FirstPlay Episode 26

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Hello all,
I’ve spent a hazardous (certainly to my marriage) amount of time this week hammering Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, which is three things: huge, amazing, and not reviewed in FirstPlay until next week, so I’ll shut up about it now.

FirstPlay Episode 26

So what is in episode 26 of FirstPlay, available on the Store from this Wednesday? We’ve got some more Top Gun gear for PlayStation Home – Goose helmet, kids – and another chance to grab our exclusive Joe Danger PSN avatar. We also have two huge reviews, with in-depth HD verdicts on EA’s footballing juggernaut FIFA 11 and Codemasters’ beautiful F1 2010, as well as a look at pec-tastic blockbuster Prince Of Persia on Blu-ray.

Fifa 2011

F1 2010

And there’s loads more, including a countdown of the top ten PlayStation games of all time, as voted by Official PlayStation Magazine readers to celebrate the magazine’s 50th issue, and a personal take on why MLB The Show is the best sports game on PS3 from the mag’s editor Ben Wilson (apparently not because he’s rubbish at FIFA. I know, I was surprised too).

MLB 2010: The Show

We’ve also got a review of PixelJunk Racers: 2nd Lap, a look at the latest movies on the PlayStation Store, and screenshot galleries including inFamous 2, Heroes On The Move and Bulletstorm.
That makes over half an hour’s worth of staring at HD games for just 99p, or even less if you buy an £8.99 subscription for 12 weeks.
We’re always keen to hear your thoughts, feedback, and ideas for new swear words to shout at the TV during Castlevania’s boss battles, and you can get in touch with us on Twitter at @firstplay_uk,, or the official EU forums. And don’t forget you can sign up for the FirstPlay newsletter at to have regular news and content updates delivered directly.
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11 Author Replies

  • Looks great, but not much for me this week apart from bulletstorm.
    Thanks for the heads up Nathan. :)

  • so buying this 99p we can get the joe danger avatar?

  • yes you can. i got it in the previous episode.

  • ive bought first play twice, both times it came with a mini, the minis both sucked, its not really worth 99p unless you are desperate for a 20p avatar, all the info is freely available on the internet, which you need to download it
    and you made a spelling mistake in your post

    • The avatar’s exclusive to FP – we made it, using Hello Games’ art, so it doesn’t really have a price on it’s own. Shame you didn’t enjoy our videos, we try our best and I still don’t think there’s anything on the internet as well cut together as our content.
      Good spot on the spello :)

  • It’s been said before: but this should free to UK Playstation Plus members.
    I know this is only a UK only thing; but when PSN debit my Credit Card; it states payment to “Playstation Network GBR UK”; never mind charging me in GBP (£). (which is the UK’s currency not Europe’s!)
    So PSN+ being pan-european and First Play being only UK content is not a valid excuse for denying it free access to UK PSN+ members.

  • If you care so much about how much you dislike the FirstPlay episodes why bother spending your time writing about it when you could do something maybe you enjoy.
    And how long did u spend scouring the text for mistakes.

  • Can you say whether Lucy Porter is back after this issue or is she still away on holiday? Niamh’s good be she’s no Lucy Porter.

    • She’s back, then shortly after will be having another couple of weeks off to have her baby. Deeply, deeply selfish of her and we’re all furious ;)
      We’re lining up a stand-in now.

  • wait, is this available in australia this week? (just under title)

  • yes, give it free to UK and Irish plus members… as, it doesn’t cost anywhere close to the cost of sale as it is mostly free to use content unless the occasional mini is thrown in.
    so, I strongly suggest giving this free to uk/roi plus members and maybe for other plus members thrown in an extra few avatars to make up for this.

    • Whoah! Nowhere close to the cost of sale? Crikey. Scripting, capturing and editing this much video content every week takes a huge amount of effort and man hours – we have 8 full-time members of staff. That’s way, way wide of the mark.

  • totally agree i love watching firstplay but after my sub runs out im NOT renewing it as i have PS+ and think it should be included just like the US has qore included free so that my money gone til you add more value

  • @RawNinjaKid
    10000000% agree its stupid i have to pay 2 subs for this and PS+ when US gets it all in 1

  • My subscription expired last week, looking here it doesn’t seem like i’m missing much so i won’t be adding any funds unless it’s Games and DLC.
    Sorry i am just not seeing anything interesting anymore to make me want to subscribe again.

  • Why are these posted on AE section? FirstPlay is not available there.

  • [Removed]Qore in the US is published by SCEA.
    First Play is published by future publishing who mainly do magazines.
    There is not a hope in hell of getting this free for PS + subscribers unless Sony give some cash to future to offset what they would lose.

  • MLB10 isn’t even available in this country!!

  • Wait is MLB 10 The Show getting a PAL release? If so that would be awesome, because I’ve being meaning to import it for a while.

  • Ah well Nathan, the positivity had to run out at some point lol …
    However from the “Dragster” (copyrighted lol) it’s all good! Still kudos on the work guys, I’m eager to learn when my Modnation Track will get highlighted ;-)
    In other news Nathan … I’m proposing to my girlfriend of 3yrs on her birthday (October 6th) :-D
    Just spreading the love!!!!
    Nathan, I’ll chat soon buddy!!

