Introducing Ferrari The Race Experience

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Thanks for taking the time to read our Ferrari The Race Experience update.
We’re here to talk about, and to give you a few insights into the development of, our new racing simulation Ferrari The Race Experience.
Beginning with Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli back in 2008 System 3 wanted to allow players to experience the raw power of the F430 Challenge and the massive challenge that comes with harnessing that power and keeping it together under pressure.
We won’t lie; learning how to drive a proper racing machine is no simple task, but once you’ve mastered it you’ll never be able to go back to ‘arcade’ mode ever again.

Introducing Ferrari The Race Experience

Ferrari The Race Experience takes that racing mantra and expands it in every way. The first thing we did with Ferrari The Race Experience was to create a fictional Career mode that allowed you to participate with whichever Ferrari you have in your Showroom. Now you have three racing series covering ‘Classics’ cars, ‘Road’ cars and ‘GT’ cars.
Each type of car brings with it completely different challenges. Classics cars are extremely raw. Steering is tough, braking is early and acceleration is sluggish but everyone is under the same conditions. You are what you are and the only way to win is to be focused and consistent.

Road cars have great tyres, power steering and traction control but, ultimately, they’re designed for the road. The brakes aren’t very powerful and the tyres simply aren’t designed to take corners at ridiculous speeds.
And then you have the Race cars. The pinnacles of modern engineering, these cars turn on a coin, hug the road and have very powerful brakes. But lose focus for a split-second and your race could be over. All that engineering means nothing if you clip the wrong part of the curb and send the back end into a spin.
The great thing about all these cars is that GP2 legend and current F1 driver Bruno Senna set up the handling of every single one.

Introducing Ferrari The Race Experience

Heading up the Career is the awesome new 458 Italia. You’ve probably seen it either in newspapers, on Top Gear or online, and if you’ve watched our latest trailer you’ll see a few of them in there too. Actually, there’s a funny little story attached to the trailer for the game…
A few of the guys spent weeks storyboarding the trailer before it then went onto be modelled, textured, rendered etc. There was a core team of people who were involved in the entire process but a large chunk of the team had seen absolutely nothing. When the final trailer had been finished we had a little viewing for the entire team. The first, rather irate response was: “Erm, so when did you decide to go to a track day without telling us!?”
The guys thought the CG trailer was footage from a real race! The next day we had Ferrari in and their team also couldn’t understand how we’d filmed a race with all these different cars in it. In order to convince them otherwise we had to create a wireframe version of the movie and overlay it on top of the textured movie, and that’s one of the production movies that we recently released.
Funnily enough this movie represents the type of realism that we’re already working on for our next graphics engine. We feel it’s time to radically improve the aesthetics, and the trailer is a sign of things to come a few years down the line.
Since we released Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli we feel we’ve been on a journey and there are an awful lot of loyal fans who have been on that journey with us. That’s the main reason why we’ve put a loyalty scheme in place to thank those fans. If you owned the last game on PS3 then you can get Ferrari The Race Experience for £9.99/€12.99 and the full price is £11.99 /€14.99.
That’s it for now. We’ll be updating you with more details about the game in our next blog and we’ll also be around to answer your questions.
Don’t forget, Ferrari The Race Experience hits the PlayStation Store tomorrow, Wednesday 6th October!

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23 Author Replies

  • Finally! Been waiting for this since i first heard of it back in July, went over the top when i got a press mail a while back from our dear Chandra that the game was coming.
    I love what you did with the loyalty scheme ;-) This will be the first thing i’ll download on tomorows store update.

  • Very much looking forward to it. I hope you guys are properly supporting Logitech steering wheels.

    • Hi. The game fully supports the G25 (with the exception of the clutch)as well as the main Thrustmaster wheels.
      It supports ‘some’ features of the G27 but sadly not the full programmable features. Hopefully we will get those supported soon though

  • gt5 is lookin NICEEE

  • Thanks for the reply will do. And nice to see G25(wish more games would support clucth.) supported i’ll have a blast in my G25/playseat combo tomorow.
    Oh should you not write on here how people should do it with the promo? or do we all have to goto and do something there?

