Digital Comics Store Update (20th October 2010)

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Digital Comics Store Update (20th October 2010)

Hi everyone, time for the weekly comic update! Huge update once again with 69 comics, and a lot of highlights.
First off, a treat from Marvel with the adaptation of Raymond E. Feist’s acclaimed fantasy saga Magician, starting with Magician: Apprentice #1-6. These first six issues introduce young orphan Pug and follow his coming of age in the increasingly troubled world of Midkemia – a gripping story that will see our hero and his friend Tomas swept up into their world’s conflict with some terrible consequences.
Also in this week is DC (Wildstorm)’s Red. In this Warren Ellis’ created series we meet Paul Moses, a retired CIA agent who wants to puts his past behind him and live in complete peace. But he knows too much, and his peaceful retirement is to come to an end one way or another when a three-man hit team knocks on his door… Also out are three more issues based on the freshly released movie: Red: Franck, Red: Joe and Red: Victoria. Take your pick!
Next up is the very topical Trick’r Treat, adapted from the dark comedy/horror movie of the same name. This anthology of four Halloween-related scary stories has vicious killers, zombies, demons and werewolves – all you need for the Halloween week-end! Parts #1 and #2 are available today and the two others will be coming very soon.
We’re also delighted to bring you Ratchet & Clank #1, adapted from the franchise we all know and love. With Dr. Nefarious defeated and the universe safe, galactic heroes Ratchet and Clank return to the Solana galaxy for some well-earned rest and relaxation… Or so they think! A nice adaptation and a must for the fans of the game series.
We also have something for True Blood fans with True Blood #4, more Batman, Wonder Woman and Y: The Last Man for those who have been asking for these comics, and one extra treat for gamers with Dragon Age #4.
Here is the full list:

  • 5 Days to Die #1 & #2 – IDW
  • 13 Chambers #2 – Twistory
  • 2000 AD Prog #1700 – 2000 AD
  • Atomic Robo Vol.4 #3 – Red 5 Comics
  • Batman #678 & #679 – DC Comics
  • Bayou #10 – DC Comics
  • Betty and Veronica #202 – Archie Comics
  • Birds Of Prey #56-#60 – DC Comics
  • Black Cherry Bombshells #3 – DC Comics
  • Danger Girl #3 & #4 – IDW
  • Dragon Age #4 – IDW
  • Dust Wars #2 – Twistory
  • Ex Machina #12 & #13 – DC Comics
  • Fables #28 & #29 – DC Comics
  • Green Lantern #10 – DC Comics
  • Hulk (2008) #9-#12 – Marvel
  • Iron Man (1968) #282-286 – Marvel
  • JLA #10 – DC Comics
  • Justice Society of America #1-#4 – DC Comics
  • Kill Shakespeare #5 – IDW
  • Magician (2006) #1-#6 – Marvel
  • Melody #3 – DC Comics
  • The Night Owls #7 – DC Comics
  • Powers (2000) #27 & #28 – Icon
  • Ratchet & Clank #1 – DC Comics
  • RED #1-#3 – DC Comics
  • RED Frank, Joe, Marvin & Victoria – DC Comics
  • Reya #1 – Markosia
  • Road #1 – DC Comics
  • Sandman #6 – DC Comics
  • Star Trek: Captain’s Log #3 – IDW
  • Superman/Batman #33 – DC Comics
  • Transformers #11 – IDW
  • Trick ‘r Treat #1 & #2 – DC Comics
  • True Blood #4 – IDW
  • Wonder Woman Vol.3 #5 – DC Comics
  • Wonder Woman Annual #1 – DC Comics
  • Y: The Last Man #10 – DC Comics

Please visit for prices and to see the whole catalogue.
Enjoy and see you next time!

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15 Author Replies

  • Not a bad update. Any news on more Spider-Man titles, Pauline? I did leave a message last week thanking you for the Simon’s Cat update the week previous to that. I downloaded and really enjoyed it.
    Think I’ll divulge in some Red and Ratchet & Clank this week.

    • Thanks! There is no more Spider-Man coming in the next couple of months sadly, but after that some is definitely coming – and I’ll ask for even more later.
      And thanks for Simon’s Cat, I’m really glad you liked it. Fun comic.
      Enjoy Ratchet & Clank!

  • Welcome back Pauline, Feeling better now?
    Time sure fly past sometimes, specially when much have happened.
    The good old questions:
    Release in Scandinavia/rest of EU?
    Comics reader for PS3
    And Crossregion gifting?

