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Two lives, two fates, one legendary journey: the time is drawing nearer for you to experience the brand new cinematic adventure from Ninja Theory, the creators of Heavenly Sword. ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West features an original tale co-written by Alex Garland (The Beach, 28 Days Later), dramatic cutscenes co-directed by Andy Serkis (The Lord of the Rings, King Kong) and a haunting musical score composed by Nitin Sawhney.

ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West

Now you can find out everything you need to know about this epic journey by posing your questions to the game’s star and co-director, Andy Serkis. To get in on the action all you need to do is head over to the official PlayStation Forums and post your questions, or simply submit them via a blog comment. As always, the best ones will be chosen.
Check back to eu.playstation.com in the coming weeks to see if your questions were chosen and embark on a journey to the West.
Don’t forget to download the demo for ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West from PlayStation Store today to get a taste of the action.

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  • I loved the demo just wondering will there be any online mode, how long the story goes on for and will there be any DLC.

  • how can you download from the psstore when it’s down…….LOL

  • Did Andy do his motion capture with a tail too?

    • I did actually think it was a tail for a while from the early screens, but it’s actually not. It’s just part of his outfit. I guess Monkey is one of the last few fashionable guys out there in a post apocalyptic world.

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  • Tenchuwoh have you been living in a cave last 2 days :p “PlayStation Network is offline for scheduled maintenance from 16:00 on Tuesday 21 September 2010 until 02:00 on Wednesday 22 September 2010, BST.”

  • Thank GOD and you!!!!!!!!Now i am Happy and Fine………THANK U MATE!!!!!!!!!=)THANKS!!!

  • Will there be any DLC for this?
    Are you guys doing a new Heavenly Sword? That game was good.

  • i know how you feel, i was on panic stations when the laser went on my ps3, the feeling of reflif was amazing when it was fixed …. how sad haha

  • what kind of options will there be in customizing the characters abilities?

  • i like heavenly sword and this game looks great too…

  • The question that is most on my mind after playing the demo is in regards to how later levels will work with jumping and climbing. In the demo it was impossible to fail a jump or climb somewhere except only where and how the game intended you to i.e. droping down to death not possible. So I`m wondering if that was only limited to the part of the demo that is the tutorial or if the same goes for the rest of the game.

  • How many different idea’s did you and the team come up with before settling on the one you are actually using now? What did those other ideas include?

  • Having played Enslaved it’s very clear that there’s something special about the cutscenes, something you don’t find in every game. Everything on scene just seems to work so beautifully together. So, what are the most important parts to making the game’s cutscenes so gripping and believable?

  • Cool demo:)
    But why does ‘Heavenly Sword’ look better than ‘Enslaved’ for? (Graphic wise?)

  • I hope the framerate and screentearing is fixed for the release…
    I loved the demo, but it was a little annoying when the graphics didn’t have a nice flow.

  • Will there be an option in the full game to turn off the flashing effect on the platforms/handholds you can jump to? It was really off-putting and easy having everywhere you could climb flash so that you really couldn’t miss it. I’d like to be able to turn the flashing off and be able to figure it out myself.
    Also, will there be any way for people to get the various costumes/bonuses being given away as a pre-order bonus without having to pre-order the game? If there’s one thing I hate, it’s in-game pre-order bonuses. Fair enough comic books, t-shirts etc, but when it’s in-game stuff it just seems unfair that there are some people who will buy the game at full price but will never ever see those things.

  • Andy still doing work with Ninja T?
    cool I guess. always tought his involvment with heavenly sword was just your run of the mill movie person getting paid to do a role and to slap him in the making of videos.
    good to know he is actually doing meaningful stuff.

  • Mr Serkis,
    I’d like to ask You, that what was the most memorable moment, during the development of Enslaved, and what inspired You, when You played the character called ‘Monkey’?
    Thank You!
    Thomas from Hungary

  • A lot of my friends are complaining after playing the demo about the jumping from shiny object to shiny object.. That this is to easy..?? Can you disable this function like say in mirrors edge..?

  • Hey Andy,
    My question is with all the blockbuster hits coming up this fall how does Enslaved compare against them?
    Also the game releases on my birthday so I wondered if you could work some magic and get my item giftwrapped with a little bo-tie ;)

  • How do find working on videogames as opposed movies? Do you want to continue working with videogames in the future?
    Thanks for your time, Kasper from Denmark. :)

  • Will Ninja Theory be remaking/remastering Kung Fu Chaos! for the playstation network/xbla to coincide with the release of Enslaved?
    The affirmative would possibly make my year.

    How did the move to an off-the-shelf engine affect the creative team? Were you able to incorporate the considerable amount of animation technology you built for heavenly sword into Enslaved?
    By the way I LOVED the demo and have subsequently ordered the game – it looks so beautiful and colourful and… rich.

  • the Enslaved demo was great and I loved what you did in Heavenly Sword as King Bohan was great acting and your acting as Monkey is fantastic to but nothing can top the Gollum peformance ^^

  • Is it true your working with Peter Jackson again?

  • Question:
    After seeing this running with the heavenly sword fighting engine I am left to wonder if this title is successful would you think of taking some of the profit and putting it towards a heavenly sword sequel?
    As the original title sold 1 million copies which according to you was not enough but a lot has changed with the ps3 as the console base has grown to 38+ million and im sure that a sequel to the amazing adventure of Heavenly Sword would be well received

    What’s “taters” Precious? What’s taters eh?”

  • Loved this demo!!
    Will the game be available in Portuguese, Portugal?
    Heavenly Sword was!

  • Will we be able to play a different demo with both Monkey and Trip together, as I’d really like to see whether it’s just a big defend an innocent game. Without another demo I probably won’t be buying the game and this is true for many other people as well.

  • Can you pass this along to the character designers at NT:
    Change Dante Back.

  • Question for Andy;
    Firstly, excellent voice acting and motion capture in this game – I’d expect no less. Would Andy consider/ has he been approached about doing voice acting in a FPS/ squad based shooter after his memorable role in “Deathwatch”?

  • I loved Heavenly Sword (we want HS2!), Enslaved seems like an Uncharted clone (meh), but what Ninja Theory did with Dante is just hopeless. I don’t like this team anymore.

  • Andy, many of us grew up watching Monkey on TV which had a kind of cheesy, B-grade appeal. Did that influence the portrayal of the characters? Perhaps making them more or less serious?

  • My question for Andy is…
    How did you come to be involved in working with Ninja Theory? How did they approach you and what were your initial thoughts on the prospect of working in video games?
    Thanks! ;)

  • My question for Andy:
    You set the industry standard for motion capture in games with Heavenly Sword, which was then raised again by Naughty Dog in Uncharted 2. What have you guys learnt from UC2 and the crew at ND, and how have you used that for Enslavement?

  • i aint got any questions =(

  • i wonder if pulse will come in eu to? i dont see it i think its a good way to let people know what’s going on

  • You clearly have a good relationship with Ninja theory after working on two games with them so could there be a chance of working with them on Devil May Cry?

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