Sneak Preview Of Samurai Profile Cards For Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes

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Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes is out today, so Capcom is bringing its fans a tonne of new info about the game. Throughout the following week, we’ll be releasing Hero Cards for each of the playable characters to give you a little back story on each of them and tell you about some of their special moves.
Just for the PlayStation.Blog, here is a preview of the first four of the 16 playable characters:
Ieyasu Tokugawa – The Eastern Savior, Tokugawa fights with his bare fists to understand the experience and sorrow of ordinary civilians.


Mitsunari Ishida – A general on the western force, his main focus is defeating Ieyasu for revenge. He has no interest in conquering the nation, despite his power as a warlord.


Masamune Date – Nicknamed the Fallen Dragon, Date was defeated in battle by Ishida and Hideyoshi. Now is the time for revenge as Masamune returns with his six swords to slay Mitsunari.


Yukimura Sanada – Yukimura Sanada takes over the duties of his fallen leader to bring a bright future to the Kai region. Using his two spears, Sanada must stand strong and lead his troops with dignity.


We will release the cards for the other 12 characters throughout the following week on the Capcom blog, where you’ll find the latest news on all of our upcoming titles.

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