New PlayStation Plus Content For October And November And Free 90 Day Subscription For New Subscribers

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New PlayStation Plus Content

Hope you enjoyed September’s PlayStation Plus content. Did you all work your way through all chapters of Sam and Max? And how about the PES 2011 and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow demos and the very first PlayStation Plus exclusive beta, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood? We’re hoping to bring a lot more of this type of content very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for mid-month updates.
Before I detail the great content available in October and November, I just wanted to let you know about a new sign up offer that many of you have been asking for.
When you sign up for the 365 day subscription on October 6 when the PlayStation Store updates, you get an extra 90 day subscription for free, not to mention all the free games and special offers.
Here’s the list of content available to Plus members from October 6th – November 2nd:
Street Fighter 2 HD Remix
Aero Racing
Yeti Sports
PSOne Classic:
Kula World
Full Game Trial:
Ferrari The Race Experience
Tomb Raider Underworld
Exclusive Discounts:
Burn Zombie Burn – 50% discount
Trine – 50% discount
Alien Breed: Impact – 20% discount
Gravity Crash – 50% discount
Ace Armstrong Vs. The Alien Scumbags – 20% – day 1 discount
Shatter soundtrack and Dynamic Theme – 50% discount
Dynamic Themes:
Exclusive Move ‘Start the Party’ theme
Exclusive ‘Halloween’ theme
Premium avatars:
Pain: Jarvis and Le Toot Avatars
SingStar: Wannabe and Rising Star Avatars
Exclusive Plus Halloween avatars
Burn Zombie Burn PlayStation Home item
As before, you can rest assured that this is just the beginning; look out for some more exclusive, surprise treats coming in October and November.
And here is what you can expect to see from the 3rd November – 30th November:
Critter Crunch
PSOne Classic:
Syphon Filter
Full Game Trial: To be confirmed
Exclusive Discounts:
Penny Arcade Parts 1 and 2 (buy one, get one free)
Death Track (with Anarchy Racing bundled in free)
Punisher: No Mercy (50%)
Landit Bandit – 50% discount
Dynamic themes:
Exclusive MUBI Theme
Exclusive Shapes Theme
Premium avatars: To be confirmed
As you can see, the November list isn’t quite complete because we are working on a couple of surprises that we hope to be able to announce this time next month. Keep your suggestions coming in – we are listening and we always do what we can.

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  • Great list, shame about the 2 PSN games as I already have them so kinda gutted about that.
    keep up the great work guys (would love Joe Danger at a discount or as the free game that month!)

    • Hi all, James Thorpe is still on holiday so I’m going to try to respond to as many of your Plus questions as I can. That’s unfortunate that you already have those games. As we’ve said before, the strength of each update is going to depend largely on each person and what they already own, but we know that you’re looking for more new content, and the team has tried to bring that with the Ferrari and Lara Croft Full Game Trials.

  • So Kula World made it instead of Syphon Filter this month. Cool (I already have ‘Filter’ and used to love Kula World on PS1.
    Not a huge Street Fighter fan, so didn;t grab the SSFHD when all my mates were insisting it was “Awesome!” so look forward to checking it out.
    I’ve still not worked through all the Sam & Max games from last month yet (almost finished part 3), and think it will be a while before you top that selection :)
    Nice work :)

    • I’m at exactly the same stage with Sam and Max. Can’t wait to finish it but it’s currently fighting for PS3 time with Dead Rising 2 and FIFA 11.

  • Great update, was Syphon Filter originally for this month or did I read it wrong before? I don’t mind though because Kula World is also a classic, one game I spent a good few hours on.

  • Got most of it but still a good list! Great work on getting us into ACB Beta ;-)

  • Hey, what the hell happened with Syphon Filter for October?? Why it was moved to November?? Also November looks very poor. Of course I hope SCE PS+ team is aware that exclusive demos are not the same as free games or DLC (that is missing this month). Will there be a DLC this month??

    • There’s actually something really cool lined up for November that we’re not allowed to talk about just yet – you’ll realise why when it happens.

  • oh yeah i would LOVE if you could get us into the Dead Space 2 Beta at some point….

  • October is the worst Plus-month since the start.
    November is a little bit better with Critter Crunch.
    I hope december is more like september, with a really nice update!