  • Any idea when the last episode of Old Man Logan and Zombies Vs Robots Aventure will be available?

    • Zombies vs Robots Aventure -> we’ve had this one for a while, should be in the A-Z section waiting for you.
      Old Man Logan -> I will ask Marvel, we definitely need to complete it.

  • Ratchet, Y: The Last Man and 2(!) Ex Machinas for me, I’m happy. Would love to see some Scott Pilgrim/Walking Dead on the Store though :hint hint, nudge nudge:

  • Photo load takes very, very long… Takes 3 minutes atm

  • Nice timely release of Red, been looking forward to this one.
    +1 for Scott Pilgrim from me too.
    Not sure if there are any freebies this week.
    Can they be highlighted in the update post? I just happened to be browsing the free section the other day and found a few that I knew had been released, but didn’t realise they were free.
    I often buy series based on the free issues so this is important for both parties! :)

    • Hello – one new freebie this week: Road #1.
      It’s a good point about highlighting them – and yes it’s a win-win as you say. ;-) Let’s see next week…

  • @ Pauline
    Quick question. Do you know if the comic team are going to utilise PlayStation Plus in the future? Perhaps offer a percentage off bundles, a free issue here and there that isn’t available to the general public.
    Or is something relating to PlayStation Plus being considered an option by the comic store team? At all?

    • It’s a good question, and something we are looking into at the moment actually. It would be great to offer all the above, or nice superhero dynamic themes… There is plenty to do. We’ll let you know when we know more!

  • Come on RELEASE IT FOR THE REST EUROPE.Give us a release date or at least say if it’s coming this year.

  • anywhere else i can get a digital copy of the Ratchet and Clank comic? maybe also the Assassin´s Creed comic because i’m a huge AC fan and i know nothing about where to get comics like that..

  • As if I didn’t spend enough money on comics over the weekend at BICS, now you just trying to make my wallet cry I think Pauline! :)
    Really cool to see the Magician on the store, that was one I had been asked about ages ago. The novel is one of my all time favourite books. Just hope the comic is half as good.
    Great to see DC releasing Ratchet & Clank, Birds of Prey and JSA today as well. Those are other ones I’ve been waiting for to.
    Plus we have 2000AD Prog #1700! 13 Chambers, Atomic Robo, Dragon Age, Danger Girl, Dust Wars, Fables, Powers, Sandman and Y: The Last Man.
    Has to be something for everyone in today’s update :)

    • Hehe. ;-)
      Yes I was very excited about the Magician comics, one of my all-time favourite fantasy books too (with Drizzt and the Royal Assassin – wonder if we’ll see those in one day). I did like the comics too so I would recommend giving it a try.

  • A great update this week, its going to cost me an absolute fortune with 27 comics this week :)
    Keep them coming, add me to the list of people asking for Scott pilgrim.
    I would also love to see Dark Horse comics come to the store as well
    Hope your feeling better this week :)

  • Just looking through the store and a little bit of the shine is taken off the update by DC’s pricing. They are charging £3.19 for Ratchet & Clank #1, the Red Movie Prequels and the Wonder Woman annual. Those should all drop in price in four weeks, so I would advise people to wait before buying those. DC are shafting you with those prices, you can most likely buy all those in print for cheaper!

  • nooooo, too much, gonna go bankrupt. :(
    still, how can i stay mad at somebody who brings me comics? :)

  • SpiderMike_X, I wouldn’t mind if they included some comic offers/actions/thingies in PSN+ if they were available everywhere. I.e. I don’t like paying for PSN+ if I can’t enjoy its offers.
    So, comics to the rest of Europe please! :-)

  • yeah a comic book series based on Drizzt would be amazing. He is by far my favourite fantasy figure and would love them to do a series of comics involving him and/or anything from the Forgotten Realms universe.
    Glad to hear you like him also :)

  • Sorry, but we no longer believe this is going to be released for the rest of Europe, it has been postponed for so long that I’ve given up for it (Spanish page still says “beginning of 2010” for launch)

  • @ Pauline – :-O
    I would do bad things for a Spider-Man dynamic theme. Now you HAVE to deliver ;-)
    All in good time, hopefully. PSN isn’t going anywhere and I’m in no hurry.

  • woooo h000000000
    more content XD

  • I’m giving up on this.

  • Minutemen and DCP are quicker :)

  • So when will we get Comics on our PS3?
    I’d like to buy some but I wont get a PSP just for that…

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