FirstPlay Episode 29

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FirstPlay Episode 29

Hello everyone,
This week I fell over playing football and hit my head on a brick, which, it turns out, meant I had to spend aaages lying down and playing the LittleBigPlanet 2 beta. What’s that, boss? No, still not quite better…

FirstPlay Episode 29

That’s a true story, by the way, and absolutely the thing I’ll be blaming my regular typos on this week. The good news is that it also means episode 29 of FirstPlay, out on the Store this Wednesday, features an in-depth look at what the insanely talented LittleBigPlanet community have been making with the tools from the upcoming sequel.

LittleBigPlanet 2 - FirstPlay Episode 29

We’ve also got one last look at the awesomely frantic sci-fi shooter Vanquish before it’s released this Friday, plus a review of the PS3-exclusive HD update of classic shooter Medal Of Honor: Frontline, which comes packaged with the new game’s Limited Edition, and a review of Robin Hood on Blu-ray.

Vanquish - FirstPlay Episode 29

And there’s more – reviews of Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light and Worms 2: Armageddon, plus a look at the latest downloadable comics, and a new feature in which two members of the team clash over a hot gaming topic. This week: with the new games nearly upon us, has Modern Warfare 2 or Battlefield: Bad Company 2 ruled online this year?
Finally we’ve got our screenshot galleries, which this week feature upcoming puzzler Swarm, mucky pile-up Blood Drive, the huge Final Fantasy XIV and the brazen Def Jam Rapstar, a game which we’ll have much more on very soon.

Def Jam Rapstar - FirstPlay Episode 29

That’s all just 99p, or less if you buy an £8.99 subscribe for 12 weeks.
We always eager to hear your thoughts and feedback (even with this constant ringing in my ears) and you can get in touch on Twitter at @firstplay_uk,, or the official EU forums. And don’t forget you can sign up for the FirstPlay newsletter at to have regular news and content updates delivered directly.
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14 Author Replies

  • Wait what, didn’t we get a preview of LBP 2 a few weeks back? And shouldn’t we be getting a Vanquish REview?
    Besides that it’s another great episode, but I’m perhaps looking forward to it less than usual.

    • We did preview LBP2 before, but 7 weeks ago, and before the beta launched and we got to see everything the community was making. It’s pretty amazing.
      Vanquish – yes, ideally we’d have reviewed, but the code simply wasn’t available. It’s never our choice to preview instead of review, or to review a few days after release – that would be mental – but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Instead we’ve cut together the best footage we could capture on the build we had, and given as thorough an opinion on the game as possible without it being a review.

  • Oh, and we’ve had a preview of Vanquish already as well it seems.

  • Hey guys and girls of FirstPlay!!
    While I jumped straight on the Medal of Honor bandwagon, even if it is only a short lived trip, I can’t help but notice how many people COMPARE it to Modern Warfare. It’s not Modern Warfare you don’t run around wildly with a pair of rangers hoping for a nuke, it’s TACTICAL!!!
    Anyways, what do you guys think!? I feel the single player story and gameplay was far better than anything COD has pooped out in it’s games. I really felt for the guys at the EPIC ending!!
    Good episode as always though I do agree with Raider … Have we not already had a vanquish preview!?
    Much love
    Dragon AKA John

  • Hi Nathan, Any chance we’ll get some kind of exclusive look at multiplayer for COD:Black ops? Infact anything to do with Black ops pre-launch would be sweet…maybe a FirstPlay exclusive avatar or dynamic theme!Anyway, keep up the good work, FirstPlay seems to be getting better with each new episode.

  • @4 They took a look at Black Ops multiplayer in episode 28 I believe.

  • FirstPlay just isnt worth it anymore, it was a good thing for a while but now its all the same with outdated news and information and the really poorly written jokes are just too cringeworthy…

    • Sorry you feel that way, Bios. Anything in particular from the last few weeks you didn’t like? We’ve had more downloadable content, and have got almost all the big end-of-year review in nice and early. Anything else you’d like to see?

  • @6 Have to agree on that, it was meant to offer beta trials and after 29 episodes its just themes and the odd demo and exclusive. I don’t like the new presenter. It’s not worth paying 8.99 for 90 days anymore.

    • Again, really sorry to hear that fella :(
      DLC is a very hard thing to get hold of, and we’ve always emphasised that we’re here for videos and editorial content first and foremost.
      Lucy actually came back last week, the other presenter was just a stand-in to cover Lucy’s holiday. Although for the next few episodes (starting next week) our very own Rachel Penny will be doing the honours, as Lucy takes time off with her new baby.

