PlayStation Video Store Update – 28 September 2010

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Here is your fortnightly update for the Video Store.
Are you feeling the pinch before payday? if so you will be pleased to hear that this week you can get all of your favourite action movies at bargain prices with our Love Action promotion. Here are a few classics to whet your appetite:

Resident Evil: Extinction

To Buy at £5.99

  • Resident Evil Extinction
  • Resident Evil Apocalypse
  • Casino Royale
  • Rambo
  • Black Hawk Down
  • Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
  • Spiderman 3
  • Hellboy
  • Bad Boys
  • Layer Cake
  • Snatch
  • The Punisher

We also have some fantastic new arrivals to rent & buy.
New to Rent & Buy

  • Bad Lieutenant
  • Killer Pad (HD)
  • Prince of Persia (HD)
  • Cop Out (HD)
  • Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry (HD)

To Buy

  • Death at a Funeral
  • Street Dance
  • The Ghost
  • She’s Out of My League
  • Friday the 13th Extended Cut

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4 Author Replies

  • Any chance off getting movie rentals included with ps plus??

  • when comes the videostore to the netherlands?

  • Price reduciton please- With or without a PS+, whatever.
    Currently it’s sad that I find driving 15mins to Blockbuster (gas money) and renting 3,4 movies more appealing (and cheaper!) than renting one movie sitting on my couch with a click of a button on PSN….
    And that will never change until digital content on PS Video Store stops being ridiculously over-priced.

    • Hello somethinggatt,
      Thank you for your comments. I am intrigued to find out what you think is expensive? Does it not cost £3.50 – £4.50 in the most retail rental stores? In the PlayStation Network Video Store you can rent from £2.49 and buy from £6.99. New release rentals are typically priced at £3.49 which I think is a fair price…
      We do take your comments on board have also develop special offers such as Love Action this week where you can buy great movies for £5.99.
      Thank you for your feedback on PlayStation + We are looking into it to see what we can do.

  • Agree 100% with somethingatt
    Is there any possiblity of a monthly fee for x amount of rentals every month or something similiar? Until you either bring down the prices or do some sort of rental package people will continue to either use Blockbuster or Lovefilm.
    I still haven’t rented a single film from the movie store and I’ve spent quite a bit of money on the PSN store. I’ve got money in my PSN account but I would rather go out and get a film rather than pay the silly money they charge for a lot of the films on the movie store.

  • Seriously give us a release date for Scandinavien!!!

  • @kivi95
    Would you seriously rent at these prices even if it was released there? I seriously doubt it. Let Sony sort out pricing first.

  • @ShadowDoGGG
    Those prices are quite good if you live in Sweden so Yes i would, maybe not rent much but buy movies.Do you want to no what new game cost here in Sweden? £45-£60 and in Where you live in UK the price are like £30-£40 NEW

  • Please do not tell me that this MUBI Film service is going to replace the video store for the rest of Europe. We were promised a video store and we would like it this year, please. MUBI, although nice, doesn’t cut it.
    Can someone respond with an answer other than soon?!
    If not, I think it’s fair to assume that there won’t be any further progress for expanding the international reach of the video store, any time soon :-(

    • Hello Liamario,
      No cause for concern. Mubi is not going to replace the Video Store we are just offering more choice of content.
      I think you can expect new territories to be announced at some point in the next year but rest assured we are as keen as you to expand the store.

  • 95 days remain before the promise of the videostore to the rest of the Eu is expired…

  • Fortnightly now? What happened to weekly?

  • At those prices I rather get the DVD (5.1!), or iTunes.

  • Video Store in Denmark, when?
    And as always there is noone from the Video Store team responding to their posts…

  • Sorry but I just have to ask again… Any info on when is the video store arriving to Portugal?

  • **silence** . . . .
    haha Seriously though, the video store is cool & handy, I’ve used it but really Sony/PSN staff should take note & bring the prices down, that’s always the main complaint. We can join Love Film for example & get a month of rentals for one film from the PS video store. However I will say I appreciate the HD rentals getting in there fast and bring on MUBI !!!

