LOVEFiLM Is Available On PlayStation 3 Today

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Great News for Film and TV Fans: from today. LOVEFiLM will be available on the XMB (Xross Media Bar) on internet-connected PS3s* in the UK.
This means that you can now stream thousands of popular film and TV titles straight to your TV via your PS3.

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Not a member of LOVEFiLM yet? Simply sign up through the LOVEFiLM icon on the XMB and you can be watching a film on your PS3 in five minutes. You can also enjoy a 30 day Free Trial.
Already a member? Connecting is easy! Just click on the LOVEFiLM icon on the XMB and sign in using your existing LOVEFiLM username and password (streaming movies is FREE with monthly subscription of £5.99** or £9.99 and above).

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Happy instant Viewing!
* PlayStation Network account required
** Excludes £5.99 with games

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9 Author Replies

  • UK only? big fat MEH.
    When is the EU version of the US video store coming to PS3?

  • can you browse what films are available without signing up ?

    • Hi greness123,
      You can browse what films are available without signing up. Simply go to the ‘Explore LOVEFiLM’ section to see what titles are on offer.
      Hope this helps

  • Great news. LOVE FiLM is great. Been with them for over a year.

  • Damn again no anime for europe :(

  • The EU store has it’s own version as the rules as the broadcasting rules in our territory are different to that of the U.S of A.
    On topic – thanks for this. Became a LOVEFiLM subscriber today purely to be able to take advantage of this application so looking forward to it!!

  • @ #3, yes. Go on the website.

  • Is this heading to other countries in Europe too?

  • Hey greyness I think this is your selection “Free with subscription”.

  • @greyness123 Look hear for all films to watch on PS3 or online.

  • weird. i thought it might be a download and install like mubi is but there’s lovefilm sitting right on my menu already.

  • i have a technica question, i had a lovefilm sub last year and used a free trial but decided not to stay subbed, am i eligble stll for afree trial on the ps3 (regardless if its only for 24 hours)

    • Hi ShogunDarius,
      Unfortunately, LOVEFiLM can only offer 1 free trial per household. If you would like to try the service, you can reactivate your previous account and pick up the package which suits your needs.
      Hope this helps.

  • well the app itself is download but the icon just automatically appears

  • This should make up for the disappointment that was Mubi.

  • hey hey
    the £5.99 streaming is only 2hrs and the £7.99 streaming is 4hrs. is that cutoff time strict and will it cut off a film if your streaming time is exhausted.
    whats the benefits of a £9.99 package considering a sky movie package is just as expensive ?
    why isnt there streaming for a pay as you go package ?
    is there any advertising in the GUI ?
    if ive tried your service before but not liked it then would i be able to sign up again for a free trial to check out the streaming service for the ps3 ?
    what are the sign up options ? can i get a free trial if im signing up to a pay as you go ?
    why is there NOTHING free unless you subscribe ? even mubi have free streaming

    • Hi Mikal_Drey.
      -By Having a £9.99 package you get to chose from over 67,000 titles and on whatever format you like (DVD, Blu-ray, Watch Online etc).
      -I am afraid that there are no pay and go packages. This is because the LOVEFiLM streaming service is currently available on certain light and unlimited packages only due to costs involved in providing this service.
      – Unfortunately, LOVEFiLM can only offer 1 free trial per household. If you would like to try the service, you can reactivate your previous account and pick up the package which suits your needs
      Hope this helps

  • I totally agree with you nemo, MUBI is way to expensive, specially with not having any HD content at all. Though instead of releasing this in the UK only, when do we FINALLY get things like this in Europe as a whole?

  • ok i just installed the program and had a look around, now i cant get out of it.
    am i thick or is there a problem i.e. no exit!!!

  • @nemo200000 i was pleasantly surprised with Mubi. Plenty obscure old films I’ve been looking for that I could not find anywhere else.
    Problem is I can’t use any of these streaming services cos Virgin has still failed to fix my internet disconnection problems (and yet overcharged me considerably last week too) so I can’t watch any movies for more than 30 mins or so before I get disconnected.

  • why is the lovefilm icon under the video XMB ?
    can some sensible person move the lovefilm and mubi under TV. they just dont seem to fit under video’s already cluttered submenu.
    oh and why do we have the icon for a SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE. shouldnt it have been an optional download from the psn ?
    oh wait . . . .. sony backhander ofc ! !

  • it says 2000+ films available for ps3 when its over 4000 on pc im guessing we arent able to watch the tv shows and also xmb doesnt come up over lovefilm app .

  • UK only? What a surprise :).
    Seriously, just how difficult is it to launch a video service in in any country that isn’t named the UK or the USA?
    The only remotely valid excuse I can think of are ridiculously cumbersome content licensing systems, but even if that might be some kind of excuse it certainly doesn’t mean it’s not a pain the rear to denied movie streaming or downloading options available in the US or the UK.
    And Playstation certainly isn’t the only platform devoid of these options – I think we’re still waiting for the first video content to show up on iTunes here in Denmark. When did that happen in the US? 5-6 years ago? And 2-3 in the UK?
    Similar situation with XBL last time I checked.
    At this rate I’m not really getting my hopes up of seeing a Europe wide PSN video store/streaming service this side of 2015.

  • Awesome, can’t wait to connect my account and start watching films! It’s great that i can handle my rental list from the Ps3 too, this is true integration.

