Lord Of The Rings: Aragorn’s Quest Trailer

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Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest is soon to be wielding its sword on the PS3 and we’ve got an exclusive trailer courtesy of WB Games showing just what Aragorn can do with a Move powered Sword!

[viddler id=4706f99e w=545 h=327 playertype=simple]

Aragorn’s Quest is set to the story of Samwise Gamgee. Eight years after the War of the Ring he is now Mayor of Hobbiton. While preparing for a visit from King Elesar, Sam retells the tales of his adventure to his children and of the King when he was the warrior Aragorn.
You’ll come across all the themes that you know from the Lord of the Rings as you ride from Bree to Rivendell where the Hobbits are given their quest and the Fellowship of the Ring is formed. Ride through Rohan, Helms Deap and many other classic settings from the epic story.
We wouldn’t want to reveal too much here, but check out the trailer and see how the PlayStation Move motion controller allows you to truly become the Hero of the fantasy classic.

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  • Looks great. Will there be a demo of this?

  • Graphically sup-par and doesn’t take advantage of any of the Move’s benefits over the Wiimote. No thanks.

  • Have to agree with #2, doesn’t look that good at all. Was really hoping for sword combat ala sports champions but this looks more like wii’s zelda waggle fighting (and graphically not much better either).
    SHame was so looking forward to an epic 1/1 sword RPG in glorious HD ps3 shine.

  • YEs, I agree with you both. I hope Dragon age 2 will include move options.

  • Hi Guys. Appreciate the comments and can understand your points. The game actually has levels of ability for the sword play, a little like a learning curve. The is for a young audience so what we have done is made the game play easy to execute but hard to master. Think Virtua Tennis.
    You can go through the game throwing the Move is all directions, as younger kids do, but you are rewarded for combination and timed moves which give you more accuracy and reward in the game.
    In terms of look and feel, I can see how you might think graphically this is sub par, but it was an art direction choice rather than anything else. It really is a pretty game. I’d compare it to CGI movies, which are amazing, but don’t get to the level of an actual movie, if you see what I mean!

  • Might have to look into this one

  • I thought this came out a few months ago.

  • Hello :)
    To Be Honest: I can’t wait to play… I love this franchise and it’s nice that it gets another videogame (and one another in the near future). You did a great job, team warner… Thank u… from the bottom of my heart…
    Btw: Has it an online-mp-coop?
    Greeting and all the beste from Olli
    (Age 30, since yesterday ;)

  • Glad you are looking forward to it Olli.
    Unfortunately the game does not offer online co-op, but you can play with a friend as Gandalf in offline mode which is a lot of fun as Gandalf has different abilities to Aragorn so it makes for a different experience!
    Happy Birthday for yesterday as well by the way!

  • It looks pretty interesting. I love almost anything LOTR-related. :D

  • Hi Alex, thanks for the congrats,… :)
    I’m really looking forward to it; even if its really sad, that it has no online-mode! But I can’t wait to play it with my husband at home… I’ll be gandalf, that’s for sure ;) Love all this magical stuff.
    Please say “Thank U” to the whole team, promise, ya?!? And do your best for “Areagons Quest 2” *LOL*
    Have a nice day.

  • Wow, the American voice over did not go down well “Aragooorn”, ha made me laugh.
    Love LOTR but will prob pick this up second hand as i wouldn’t pay full price for it.

  • Future projects, which can be built around Move, should at least offer the option to choose between simple waggle à la Wii (easy, casual setting) and precise 1:1 action à la Sports Champions or just the latter, because that’s what Move stands for and that’s why I bought one.
    But considering how it would be to swing like a maniac at hordes of enemies, I’m not sure I would last long…

  • So it‘s More like a Kids game Not adult themes anyway I never like films spinoff into game. :P
    off-topic I decided to renew my Plus it was a 11th hour decision but i want to know how comes my remaining time is not showing to how long i got to get a PSN card.
    i bought Plus about teatime what is the start time of remain will it start in 3 hours 2 hours 1 left? :|

  • I will pass on your thanks Olli!
    @13 – Absolutely and this is what Aragorn’s Quest offers. You can do either. I agree with you on what Move represents, but we needed to consider younger gamers as well who we did not want to punish for not being accurate, but at the same time, we wanted to reward gamers who took the time to be precise with the controls. Hopefully if you try the game you will see the difference!

  • The commet floating again :D

  • Well Alex I compare Ratchet and Clank to CGI movies and this to a bad ps2 game. I´m wondering if even kids like this. Best luck with the product.

  • Edit: Nevermind False alam lol :D

  • I think the option to turn on 1:1 controls would have been a nice gesture and most definitely would have lessoned a lot of the concerns about the game.

  • im sorry to sya but the it looks like it belongs on the wii or ps2 not the powerhouse which is ps3!!!!!

  • I saw on IGN that the PS3 version isn’t as responsive as the Wii version… also saw that this is a straigth port from the Wii, so graphics are the same.

  • I have to agree this trailer has not sold me this game but I’m sure it’s better then it looks.

  • Hey guys at Sony,
    I’m a Firefox user without Flash, therefore I can’t view your videos from Viddler. Would you mind encouraging them to support a format for all browsers, called WebM? ta.

  • I’ll cut to the chase, this looks like an absolutely pathetic excuse for a Move game, seriously! I thought the Move was going to bring about triple A motion control games, not the shovelware that plagued the Wii.
    Looks terrible both in visuals and gameplay!