  • I see im not the only one who is taking this opportunity to ask about the video store coming to there country, but any news on when its coming to Ireland?

  • Will we be getting Superman/Batman: Apocalypse or Under the Red Hood (both as rentals please) on our video store?

    • Hello taurus82,
      I am looking into this for you to confirm. It is available for PlayStation Austalia so I am hoping we can get it in UK too. I will let you know as soon as I have an update. I agree it would be great!

  • The reason people (including me) say the prices are expensive.
    is because they don’t offer the same value as blockbuster Etc.
    For £4 I can rent a Blu-ray, for 2 days, plus extras (commentaries/ making of etc)
    If you started offering Extras for movies on the PS Video store,
    I’d be more likely to rent/buy! :D

    • Fair point on the bonus content. We are working with the studios to add this where we can. New releases are available from £3.49 & you also benefit from the convenience to access your favourite movies or new releases at the click of a button with no waiting or late fees!

  • and as always i can only ask: when Poland?

  • Lindsay, you say that new territories will be added in the next year, yet we were promised new territories in early 2010, yet that was not acted on at all. At this point, it has to be said, the lack of work and/or information fed to us has been an utter disgrace. Sony’s handling of this has been below mediocre. I feel like a second rate citizen. I realise you probably will not reply to this, yet I would like my displeasure noted and I will post this every single week until we, the consumer, get some information, as all we have been given so far is empty promises.

    The rest of the EU in 2010 stated in August 2009
    95 days remain and it becomes another PRO-MISSED
    Say it LOUD, at least googles indexes this message already
    making sure we the rest of the EU are getting heard

  • privilleged services for privilleged countries.. as usual.. whatever that means. Pitty
    Personally i’m not whining cos i’m already put my money on better alternative services that this

  • Can we please have TV shows on the PSN Video store, please?
    Preferably, one day after they premiere in the United States! It may be too much to ask for, but itunes(UK) do exactly this, for some shows anyway!
    Otherwise, appletv, with TV rentals sounds like a better option.

  • Posted on 28 September, 2010 at 8:57 pm by Lindsay Iveson I think you can expect new territories to be announced at some point in the next year but rest assured we are as keen as you to expand the store.
    next year next year NEXT YEAR what the hell is been 3 years now since you annonce almost a year since you said it would come to europe and then first we find out that is only 5 Countries and now you are saying that maybe just maybe we may get is sometime next year come on

  • Why is it always like this for Europe? The US store just got an update with games, we get a video store update…yay! We are all very excited mainly because most users don’t even get to have access to the video store. I believe that a note should be placed when addressing future releases for games on the playstation store, it could go like this: *it may or may not launch in Europe, we will certainly not tell you and if it launches it will take a lot longer and you’ll never be informed of just how long it will take. It’s a great feeling because it’s like having a subscription to a service that grants you special treatment, except you’re automatically enrolled just because you’re from Europe and all the extra features are bad. You can call it playstation minus.

  • £3.49 for download quality HD vs £3.49 from rent store for perfect uncompressed Blu-Ray quality, get to keep it for more days and extra features.
    I’m not sure if you are keeping prices similar to not get on the bad side of retails but it makes no sense, all you are paying is bandwidth vs stores having to pay storage space and employees (plus other costs I’m probably forgetting).
    Digital should always be cheaper, arguing it’s about the same price as something better (for reasons mentioned above) is not a good argument in my book.
    Anyway don’t take this as me taking a shot at you or anything, it’s just some comments that would definitely get me on board to use the video store (as that’s something that would be nice).
    But I honestly think it’s just the usual price hiking from the movie studios and is something out of SCEE’s hands so not sure how much you can do about prices other than try to convince us it’s a good deal (not gonna work btw lol).

  • Just checked the store, new release RENT HD is £4.49 (Kick-a$$)….yeahhh…Now is it not just charging same as something better but now you are charging more vs something better (full Blu-Ray experience)……..
    *backs out of video store, waits for a super deal or a free movie to go back in ever again*

  • Posted on 28 September, 2010 at 8:57 pm by Lindsay Iveson I think you can expect new territories to be announced at some point in the next year but rest assured we are as keen as you to expand the store.
    next year next year NEXT YEAR what the hell is been 3 years now since you annonce almost a year since you said it would come to europe and then first we find out that is only 5 Countries and now you are saying that maybe just maybe we may get is sometime next year come on

  • @Macard.
    I totally agree. This is getting ridiculous. We need this in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. We don´t need a segregated European Playstaion policy.