  • Will be getting this when I get home.
    Already use lovefilm to rent movies/games so will be a nice addition.
    Love how people are complaining that its not free…’s called business folks.

  • Can We Buy a subscription using money from our wallets on the playstation store?

  • yeah how the hell do you exit the app it doesnt let you

  • “in the UK”… *sigh*.. really Sony?.. REALLY?
    Gimme a second to add that to my wishlist:
    – LOVEFiLM
    – PSN Video Store
    – PSN Comic Store
    There, done!

  • Uk is well catered for now with video store, play tv, lovefilm…. Hope to see some more of these services made available for the rest of us.

  • hold in ps button and having to quit out the app is seriously 3 years ago guys @lovefilm PLEASE SORT THAT OUT ASAP

  • @tcviper Thats about right. Moan about not getting all the stuff UK gets and when your country does get something you moan about the price.
    I bet most of you won’t even buy from the stores so stop kidding you will.

  • @Mikal_Drey for £10.99 you can rent any 1 game, film or blu-ray at a time a month and as soon as you send it back you get sent 1 more + online fimes.

  • To everyone having problems exiting it hold down the home button till the menu comes up then you have a option to quit on that, the quick tap for ps3 menu doesn’t work in this.

  • It wont work. I’ve written a lengthy blog post on the subject but we can’t post urls.
    I am a Lovefilm customer, it doesn’t work with their business model and the end users needs.

  • Dear Sony, I would like some answers to some questions..
    Europe are the biggest buyers of the PS3… there are a lot of more PS3gamers in Europe then in the US and still they get all the benefits..
    I would spend an absurd amount of money on the Video Store if it would only be available and I think a lot of people would do the same..
    So why are most PS3 gamers left in the cold? You totally got me offguard when MUBI and it is great but why not the Video Store?
    kind regards,

  • @The_Avangelist
    Care to elaborate or maybe provide some information as to how we can find your blog?
    Why won’t it work?

  • pretty gutted they have removed tv shows from ps3 so i wont be touching it now

  • how do you get off lovefilm app? xmb wont come up :(

  • Cool, when I had a lovefilm account I streamed a few films on those days working late, nice selection it’ll be interesting to see what’s available now.

  • Finally! Is the quality good? I really dislike the player size and quality on the LOVEFiLM website.

  • Another service not available in Poland. Guess I need to move to the UK and “steal their jobs”. ;)

  • @hell-raiser-85
    ya i know.
    cheapest film only with online non restricted streaming is £9.99 £10.99 if you want games.
    NOTHING if you want a pay as you go package.
    i WAS gonna try out a pay as you go package for game renting since this ps3 thing came to light but i cant get a trial if ive had one previous and i cant get streaming on pay as you go.
    £5.99 x12 = £71.88
    £15 x4 = £60
    for 11.88 cheaper a month and i dont get anything ?
    guess i’ll have that icon nagging at me everytime i use the XMB, for now its a pass. thanks anyway and welcome to the playstation omniverse

  • @38
    What jobs? people have already come to the UK and stole all the jobs :P

  • i ment per year (doh !)

  • PS blog EU?
    this is UK

  • I currently rent my games via Boomerang on their £3.50 per month service, as I don’t really need more than 1 game a month.
    I was considering switching over to Lovefilm to use this service on their £5.99 package, but subsequently found out that you in fact need the £9.99 package as a minimum if you want games too.
    If you were to make this available on your £5.99 games package, then I’d happily subscribe, but £9.99 is too much of an increase from £3.50 to be worth it for me.
    Considering this is a service being delivered via the PS3, you should probably make it clearer that the £5.99 games package does NOT include the PS3 online service.

  • Sony doesn’t own Lovefilm so not sure why it’s Sony’s fault the service isn’t available outside the UK. What video streaming services are available in the rest of Europe? Maybe you should start asking them to make a PS3 app.

  • How long is it taking you guys for it to load anything up been on “LOADING..Please wait” page for about 5 minutes.

  • Signed up especially. Hope it doesn’t disappoint!

  • LOVEFiLM on UK PS3s, you say? Interesting, but I feel somewhat concerned about the prejudice being shown here. Not about the rest of the EU, they can fend for themselves. No, it’s not that at all.
    It’s just…am I not allowed to HATEFiLM instead? Why should it only be for film lovers? Why must you pander this way to the easy targets, the obsequious, the enslaved masses? What about the ones who aren’t fans? What about them?
    No, in all seriousness though, I’m all kinds of on board with this. Good work, people. Good work.

  • w8 what? how have u guy got the icon?!

  • Firstly, UK only? Why? Lovefilm already exists in most parts of europe, so I don’t see any problem with giving this to the whole of europe.
    Secondly, give us the PS Videostore already. We’ve been waiting long enough!

  • It’s a million miles away from the 1080p glory of Netflix on PS3, as enjoyed by our American cousins, but at least there’s a little more content than MUBI were able to muster.
    I just wish someone (Sony perhaps) would mandate 1080p for all streaming services on their platform.
    It would also be nice of course, if LoveFilm actually offered to stream what they also offer on blu-ray. Watching mostly obscure 5-30 year old movies is fine, but I’d like to be able to watch the latest from Scorcese, Kitano, Miyazaki, Tarantino, Jeaunet, Polanski, or Del Toro too.

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