  • It’s worth pointing out that, AFAIK, this is a Wii game that has received a PS3 port thanks to Move. It was never intended as a PS3 title, so the visuals aren’t up to typical PS3 standards. On the flip side, as it’s only Wii-level graphics it shouldn’t be taxing, so hopefully with HD rendering, some decent AA (MLAA??), and 60fps, it may not look sophisticated but will be pleasing to the eye. And it is chiefly a ‘kids’ game too; Warner Brothers have separated their LOTR franchise into different branches, with Snowblind Studios creating a mature-rated LOTR game (War In The North). It’s nice to see Move getting extensive publisher support and there being plenty of options for varied Move gaming for all the family.

  • alex your reply/excuse for not implementing move properly is ridiculous, its just a direct port with absolute minimal changes to get it working on the ps3, thats why, and come to think of it ill be very interested to know what the rrp is for this game, only because im sure it will be too much, and how much longer are people going to continue to flog the dead horse that is lord of the rings, im sick of it and all the cr*ppy lotr games, a definate no from me

  • It might be, that I don’t understand the concept, but the graphical quality looks worse then the PS2 game

  • hey hey
    why was this aimed at a younger audience ? the pswii is supposed to be moving away from that kind of gaming and more towards some serious kick a** intuitive hd gaming.
    the theme is a touch out of date in all honesty and i cant see myself (or the little ones) playing lord of the rings games. [generic] fantasy theme may have gotten a deeper look; story IS important to me :)
    how did you guys like working with the move ?
    is it easy to implement ?
    do you think you could push out a serious kick **s, fully intuitive 1:1 RPG game ?
    with sorcery not out till next year you may have an early start but they look to be a close rival for this new genre. dunno why but i cant wait for sorcery but this seems lacking :/

  • Not that I disagree that implementing bot, waggle and 1:1 would be the best solution, but is anybody considering the consequences that has?
    The animation system would have to change big time. Fight mechanics would be extremely different and most special attacks would have to go (we want 1:1 after all).
    Controls would be harder and difficulty increases, resulting in changes to level design (number and strength of enemies).
    Camera controls must always make sure you get a good look.
    You would end up creating almost two different games and have endless trouble making both control schemes work and be balanced.
    Since 1:1 isn’t really possible on Wii, they would have pretty much had to go and create the entire fighting mechanics from scratch. And so far it seems that the game is nothing BUT fighting. Try to get that past your publisher, who expects a quick and cheap port to cash in on his license on another platform.

  • precisely, and why implement an expert mode when they can just do a direct port costing absolute minimum to produce and just bang that on the shelves, probably just in time for xmas
    the problem with sony is that they very rarely tell us the truth, so we are left to our own imaginations to come up with an idea as to why – sonys excuses are generally, pathetic and full of holes

  • As a person who looks up to Tolkien and to his works and level of erudtion, I always wonder what the man, the Master(like Bombadil), would think of the various media that have come forth from his middle world. Even tho he envisioned music, art etc being created by others based on his world, I wonder how he would see this…Would he take to it, or literally turn in his barrow at the mere thought of it. I think he would have loved Peter’s films, but I’m not so sure about the americanness of this trailer. He loathed Disney, & all that it stands for. I begin to wonder if he would see his ‘franchise’ as being twisted by Saruman & his orcs, or worse by the hand of Sauron, or even his master Morgoth. I’m glad EA have no longer their inexperience to warp his world. I hope you can do better.

  • I preordered that game last week. LOTR + offline CO-OP = several nice gaming evenings with my wife!
    Its a good thing that you made the port to the PS3:
    + Trophies (without stupid online trophies^^)
    + no forced motion controls (I really hope that we can both play with the standard PS3 Controller)
    It is funny, but I doubt that I would have bought the game for my Wii… It is the first console I bought in more than 20 years that just can’t keep my interest. That Wii Controller is the absolute gamebreaker for me and my wife.

  • i remember da last LoR game on ps3, it looked sik, it waz called conquest i think, but i got QoS instead, and it waz soo worth it =P

  • hey Alex, any chance of an update for this game that adds online co op? i really want this game to be online!

  • I’m excited about Playsation Move honestly, but I have to agree, I don’t like that it’s not a 1 on 1 game and the graphics. Honestly,I don’t like adventure games. I like a one path straight-on game. The searching boxes and stuff is not very my style. I have MW2, COD4, Rise of the Argonauts, both Army of Twos (which by the way should get much more credit), Battlefield: Bad Company 1 & 2, Star Wars the Force Unleashed, Naughty Bear, and Demos of COD W@W, Eyecreate, Tumble, Eyepet, and Star Wars: Republic Heroes, and are hoping to get Star Wars Republic Commando on PC. I’m a Playstation guy, I have a PSP, PS3, PS2, and PSone. Give me a friend invite if you read this, and give a response. They should have more shooters for Playstation Move, and if Sony wants more customers, kid and adult, HEED MY ADVICE. All of my friends, and by the way, I’M 11 YEARS OLD!They all have XBOX 360’s and Halo Reach, and MW2 and every shooter known to man! Please don’t think I’m an idiot, I get straight A’s and know my stuff. LISTEN AND GIVE ME A RESPONSE. Armydude3648

  • Oh and by the way, you should read the Republic Commando series they go in order of Hard Contact, Triple Zero, True Colors, Order 66, and then 501st

  • :) :| :( ): |: (:

  • ;0 :) ;) :( :(

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