  • Wow – some more ‘free’ stuff that I already own.
    I am afraid you are preaching to the converted, if you are trying to sell the PS+ service on the back of game content. I am still recommending PS+ to new PS3 owners, or those who have never ventured onto the PSN store before. For the rest of us though, it is still not a strong enough service to warrant subscribing.
    Offer me some other services for my money, and you might get a sale:
    Cross game chat, cloud game saving, continuous play, store wide discount (say 20% off everything), free video rentals….
    ………you can have those ideas for free, btw ;)

  • Looks like a great list for both October and November! Quite a few and very good discounts for this month! I’ll defiantly be buying Gravity Crash. We had the game trial for it a few months back and I loved it.
    Thanks PlayStation / James! :D

  • Aw, still nothing to get me on board. Burn Zombie Burn and Trine I got on a 50% discount earlier in the year. Critter Crunch I already have too. Both Penny Arcade Adventures for £6 is pretty good though…

  • My sub ends on 24/OCT and I won’t be renewing.
    I do have a question though :
    Could someone clarify that any items bought using a “discount” are mine to keep when my sub ends?

  • Can anyone tell me the contact details of the competition(eu) section of the Playstation site, i won something and haven’t gotten anything.

  • I agree with AcidCrashx in saying alot of the games that are being offered free for Plus subscribers are ones that 90% of them already have, so it’s kind of a cop out? The AC Beta was very much a welcome and “exclusive” bonus though, providing it doesn’t go live to everyone within a week of plus getting it. No disrespect to anyone who doesn’t have or can’t afford Plus, but those of us who forked out the £40 for it are the ones who should get these exclusives.

  • New to all this so forgive me if you hear it a thousands times before people what time does it update.
    Been new to ps3 i think plus offers enough good content for its price and i think i have had my money back since i signed up

  • I’ve been wanting Kula World since I found my old Demo 1. Can’t wait for Syphon Filter either..

  • Ooooo, looking forward to the Ferrari game trial =)

  • Some good items this Month, but a lot of stuff I got of course too. While I do think it is an interesting service I do hope that you plan on moving plus towards not just being about rebates and some older games for free, but adding extra services to PSN, cloud storing of gamesave information for instance would be my favourite, would love it if I could cloud store my character progression to a friend and play local co-op with both our accounts for instance, both allowing me to progress and earn trophies playing like that, but also getting access to my unlocks etc.

  • Yeah, I would love some store wide discounts and plus intergration with the video store. This “here’s your one game and you don’t get a choice” is actually stopping me from buying new stuff (it might be free latter!)
    Also how about some GT5 content to go with the release…..

  • The October content looks better now than when it was announced last month, nice work. Very happy with the Full Game Trials this month, hopefully that “TBC” for November turns into something special too.

  • yip still nothin to slightly entice me

  • @meako1973 I am a Street Fighter fan but I didn’t think much of Street Fighter II HD at all. Thankful that the original graphics and music are still in there so you can play it almost as it was because I found the HD ‘art’ pretty terrible and loses a great deal of the feel of the game. Certainly I regretted paying £11.99 for it but if it’s free that’s plenty good just to have the original in there. Although these days I just play SFIV instead.
    @biles_house Plus seems better for people new to the PS3 than us longterm folk as most of us have already paid for all the games we wanted back around when they came out.

  • @ SlapnutzUK
    Any items bought with a discount are yours to keep when sub ends.

  • Hi,
    I may be mistaken but I am sure that I read somewhere that we would get a hustle kings trial and discount when bought option. Is that right? and what has happened to it? I was looking forward to buying that along with the snooker pack and using my new move controller with it. Will we be getting the trial at some point in the future or has something major happened? Other than that I am really happy with + so far, I have had more than my moneys worth.

    • Hi, we’ll introduce Hustle Kings into today’s publish or by tomorrow at latest. This was a oversight, thanks for pointing this out – this month you will get three Full Game Trials including the brand new Ferrari Race Challenge.

  • @Carnivius_Prime yes i think it is its like one of them adverts on tv for new customers only but its still early and we did get acb which is quite fun so hopefully we gwt a big bumper pack at christmas be nice if they gave us all gt5 free lol. oh one more thing what time does it update today

  • You forgot to mention DLC’s…

  • There only 1 thing this month for me larabigbreastedcroft trail & full game but that the lot.
    where the features i know this service will keep evolveing are we getting a features this month.
    lastly i say congrats to SCEE for giving All plusie‘s access to a beta unlike SCEA did the select Few route, & Yes they really are dissed off about it.
    We Feel your Pain :D

  • If you’re giving away Kula World, then you are contractually obliged to include Kurushi Intelligent Qube in a future month.
    Kula World is ace, I’m glad it’s going to get a new audience, Kurushi deserves it too!!

  • What is the discount for Death Track (with Anarchy Racing bundled in free)?
    Or is it that just buy Death Track at full price and get Anarchy Racing?

