PlayStation Home Client Update 1.4

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Hi everyone! So, exciting headline isn’t it? It is for me, as today I can finally announce a release date for the newest client update for PlayStation Home and also share some of the exciting new and revised features!
So, without further ado: PS Home client update 1.4 will be released during maintenance next Thursday, 11th November. Once maintenance is complete, you’ll be able to update your client and begin enjoying new ways of experiencing PS Home. We’ll release a full rundown of new and revised features next week, however today we wanted to share with you those we find most exciting and know you’ve all been waiting for.

PlayStation Home

Wardrobe Improvements
Clearly, this has been one of the most requested areas for improvement of the PS Home experience for some time. Especially in recent weeks, we’ve seen numerous calls for improvements to the wardrobe. I’ve had to bite my virtual tongue for some time as the development team has been busy working away on bringing sweeping improvements to the wardrobe for 1.4, including the following:

  • The ability to mark items you use commonly as “Favourite” items – making them easier to relocate.
  • Newly acquired items will be marked to make them easy to locate. This marking will also appear on categories that contain new items.
  • Options for filtering and sorting items have been added, giving you more control over which items you see and how you see them.

Most importantly, however, there is a new “Storage” section added to the wardrobe where you can place rarely used items. For those with a lot of items in their wardrobe, placing items into storage will result in your wardrobe loading faster, and make it easier for you to browse your main wardrobe. Items placed in storage can be quickly restored to your main wardrobe should you need them.
New Group Feature and Chat Improvements
The new Group feature will allow up to 8 people to join together in a group. Groups have dedicated voice and chat channels that work regardless of where in Home each group member is located. New voice and chat channels will also be made available for clubs, making communication with your club friends much easier.
At this point, I suspect you’ve noticed my use of the phrase “voice chat” and stopped reading anything else. That’s right: 1.4 is expanding your voice chat options. Both the Group and Club chat channels will have access to voice chat, making it easy for you to chat up a storm with your friends no matter where you are in Home, or what you are doing at the time. Me personally, I think the Group voice chat is just perfect for trash talking during a hand of Brimstone Poker or a frame of Pool…

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5 Author Replies

  • Been ages since I had a look at Home.
    Will check this one out when it releases.

  • Sweet client update PSHome is deffo improving in alot of ways.

  • Party chat in HOME then? How long before that feature hits the rest of the PSN?

  • ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • So you are bringing voice chat for home but not the entire psn???Well it’s a good start but it would be even better if was for the whole psn.

  • Yes looks promising enough but why the drip drip of infor.
    will the 1.4 magically bring pic,Frames ,video/music streaming and custom soundtracks everyway in home.
    it about time the FAT milk-cow get a client update but the devil is in the details. :D

    • All of those items you mentioned do not currently need a client update. They need us to find solutions that allow us to offer the content legally, and cost-effectively, throughout the SCEE region. That is not a simple task, given the number of legal jurisdictions our region covers.

  • Nice update guys, looking forward to seeing the other features next week.

  • Nice work guys. I’m a big fan of Playstation Home and I love its regular updates. It definitely doesn’t deserve a lot of the stick it gets.
    Pass on our thanks to everyone involved.

  • Ahh that be a No then but i sure you said to put custom soundtrack on we need the client team to work on. what possibly be good features next week.
    i just can‘t wait. i wonder what SCEA gets lol :D

  • I would like to express one wish: To be able to see what’s going on in Home from the XMB Menu, similar to what you can with PS Store. Highlighting the Home icon basically does nothing right now.
    I think you would attract more people this way.

  • When does the rest of EU get access to PS Home?

  • You know Alex a few of us do have a simple solution for picture frames. How about giving us pre-set images of home spaces as well as the latest promo pictures of that weeks update.
    The update looks great but I still want a delete function. Could you give us all of the patch notes?

    • Full patch notes next week. The storage option achieves pretty much the same as a delete option would, but without the drawback of being permanent.