    • There will be a website that you have to go to tomorrow. Once there you can fill out a little form and you’ll be sent a special redemption Code :)
      We’ll put the URL on tomorrow as it’s not live yet

  • Just got my G27 3 days ago for F1 2010 & GT5, and this is just icing on the cake. You can count me in on Ferrari The Race Experience. Day One
    This made my day :)

    • Sweet. It’s an amazing wheel/pedals right?
      Very expensive but worth every penny :)
      Ferrari TRE is tough though. . . but if you’ve bought a G27 you’re no slouch at sims ;)

  • Any idea of the official release date for Gran Turismo 5 yet? You’re being very quiet about it with less than a month to go :-(
    Any teasers?

  • 458 italia! Nice.
    Any chance of the recently shown 599 SA APERTA?
    Also just worth mentioning any one who reads these comments, Ferrari’s OFFICIAL simulator costs this much and that’s just ONE car and ONE track. So well worth the cash.

    • Cheers Saber_IV; you’re doing the PR for me! :)
      We really wanted to get the new 599 in but we couldn’t quite squeeze it in in time. It may be possible to make it available as DLC but I can’t make any promises at this stage in time. Anyway, you’ve got the 599XX and that’s a BEAST! ;) My favourite car

  • Like you guys said
    Sim Racers aren’t that easy to dive into, but once you get good enough, there is nothing better.
    I have a hard time playing Arcade Style Racers anymore, they just dont hold my attention for very long.
    Im looking forward to the challenge.

    • Same here. Don’t get me wrong; I still love proper arcade racers/car action games such as Burnout but I don’t really enjoy the proper racing games that opt for ‘mainstream’ handling

  • Hm is it out in the US this week also or only PAL region?
    And if it’s not do you have a date Chandra?
    @Keshian_Rade i think your in the wrong post i doubt Chandra and System 3 has any thing to do with GT5… GT5 is out the first week of Nov.

    • Only PAL for now.
      Activision released the original Ferrari Challenge in the US as traditionally System 3 does not distribute games over there.
      We are attempting to do it with Ferrari The Race Experience but it’s not as straightforward as you and I might hope. Watch this space. . . (or set up a UK account, nudge-nudge, wink-wink)

  • @vicheous sorry. I’m just anxious for news. It was worth a punt ;-)
    I’ll disappear now :-D

  • Will the game have a full trophy list including a Platinum, or is it considered smallscale?

  • Hi Chandra!
    Nice to see that there is almost a ‘seamless’ link between the Original Ferrari game and this ‘Store’ based one (on that, will there be a disc based release later?)
    Also I guess this spells the end of DLC for Ferrari Challenge as I was hoping for the 458 appearing in that (without the risk of it exploding of course!)
    Anyway I did email you not long after Supercar Challenge came out to ask if a future patch would appear for Ferrari Challenge to add that awesome new in-car view point (the one which looked visually correct to the drivers eye) So did that camera view make it into this new Ferrari game?
    Other than that, I am looking forward to see how this Ferrari 2 (or should that be Ferrari 1.5?) measures up to Supercar and of course the original Ferrari, but one thing I’m almost scared to ask, as its a downloadable game, what size are we looking at?

    • Lots of questions ;)
      No, sadly the ‘second’ in-car viewpoint is not in there but hopefully you’ll be happy with the one in there.
      Unofficially, yes, we can’t keep patching and releasing DLC for older games because you get to a point where it’s just not possible anymore.
      It’s a Sony rule that you can only release a game in one format, so it’s only ever going to be a download for PS3.
      In terms of size, I believe it’s around 2.1GB.
      Thanks for taking the time to put a post up :)

  • Chandra watch yourself! You should not tell people to do things that is against the TOS Like setting up an account out of their region ;-)
    Someone on the blog will come squash you!

