More Top-Notch Voice Talent To Already Star-Studded Cast For DC Universe Online

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Hi all,
So, as you may already know, Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy are already on board (voicing The Joker and Batman respectively). Plus, we can now confirm that four new actors have been added to an already top-flight cast of voice talent for DC Universe Online (DCUO). The new cast additions include Arleen Sorkin (Batman: The Animated Series), Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Corey Burton (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Batman: The Brave and the Bold) and Dwight Schultz (The A-Team, Star Trek: The Next Generation).
“The addition of these actors to our existing cast reaffirms our commitment to gamers to deliver the most fun and authentic DC Universe experience possible,” said Sony Online Entertainment executive producer John Blakely. “They’re all experienced and talented performers and we’re excited for players to hear their work when they encounter them in the game.”

Arleen headshot

In addition to her career achievements as an actress, television host, writer and producer, Arleen Sorkin will again reprise her role as the Joker’s off-kilter girlfriend/henchman Harley Quinn, considered by many to be the most popular villainess on Batman: The Animated Series.

Wheaton Wil Headshot 2

Wil Wheaton lends his skills to DCUO voicing Robin, the Boy Wonder. As author, blogger and champion of geek culture, his successful acting career began in 1986 with acclaimed roles in Stand By Me and Toy Soldiers. Recently he’s appeared on Criminal Minds, NUMB3RS and Batman: The Brave and the Bold as the voice of Ted Kord, the Silver Age Blue Beetle.


Joining the cast as the voice of Brainiac, Corey Burton began his voice-acting career over 35 years ago, studying the craft of radio drama with the legendary Daws Butler, the voice of Yogi Bear. As one of the last authentically old school “voice men” in America, the San Fernando Valley native has voiced sound alikes and original characters for hundreds of entertainment and educational productions.

Schultz Dwight

With forty years of acting experience to his credit, Dwight Schultz voices The Flash in DCUO. Schultz is best known for his portrayals of ‘Howlin’ Mad Murdock’ from Stephen J. Canell’s The A-Team and ‘Reg Barclay’ from Star Trek: The Next Generation. His voice credits include many popular videogames, TV and film animation projects such as Vampire Hunter D, Princess Mononoke, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and most recently, chef ‘Mung Daal’ from the hit cartoon series Chowder.
In DC Universe Online, players will be thrust headlong into an action-packed multiplayer online world based on the heroes, villains and landmarks of the DC Universe. In the game, players will step into the role of the next legendary superhero or villain and will be given the choice to save or rule the universe online. Along the way, players will fight alongside or against iconic DC characters as well as other players for the fate of the DC Universe.

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  • *channels inner Sheldon* Wheatoooooooooonnnnnn!!!!!
    The game is shaping up to have a really great voice cast. Very nice :).

  • innit!
    dcuo mite just be da WoW Killer (only if it getz a great openin, just as mw2 had)
    otherwise, it should be rite next 2 WoW, Runescape and Club PenguiN =P

  • I taught james marsters was suppose to be the voice of braniac

  • Wow nice list of actors there.

  • soe are certainly going all out to get fan favourite voices for this, with conroy and hamill, and now sorkin as harley, a character created specifically for her apparently.
    can’t wait to hear dwight schultz’s portrayal of the flash, the guy’s a legend.
    and wheaton as robin, intrigued by how that will turn out, but i have no doubt he’ll do a fantastic job, or should i say dynamic? :)
    he’s been showing himself to be a funny guy lately.
    oh, and any updates on the eu preorders?
    and any news on the special edition for europe?
    seriously, the more i hear about this game the more i want it, next year seems sooooo far away right now. :(

  • marsters is doing luthor’s voice for the game.

  • Shame this game got delayed :( I’m planning on getting it for PC as it will perform better than the console, though i may just have to use my Dualshock 3 with the PC xD

  • oh yeah, one thing i just thought of, anybody know which flash it will be? wally west? bart allen? or even barry allen? who’s now back from the, seemingly, dead.
    mind you, even jay garrick is still running around the dc comic universe.

  • @8
    Michael rosenbaum is the voice of flash

  • Great voice actors there. The entire cast of this game is very impressive. Still can’t say whether I’ll be a player of this til I’ve got to actually play it for a bit

  • @9 the article says schultz is the flash in the game, although rosenbaum could play a different flash.

  • Think someone might be reading imdb a bit too much.
    Anyway, yes yes lots of talent and lovely CGI. I just hope some more effort is being plugged into the gameplay itself. Going on beta footage I’d say the delay is warranted as combat felt dated and lifeless. I still have high hopes for this title so I hope it can improve and deliver to satisfaction.

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