  • Not bad but I’ll judge from the full list.
    One suggestion though Alex, Item limit should be improved!

  • Wait voice chat ? But thats been there like ages. Party voice chat :D Yay like I speak to 8 buddies…

  • this is great.
    Good job SCE!

  • I was disapointed when Crim reaper didint have reaper bought that wasted money bying that bundle…

  • Good news about the wardrobe, have so much stuff in there. One thing I think you should add is labels for clothes actually in the store. For example, I bought the Street Fighter Ken costume in Home, and when I went to change in the wardrobe, I had 2 pairs of red trousers (one was a free one from Threads, and the other was from the actual costume), so it was a bit confusing, but if they were labelled it would’ve made it so much easier. If that’s not in this update hopefully it will be in a future one.
    Also, would love to be able to have music playable from my HDD in Home like how Super Stardust HD does it. And as an addition, maybe the new groups can all listen to what you are playing as an option.
    Keep it up anyway.

  • i take it you still need to press R2 to talk ? why cant you guys drop that as loads dont even relize you need to press R2 everytime its confusing for newcomers

  • Kudos to you and the team, Alex. Nice to see hard work being spent on Home. It’s a worthy app and one I have enjoyed since day one.
    Looking forward to the revisions.

  • Great can’t wait! Cheers Thy!

  • i cant wait i really liked that time when they brought the vampire knight in the theatre :)

  • To elaborate on my previous wish since apparently there are people reading this: Home does a great job of reinventing itself, updating and keeping current Home users busy.
    The problem is that it doesn’t do as well to pull in PS3 users who tried out Home when it launched, saw the technical problems and lack of content and never came back. Home doesn’t make alot of presence outside it’s own borders. Indirect information of the latest stories and updates from Home from the XMB Menu helps to rebuild a curiosity in PS3 users instead of just have a dead icon.

  • I agree with @23 Imajinetion, how some great ideas like a house or apartment with full amenities i.e kitchens, living room gardens, pool etc sounds more interesting if you went in that direction…

  • Looks good, and the group chat means Sony is just that bit closer to giving us cross-game chat.
    I hope theres more spaces and another quest(like xi) coming.

  • Also, we need more wallpapers for the apartment, please.

  • YES!
    Thank you so much, now I can actually enjoy home with other people and myself.

  • Yea, Cant wait for the great update. Wooo….

  • “All of those items you mentioned do not currently need a client update. They need us to find solutions that allow us to offer the content legally, and cost-effectively, throughout the SCEE region. That is not a simple task, given the number of legal jurisdictions our region covers.”
    funney how SCEA doesnt have this problem, weak excuse as always.
    Also great idea on the gorup/club chat. Now i have to pay for something that was orginally included in the first Home beta and then cut out with no explaination.
    If there are jobs going within the Home team i would love to come and discuss options with you of how to make Home a social platform it should be and not numerous experimental fund raising business plans excuted on the comunity.

    • SCEA have a much simpler legal situation to deal with.
      Re: group chat and paying: it’s a free update available to everyone.

  • I know reading is hard, but yeah – SCEA doesn’t have this problem. Most of the laws involved are the same in every state in the SCEA region. Do you know how many games aren’t even allowed to be published in, say, Germany? You’d be surprised.
    Also, as far as I remember the Home beta had proximity based voice chat for everyone in one instance. This was pretty awesome – however, you needed to be close together to talk and everyone could randomly interrupt you. Later, this feature was reenabled for all personal spaces including the free ones, and the club space.

  • None of that however is the same as being able to form a ‘party’ of eight players that can chat with each other no matter where they are or what they are doing in Home. This is much more like the one-to-one chat that you have available right now. That this also offers club-style text and chat channels for clubs, doesn’t mean you have to pay for anything to get this functionality.
    I’m very happy with this, will make running around in Home and using it as a place to game-launch into games together much more useful. Now I hope more games will start supporting game-launch from Home into an online party day-and-date with the game’s release (though I admit the ability to just launch into any game directly from Home and return there is already a big improvement).