  • Hey Chandra!
    Sounds like a smashing game! Will probably pick it up for my brother tomorrow!

  • @Keshian_Rade GT5 is out 5th November in UK. ;)

  • When does psn plus udate in the UK?, it said today but i didnt ger any new content

  • Enjoyed Ferrari challenge very much looking forward to this.

  • Awesome stuff man, look like a good game :)

  • I got a free PSN Voucher card a few days ago and did not know what to spend it on because I have already 50PSn games. But this will be it. Looks great and will be a good worm up before GT5 lands :D

  • Hello Chandra.
    I have Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli and Supercar Challenge. Both of them are great games, but I don’t like very much the circuit selection. I miss other countries circuits, specially some Spanish ones (maybe because I’m from Spain :P ).
    Have you included in this new game some circuits for countries not present in the previous games?

    • Hey Wiwo.
      Sorry — new cars, games modes and improved online, framerate etc but no new circuits over and above SCC I’m afraid

  • Posted on 5 October, 2010 at 8:03 pm by Chandra Nair
    It’s a Sony rule that you can only release a game in one format, so it’s only ever going to be a download for PS3.
    thats NOT true look at pain, high volocity bowling ,GT5P ,warhawk so its NOT true so dont lie lol
    anyways im buying this game i i loved the last ferrari game from u (not so much supercar challenge tho) was kinda hopeing for a lil more discount that 2 quid but its better than nothing and i love that u support your followers

  • No point for me with GT5 coming,if there was a demo I’d look into it.
    Are you developing or just publishing,I was in the SCC beta and wondered if this is using the assets and even the engine from Eutechnyx,and is it just Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli repackaged as an online game?
    What tracks has it got,and will they be stylised like SCC,because racing the Nurburgring gp in that was like a different track in regards accuracy of the layout and aesthetics.
    CG trailer looks great though,really great and sent a slight chill down my spine.
    You might think this is dick thing to say,but seeing the highest LOD models Polyphony are making,and thinking about PS4 and PD’s tech seemingly geared and prepared towards next gen for ease of development I couldn’t help think in of GT PS4 :)
    their models are well on the way to matching that trailer,put next gen shaders and lighting,ray tracing,and they’ll be there car wise.
    enough of GTi like the model your going for and wish you guys luck.

    • Thanks vonhammer. Yea, next-gen possibilities are exciting for sure!
      Ferrari The Race Experience is based on the same base engine but there are many additions.
      We’ve used many of the elements found in SCC in terms of handling modes, damage modelling, online improvements etc but we’ve gone back to the more vibrant colour scheme of Ferrari Challenge.
      There are new cars, new racing modes, a Career mode split into three classes, a new Tutorial for the 458 Italia and obviously all-new Trophies.
      Just so you know, we’re also starting a big competition for the game where the fastest lap times win a trip to the Ferrari Race Academy (more about that on the official website over the next few days).

  • I hate the link issue on here :)

  • Kind of weird timing to release the game. I’m interested but the behemoth of GT5 is coming out next month so I’m more inclined to wait for that. Unless you can persuade me! Wish you guys could release stuff in the summer when there’s a drought of games instead of cramming stuff in at the end of the year.

    • Haha, well, it was supposed to be out in the summer but hey, these things happen.
      If you like GT then you’re bound to buy GT5, right?
      The only thing I would say is, our game is €14.99. GT5 will be A LOT of money.
      If you’re on the fence I would take a few days to see what people write about the game. There will also be a load of new stuff going up on over the next few days.
      €14.99 is the price of a round of drinks, so I think it’s great value for what it is :)

  • is this game online or what?

  • I was a huge fan of Ferrari Challenge but I think I give this one a skip I think we all know why.