  • Just a quick Q.
    How does this relate to NZ? Last I checked, we weren’t on the list of countries that can ‘use’ FirstPlay.

  • I subscribed to the first 12 weeks, realised how poor this product was after the fist episode, then had to endure another 12 weeks due to not realising I had to opt-out of the subscription.
    Since the last subscription ended a couple of weeks ago I’m actually quite relieved I don’t feel obliged to waste the bandwidth downloading this crap anymore.
    Give us our version of Qore, which we were expecting when OPM HD was first announced & I’ll take another look.

    • Hey divine – sad to hear you’ve not enjoyed the show.
      Is there anything Qore does that you think we should do? Or any kid of feature that you’d like to see in FP?

  • Careful guys. They only like the nice things ppl say. Nice to see a few others seeing FarcePlay for what it is though. Still, you won’t be caught out nxt time, hopefully!

  • Hey Nathan, you’ll have to (privately) send me your PSN name and I’ll give you a kick around on MoH :-)

  • “has Modern Warfare 2 or Battlefield: Bad Company 2 ruled online this year?”
    Niether of those, I still just play Uncharted 2 online. Far more fun than any FPS.

  • It’s funny. If you gave away a beta trial in episode 30, (this is an example) everyone would be like, “OMG FIRSTPLAY IS UHMAZING”.
    It annoys me. Just thought I’d say.
    I personally, love FirstPlay. Because I don’t scour the internet looking for new games unless I’m crazily interested, it’s found me new games. So, it’s great. :D
    *hopes formatting worked on PS3 browser*

  • Congratulations to Mrs Porter on her baby.

  • @9
    Hes right, I mention this EVERY WEEK!!! we need more community features like:
    1. Likes and dislikes about PSN or Games
    2. Video responses or achivements found in games via youtube for you guys to add in a new section of first play
    3. Q&A (again could be done by us the community leaving video footage of us asking a question to a dev – We all have a video editor on the XMB now so we can upload videos on youtube)
    4. a “have your say on firstplay” section where we can ask if a rumour or whatnot is true.
    5. community helps eachother with a tough trophy for a game e.g “heres how you get this TROPHY for INSERT GAME
    These are just a few ideas you guys should honestly do because i just feel disconnected from firstplay because you all do a ton of previews for games other sites have got reviews for in the same week not to mention hardly nothing from us the people that pay for firstplay… its not really on!
    Regardless i love the work your doing nathan (when done right)
    Oh and congrats lucy on her new baby too get her a copy of DS Imagin Baby Club for a laugh lol

  • @9 divine1000
    it would be absolutely brilliant if Qore came to the UK but its not going to happen.
    Anyway, Nathan, if you want to know what Qore subscribers get here’s a brief rundown:
    * $2.99 (£1.89) for 1 episode, $24.99 (£15.87) for 13 episode subsciption
    * 1 episode released every month
    * Each episode comes with A) a Beta invitation, B) early access to a demo or C) a voucher for a full PSN game, most of them available only to subscibers.
    * The presenter (Veronica Belmont) (presumably) appears in video form before entering the menu as well as at the start and end of each clip (review, preview, behind-the scenes, etc.)
    Check Wikipedia for more info and the official Qore website for videos of what its like:
    I enjoy the show so keep up the good work! :)

  • Now THAT’S schoolin’!

  • Thanks guys – all feedback is appreciated and very useful :)
    We watch Qore regularly so we’re aware of the content, presenting style etc – what I meant was more what features they run that you’d like us to look at specifically.
    We have been looking for a while at different ways to interact with the viewers. We definitely want to do more. But even running feedback, doing user Q&As, featuring more user videos etc takes a significant amount of time to collate, and shape into a feature. Fitting it in with our production schedule means we’ll never be as timely with this kind of stuff as the internet (or Qore, which is Sony-produced). So we’re looking for a smart solution, and we’ll find one, but I don’t want to just do something that’s out there already only not as good.
    We have talked a lot about using youtube for user submissions though – interesting to hear you say the same thing :) Trophy guides something we’ll do in some form or another too.

  • i watched one first play and thought it was good and worth the pound (if there is games i am interested in watching on it)
    i think everyone else is maybe expecting something a little too grand for the money they are asking.

