New PlayStation Plus Content For November And December

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New PlayStation Plus Content

Hi Guys, hope you all enjoyed Street Fighter HD and all the 50% discounts in the October content.
First of all though, don’t forget that if you haven’t signed up then now is a great time to do so as you can still get an extra 90 days membership for free when you buy a one year subscription. That’s a lot of extra content and features for your money!
Before we discuss what’s coming for November and December I want to touch on a few of the issues some subscribers experienced.
We made all five pieces of Fallout 3 DLC available in Poland on Wednesday 27th October. Sorry for the delay. This content will feature on the Plus part of the store for one week only so subscribers are encouraged to download it as soon as possible.
An issue prevented us from bring the Halloween avatars in time for the weekend. These were always a bonus for you guys and weren’t part of usual programming – we were trying something new. Sorry we haven’t got them to you; we’re working on something else to make it up to you.
Finally, there has been an unforseen delay in Red Faction Full Game Trial – we’re working on bringing this to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, please enjoy the God of War Collection Full Game Trials and watch this space.
It’s now time for the next regular update to Plus and to let you know what’s going to be coming up in the run up to Christmas.
Here’s the list of content that is available to PlayStation Plus members from November 3rd – December 1st

PSN: Critter Crunch
minis: Bloons
PSOne Classic: Syphon Filter
Full Game Trial: God of War I HD Remake
God of War II HD Remake
(Get an exclusive 20% off the God of War I & II collection)
Red Faction Guerillla (later in the month)
Discounts: Landit Bandit (50% discount for Plus members on purchase)
Penny Arcade Parts 1 and 2 (buy one, get one free)
Punisher: No Mercy (50% discount)
Plus Demos: Vanquish Survival Mode Demo Exclusive to PS+ for two weeks. This is a new demo which will go onto store section and be available via push download.
Dynamic themes: Exclusive MUBI Theme
Exclusive Shapes Theme
Dead Nation Dynamic Theme (free for Plus subscribers) available until January 2011
Premium avatars: 2 x MAG Avatars

And here is some of what you can expect to see from the 1st December – 5th January

PSN: Cuboid
minis: Bubble Trubble
Dracula: Undead Awakening
PSOne Classic: Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus
Discounts: Punisher No Mercy (50%)
Greed Corp 50%
Dynamic themes: Exclusive Winter Theme
Exclusive Lava Lamp Theme
Premium avatars: Hustle Kings Avatars x 5 – Available for two weeks only from 8th Dec
Dead Nation Avatars x 5 – Available for 2 weeks only

You will see that we haven’t listed all the content you can expect (such as Full Game Trial and more discounts). We are still finalising our plans and ensuring that information we pass on to you is accurate. Rest assured, this is not all that will be available each month so look out for some more exclusive, surprise treats coming to Plus in November and December – we know you like these.
As always, please feel free to tell us if there is anything in particular you would like to see in the Plus content list. We do read all the comments and try to include them in our planning when possible.
Enjoy all this and keep an eye out for some extra exclusive treats during the month!

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28 Author Replies

  • Not good enough! I Already own most of the November games and the December offerings are just weak.

  • PSP content? PS+only PS3 user?

  • Will be getting any other special surprises around Christmas? xD

  • Uh oh, it appears the Premium DLC is missing from both months main updates yet again.

    • Hi SteDE, I hope last month you were happy with all 5 pieces of fallout DLC? while we can’t always tell you in advance what DLC will be given, we are trying to make sure there is something provided each month. If for some reason we can’t then we’ll always make it up to you with other content

  • Punisher gets a 50% discount 2 months in a row?

  • DLC for this month?

  • Good stuff, since I stopped buying PSN titles, DLC and minis from the store the PS+ sub has become more valuable to me.

  • Where is the Premium DLC?

  • No GoW III costumes? This is [DELETED]! Why won’t Europe have them?

  • cuboid?
    giving PSN games that don’t sell well again ¬_¬
    btw are we getting a discount on the individual GoW 1 & 2 or is it just the collection?

  • It’s a okay update i guess even tough i have most of the stuff! I will try the GOW games since i’ve not really played them before.
    So James will the store update around 3-4pm GMT again or what?

