PlayStation Home: London Pub Radio Launches!

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Exciting news for music lovers and owners of The London Pub this week, as tomorrow The London Pub Radio (LPR) hits the airwaves – free to all London Pub owners! Every month LPR will be bringing you new featured bands and artists. First up from LPR are four tracks from Barney, Ben, Graham and Dan: a four-piece London-based band known as ‘RedderStare’. They describe their sounds as “analogue, live, raw and a bit messy, largely because they are all of those things”. Find out more about the band here.

London Pub Radio

That’s not all, though … also launching tomorrow will be the LPR website where aspiring musicians will be able to submit their own music for a chance to have their tracks played to an audience of thousands in London Pubs around the virtual world. The LPR team will choose an artist or band to feature each month. Further details are available on the LPR website, however the most important rules to keep in mind are that submissions must be your own original music and you must not have a signed record contract or publishing deal.
In the Shopping Centre this week, you’ll find a new range of Lost Planet 2 costumes and ornaments. Look for the Jungle Pirate and Nevec Soldier costumes – available as individual pieces or bundles, for both male and female – in Alter Ego under the Capcom section. We’ll also have Scott Pilgrim t-shirts available for fans of the franchise.

PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home PlayStation Home

Finally, Home Square will be returning to normal following a hair-raising couple of weeks as an eerie fog-immersed playground for all sorts of monstrous creatures … and the odd pumpkin.

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5 Author Replies

  • I like the idea of more options for music. :) Is that radio available for purchase, or is it exclusive to London Pub owners?

  • Would be great to see good old perry making a return as a radio host
    Get on it nDreams :P

    I might actually pick that up due to my fanism for the lovable comic series and movie :>
    …and on another note… I think I’ll buy the Londom Pub just because of the radio :P
    Oh! and Thy! Can any unknown artist apply to have there songs on LPR? If so then I might give it a go XD

  • lost planet 2 outfits look good but a very light update :( any news on lake house ?? its been a long time now since we was told we was getting it

    • Nothing I can confirm re: Lakehouse today.
      I can, however, let you all know that the LOOT Stage Set is coming soon (date TBC) and also their Alien + Android content as well.

  • home is beyond pointless its a total milking ground

  • “Did you spill my Pint?” :D

  • @5
    Then why are you here?

  • Wow what a great addition to the London Pub
    It makes me laugh when people call Home a milking ground, no-one’s forced to pay for anything if you don’t want to and besides Home wouldn’t have grown so much in it’s second year if it wasn’t for the paid items.

  • after almost 2 years of home we still getting thoss things?(t-shirts for 2 or 3 euro, like it is nothing! for a t-shirt on your home-avatar, for that money i have the right to get 10 or more) shame on you SCEE.
    just let us hear if there is a ‘feature’ update. not this things.
    Home faild, and is pointless.

  • With 1000’s of users every day how exactly has Home ‘faild’ (sic)
    Just because you don’t enjoy Home doesn’t mean you speak for everyone.

  • @PFC_Hudson
    You laugh about people call home a milking ground?
    do you even know what SCEE want from you?
    do you think it is normall to pay 3 euro for a tabel on home?

  • oh dear pfc is still part of grammar and spelling police

  • just seen NA getting new apartment :( it looks amazing , can we expect this soon ?? apartments are one of the best things to buy in home ( in my opinion ) and feel we get left out esp when u compare our selection to NA

  • Actually I was despairing at your childlike retort(s)
    Instead of coming back at me with a fair, mature and concise response you resorted to personal insults.

  • im not saying anything untrue pfc am i ? you get booted off forums every other week for speaking to users like dirt so im only stating what i see , lets drop it now shall we

  • Hudson you’ve been booted off EU forum? I did wonder and miss the voice of reason.

  • Yes SCEA outdid SCEE again with new Penthouse with added films to watch with your friends.
    this music in london pub it‘s pre-set with Sony approval & Not our music, the music that to be summited by us is like a band. & not our fab record. :|

  • will the sandraiders and rebel nevec costumes be available in the near future???
    also would the android and alien be the same as US as in the andriods a free outfit???
    ty thy thy :)

  • you say the LOOT stage set is coming soon ( date tbc ) but thats what we was told about the lake house :( but now i seen the new apartment that NA are getting i really want that one now :( hope its coming our way soon ? date tbc of course :) lol

  • SCEA out does SCEE…… AGAIN!!!!!!
    Same [DELETED], different day!