  • So what your saying nathan is when it concerns having more community based firstplay its more problematic?
    Well how else will you differentiate you with Qore then?
    Wouldnt you say focusing more for communitys needs are important as ideally its us who pay for firstplay is it not?
    My point being is this: If someone said a few years ago you’d be saying no way its not possible but the fact you are is a milestone as it is right? so wouldnt you take the extra time to focus on a more community based product? You do it all the time on the mag?
    Seems to me what you need is someone extra on the team to lighten the load mate. ;-D

  • You can say to us now to send in video or audio bites now for you to make up a segment in the future.
    Alot of us say why dont you do like qore but what im saying is i dont want a copy and paste of Qore, i want our own thing.
    Its no wonder sony has been getting slated lately, its because to the hardcore and casual alike it seems a little more robotic in the sense of your not (not you personally) focusing on the people more.
    I mean look at the crazy amount of complaints on PLUS, FW, features ripped out of PS3s, silly amount of game patches. It be nice for you guys to reel it back with doing things with the community involved more.
    Look at Mike Kebby for instance, he takes time out his im guessing busy day to answer as much comments as possible every thursdays without fail and its so refreshing to see a sony employee to do that.
    We dont ask for solutions to a problem, we just ask we be apart of that solution.

  • Firstplay is dead man, and it’s a joke compared to Qore in the USA.
    I got the first episode when it first came out, I regret buying it…..
    If you want more people to get it, give it to PS+ users for a year for free, that’s what the US Store has done with Qore.
    I had high hopes for Firstplay, but as with EU Store in general, it has been a disappointment.
    I highly doubt it will last till next year if people are saying bad things about it…..

    • Rumours of our demise have been been greatly exaggerated :)
      We’ve come a long way since the first episode – probably worth trying one of the more recent ones before comparing us to Qore, and certainly before announcing our passing.

  • Qore is a better service tbf
    i know you pay more for Qore but you get more in Qore and tbh thats why it sells.
    there info is not usually out of date they give subscribers gifts( something you guys need to do) and get exclusive announcements like with the PSP go.
    you guys/girls need to rethink your stratagy imo
    Give people a reason to subscribe like take away the free gifts for non subscribers and give them to subscribers instead.
    you all can’t feel great about the fact people only buy firstplay for the free gifts and never look or bother with the rest of it.
    Tis my 2 cents. :)
    oh and PS get rid of the advertisements while your at it.

  • only 2 things to say
    MORE content an hours worth of video would be so much worth it
    plus a discounted or FREE to PS+ members
    that is all :D still thinking if to resub or not :s

    • I’d love to do more content. But we can’t just make twice as much stuff – we’re working pretty much full-out the whole time as it is. It’d cost more, and obviously we don’t want to raise the price.
      The other thing is we’d have to increase the file size, which is a sensitive issue with some subscribers as it is.

  • lbp 2 review XO
    epic! =D

  • something id like to see in first play, as sony cannot be bothered to list the information anywhere else and i expect a lot of people like me are getting fed up of what is basically p*ssing into the wind….
    how about reasons why flag shi games such as gran turismo are delayed, instead of just saying ‘its delayed (again), sorry’
    id certainly pay 99p and id even go so far as to say that it would be the first time first play has been worth more then a 10th of its asking price, if sony stated the reasons why such highly anticipated games are delayed

    • That’s a question for Sony really, and as I say we’re not a news outlet. It takes too long for us to produce FirstPlay for us to be an effective way of delivering news.

  • As far as feedback is concerned maybe a little more variation in the DLC you offer, couple of new avatars and demos would be great. I liked the Black-Ops MP feature last week and particularly like the weekly network round-ups and Reviews round-ups so keep em coming! I have loved every episode so far and this episode is looking great, keep up the good work guys!!!

  • I got to play the beta of First Play and I’ve wathced every ep since, I think it’s pretty amazing tbh!
    I’m looking forward to watching the LBP2 preview, that game is in a league of its own compared to other games that encourage users to create content.
    I’d like to see a ‘mythbusting’ feature of First Play, something I believe was mentioned earlier in the comments. We submit questions about upcoming games or rumours that we’ve heard via email, Twitter or YouTube and then we get answer in FP.
    Keep up the great work!

  • you say this news is applicable to new zealand, but it’s not available on our playstation store.
    what gives???

  • No ads, better content, better news (as the news seems always out-of-date), better free DLC….. I could go on all day.
    I don’t want to waste my well earned money on something that only lasts an hour, unless of course it’s free..

    • Thanks man.
      The ads keep the price at 99p, so we can’t really change that. And we don’t do news. And I’d love to do better free DLC, but, you know, it’s tricky as all hell to get hold of.

  • Oh, as with the ‘demise of FirstPlay’ thing, I haven’t heard that as a rumor, that’s just what I (and my friends, one of them from the USA) think about it.

  • What a waste of money this is, your just chucking money down the drain, you can get all this stuff for free online and all this talk of ‘free gifts’ is a joke, your paying for it nothing is for free!

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