  • Still liking the HOME content – more please! Might actually have to purchase this weeks episode (first time ever!)…

  • @freaky234
    i read it once and saw an obvious mistake, how many times did you have to scan it before you realised you couldnt see said mistake?
    if people dont tell sony what they dont like, and only what they like, whats the good in that? if people never complained about anything, nothing would ever improve, do you mean to tell me you have never disagreed with anything? or when you have, you have never said anything about it? tosh mate….pure tosh
    or is it just because you are a firstplay fanboy and you dont like it when someone says a bad word about your little lovechild

  • Not bought the the game,but will be interested in how you score “Codemasters’ beautiful F1 2010” with bug list and Ai issues that weren’t talked about in reviews.Cant think why nobody mentioned it.

  • Is this the same as Qore ?
    Is it worth it? Qore lately is getting ridiculous.

  • I might just buy this ep. The goose helmet is tempting, hmmm….
    I was a subscriber to FirstPlay from week 3, but as soon as my subscription ended, I didn’t renew it purely becuase I couldn’t be bothered putting 8 quid on my PS3.
    Also, I like watching FirstPlay and usually watched all of the content, heck I even submitted one of my FIFA 10 goals and it was used! :D Number 6 I think it was on I don’t know what episode…
    Oh and I but OPM every week and the reviews are basically word-for-word. :)

    • Go on! You know you want to!
      Glad you enjoyed the videos while you subscribed :)
      Weird about the mag reviews though – they’re written totally separately. Writing a review to be read out is totally different to writing something for the magazine.

  • Yea well… to be honest it was only really the Mafia II review that I noticed it in. (I had the mag in my hands xD)
    I’m not going to subsrcribe again just yet… ;)
    but I’m gonna buy this ep soon as it’s out :)
    I think the HOME item nails it.

  • Did anyone else find that the last home item took you to a blank page in the Store?? Mine did!! Even deleted FirstPlay and tried again …
    Nathan, my good man, idea for the future … FirstPlay has its OWN section of the store so we can download the items from there??? Yes??? You KNOW you like it lol
    Drags xx

  • @ 22
    ‘Is this the same as Qore ?’ – Not as good
    ‘Is it worth it?’ – LORD, no.
    ‘Qore lately is getting ridiculous.’ – This pretty much started downhill and took it from there.
    From the weekly comments the general consensus from those that subscribed is that they won’t be doing it again. A lot of what people are asking for is looked over despite “encouraging” comments to the contrary. Most of the content can be found elsewhere, without the annoying voiceover and the poorly scripted one liners which feel forced and false. Porter is funny, however the OPSM team aren’t. You only need to read their magazine to see that.
    It’s mainly aimed at a certain audience and doesn’t really come off as a credible source of info. Qore, despite being from the same publishers is a lot more cut and thrust. Less silly jokes and more info. They also have better offers, but that can’t solely be blamed on the OPSM team as it’s more than likely a regional issue.

  • Overall Farceplay looked appealing but it’s not getting the support from Sony – I.E. some kind of integration with PS+ and the team just aren’t capitalising on the word incentive.
    A few pence off and some shoddy themes (basically the same icons/different wallpaper approach) do very little to nudge people into buying it. I’ve said this from day one but no one likes negative criticism so the same product will more than likely roll out ad-infinitum.

  • My Firstplay sub runs out 5th October but they are trying to charge me 99p when i try to download this episode :( help please

  • Just bought a new subscription as it said I had to pay but for some reason I still can’t download the episode for free. I definitely bought it as the money has been taken from my wallet. Please help!

  • I have the subscription too and it says I have to pay for the new episode

  • I came here looking for answers because I had the exact same problem earlier but now the episode has just completely vanished from the PS Store….? Help Please!

  • i think they have removed it to sort out the issue about people having to pay for it

  • well if they have removed it for that reason they could have posted a little something on here to let us know, i’m just saying

  • “well if they have removed it for that reason they could have posted a little something on here to let us know, i’m just saying”
    Couldn’t agree more. I’m sitting wondering what’s going on. Even began thinking maybe it’s been scrapped and where can I get my subscription fee back! Poor show, poor customer service. One of those 8 full-time staffers could have taken 5 minutes out of their busy schedule to give customers an update.

  • Well, at least it’s working now, that’s something I suppose even if the lack of updates about what was happening is shocking.

  • Hey guys,
    Apologies for the lack of updates on here – we’ve been communicating our progress on the problems through our twitter and facebook pages.
    The timing was a factor – the Store update was later than usual yesterday so feedback was waiting for us when we got in this morning.
    We’ve not heard from Sony exactly what happened, but it’s likely it has something to do with the way the Store handles subscriptions. Whatever the reason, we apologise for the problems, and have double-checked that it’s working fine now.

  • first play is just EPIC!!

  • i wouldn’t say epic but it is good, they could do with yoinking some ideas from Qore but then again they have the support of SCEA but SCEE don’t really give a crap about us, i mean look at what our cousins over the pond got for the 15th anniversary and look what we got…… point exactly

  • Hi everyone,
    How can I cancel my subcription to FirstPlay? I didn’t realise it at first, but it automatically renews itself after 90 days.
    Thanks for your help.

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