The Music Sounds Better With Buzz!

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The Music Sounds Better With Buzz!

Let me introduce myself: I’m Erica and I’m the new European Product Manager for Buzz!
I’ve got great news for you all:Buzz! will be hitting shelves across Europe from Wednesday 20 October, and this time it’s all about music!

[viddler id=9cd48ea1&w=545 amp;h=327&playertype=simple]

That’s right – Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz brings thousands of music questions, brand new rounds and exciting new features.

  • Choose the rounds you want to play, the music genres, the length of the game and enjoy your favourite music quiz with up to seven other players at the same time.

Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz (BBKing-English)

  • Get in the centre of the game thanks to the new Paper Face mode: simply take a snap of your face using a PlayStation Eye camera, choose a theme for your contestant and take your place alongside your rivals in the Buzz! studio.

Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz

  • Put your Buzz! Buzzers down for a moment and get hands-on with four hilarious brand new rounds using PlayStation Move. Wield the flaming quiz hammer in Hammer Time, zap the unidentified flying answers in Master Blaster and become top of the pops with a giant dart in Pop Life.

Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz (Poplife English)

That’s it for now – I hope you’ll enjoy Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz as much as I do!
Stay tuned – a PSP Buzz! version is coming soon…

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8 Author Replies

  • Looks great, and will go great with the Move :)
    But.. !
    I love music and Buzz, but have an issue with Buzz in the Netherlands: I only play the English language version, but I can only buy Dutch language version add-on quizzes in the Dutch store. Please make it possible to purchase English versions in the Dutch store.. (or even modify my purchased add-on.)

    • Hi sentry-23,
      that’s correct, the Dutch PSN Store only sells Dutch quiz packs. I’ll pass this feedback on to the dev team though and see what’s possible.

  • Always happy for a new Buzz! game, but I wish they’d sort out the uploading of scores for Buzz! Quiz TV, I’m 2 sofa vs sofa wins away from the trophy and will never earn my platinum at this rate.

  • What happened to Buzz? Like the original stylised design much better. :(

  • Love a bit of Buzz and get to use my Move controllers as well.
    Can you explain how the Move compatibility will work. Specifically will you need enough Move controllers for each person playing or is it a pass the controller thing?

    • Hi Pamperdamps,
      Glad you like Buzz!
      To play the PlayStation Move featured rounds you will just need one PlayStation Move, which can be passed from one player to another.

  • Looks great. To bad I’m not good at music :(

  • Hey Erica ..
    I might buy this buzz game :) but i need some help
    I asked alrady at some local gamestores but they ssy i need to ask sony or buzz itself.
    So i called sony and they were kinda confused, i asked mike kebby and he didnt know what to do either :(
    SO maybe u can help.
    I lost my usb wireless reciever from the buzz game i had. Is there any way to get a replacement for it? Ill pay for it even .. i just dont wanna spend 50 euro’s on a new set just for the reciever since i got the buzzers still.
    Plz help me :)

    • Hi Basket21,
      Try to contact your local SCE office, I will inform them today about your problem and they might be able to help.

  • @ Basket21
    There’s one for sale on eBay here:
    The listing only has prices for uk postage but it may be worth contacting the buyer to see if they’ll ship overseas to you.

  • Yea that one is 25 euro without shipping ..
    Kinda expensive

  • i like buzz and my wife a big music fan and would probably love this, now it may sound stupid as it is a music quiz, but what about all the add on packs will they all work with this or just the music ones i ask because i am lazy and hate keep changing discs and would have preferred personally u just brought an add on to the buzz quiz world edition thanks for listening to my rant dean

  • “Basket 21 said: Kinda expensive”
    To be honest that’s not a bad price because, as you’ve found, the USB dongle is almost impossible to buy seperately.
    Your only other option is to either buy a cheap set of wired PS2 buzzers (Which work on the PS3) or keep yours eyes peeled for a cheap PS3 set.

  • can you play with up to 8 players?

    • Hi crusher915,
      you can play with up to 8 players at the same time in Buzz! Buzzer rounds and up to 4 players in PlayStation Move featured rounds.

  • u fegot to add that this game be avilbe in the UK on the 22

  • @ Basket 21
    You could pre-order the new game from here:
    Which includes buzzers (and a dongle). Additional postage to the Netherlands is only £0.99

  • I liked it better when he had a freakishly large head

  • Scratch my previous post, it seems that bundle is being sold with wired buzzers

  • Hi Erica,
    Does this mean that localised new Buzz game will be in stores on 20th in all EU countries? Just wondering if we’ll get this in Poland next week too… :)

  • When will this be available is the US? I am really looking forward to this as I’m an avdid music lover!

  • soundz totally epic!

  • Is the PSP title going to be a separate purchase?

  • Is this going to be available in the USA?
    Please send it over since I love the Buzz games!

  • Quote
    “Posted on 15 October, 2010 at 3:17 pm by Erica Doddato
    Hi Basket21,
    Try to contact your local SCE office, I will inform them today about your problem and they might be able to help.

    Well today i did …
    they didnt know anything about it really, and all they could tell me over the phone is that their boss tells them to tell me they cant get me a replacement.
    Cause i have the game more than 1 year (damn me for enjoying buzz so long already), i cant send it in to get a replacement (also i dont have box/reciept).
    So … any other ideas plz erica ? :(

  • BRING back the OLD Buzz! ? Like the original Buzz much better.

  • As a huge fan of both Buzz and music, this is really a game for me. So I have already pre-ordered the game. Just wondering if this new Buzz! supports trophies? Haven’t seen any trophies list released anywhere.

  • Sadly, I am not a great fan of music quizzes, so I will be giving this a miss, which is a shame because the new features look like fun.
    It makes me wish that SCE treated Buzz as a Platform, like Singstar. The basic software is the same, and new features are added with each release. However the software from each release is always patched to the most recent version, so whichever disc you put in, you always get to take advantage of the new features.
    Ideally it would be good if previous versions of Buzz were patched to include Paper Face and Move functionality, but I recognise that you probably won’t do that! However given that it has been said above that DLC question-packs (which are not necessarily music-related) will work with this version of the game, it would make sense if the questions from previous discs could be used with these new features (maybe through introducing a ‘swap-disc’ functionality, like Singstar). Then those people who like Buzz, but aren’t interested in music, would have an incentive to buy this too.

  • Hm no reply anymore from Erica :(
    I did what u said and told them u would contact them .. but nothing was known.

    • Hi Basket21,
      Sorry for the late reply but I decided to investigate further and it took some time.
      It seems that the Buzz! USB dongle has to be paired with the wireless Buzz! Buzzers that you bought with it – so I’m afraid that we cannot provide you with a spare USB dongle.

  • Is it going to have support for portuguese language? Cause I’d like to buy it from the UK. Thanks ;)

    • Hi rafa_bean,
      the UK edition will only be in English. You can buy the game in Portugual and it will be fully in Portuguese.

  • Thanks for the reply… I’ve bought the UK version to practice my english ;)

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