    • As usual the publish will be between 3 and 5 but its a very big publish today so I can’t be more specific sorry

  • Looks like a good update for PSN newcomers.
    Now if I hadn’t spent any money on PSN over the last two years these updates would be SWEET!

  • shame the first month content is all stuff i already have. come on guys, there are a huge bunch of PSN games that haven come out recently that I haven’t purchased because I want them discounted for PS+
    also… Punisher 50% for 2 months? no thanks chaps.

  • In the PS+ update of October Shatter Soundtrack wasn’t released in Portugal.
    I just want to know why?

  • Thx for Fallout 3 DLC in Poland ;)

  • If I try out the the god of war collection, and buy it in on disc instead of the store, will I still get to keep everything?

  • some new PSOne Classic Games would be nice.
    Colony Wars f.e.

  • Why is james avoiding the blog btw?
    he hasn’t been on in ages D:

  • Just do a public LBP2 demo for us plusies and that would make my year.

  • Nothing special. Perhaps god of war? I want a discount on hoard on december ^^

  • Awful. Just awful. Another 2 months of regretting getting PS+. *gigantic sigh*

  • cuboid?? Really?
    and what is with the two months of punisher discounts? Im sure that community are long gone.
    Also I want to voice concern about the lack of premium dlc aswell as the choice of Red Faction as a full game trial.
    Please keep trying, you may get there in the end/

  • Didn’t we already get Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus with PSN+? Why would we get it again?

  • Seriously… cuboid? I’m pretty pleased with Plus so far, but Cuboid just seems like a very weak title to have for the PSN game. Particularly during christmas time. Dissapointed guys :(

  • Pleeeeeease can you do the first lot of the Fallout DLC again. I missed it and have only been able to get the second batch.
    Having weekly expiries is rather unfair on peeps who have holidays/hospital stays/internet probs etc.
    I would have the auto download function set up but as there isn’t an option to stop all the stuff you don’t want, I can’t use it. Only got a fat 60g and it’s almost full up! :(

    • Hi, apologies that you missed it but we could only get this for 1 week as it was pretty high value. We also didn’t have the information too far in advance so couln’t let you know sooner. Sorry for this and I will pass the feedback on that we need to try harder to get advanced warning.

  • Never mind about the oddworld comment! Last time we got Oddysee!

  • Punisher 2 months in a row!? Does anyone even play it?
    How about discount on Medal of Honor DLC? Seeing as Sony and EA are all over eachother? :)

    • Hi, don’t worry there will be other discounts and also other great stuff for both months. Unfortunately the content aquisition for Plus us a tricky process and we don’t always get the confirmation as early as we would like to let you guys know. Keep any eye on here for the updates though

  • Gutted with the discount I already own Penny Arcade Part 1 & Anarchy Racing no freebies for me :(

  • maybe an idea for ps+: let us rent 5 films a month from mubi. and please let us choose which 5 movies

    • We are always looking at new ways to evolve Plus and I have passed on the community suggestions for non game content. As soon as I have an answer I will let you guys know. Cheers

  • Saying that, I won’t just complain, I’ll recommend. Here is a more ideal xmas month IMO:
    Joe Danger
    Vampires Probably Stole My Princess
    Freekscape: Escape from Hell (or any other decent one tbh)
    PS1: Tomb Raider 3/Crash Bandicoot 2 (yes bring it back!)/MGS/FF:VII (basically a GOOD classic)
    Full Game Trial:
    Sly Cooper HD
    (another new good game)
    etc etc. And NO REPEATS. Do this, and keep it to high standards, and I may renew my subscription when it ends.

    • This content list is unfortunately not a complete list and there are also the mid month treats that, trust me, you will enjoy!!

  • cuboid come on FAIL.
    cuboid is so old whats next Magic Orbz!!!!
    how about some newer quality tiltes(sam and max was great and i thought sony had the idea finaly)
    Dunno About everyone elso but i want things like:-
    joe danger
    sonic 4
    wipeout add on
    sorry to moan but apart from sam and max i have had virtually nothing :(

  • Oh and bring back Premium DLC.

