can you do stunt-runs etc on GT5 no just boring race. :/

  • You should definately get to keep it James seen as youre the first one to get your claws on it :P. Up for a few races this weekend. I’m not getting it til saturday, funds are low :(

  • Haha :P
    James did you stole your ex of Gran Turismo? You have white gloves on and don’t want to leave any finger prints?

  • Nice sneak peek. I have pre-ordered the collector’s edition, as I don’t think that the signature edition is worth it.

  • James, you say its a bit tricky legally to have a competition? How hard is it to draw a winner and mail the box? If SONY dont wanna pay the shipping I’m sure most winners would pay the shipping. It would still be a lot cheaper than buying it.

    • Cost isn’t an issue – it’s more about local laws. In Sweden, for example, we are not allowed to have prize draws or other ‘games of chance’. When I do a competition, I want to make it available to everyone.

  • The actual game box seems out of place. I think this should have been made a bit more distinguishable from the standard retail version.

  • :D Cant wait! My Signature Edition got shipped today hopefully it will be at my local post office Wedensday morning. If not i’ll kick Postman Pat where it hurts most….

  • Really nice looking.. But I think I’ll stick with my regular copy.
    Reason? Well.. I just want to play the game, Nothing else. :)

  • Feticist gloves: on.
    I love you

  • The Sig Edition looks superb. Which I could persuade the wife to get it for Xmas.
    You’d have been better off with latex glove like a mechanic.

  • YES WE CAN! I will fight for you if you fight for me.. Please tell us what’s going on James..
    What’s up will all the services not being released. It is just so hard to understand if nobody wants to share information. I know I am really difficult to deal with sometimes, must be the reason why my Questions are being ignored/dodged lately.
    But really all I can do is keep asking. Please fight for me in the matter of the following:
    The video Store
    The comic store preferred with PS3 compatibility
    The Playstation rewards program
    Release schedule for PSone games such like resident evil
    Equal treatment in plus content
    I know you guys can not please everybody all of the time but I am really getting the feeling regarding these services that we will never get them. What concerns me in this matter is I am a huge Sony fan bought my PS3 on release day. I and many others payed for the complete experience we are officially not getting. Please help us in the good fight.

  • look at those shaky hands. The excitement of a little kid :-P

  • want!!!!
    you could always send it to me as your not allowed to keep it!!
    and only two days to go……….should have booked a lot of time off from work…

  • Why do you say the SCEE name: SKIII?
    Why do you wear those thieves gloves?

  • noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! it´s Near Mint
    lol just kidding, although someone will be mad that the plastic has been taken of the Game……

  • i cannot wait to play this game but i mean it is a game. i’ve seen the price point for this edition and it is literally mental. sure, there’s the chance to win the Merc, which if you won would make this edition the bargain of a life-time, but only one person is going to win that. 1000s of people will spend £145 for a die-cast metal toy, a crappy leather wallet, early access to cars which i promise you will show up on PSN to buy later and a book.
    don’t get me wrong, i will be there day one to FINALLY pick up GT5 but i’ll most probably go for the standard edition (maybe get the collectors, depending on RRP). i think all of these ‘limited edition bundles’ which are coming out are crazy and nothing more than a major cash in by the devs. look at the CoD and Halo ones. case in point. they do nothing to add to the game itself, just make the devs alot more money as the packages themselves don’t cost anywhere near the region they sell for. greed.

  • wow, you seemed really nervous in this video :O your hands were really shaking
    really nice gt box, but i dont htink i can afford it xD

  • Keep it!!!!! Its a magical piece of kit.

  • they really made you wear those gloves?
    looks like a sweet package, but it’s just too much money for me i’m afraid.
    when i do get the game, don’t know when that will be yet though, it’ll have to be the standard version.
    anyway if my voice helps i say they should let you keep that set.
    i can’t imagine getting my hands on that, and then having to give it away. :o

  • i know it’s monday morning but you think he might have brushed his hair and had a shave before unveiling this over priced hype based peace of trash….of course thats only my opinion and i respect yours if different:-)

  • Question, can you carry the box under your arm?

