This Week On The SingStore (22 September 2010)

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Welcome to the new SingStore update. In the girl corner this week, some more Pussycat Dolls, Girls Aloud and Dido and, representing the boys, The Jackson 5, Twin Atlantic and The Drums. My pick of the week: ‘No No Never’ by Texas Lightning. Just an excuse to dress up as a cowgirl, really :-)

This Week On The SingStore (22 September 2010) Pussycat Dolls_Hush Hush

This Week On The SingStore (22 September 2010)Girls Aloud_I think we're alone nowThis Week On The SingStore (22 September 2010) Texas Lightnining_No No Never

Foreign lanuguage tracks are available in Danish, German, Polish and Spanish plus check out the exclusive Tears For Fears song pack including ‘Sowing The Seeds of Love’ and ‘Shout’; download it and let it all out!
The boys from Locnville have chosen their favourite tracks to sing from the SingStore which you can find in the What’s Hot? section and they have also presented us with a lovely wallpaper. And guess what? Yes, it’s absolutely free so make your way to the wallpaper section and Locnville-up your PS3.
Nina xx

In English

A.R. Rahman feat. Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)
Dido Thank You
Gin Wigmore Under My Skin
Girls Aloud I Think We’re Alone Now
Texas Lightning No No Never
The Drums Let’s Go Surfing
The Jackson 5 The Love You Save
The Living End White Noise
The Pussycat Dolls Hush Hush; Hush Hush
Twin Atlantic Light Speed worldwide
Natasja Op Med Ho’det

This Week On The SingStore (22 September 2010) Natasja_Op Med Ho'Det

In German
Christina Stürmer Ich Lebe 2005
Christina Stürmer Nie Genug
Rosenstolz Auch Im Regen
Strandgeier Hände Hoch

This Week On The SingStore (22 September 2010) Christina Sturmer_Nie Genug

In Polish
Verba Pokaż Mi
Verba Widziałem Twoje Oczy

This Week On The SingStore (22 September 2010) Verba_Pokaz Mi

In Spanish
Elefantes Que Y No Lo Sabía worldwide
Pereza Como lo tienes tú worldwide
Toreros Muertos Mi agüita amarilla worldwide
Song pack
Tears for Fears
Tears For Fears Shout
Tears For Fears Pale Shelter
Tears For Fears Head Over Heels
Tears For Fears Sowing The Seeds Of Love
Tears For Fears Woman In Chains

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  • Hi Nina, thank you for the great update, i’m sure gettin both Pussycat Dolls songs, i’m looking forward to the next update.

  • Not many songs this update… makes me a sad panda. :(
    Still, the Dido song and the Tears For Fears songpack are welcome additions. Hope to see the songs from the pack available separately soon!

  • Only one song for the USA in English? :(
    I so sad.
    Thanks for the update though. :)

  • For Europe, the update is so so… And for the US, the update is poor… I don’t know if I’m going to downloand any song this time… I agree with @sny83 about the Dido and Tears for Fears though!

  • Hey Nine,
    thanks for the update.
    Can you please do me a favour and have a look at the audio of “Someday” by the No Angels from the last Singstore Update? It’s clearly not the original version, probably some messed up live version, i don’t know. I know it’s difficult to fix but we’ve paid for the original version and maybe you could pass this on to the right guys. Ok?
    Also “Stop and Stare” by Onerepublic appears to be asynchronous. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it’s the only track that doesn’t work correctly :/
    Hope you have the time to take a look at it.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Hiya,
      Let me check it out, If it is the audio we got from the label for use though there won’t be much we can do about that.
      Will check the One Republic one one, too.

  • Nina… are you… serious?

    I dont know about you guys but I love this update!!! :D
    Definately buys are : Dido, and the 2 songs from Pussycat Dolls
    Maybe : Girls Aloud and Texas Lightning
    Now, If only I could somehow could boot singstar for PS3 with my PS2 RnB(it’s my favourite disc and I swap it every time after booting the game )

  • Is the end of world coming? Polish songs on SingStore? ;)

  • Hi Nina, if the song White Flag by Dido is available in the U.S. then how come Thank You by Dido is not available in the U.S.?

    • It doesn’t always just depend on who the artist is but who the individual song belongs to so there might be some we can and can’t release.

    • No, no, there is two (if you’re talking about the US English tracks). Sorry, Dido is also released in the US. Must have dropped off the copy.

  • C-songs by C-artist once again…

  • Musiol, yes it is coming. Somewhere in december 2012 ;)
    Any news on new Queen songs? There are few videos that You didn’t add to the Singstar list :)

  • Hi Nina! Above all I wanted to thank you for this ad! It’s been some time since I had not come to leave you a comment. I hope you’re well?
    Did you know that since April 22, 2010, you do not put a single French song in the SingStore? Did you know that since June 2009, you no longer released a record in France Singstar? (Hits Singstar 2)
    My question is simple, and I want an answer if possible: Have you abandoned the French market? Singstar is it not profitable in France?
    I spend hours and hours volunteering on my website and on Facebook at the promotion of your game Singstar. He must tell me, right now, if I am all for nothing. So stop me and I could devote myself entirely to something else!

