PlayStation Home: 1.4 Client Update: Voice Chat, Groups, New Wardrobe!

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As we announced last Friday, tomorrow we will be releasing a new version of the PlayStation Home client: 1.4 is here! In addition to the features already announced – new wardrobe, grouping, and voice chat – there are several other noteworthy improvements and additions. First amongst those is the new Character Status settings, enabling you to set a status from a variety of new options including Happy, Sad, Busy and more! Even better, many of these status options will adjust your avatars facial expression and idle animations to match.
Other changes coming with 1.4 include improvements to the menu pad and Navigator, which can now be accessed directly by holding down the Start button. With the new cross-game invite support, you can invite your friends to join you in Home more easily than ever before. The new 1.4 client also brings numerous bug fixes, performance improvements and more. Full patch notes will be on the official forums.
Note: When you start Home to apply the 1.4 patch tomorrow, please wait for the orange “hard drive activity” light to stop flashing on your PS3 before commencing the patching process.
Moving on from 1.4, we have a range of new content for you this week. Leading the way is an update to the LittleBigPlanet space, where the LittleBigDerby has arrived! LittleBigDerby is an addictive multiplayer (up to 8!) game involving shooting targets with paintballs. The more targets you hit, the more points you earn … the more points you earn, the faster your racer will progress towards the finish line! Watch out for bonus point opportunities available when hitting targets with the correct coloured paintball.

PlayStation Home (lbp2 derby) PlayStation Home (lbp2 derby)

Check out the LOOT store this week, where you’ll find great new content. There’s festive season furnishings, including presents, a tree, and a throne. You’ll also find the first batch of their fantastic Aliens vs Androids costumes. Watch out for more coming soon, including a bundle pack!

PlayStation Home (cmasloot) PlayStation Home (androids vs aliens)

Rounding out the update for this week there’s a range of other new content in the Shopping Centre, including:

  • Standees from Top Cow’s comics Magdalena, and Witchblade.
  • New footwear and bracelets from Lockwood.
  • Australia and New Zealand football kits from Konami

PlayStation Home (topcow) PlayStation Home (lockwood)

Finally, please note that the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves public space will be removed temporarily tomorrow while we carry out important back end updates.

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