  • Another fantastic update yet again aimed at 6yr old girls who need to dress up their vurtual dolls and dolls houses.

  • @23 lmao totally agree

  • Surprising how Home still gets people not satisfied, it’s nearly 2 years since it launched and has got better.

  • @25.
    Yes no one can deny Home has had many improvements over the years but its still the pits. No voice chat other than with friends and only on efriend at that, no trophy room, no picture frames because of a legal issue but it okay it we buy them from the home store. Same is gonna happen with music and video. At the end of the day what was destined to be a great social platform has essentialy turned into a money making exercise and experiment. Its cause of that i’m glad i stopped buy crap on Home because i realised i was part of the problem. If you buy garbage people will want to sell you more garbage. but at the end of the day garbage is still garbage.

  • Couldnt agree with you more Dante_zero. Home is just one big fat cash cow now. I stopped spending on RIP OFF EU home ages ago. Its the people who buy the crap Sony churn out week after week I feel sorry for now because what are they gonna get when the plug is eventually pulled on home? “we reserve the right to termiate this service at any time” which whats is in the small print….

  • its not only that Jenna but i fail how to see how Home can be called a social platform. there just nothing social about it. 90% of all the games on there are individual challenges for individual rewards. whats social about that. i can even get my friends into a virtual room and show them my 60 plats. so it’s my opinion the quicker that Home dies the better.

  • yeah i can not argue with that i dont even buy as much in the real world let alone buy a ps3 then play home which was ment to be free then only to discover u have to buy every frikin thing thats not even real… id rather the sims3 now its on console at least u pay a one of fee for the exchange and then ur set to go and lots and lots of free stuff on there better than home is i thought home would be better then sims3 since its more real. but we are wrong now sims3 is out sony may change there buisness model with home or they will lose out big time.

    more stuff we get to miss out on.
    and don’t give me the old “it’s up to the publisher” spiel, not when it comes from sony pictures.

  • oh yeah a few details.
    For just $4.99 you can live like a celebrity in a two-story mansion perched atop the Hollywood Hills. Invite up to 11 friends at a time into one of your two home theaters and watch clips from some of your favorite movies, trailers, Minisodes and exclusive content from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Sony Pictures Releasing and Crackle. Throw a party by the sprawling infinity pool, lounge in the Jacuzzi, and take in the million-dollar views – all in the Hollywood Hills House, available this Thursday from the Estates Store in PlayStation Home.
    shame we’ll probably never get to see it.

  • hi alex
    1.The Hollywood hills apartment is also planned for europe too?
    2.Any news for luxury weekend lakehouse?
    3.heavy water tatoos?

    • 1. I can’t confirm either way right now.
      2. Good news – it’s now on the schedule for later this month, pending a couple of bugs being fixed.
      3. These are currently being localised for us and we’ll release them as soon as they are ready.

    • Update on 1: I’ll have more news to share tomorrow hopefully, however we definitely want to release this personal space for Europe as well.

  • If i can describe Home in sound it’ll be a “Sigh”

  • give em hell alex :) fight it out 4 us , hollywood hillside apartment looks like a winner as caused alot of discussion , thanks 4 keeping us in the loop

  • I dont want Home to go, I like it as a virtual world, and I actually like it even if nobody else does !!!

  • This stinks yet another great service to launch in the US..
    HULU I am sure a lot of people on this blog know what I am talking about already. The nerve using the title..
    Hulu Plus Soon Available to All PS3 Users!!!
    Check out the blog post:
    Now this is getting ridiculous Netflix/HULU And a playstation video store… pah when are we EUROPEANS (REST OF THE WORLD) getting some qaulity services… We are being treated like second hand shoes over here..

  • (Above)
    We have the brilliant vidzone (EU only) and MUBI (Which is expending to more areas next week) (And EU Only)
    Both HULU and Netflix are american hence why they arnt over here.

  • (Above)
    I do understand we have those services.. and that these are EU only.
    I understand that both the services are US related and there for not available over here.
    But still Don’t get me wrong I like a good cinema movie (mubi) once in a while.. Vidzone is great.. But there is still so much missing.
    This is totally off topic but there are a lot of countries out there that don’t even have a psn store.. psn video service.. comic service..
    So just to make my point cause this is all off topic.. everything related to Sony/Psn should be equal everywhere.. And then yeah a Mubi/Vidzone are a great extra.. point made..

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