  • @ Lindsay Iveson
    Regarding the price, the rental store has the same problem as the PSPgo store. The price doesn’t take into consideration “Digital Distribution”. Most films I want to rent are new and you charge £3.50 which on the face of it looks resonable. Blockbuster will charge a similar price.
    Blockbuster has to pay ALOT of overheads to allow you to rent that movie. (Staff costs, building up keep, admin costs, electricity etc..)
    Sony only has to “pay” for storage / traffic. The user is doing the rest. 99p – £2 should be the MAX price for a rental.
    To buy a film is the same, £11.99 to buy a movie I can get on Blu-Ray cheaper?
    PSPgo games £34.99 for MGS when I can get it in stores for £20?
    Until companies understand Digital Distribution it will never take off!

  • “I think you can expect new territories to be announced at some point in the next year but rest assured we are as keen as you to expand the store.”
    I guess that settles it right? Personally I don’t care that much anymore, even if it were available here in Switzerland, it’d be like that:
    1. Too expensive
    2. Small catalog
    3. Original language what’s that?
    Originally Mubi looked like the holy grail to me, but after seeing what’s available in my country it’ll be just another digital download failure.

  • When will we get the Video Store in Luxembourg ?

  • @SlapnutzUK: Not sure I agree with your analysis. I agree that price is a problem on the store, but it is not necessarily the ‘new’ price. The problem is more that retail stores tends to start discounting very quickly while the video store and PSN are much slower.
    Personally I be happy to rent a brand new movie for the same price as I pay at Blockbuster, my main criticism is that the download servers are rubbish. So to use the video store I need to plan my movie viewing a full day ahead, so instead of saving time by using the video store, I save time by walking to and renting at my local blockbuster. The main argument for digital downloads is does not need to be price advantage, but convenience, and currently it is simply not convenient.

  • @33
    I hear you brother, in order to chose digital it has to be cheaper and more convieniant and at the moment neither is true.

  • Again, if it was released outside of UK it would have to be around the price of what retailers do anyway to keep the peace.
    I really doubt most of you would then go for it. You only want it because the UK has got it and you haven’t.

  • When will Video Store and Vidzone come in Greece?Especially VIDZONE!!!Answer me please!

  • my frustration with the video store comes in the form of regional restrictions, i mean welcome to the digital age where you can go online and get a TV show downloaded before its even on the PSstore in the US.
    I think its time all providers took a look at why people are moving away from legal digital and back to hard copys.
    PSStore – Bad Lieutenant SD £11.99 the DVD with special features etc etc etc is £9.99
    in supermarkets its even cheaper. im not looking at paying the same for a digital copy over a DVD or even a blu-ray. im looking at paying less.
    to our outside point of view digital copys should be cheaper than hard copys, there is no manufacting costs behind making discs, cases, or covers, no shipping expense for large crates, no mass factory pressing the discs.
    there is the film, a server and bandwidth. all of which should be significantly cheaper that the above costs to a hard copy, so why can i get hardcopys cheaper.
    if we could understand why the movies are so expensive it may help things out but from where we look its the movies are the same price if not more expensive which means the studios are making more margin from the digital buyers.

  • Hi Everybody! Today Playstation is 15 years old in Europe. I need Hungarian Playstation Store to this Birtday-Party ;)! Please Do it SCEE!

  • @Lindsay
    “Does it not cost £3.50 – £4.50 in the most retail rental stores?”
    Yes but for that price I get to rent 5 films for a week (DVD) or 3 films for a week (Bluray)

  • Hi Lindsay. Thanks for answering our many, often repeated questions. I appreciate your answers. The Video Blog doesn’t seem to be the most laid back of commentary due to the nature of peoples feelings when they are commenting herein. Anyways NZ has been promised the Video store before the year ends. My worry is the quality. I pay $NZ80 a month for the best internet available yet ever since Vidzones last system update/patch. its gone to shreds. Some Aussies have complained in the blogs(VZ Blog)about it too. It happens when the song info banner appears. The stream breaks up. My concern is that can we expect this kind of non sense when movie get here? Ive given up on VZ. Itd be nice to be able to have faith in Vid store. Fingers xxed.