  • i dont like Playstation Home at all. its like the sims and i hate the sims game.

  • I dont see how enabling XMB music in Home is an issue, plenty of other games allow you too while playing online and its not as if it can be used for streaming…

  • Whenever Home is updated or improved it is a good thing. I’m guessing it’s an absolute technical nightmare for the staff involved and I still believe it’s a very brave, unique and enjoyable project from the Sony team and I am proud to be part of that as a user. One question/suggestion: will we have the option of clothing customisation like in the Japan version ? You could turn an ordinary t-shirt into an original item for yourself, I always thought that was very cool !

  • In the future, how about using your home avatar as your psn avatar? :)
    Great update btw.

  • Like someone as already said i can play custom tracks in some games why is this legal and not in home? if its for personal use then legal issues don’t come into it. Also why can i send any picture i want from the xmb to anyone on psn but yet again can’t put up personal pictures in personal spaces on home . Its just typically sony bull its all about how much penny pinching they can do.

  • Just add the stupid group future to the actual PSN, will you?

  • will the names of the items show while you’re browsing them now?
    that’s one thing i’ve wanted to see in the wardrobe for a while

  • @33 Exactly
    XMB music
    Custom Picture frames
    PS Eye Camera face capture to avatar model
    Camera Support in personal spaces
    Working TV screens (Media From HDD)
    Ok, I’ll be quiet.

  • Cross Game Voice Chat!

  • How about letting us take a picture of our HOME avatar and let us use that for our PSN avatar?

  • how about you break up the EU supported countrys and then regroup them with others with similer laws, then make smaller teams within SCEE to deal with each group, then that way as content becomes available each will get it depending on there laws without say germany holding back the rest of the EU, then as for place like germany maybe try doing the legal stuff alot earlier so there stuff ends up getting rleased inline with the rest of EU so they dont have to wait either. there is always a way around but i think scee is just lazy and says “stuff it, its gunna take to long so lets just not bother”.

  • Looks pretty sweet, but does anyone know when Home will actually leave Beta Stage, its well past that, if its not, Id love to know whats in the actual PlayStation Home ;)

  • You kidding are you if SCEE to chicken to bring in pic frames music/video streaming to our region i wouldn’t think they allow webcams within home okay SCEA could we can Not.
    & Yes it‘s really funny that we allow to send Pics all over the PSN network but not in home same as custom soundtracks it will make me enjoy rearranging my home-flat Better.
    so what could SCEE do well for a start change the T&C to 18 & over some spaces are 18+ restricted areas in home pic frames music/video streaming should be restricted to 18+ & over
    for a minor in home i bet it feels like a half baked cash-cow to em they cant go everyway. :/

  • Nice update !!
    I’m waiting when i’ll be able to play music from HDD inside home.
    keep up the good work…

  • Just an idea but i think it be pretty cool if the xmb was home , like when you log on to your account on your playstation you enter in your hub, then on the walls you , might see an option to play game or right a message to your friends , just an idea but it could help home be much cooler

  • @ 47
    this would not work due to the fact there are some users that have not brought a ps3 for online or dont use it online and there are others that do so how would this actually work? sounds complicated but from a programmers point of view this “Can be done” but i dont see why it should or what benifits it would have. i like the sound of it too but it does sound annoying. esp if u got no internet.

  • @48
    they could make it optional , and if there are those you are not online they could just the normal xmb , im not just if it will work myself was just an idea i thought be cool , so you could have your friends in your hub and talk till you decide if you want to play a game or not :P

  • Great update as far as i can tell well dun guys. i would love to see party chat come to psn as xbox live has were u can chat with up to 8 of your friends reguardless of wat ur doing or playing. i was an xbox fan for over 3yrs b4 i came to playstion3 n fell in love with it but the chat is the only thing that disappoints over n over again. the new chat update is a fantastic start n most apprecieated so ill look forward to seeing party chat accross the psn in the future. Once again great job guys n keep up all the hard work i no its not easy. xx

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