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If you’re a film fan then we have some exciting news: LOVEFiLM is coming to PS3!

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Film Fans on LOVEFiLM subscription packages of £5.99 or above will be able to stream thousands of titles via their PS3. You’ll also be able to scroll through titles on the page and search through categories including ‘Pick of the Week’, ‘Most Watched’ and ‘Highest Rated’, so you will never be short of a great film to watch.
Don’t worry if you’re not a member because you will benefit from exclusive incentives to join the service, including free trials. We’ll be back with more information on the service nearer to launch.

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  • First!
    But this was leaked ages ago!
    But still great news! :P

  • LoL, another well kept secret. We knew about this last week.
    Still, good show and it will be interesting to see if it rivals the PS Vid Store.

  • **Only in UK**
    Sad :(

  • And this UK only i suspect..
    You guys should get your own…

  • will the film rentals be in HD, or SD only. I’m tempted by this, love watching films :D

  • You should change the url to any news on anything video related for mainland europe? You know the place where your biggest consumerbase is located?

  • @Swoofah
    Of course it’s UK only, LoveFILM is a UK company!
    Great news guys :) I unsubscribed to LoveFILM a while ago but will probably re-sub to test this stuff out :)

  • :-) About damn time, now when does it go live? Can’t wait, this and Mubi coming as well, I’ve been streaming a lot of lovefilm at work but I’ve been waiting to actually get this on my TV

  • I can’t people still do that pathetic ‘First!’ crap.
    Anyway, looks good but I’m not sure about how smooth it’ll be.

  • I really realy hope this is 4 Germany also. Or bringt something similar soon!!!! PLEASE!

  • UK only, like FirstPlay… This is sad…

  • I hope the quality is improved for PS3. It’s not too good at the moment on the website.

  • @almighty_slayer as i recall LoveFilm also operates in der Heimat (germany)…

  • Great news, won’t bother buying that Sony Internet-enabled TV now!
    Hopefully this will include more than the titles we get to watch for free online already?
    I think we can all agree that news is often going to get leaked early in this age of instant information, so why people bother to criticise official announcements is beyond me.
    Also, I am assuming that EVERYONE is hugely impressed with who gets their comment in first.
    The day people stop saying FIRST!, will be a sad day for the Internet indeed… :)

  • I shall be using this for sure

  • and as usual only UK sony seems 2 care less about all the other countries and the only country they do care about is UK

  • LoveFilm’s streaming stuff is super basic at present. They have very little content, anything vaguely new you have to pay extra to watch, and the quality is absolutely horrific. It’s all sub-SD and hugely compressed. Some titles are worse than others – some literally look like low end YouTube. Even the best stuff is still worse than bad SD Freeview though.
    Basically, it’s no Netflix, so unless things radically improve this is of very limited interest.

  • @almighty-slayer LoveFILM is actually also in Denmark… and probably also in other countries.
    And I certainly hope we get the service too but that would of course be too good to be true.

    I’ve been using the excellent recently but still very happy about this news. :D

  • I’ve been a member of LoveFilm for 4 years, in general the service is OK, but their online service is getting worse and the searching facility and the way it is laid out is just terrible.
    One of my biggest aggravations with the LoveFilm site is that you cannot search true new releases, it bundles in rubbish like 1st dvd releases for classic films, or tv box sets of dad’s army.
    If Sony has allowed them to build their own delivery platform then heaven help it because it just wont work. + I bet that it costs extra per film on top of your subscription fee for DVD’s and on a per film basis.
    If the bandwidth is managed anything like the PSN network then it will be a absolute farce even with cable connections like mine.
    And I promise that it will be SD not HD, we can’t afford that level of bandwidth usage.

  • I join also ilpaulio. Peeps just write about European news otherwise UK related news has to be placed on another special UK blog posting.
    Is there someone who is doing market research for the European PS3 consumers not only for UK, Fr, DE or Esp? Because we hear always the same story when a PS3 service come out is always first for one of those 4 big countries!!!

  • What happened to Mubi? Thats the one I was looking forward to, International Film and classics

  • @Cyanat
    London, United Kingdom No. 9,
    6 Portal Way,
    London W3 6RU
    Also people moaning about only UK. It CLEARLY states “Countries: GB”

  • And countries are obviously only going to get this service if it is already available on the web. What else can Sony do if they do not hold the online distribution in your country….