  • have to have long arms rob, i thopught that was a gt5 ps3 console bundle when i saw the size of the box.

  • It’s NOT true you can’t have ‘games of chance’ in Sweden. You can, but you need to get a permit. But since the ‘draw’ is not held in Sweden you wouldn’t need it anyway. You refer to swedish law, but what do you really know about it? I say, probably nothing. My guess is that what you do know comes from Nordisk Film, the company distributing the PS3 here in Sweden, and the reason they lie(?) to you could very well be that they don’t want to chip in on the prize. We only have the most expensive consoles/games in Europe (and probably the world) – of course they won’t let us win anything, especially if it would cost them a few pounds.
    Suggestion: Before talking about laws, make sure you know them.

    • Relax: I’m just going on what I’ve been told by our legal department. We will be having competitions here on the blog soon and Sweden will be included.

  • Sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude. It’s just that we miss out on so many competitions because we live in Sweden, and we don’t think it’s fair… Maybe you can ask the legal department to do their homework? Please?

    • It’s OK, you weren’t really rude and I understand the frustrations, which is why I won’t run a comp that doesn’t include you.

  • Thank you, James, for including us in future competitions on the blog! :)

  • Yes, SCEE did it again. I always consider Gran Turismo as a piece of art. But after i saw final european cover art with this stupid “exciting” sticker (which can’t be taken off because is printed!!!) and huge PEGI 3 info in really beautiful shining color, i imediately canceled my CE preorder. If you respond that game inside is important, alow me to disagree. Why US and JP can get very nice cover while somebody SCEE did some cheap fake chinese product – this isn’t corresponding with game like Gran Turismo 5. I will miss APEX book, but i rather buy a US import, thank you. I gladly wait few days more. Why you always think that europeans need something different???

  • WOW!
    what a waste of money!? £150 just for that, no really extras, not even any making of blu rays!
    I just bought the codex edition of assassins creed and wow for £70 what a bargain actually comes with more stuff for the game, all the dlc, 3 bonus discs great box and all in all well worth the extra £30.
    I’ve just ordered the hardened edition as it actually looks nicer with the slipcase, and it comes with the apex box and some of the dlc.
    So this is £90 more for a keyring,wallet,USB stick, toy car model and a keyring? Oh and the box which does look nice and shiny till you put youre hands on it and will look messy.. And all the other dlc which will be avialable to everybody at some time!
    don’t get me wrong if it had a £79.99 price Id probalay buy it… But £150! It’s just as bad as the cod black ops prestige edition!

  • @43
    You cancelled your preorder because you didn’t like the boxart?

  • @43
    Blimey lol cancelling it just for the box art?
    Have fun trying to get DLC for you’re US copy easily enough.

  • Based on your PlayStation Network details, you are not eligible to enter this competition. This may be due to individual country laws regarding minimum age and competition entry requirements.
    Let me guess UK only?

  • Hand it over Jim!. This needs to go through my personal verification process. Which should last between 1 to 10yrs.

  • I would just like to point out that Game Retail and online are selling the signature edition for £129.99. I had it confirmed by my local store today around 13:30 when they phoned me to tell me my signature edition had been delivered and will be able to be picked up at midnight on Wednesday.
    I’m soory to say but all you people that say its not worth the price, those books alone could sell for around £20 (I know as I work for a company that sell specialist books about cars and drriving and no they are not cheap) When I checked a few months ago pre orders for the sale of the Mercedes SLS were going for around £49.99. The other thing you have to remember its exclusive so it will be worth more than what you think you would be able to buy it for in your local shop.
    Oh yeah if you have the willpower you can afford it. I had to give up 3 months of stuff to pay for it. If I can do it then anyone can… I dont have a lot of willpower but once in awhile I even surprise myself.

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