Digital Comics Store Update (3rd November 2010)

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Digital Comics Store Update 3 November

Hi there! Hope you had a good Halloween week-end and didn’t ingest too much chocolate or fake blood. Here is your comic update for this week – many new series once again!
Marvel’s Iron Man: The Inevitable (2005) starts this week with issues #1 to #5. In this mini-series, concluding next week, Iron Man’s long-time enemies come back to haunt him… Including classics villains the Living Laser and the Spymaster to name but a few!
And there’s more Iron Man-related goodness with War Machine (2008). James Rupert Rhodes is an ex-Marine who befriended the legendary Tony Stark and became his personal pilot… before blasting into his own ongoing series! This 2008 incarnation by Greg Pak and Leonardo Mancowith comes with a surprisingly familiar supporting cast and one of the biggest villains in the Marvel Universe!
If you still haven’t got your fill of heavy-armoured heroes, check out IDW’s Transformers: Sector 7 #1. The secret history of the Transformers is finally revealed, through the multi generational saga of the clandestine spy group code named SECTOR 7… Fans of the Transformers movies will also be happy to know that this comic links directly to a few familiar storylines.
And to keep the Halloween spirit alive, we bring you an adaptation of Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming grindhouse flick Machete. In issue #0 Rodriguez himself, alongside producer Aaron Kaufman, pens the ultimate “Mexploitation” tale of revenge as we see what drew Machete to first pick up the blades… Not for the faint-hearted.
And we also have more Dragon Age, Batman, Wonder Woman, Y: The Last Man, and many many others… Here is the full list:

  • 5 Days to Die #4 – IDW
  • 2000AD Prog #1701-1704 – 2000AD
  • Batman #681 – DC Comics
  • Betty & Veronica #247 – Archie Comics
  • Birds of Prey #63 & #64 – DC Comics
  • Boffin Boy and the Invaders from Space – Ransom Publications
  • Boffin Boy and the Red Wolf – Ransom Publications
  • Boffin Boy and the Temples of Mars – Ransom Publications
  • Dark Man: Fear in the Dark – Ransom Publications
  • Dark Man: The Face in the Dark – Ransom Publications
  • Dark Man: The Shadow in the Dark – Ransom Publications
  • Dragon Age #5 – IDW
  • Dust Wars #3 – Twistory
  • Eternal Descent #4 – IDW
  • Ex Machina #14-#16 – DC Comics
  • Fables #31 – DC Comics
  • Green Lantern #13 – DC Comics
  • Hit Monkey (2010) #3 – Marvel
  • Iron Man: The Inevitable (2005) #1-#5 – Marvel
  • JLA #16 & #17 – DC Comics
  • Justice League: Generation Lost #12 – DC Comics
  • Justice League of America #8-#10 – DC Comics
  • Justice Society of America #5 & #6 – DC Comics
  • Machete #0 – IDW
  • Magician (2006) #7-#12 – Marvel
  • Planetary #13-#15 – DC Comics
  • Powers (2000) #31 & #32 – Icon
  • Reya #2 – Markosia
  • Sandman #8 – DC Comics
  • Superman/Batman #35 – Marvel
  • Transformers: Sector 7 #1 – IDW
  • War Machine (2008) #1-#5 – Marvel
  • Wonder Woman Vol.3 #7 – DC Comics
  • Y: The Last Man #14 – DC Comics

Please visit for prices and to see the whole catalogue.

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7 Author Replies

  • Machete?
    So very sold!
    Plus Y & Sandman :)
    Could only be bettered for me with the addition of Locke & Key…
    Oh, and “When Poland?”, obviously ;)

  • OK another week same old question : when in France ?

  • It’s been so long since this service came out, and still no expansion to other countries yet?