  • @ShadowDoGGG: I never said that the headquarters aren’t in UK but that they also operate in DK

  • It’s good news although I’d rather wait for proper price details before getting too excited.
    Speaking of streaming film services, what happened to Mubi? Isn’t that supposed to be released this month as well?

  • And yet again hope I am wrong.. even though this is a UK based service.. It is a streaming service.. It is just plane wrong to keep on putting new services out there with the rest of Europe still waiting on similar services..

  • Dont see the ppint in this, there’s a Video Store on the PS3 already and this is just gunna be another case of them trying to push [DELETED] down our throats and clog up the XMB (like it isn’t already)..

  • WHAT THE **** i hope this is not only for UK!!!! lovefilm is a service in :UK,Germany,Norway,Danmark AND SWEDEN. And your just releasing it in UK????

  • sony only cares about UK that’s why they are UK based

  • @shadowDoGGG he says they are also in Denmark. He doesn’t say its a danish company….and i dont see Germany or Denmark in the list of countries so isn’t that Sony’s doing as LoveFilm clearly operates in those countries?

  • I agree there should be a UK, EU and AU blog. Mainly because of the time zone differences are very confusing, especially when the Store is due to update. Also, we all have exclusive services so it would sort a lot of confusion out about whether a certain service will be available in your area. But, I don’t think it will happen, it would probably mean a lot of work and maybe even expensive for Sony as they would probably have to hire more staff to control the blogs.
    Anyway, onto LoveFilm, this is great guys! I’ve never used LoveFilm before but when it becomes available on PS3 I will defiantly be tempted to sign up. But aren’t we also getting MUBI? Doesn’t that mean we’ll have 3 ways of purchasing movies on PS3? (Including the PS Store). It is great to have different movie services but its going to be hard to choose which one to subscribe to!

  • OMG. You europeans are silly. Do you have streaming service from your lovefilm in your country? Otherwise YOU WILL NOT be able to get this service. Putting it on the PS3/Xbox/Maybe Wii is just the next step.
    You guys do not get access to iPlayer because guess what? Its BBC and funded by the UK public. Fact of life in europe, different services.

  • @ShadowDoGGG: Sure it clearly says “Countries: GB”, but that doesn’t mean it’s quite annoying for other countries when we never get anything. You would’ve done the same if new features ever came to where you live.
    Luckily we atleast get Mubi, and I hope that service will be worth it, cause I doubt we ever get the Video Store in Norway, or this. And if we get it, it will be a lot [DELETED] than the UK version.

  • @Swoofah
    “You guys should get your own…”
    Sad, but true.

  • In that case, i apologise, i thought it was just a UK company :)

  • @ShadowDoGGG: Yes we actually have the streaming service from Lovefilm in Denmark which is why I hope we also get it on the PS3.

  • @ilpaulio and I am merely pointing out that unless streaming is available on the web in your country. Lovefilm cannot stream online to whoever they want…

  • @Cyanat Then do this, moan at Lovefilm. Not sony…

  • OMG. You britons are lousy readers. I do have bbc 1 to 4 though :P

  • Im not stating that lovefilm can stream to whomever they want.

  • @ShadowDoGGG
    you know the rants aren’t specifically about Lovefilm, right?
    they are about new features always being for GB alone. Like video rentals from Sony, firstplay, half of the competitions…

  • @ShadowDoGGG: Why not Sony?

  • It is up to Sony to improve the service they offer on their PS3.

  • @XisTG Well that’s up to your country to get out of their doors and start designing some stuff for the PS3. Alternatively, move to the UK.

  • will this be a link to a website like the iplayer or will it be the same as netflix

  • @Cyanat Because its lovefilm’s decision. They can’t force another company what to do with their services. Use some common sense.

  • Great news! This might make me rejoin LoveFilm again after cancelling my 2 disc a month subscription service due to lack of use. At least this way if I wanna see s film now, it should just be a case of ‘click’ … ‘buffering……….’

  • @ShadowDoGGG
    “XisTG Well that’s up to your country to get out of their doors and start designing some stuff for the PS3. Alternatively, move to the UK”
    Are you serious? That’s like you wanting to play God of War and americans telling you “well, if you wanna play, you’re country better start making it cuz we ain’t selling it!”.

  • @ShadowDoGGG: I would’ve said the same thing if everything was released in my country and never anywhere else most likely.
    Doesn’t change the fact that it’s a shame that they can’t work out the legal rights to release stuff in more countries than what they have. Like the Video store or Comic Store for example.

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