  • Fantastic content list for Nov 3rd. My only concern with PlayStation Plus is the full game trials. When you play a full game trail it adds the game and any trophies you unluck to your offline trophy list. I really don’t like this and it’s stopped me from playing a lot of trials. If I play a game I don’t nessisarilily like then I really don’t want the trophies to be stuck on my console. A simple feature to delete games and trophies added by full game trials would be great. I’ve heard a few others echo my concerns through a couple of other communities too.
    Other than that, I’m happy with PlayStation Plus. The monthly content is more than I expected so far.

  • Where is the premium dlc yet again is not mentioned !!!!!!
    This is getting ridicules just awful awful shame on you Playstation EU !!!!!!!!

    • Hi, Premium DLC has always been an extra part of Plus that wasn’t included in the original offering. We decided to try and include this in Plus as often as we could but unfortunately it is not always possible. However when it isn’t we will try to make this up in some other way. Please bear in mind that this isn’t the full list of contnt so keep an eye out for what else is coming to plus in the 2 months. Also hoped you enjoyed the high value 5 pieces of fallout DLC last month?

  • Why offer the same 50% discount on punisher in a row.. there must be another great game you can give us discount on..
    Not much for me this time around..
    Critter crunch have it the god of war collection got it..
    the rest does not sound that apealing to me..
    Where is Shank
    Sonic 4

  • i dont know why i writing this cos u never repy .just one question are we ever going to get any improvements to the overall ps3 all we have got is automatic updates psn+ has been out for a few months now and nothing new .not good enough

    • Hi, just thought i’d reply now i’m back in the office ;-)
      Plus will evolve over time and part of that evolution will be feature based however I don’t have the details of this yet but as soon as I do I will be shouting about it on here

  • Nothing much for me (apart from Abe) as I own most of it already, so I’m more interested in any surprises that turn up. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised before by the PS+ team ^^. I guess my point is that for me it doesn’t matter so much when I already own a months content when every second or third month you provide incredible content like the Fallout 3 DLC (which I’m still playing through!) or Sam and Max.
    For the record, Cuboid is awesome. Still need to finish the DLC levels.

  • Nothing scecial. What are the prices for GOWC?

  • Hi James, what happened with the Anarchy Rush Hour discount combo?

    • Hi, apologies for this but there was an unexpected complication with it so we thought we should remove it as we try and make this list as accurate as possible. Don’t worry though, we are trying hard to get it back in there so keep an eye out

  • Thanks to “Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus” december offer sounds incredibly attractive. Great job on this one! I wonder when I’m going to play all those games (so far I haven’t even finished Sam & Max).

    • Hi, thanks for your comment, glad you like the content so far and we will try and get even more great stuff to you! too many games and not enough time!! ;-)

  • Not a lot for me either since I own the main 2 games, but enough to justify my 3 euro a month cost (€50 – €13 LBP tradein/12).

  • Such as shame….
    Got, got, got ….. got…. got….do i want a free dynamic theme or avatar….got…got… got!
    Nothing there that I don’t already have. Where is the love for the poor mugs that have already bought a shed load of PSN games. So glad I never forked out for PS+

  • hey james, could you please answer this question.
    last month you mentioned a “huge surprise” that you hoped to be announcing now (you said this time next month (nov)) .
    any more news on this ?

    • Hi, all I can say at the minute i’m afraid is that I predict you will love the mid month surprise! As soon as I can confirm it I will be back on here to tell you I promise

  • What’s happened to ‘Death Track (with Anarchy Racing bundled in free)’ that was listed there just a few moments ago?

    • Sorry, unexpected issue but we are working to sort it out in time for the publish but if not then it will either come slightly later or we will get you a more than suitable replacement

  • this might be the biggest waste of £40 yet on my ps3.
    Where is the feature to stop this auto renewing on my ps3?

  • ok, that’s it. I’m not buying anything else off PSN until it’s reduced or added in the PS+ section. *stamps feet and sulks* I’ve got a few things (avatar/themes/betas) since I signed up but I can’t help feeling that I would have been getting much better value by not spending so much in the first place. My GF will be pleased.

  • Also, I would like maybe some Buzz quiz pack for some month.. maybe one of the newer ones as i have most of the older ones…
    I would like the 00’s quiz pack if possible

  • Cuboid… seriously… You couldn’t come with a decent game..

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