From YellowHead To Sackboy

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Media Molecule is currently in full 80s action movie montage mode developing LittleBigPlanet 2. However, our friends over at the Mm blog found time to dig out some concept art showing how Sackboy actually started life as a pair of pink and yellow polygons. They’ve also published an interview with Kareem Ettouney and Francis Pang; you can read an excerpt below, check out the full feature on the Mm blog and see even more concept art on the Media Molecule Flickr gallery.


Back in 2006, When Alex, Mark and Dave pitched LittleBigPlanet to Sony, the loveable bag of fluff we all know as Sackboy was nothing more than debug programmer art – a little pink square body and a triangular yellow head, aptly called YellowHead. Even at that early stage, the character that would become Sackboy had started to emerge, but how did he evolve from that set of simple shapes into the Sackboy we all know and love? It’s been two years this week since LittleBigPlanet was released, what better time than this could there be to find out?
Last October was the first anniversary of LittleBigPlanet, and being relatively new to Mm, I was keen to find out where Sackboy came from. In order to enlighten us all, I grabbed two of the key artists involved with his creation, dragged them into a room and, bombarded them with questions…. Unfortunately we never actually published the results… until now…



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