Who’s That Flying?! Is Out Now!

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We’re very, very pleased to announce that our second minis game, “Who’s That Flying?!” is now live on the PlayStation Store!
We’ve combined side-scrolling shooting action with elements of tower defence and even some up-close and personal quick-time events for the super-dramatic moments.
What that means is that the character you control, the “Guardian of Earth” is pretty much invulnerable, blasting enemies apart and grappling giant bosses with ease – but the cities you are defending are hugely vulnerable. So your goal is not to survive, but rather to stop too many enemies getting past you and destroying your cities.


The story starts out with the Guardian of Earth on trial for allowing the invasion to take place; each level is played out as a flashback as you submit your version of events… in the most dramatic way possible!
The game is now available on the PS3 and PSP worldwide for the price of £3.99/€4.99.

Who's That Flying?! Is Out Now!WTF-Guilty

We’ve piled as much as we could into our latest game – INCLUDING (but not limited to):

  • Story mode with full animated cutscenes detailing the trial of the Guardian of Earth!
  • Five unique stages and over 40 individual levels!
  • 4 Infinite mode challenges to unlock with local highscore boards!
  • Challenge mode with 24 unique trials to unlock!
  • 17 different enemy types!
  • Masses of bonus artwork and awards!
  • Huge finishing moves!
  • Combos, medals. Power-ups and more…!

The response we’ve had to our previous minis, “Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess!” has been phenomenal – thanks to everyone who’s supported us, and we’re really hoping that with “Who’s That Flying?!” we can raise our bar even higher!


Who's That Flying?! Is Out Now!

For more information check out the Mediatonic website, or find us on Facebook and Twitter.
Thanks again for all your help and support! If you have any comments, please drop them below and we’ll do our best to respond!

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  • Minis are good fun but any chance of them including trophies..?

  • Looks awesome! can’t wait to get it.

  • I *loved* M(P)SMP. I’m a bit gutted to see the WTF?! buy one get one free offer does nothing to reward the people who bought Mediatonic’s other fantastic Mini title at full price. Especially when Pixel Junk Racers 2nd Lap was given to PJR owners for free setting a bit of a precedent in that respect.
    I think I’ll hang about and see if this pops up on a PS+ deal that does benefit me.

  • I’ll definitely get this at some point. Loved Monsters (Probably) Stole my Princess.

  • these minis are a waste of time and money but ur 1s are ace loved the last 1 but pls could u enable trophy support and id then give more of them a go as we get on psplus 1 or 2 every time and i dont bother with them much as i dont own a psp and they look terrible on the big screen but good attempt and carry on but pls add trophies for us

  • Bought it yesterday – plays really well and it looks and sounds great. It’s just as good and funny as “Monsters”. I hoped for that but didn’t take it for granted. It’s easily worth the money.
    Now make a “big” PSN game please. ;-)

    • Ah, that’s great news! We were really proud of Monsters, so making sure that WTF?! lived up to standards was really nerve-wracking for us.
      We’re really pleased with the result though, and the feedback so far has been great!
      As for the “big” PSN game – we’d love to make it happen. We just need people to show their support on the minis titles – then who knows? :D
      Thank you!

  • We all should be an interesting possible user base.. When will it be launched already.. It is taking like forever.. With no word.
    You know what SCEE not communicating is equal to no understanding. Like I said before sharing is caring so share the info with us.
    Video store
    Comic store
    descend PSONE classics
    Netflix/lovefilm type of services
    Cloud saves
    And so many more that the fanbase/userbase is crying out for.

    • MrLopes, if I could give you these things right here and now, I literally would.
      I could make wild, probably lawsuit-worthy guesses at when some/all of those things you mention may or may not happen – but I have no more knowledge into Sony’s grand plans than you do… I only wish I could be more help!
      Perhaps to ease the bitter, stinging blow I can interest you in a fantastic side-scrolling shooter game (mixed with tower defence elements) for the low low price of £3.99?
      It won’t answer your questions, but it might make you feel better while you wait?

  • Jim,
    You see just by your reply alone you got a smile out of me just by communicating about it. you did more already then I usually get.
    I am even gonna apologize for using your blog post to rant towards SCEE for how they are treating there fans. And yes I might be very interested in buying that game..
    Just thanks Jim for showing that you do have a heart.

    • Ah ha ha! What a great comment! It’s a real pleasure talking with you MrLopes!
      No need to apologise – we just want a chance to meet and talk to the people who are supporting our games, whether it’s directly or just by being involved in the Sony community.
      Really great stuff – I have all my fingers crossed that you’ll enjoy the game!
      Thank you!

  • Bought it immediately as soon as I was able to :)
    One question though. The auto-fire is a lot more powerful than in other shooters I know of (doesn’t stop them still going through below and above you!). Was that intentional to remove the button mashing you normally get in a side scrolling shooter – to make it easier to play?