  • To highlight the pricing issue, take a look at the ‘Love Action’ promotion posted above. The reduced price is now £5.99 each. I’ve quickly run each title through and the following prices came up for each DVD delivered to your door.
    Resident Evil Extinction £3.45
    Resident Evil Apocalypse £2.87
    Casino Royale £3.91
    Rambo £2.95
    Black Hawk Down £2.87
    Crouching Tiger £3.49
    Spider-Man 3 £3.49
    Hellboy £2.85
    Bad Boys £3.43
    Layer Cake £2.95
    Snatch £3.69
    The Punisher £2.99
    No doubt you can pick the majority of those up at the supermarket for £3 each including the extras, etc.
    A very quick look around the PSN video store and you see titles like Air Force one, Die Hard, Face/Off, etc are £8.99 to own the SD version of them. I would love to see the PSN sales figures for some of these old films at those prices.
    A film like Clash of the Titans is £4.99 just to rent the HD version.
    Sorry to sound like a broken record but the pricing just isn’t anywhere near good enough to get people to bite. People are moaning because they WANT to spend money on the store. The current pricing structure means it will be a very small minority of PS3 users who actually use the service.

  • Holy smeg, there’s a video store?
    Joking aside, my main reason for staying away from HD video services is due to the cost of the rent, with the cost of the bandwidth; I doubt any digital video delivery service will properly take off in the EU / UK until the network infrastructure is upgraded. 2mbps connections like the majority of the UK have just aren’t quick enough to cope – it’s overall quicker and cheaper for me to run into town and buy / rent two or three titles from a shop, and at the same time pick up any essential shopping.
    Video-on-demand is a nice idea; it’s not what we have currently, which is video-on-delay. But that’s not Sonys fault.
    PS. Blacklight: Tango Down – any news?

  • @Macard why are you posting the same message as me you have haven even change you just copies it

  • Yeah, PS Video Store has too little choice and it’s too expensive.
    In Australia we have “Cheapy Tuesdays” – $1 or $2 movie rentals on all dvd/blu ray titles from your bricks and mortar video shops (and the pizza shops join in and do $5 pizza’s as well) so that’s our movie night right there :)
    Plus we have really strict bandwidth caps from most ISP’s so I’m not going to waste download on just renting a movie that I don’t even get to keep.
    All the retail stores slaughter the PS Video Store on price as well. I can walk into JB Hi Fi and buy Air Force One, Gremlins, Lost Boys, Face Off or any titles of a similar age on blu ray (in glorious 1080p) for $10 each and, y’know, keep them forever!??!!

  • If only they would listen….

  • luvin da UK updatez guys X)

  • I will gladly pay those prices when the video and comic store becomes available here in sweden, scandinavia. The only question is if it’s a “when” or a “if”.

  • Too expensive! Got my apple tv today….what? HD rentals 2.49….do the maths!

  • i hate to say it but on store services Microsoft is outperforming you in every way.
    Dont get me wrong im very pleased with the playstation 3 performance-wise, the graphics look great, great games and such.
    but my brother has an Xbox360 so i occasionally get the unfortunate confrontation of what microsoft offers, and quite frankly im suprised to see that they are alot further with videostore functionality in my country.
    My advice as a user would be, just inform your customers with information that actually gives us something to work with and if its regulations that contradict with rolling out the product in the countries then at least be honest and let us know. because right now i seriously i have no idea whats going on. the only thing i know from the E3 is that its coming…………………….but soon? who knows………………..

  • hey, if someone could answer this i would be very gratefully.
    i was wondering if “the exorcist” on the video store was the original cut or the extended cut of the movie? also is their any plans to put paranormal activity on the UK video store?
    thanks for any response I receive.

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