  • That is an outstanding update this week Pauline! At least from my point of view anyway. :)
    Four issues of the 2000AD Prog more than makes up for it being missing recently, plus more Dragon Age, Magician and Dust Wars gives me my fantasy/history fix, plus Eternal Descent is back with included audio? If you copy half the list from the blog post you might have my shopping list for this week lol
    We just need some European comics now. I’m just reading a few of them that I picked up at BICS. From Cinebook I got the English versions of Green Manor vol.1 and Thorgal vol.1 (just reading that right now) and they are fantastic! I think they would work really well as a digital comic as well with the layouts they use.
    Plus we need some Asterix on the store aswell :)

    • Thank you sir! :-)
      I thought you might like to super Prog update. They should be nice and regular now too.
      Agreed about European comics, there is some great stuff out there! Astérix (must have read them all about 100 times) and also a lot more cool content from publishers like Soleil and Casterman, to name but a few… They would be great in digital with their clean frames.

  • I bought the real paper copy of Sector 7 and enjoyed it. If there was a PS3 version of this comic thing I would certainly buy the downloadable versions. I do have a PSP but I get a bit of eye strain trying to read on it. Want HD big screen comics :D

    • Yep it would look very cool on a PS3… We know don’t worry. ;-)
      I don’t know if you have already, but maybe try one of the free comics to tests your eyes, you may find something that suits you. Until we can bring you some HD!

  • Wednsday allready? a week can really go fast sometimes.
    How is the weather over in the UK? Here its nice, little gray and rainy. Perfect gaming weather, or weather to read a detective story, or even watch a Poirot or other detective movies.
    The good old questions:
    Release in Scandinavia/rest of EU?
    Comics reader for PS3
    And Crossregion gifting?

    • It does indeed! All grey and dark here too… definitely time for a game or a Poirot, you’re right! May dust off my Poirot boxset later. :-)
      No news otherwise, sorry…

  • more wonder woman, nice. :)
    another y the last man, also nice.
    and if i hadn’t got those stories in batman legends i’d probably be buying those batman issues too.

  • @shadowdragon it’s gray and rainy here too in cambridgeshire. But I like that so I’m off out for a run in a bit after a quick survival match on uncharted 2

  • I really like it gray and rainy too. Usually days like this are the ones I prefear to take a long walk (the above 1hour long). (And noone coplains if you just want to relax either). ;)

  • I would appreciate you answer me about this…
    In the PS+ update of October Shatter Soundtrack wasn’t released in Portugal.
    I hope to see it today, right??

  • Yeah, and can I view any of these comics on my legally purchased Japanese PSP yet?
    No, I thought not. >:-[

  • This stinks yet another great service to launch in the US..
    HULU I am sure a lot of people on this blog know what I am talking about already. The nerve using the title..
    Hulu Plus Soon Available to All PS3 Users!!!
    Check out the blog post:
    Now this is getting ridiculous Netflix/HULU And a playstation video store… pah when are we EUROPEANS (REST OF THE WORLD) getting some qaulity services… We are being treated like second hand shoes over here..

  • Tough brake my man. I know it sucks. But theres always the torrents and a HDMI cord and you’ll be good.

  • Yep I know there are some possibilities not all of them legal.. But yes there are possibilities.. But the thing I want to achieve is that us EU/Rest of world get what we deserve.
    I want equality between the different branches of Sony PlayStation. No more excuses about how difficult it is. I mean we all know the gaming division off Sony is making profit now..
    So it is time that the rest of the regions should start getting what’s promised. I am not even surprised no body from Sony is mingling in this discussion. Whenever someone asks for explanation everything around here goes silent..

  • Isn’t it tempting Sony to know the fact that millions of people are waiting to pay lots of money, just to get their hands on a favourite movie from your services? This have been mentioned too many times, and as you’ve replied with all the time so far “It isn’t known per date what’ll happen” – We do know that you know, and that you’re too lazy to get something done! I mean, COME ON.. Are the other countries a joke to you? I speak my mind Sony, and I’m not the only frustrated PS3-owner out there, you know!

  • Was going to write “comic and movie for that matter”. ;)

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