    • Interesting!
      I think very early on during testing the decision was made to go with auto-fire. We wanted to have a lot of shooting and a lot happening on-screen, so we didn’t want players needing to hammer away at the same button all the time. We didn’t think it was fun (and we wanted to save the button-hammering for special events!)
      As for how powerful it is, that was one of the really interesting things we found when we started adding in the “Don’t let enemies get past you” mechanic. It meant that we could make the Guardian feel really powerful – like a real hero – and still have a challenging game. It worked with the story, and it also helped to make the game feel really immediate and dynamic (we hope!)
      It wasn’t about making it easier – it was just about getting that feel of being a super-powerful Guardian right!
      Really interesting question – does that help answer it?

  • Excellent game. I bought it this morning, thought I’d have a quick go during my lunch break at work and before I know it, lunchbreak over.

  • Jim,
    Well thanks and I will get back here in this post or another to let you know what I think about it.. And if I enjoyed it.. ;)

  • I bought this with Monsters for the bargain price of £3.99 thanks to ps+. Looked for reviews first as I haven’t bought a mini before and read nothing but fantastic comments for both games. If only I could get my wife off Critter Crunch to install them haha. Can’t wait they both look incredible!

    • I’ll pass your comments on to our artist – he will be very, very happy to hear them!
      Really hope you and your wife enjoy the games!

  • You know what I will even start following you right away..

  • Jim,
    This is going to make me sound incredibly nerd-esque, but it would be really interesting to know how you guys structure games like this one, from a code framework point of view. I mean, do you go crazy with standard design patterns etc, or do you build your mini/arcade games on top of something similar to the PopCap framework?
    Please don’t hit me! :D

    • NRX1000, you’re among nerdy friends here!
      Everything in the game was build from absolute scratch, bar some of the menu framework which we stole shamelessly from Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess! and then built on to make it right for the feel of WTF?!
      We got the basic look and feel of the gameplay itself going first – again, completely from scratch – and then we started trying out different features and mechanics until we started to hone in on something fun.
      So, we’ve not used anything like standard patterns for the main game – it’s all 100% original, and we didn’t really build on top of anything else. It’s a lot of hard work, but we feel the results we get are genuine and unique to us…
      I hope that answers the question? If you really want to know more, please get in touch from our website: and we’ll try to give you a fuller, personal answer!
      Thanks for the question!

  • Thanks now that is a warm welcome and a great way to show how people should treat each other..

    • Ha! Great stuff…
      NRX1000, it seems like my reply to you is awaiting moderation – please hold tight! It was an interesting question!

  • Marvellous! Thanks for the insight. Mediatonic is one of a few game studios who are happy to answer questions like you’ve been doing today. It shows you have a real love for games, and it’s really appreciated.

    • Thanks a lot – it’s really great to get that kind of response and we really appreciate it in turn!
      Please keep in touch!

  • Hi Jim,
    Thanks for the answer :). Good luck with this game and for future projects too!

  • Hello guys!I have a problem on my playstation 3 console.I cant sign up! Ihave a massage that tell me i have an error occurred (80023017) plaese help me!! Thanks!!

  • PSN is down for maintenance. You’ll want to try again tomorrow. Still another 5 hours to go.

  • I cannot tell you how INSANE (in a good way) this game is, they took our advice on board and made the game longer, a deffinate keeper for the psp, well worth the wait.
    Mediatonic is one of the few conpanys that make the minis worth wile to have on your psp

  • Sorry to double comment but there is somthing i can’t shake
    some of those cutscenes i did not see on my first playthrough, is there somthing i missed like an update or somthing?

    • Hi cakeforme288!
      Thanks for the comments! We’re really pleased that you’re enjoying the game!
      As for the cutscenes, the only thing I can think of is that could you perhaps have hit the button to skip some of them on the first play-through?
      If you complete the game, you can access a bonus movie player from the credits screen so you can watch anything you may have missed!
      Hope that helps!
      Thank you!

  • Love the game, you’ve done it again Mediatonic. Looking forward to your next Mini.

  • I bought it as soon as it was available and have really enjoyed it. Thanks! One complaint however: the loading times are really too long for a mini. I’ve clocked loading times of up to 10 seconds which is really too much and a bit of a let down. The game is what? 100 mb or so? Can’t the entire game be loaded into RAM at the beginning instead of loading each level? I don’t mean to sound too critical, it really is a fun game and I thank you again!

  • Hi Optimistic2099,
    I’m guessing that you’re running the game on your (massively powerful) PS3? In that case, I can definitely understand why you ask this question!
    But the explanation is that the game is created on the PSP, and then run on an emulator on PS3, with the exact same limitations on memory as the PSP.
    The PSP only has 24MB of RAM, so it’s not possible to load in the entire game at at the beginning – which is why the loading times are an unfortunate necessity.
    We’ve optimised them to the absolute best of our ability to make sure the loading times are as short as possible – I really hope it doesn’t affect your enjoyment of the game!
    We really like it when people like yourself get involved and ask questions like this – I hope I’ve answered the question in a way that’s useful to you?
    Please keep in touch and let us know what you think! Really pleased that you’re liking the game and thank you for your question!

  • Thanks for the explanation Mr. Griffiths. You’re right, I was playing it on my PS3.
    It’s a great game and the loading times are not in any way a deal-breaker. I really like the challenge mode and infinite mode. I’m an old shmup guy from back in the arcade days, so the harder challenges and gold medals are welcome challenge.
    Thanks again! I’ll be sure to be on the lookout for your company’s future endeavors.

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