  • I liked Ferarri Challenge, currently busy with F1 2010 but sure to pick this title up pretty soon :-)
    Also nice video (the second) showing the rendering on the system3 website ;-)

  • Hope there isn’t to many online trophies, hate those so much :-D
    Other than that, this game is bought as soon as the store updates, haven’t seen anything about the discount yet though :( – but will proberly end up buying it at full price then, I want it – who cares about RDR and F1 when I can play this :D

  • one thing i haven’t seen talked about much is the multiplayer, it does have multiplayer right?
    what kind of options are available in multiplayer.
    oh and one more thing, does this title support custom soundtracks? because if there’s one genre that can benefit from that feature, it’s the racing game.

    • Yeah, it’s a big part of the game.
      Every race has 16 cars in and the game is 1-16 player LAN and online.
      It supports soundtracks in that you can start a Playlist playing from your XMB during the game. . . is that what you mean?

  • I sold Ferrari Challenge two weeks ago, to get this game. Will i still be able to get the loyalty discount?

  • djm99, just keep checking the system3 website for details.

  • Cool! But will there be any demos of this? I really liked the Ferrari Challenge (But tutorial was very hard) and Tiff Needell rules! :D

  • Is the Logitech Driving Force GT supported by this game?

    • Yes, fully :)
      It supports both main Thrustmaster wheels and both Logitech wheels (however it doesn’t support the programmable features on the G27 just yet)

  • Chan why have you popped up here instead of Nintendo’s official mag editor? Especially when you said you were “off to do some music stuff”
    Were you a secret sony boy all along?
    Good to have you on board Buddy.

  • Haha. . . I don’t work for Sony — I’m a lifelong Nintendo boy!
    I’m on here on behalf of System 3 who make Ferrari The Race Experience.
    I am doing my music. . . but I’ve only just got to the stage where I’ve started putting it up (literally a few weeks ago):

  • gran turismo 5 is all i need baby..

  • Loyalty Reward Scheme never came up, so ended up paying full price – the scheme really should have been up well before the games release instead of disappointing us.

  • Yeah, the game’s live yet there’s absolutely nothing about the ‘Loyalty Scheme’ on the System 3 website – really poor show. I would just pay the extra cost, but as a loyalty scheme price has been promised, I won’t pay a penny more.

  • Thanks for the reply,and i’d probably of taken a punt after hearing it’s built upon SCC,but Sony holding back the demo from the peasants who buy all the games (cant understand + for someone like me ) means i’m 100% staying away.Sorry dude.

  • Wait so you delayed the game to get the loyalty scheme working, you release the game and it’s still not up and working?
    Nice one.

  • yup it’s gone past the countdown finishing and it’s still not up. :(

  • Now the System 3 website is down and their twitter which promised details on the loyalty scheme once the store was up, hasn’t updated since. You guys should have had the scheme in place BEFORE the game launched – we should have been able to redeem our discount codes in advance, to be used when the store updated. Instead, your Loyal Customers are left waiting.

  • Ok, now the System 3 website is back up and the link to the Loyalty Scheme website will be posted there shortly;

  • Haha its like being back to the amiga days, finding words in the manual

  • Ok, so I got my code and it made the game £9.99 on the store, but it also removed the option to purchase it and just gave me a download link! [DELETED]?

  • ahhh yes, finally got the form working, hope it won’t take long now to get the voucher

  • Is there any trophy list of the game?

  • I think I just got the game for free..? Here is what happened:
    Downloaded the trial from ps+ 2 hours ago. 1 hour ago I filled out the form to get the redemption code. Code arrived immediately. Entered the code on my ps3, says it works but doesn’t download anything. Went to the playstation store and ferrari race challenge is listed as £10.great. Only option provided is to download the game (not purchase game). Currently downloading again without being charged anything. Is it downloading the trial a second time, have I just got the full version for free, or am I going to be charged at some point later on?

  • Hi Chandra, I have just bought and play FE discovering an awful thing… My G27 shifter does not work…. paddles do not work, h-shifter does not work…. and more I can not switch camera……….. Iam definely mad or you forgot to support G27????

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