Squaring Up To A Giant Invizimal

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I’m Phil, Product Manager for Invizimals: Shadow Zone on PSP. As you may know, Invizimals is a PSP title that uses cutting edge augmented reality technology (a fancy name for combining real and virtual environments which are interactive in real-time).
I really wanted to share with you what happens when you use a large trap to view your Invizimals, instead of the one usually used with the game. This video shows the OCELOTL moving from a regular trap in my hand to a large 2×2 metre trap.

[viddler id=26421008 w=545 h=327 playertype=simple]

I’ve also got some behind the scenes videos that I’ll post over the coming weeks in the run up to Invizimals Shadow Zone launching in November.
Let me know what you think.

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  • cool!!!! But how much does the camera cost?And the game?Will their be a bundle if so how much will that cost?

  • Don’t suppose you have an image file of that trap? I have access to an A0 printer and fancy trying it!

  • I loved the original Invizimals idea. It was such a clever concept, and worked so fantastically.
    Sadly, the actual “battle system” side of it I found really dull. I’m a bit old I suspect for that kind of game though LOL! Hunting the Invizimals and “playing with superb technology” really got me excited though, lime a kid unwrapping “the big box” at Christmas.
    I’m looking forward to the release of Shadow Zone to see the improvements made, but what I really need to know is will it be available with a camera adapter and a downloadable copy for the PSP Go?

  • Will try the scanning and enlarging – hopefully the image will not degrade too much – I’m guessing the game isn’t TOO picky over image quality, and the thick black square on the image is what the game picks up on.

  • Second for a PSP Go Camera or a converter! Not that horrible converter you showed when the Go launched though!

  • Great looking game! Are you guys also working on a psp2 version of this game?

  • @Xenostar. I don’t actually mind the look of the camera attachment to be honest. It’s “functional”, and not something I’m likely to be using much. To be honest I’d be more embarrassed about walking around the streets hunting down invisible animals than having a slightly chunky USB adapter on my PSP Go!
    When you’ve finished, it comes of and can go back into the “ugly peripheral drawer”. We all have them I’m sure :)
    (BTW, I may have reported my earlier post to the be moderated in a fit of over excited mouse clicking – my apologies, I didn’t mean to)

  • I dont own a PSP anymore. But i love the Invizimal and Eye of Judgement Idea on PS3. Hope that some Developers Focus on PlayStation Eye again! Cause there is a bigger Userbase since Move.

  • im just waiting for the psp 2 now lol if it ever comes however this does look cool!

  • Does the sequel have the same production values regarding FMV’s that the first game?

  • Now on to Invizimals PS3! I hope!

  • I have to say I don’t see the point of these “creature in a living room” Tamagotchi-ish things, but maybe they are aimed at kids. If the software didn’t rely on a “trap” and instead used hardware that could scan the actual 3D structure of the room (so virtual things could interact with the room, and could hide behind objects etc) then that would open up a whole new world of gameplay… but I can’t see that happening any time soon.

  • @invading_space: that would be great

  • I think these are great for kids, I know I would have gone absolutely nuts over something like this. I played around with Eyepet Move edition at the PS showroom in Dublin and it was pretty nice.
    What I would like to see is some more mature games aimed at hardcore gamers. By mature I don’t mean (necessarily) blood, guts and tits, but more challenge and cerebral activity than just mucking around. Haven’t really looked at Invizimals before, but this would be nice for my PSP Go.

  • Lol,looks cool.
    I think with 3DS just around the corner and coming with AR cards included,this kind of gaming will probably become mainstream now.Also having that screen and 3D video ability should be awesome
    I remeber thinking a few years back when I first heard about AR,and how cool it would be if the software could detect surfaces and the character could interact with your room.
    I guess cameras with depth sensors will probably make this happen now,especially if they can made small enough for a handheld device.
    Back then I thought of a LBP style game were you could create micro machine style tracks,or a platform level from house hold objects,and your AR character would move around them.I think the idea was to build tracks or levels a section at a time,and record the depth data of each and tile them together,

  • invismalz soundz quite sik =P

  • i though when i saw it in the first time it was just kidding but now i m in love with Sony hope in the future god of war fight with us in the room XD

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