  • just thought i would add have recently come across from the dark side and xbox live was no where near as good as ps+ when released i will never go back to the dark side by the way i have seen the light long live playstation

  • First time posting here, but I have a huge favour to ask. Is it at all possible for someone at Sony to have a talk to the guys at Codemasters to get them to release some of their PS1 titles on PSN?
    I’m from New Zealand where rugby is like religion. Long story short, I think I speak for a whole nation when I say, please please please give us Codemasters’ Jonah Lomu Rugby game.
    Colin McRae Rally would be another great reason to engage in dialogue with Codemasters for their PS1 games to be on PSN!

  • Here’s an idea James, why don’t you use the news ticker that came in firmware update 3.00 for live blog post feeds? Just got into Sam & Max by the way, loving it and looking forward to SF2HD. OH, what happened to my Hustle Kings trial and discount? My move is gathering dust.

    • I have asked about that. The one issue there is that the blog is only translated into EFIGS and, of course, PS3 is used in many more countries than that. However, I am working on something behind the scenes that will result in a MUCH better blog experience on your console…

  • Good list for this month i must say, though not quite as good as september :)
    November is looking good too. It’s my birthday next month, so a surprise on November 16th would be lovely ;) Haha

  • Pass. I am till not impressed and not convinced by the Plus subscription; far from it really. The Community Team have created a ‘Playstation Plus Suggestion’ thread on the official forums; it would be wise to start looking at and taking the submitted ideas into serious consideration.

    • We really do look at them, as well as suggestions here on the blog. You asked for betas and we got Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. You asked for more new content so we picked two new games for the Full Game Trials.

  • I was all prepped and ready for Hustle Kings at 50% off :( but I guess you can’t have everything…will grab everything else though :) Have not played Kula World in a LONG time.

  • Where the @$%&! is the monthly FREE DLC we were promised as part of core package when we signed in????? Does this utter dungheap u call ps+ just keep loosing its core features and pray people wont notice til theres none left?!

  • Could Novembers Free game trial be Gran Turismo 5 by any chance? That would be one massive download. Novembers content does coincide with the week of GT5s release

  • Was also looking forward to Hustle Kings Trial and discount… What happened??

  • Hey, there is no DLC for these months!
    Did you forget to post that?

  • Does the MUBI theme in november mean were getting MUBI on ps3 in november? I hope so.

  • Where is Hustle Kings? I’ve been waiting for that to use with the move??
    Also wheres the DLC?

  • Also adding support for more OS features for Plus members – in particular a Cloud system for game saves if this is possible and worth the money for Sony to do. All this content is fantastic, and i’m loving it, but i think a Cloud system for game saves would entice a LOT of people to sign up to PS+ as well as making many people happy who are already PS+ members
    Also, it is very good to see more day 1 discounts and day 1 full game trials. More of this please James! Keep up the good work.

  • Nice, shame I already have a couple of the minis and PS1 games. Although I don’t really mind, I’ve easily got my money back after only 4 months. Anything else I get is a bonus. Hopefuly the update isn’t late this month!

  • no dlc? or is it a surprise later this month?
    i hope you guys are on time with updating the playstation plus content not like last month….
    i like the content of this month and the following except critter crunch, its not my style of game but oh well, by then i’ll enjoy fallout new vegas :D

  • I bet November is when + members get to try the KillZone 3 beta.

  • (sorry, another post from me, i keep thinking of more stuff!)
    The MUBI theme made me wonder if maybe we can have something to do with MUBI? As it’s a subscription service, maybe PS+ members could get a very small discount on the monthly subscription cost? Something like that would be nice to see.

  • Also… why is that plus is always good on the next month!? i bet by the time we reach november interesting death track anarchy bundle has vanished in thin air or transformed into shockingly bad kula world just like hustle kings and syphon filter now.

    • We do our best to make the heads up on the next Plus publish as accurate as we can. Sometimes our plans change – sorry this happens. When plans do change we’ll always do our best to replace a title or a discount or a DLC with something equally good. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Whilst I already own some of the games for October and November, it’s those discounts that are making me happy with Plus this month. Most of them are on games I don’t have, so those with 50% off will likely be mine before the end of the month.
    Nice to see the day one discount for Ace Armstrong, yesterday’s blog post put it on my radar and now I’m even more tempted.
    So I guess my point is keep those discounts coming!

  • Kula World, I remember always replaying a demo of it when I was smaller. Time to conquer!

  • Great work putting a new game in the Game Trial section! This is the main thing I want with PlayStation Plus. To test new games. I’m gonna buy Ferrari The Race Experience no matter what, but will be fun to test out the trial option.

    • Ferrari Race Experience is something we added to Plus inbetween publishes so it didn’t feature in last month’s blog. We’re really happy to give you guys a chance to trial this brand new game.

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