    • Hi razazier,
      Where have you been?
      I am not able to comment on this situation anymore than I already have in the past and that will probably stay that way for a while.
      Currently, my hands (and mouth) are tied by the people who lay down the law, I hope you understand.

  • Hello from Finland to Nina!
    When are you going to add new finnish songs? And may I ask, will you some day upload every song from already released discs?

    • I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see.
      We try to get everything on disc for the SingStore, too but some tracks and artists may not be possible for now.

  • Wow! German, polish, danish and spanish songs!!!!!
    That’s great..
    Dear razazier I understand that 5 months are so much, but if you think that in 2010 no italian songs are added in the Singstore you see that you’re not so unlucky!!!
    I will never understand the reasons because Singstar doesn’t add beautiful and popoular songs for all the countries.. Don’t you pay €1.49 every song?
    Well, we can only hope that it will change even if it seems very hard..
    Hi everybody and good sing!!!!!

  • 2 more Polish songs! Love u Nina!

  • Very few tracks on the update this week. I hope next updates get much better.
    By the way, when will we know about how much will we have to pay to update existing tracks on the Singstore for Dance/Guitar? It’s something I’ve been asking for some weeks on the Spanish blog but I haven’t received any answer.

  • Another not so good update. I think we have been spooky in the early months of this year and the last few months seem poor because of this. Still, I feel bad for you other countries who get the odd song here and there. But, I suppose license issues, plus the fact the guys have been working on dance & move don’t help either.
    Fingers crossed for the next few updates to get better.

  • ABYSMAL for the 3rd time in a row .way to drive you’re customers away sony

  • Nothing Special this time. Thanks for the polish songs, but Verba is not a good choice.

  • Hey Nina!
    I’m for sure getting “Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)”!!! :)
    I hope this song is getting released for SingstarDance in the future too!
    Take care and have a nice week! See you in 2 weeks!

  • Where’s Kylie??? I remember a teaser video last year that showed Kylie’s X album. I want “In My Arms”! I’m also waiting for “Call the Shots”.

  • I will be getting the Tears For Fears Songpack, and Dido…
    Nina, last release, you replied over my comments about releases & requests……I think it’s true to say that most of us blogging probably have little idea of what it takes to secure these songs, but I don’t think we are helped in regards to the info available online….
    Therefore, I have a suggestion – on the official website, create an A-Z listing of songs that have not been released, but you are chasing, and give us some brief notes about the status of these songs….
    The key is that this list should be regularly updated, something we don’t see much on the website at present…
    Here are some examples of what I mean:
    Toto – “Africa”: Rights secured, release date xx/xx/2010
    Dire Straits – “Money For Nothing”: Negotiations in progress, ETA Winter 2010
    Glenn Medeiros – “Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You”: Negotiations in progress, stay tuned
    (Incidentally, these titles ARE subtle hints – 80s is da bomb)
    Also do an inbuilt request submission facility on the site…
    Nina, I think with UP TO THE MINUTE information on tracks, people might lay off you a bit !
    Let me know if you like this idea !

    • I love the idea but you what I’m gonna say, right? I don’t think this is possible.
      And sadly, even we don’t have any ‘ETAs’ for the songs on the store until a few weeks before the release date.
      This is one of the reasons why I give you the tracklist only the week the songs will be in an update – things may change at any time up until then.

  • Guns N’ Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers?

  • Hell yeah! At last polish songs! :) Um Verba… Not my type of music… But i look forward to something better :) Is there any chance for more songs from Singstar Rock Ballads? Black Velvet for example…

  • Hey Nina, I was browsing your old updates and got super excited when I saw that Dusty Springfield’s “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself” had been added in June. I went to buy it now, but it seems to have since disappeared :-(
    Any idea if/when it will be back?

    • Let me check that for you!

    • So, good news: the track is still there so if you search for it or Dusty you will find it in the store. For some reason this songs didn’t group under Dusty as it should – it will do again from the next update. Thanks for reporting this!

  • Come on Singstar… One song in English and three in Spanish for the USA?? We speak English too! Sigh… Well Tears For Fears is a great choice for people who are able to get that.

  • Hello Nina,
    Sorry to tell but that’s what I call an ultra mega weak update (quality & quantity of English songs) : even the English songs are not that attractive… . Nothing for me this time ! But I’m still confident about finding one or two interesting songs (to the max) in a fortnight ‘cos anything can be better than this update.
    Have a nice day.

  • Well this update really says it all, & that is the people @ london studios really couldn`t care less if we buy the songs or not….poor show once again….is there anybody there with any musical knowledge @ all….after the last 6 or 7 updates i seriously doubt it? Sorry nina it has to be said but if you look @ lips for the x-box & compare it with what you guys are giving us….I mean where`s this great back catilogue of sonys?? Come on guys PULL YOUR FINGER OUT!!

  • Much too small an update – it’s becoming a trend now that the updates are half or even a third of the size that they have been previously. I hope that’s not the way it’s going to continue :S
    That said it’s nice to see bands like The Living End and Twin Atlantic available rather than an endless stream of generic pop music :)

  • @29 – Lips does seem to have had a good selection of tracks recently, espcially the Andrew Lloyd Webber songs (Phantom Of The Opera?!!!)
    I wonder how much of this is due to the cost of the songs (£1.40 vs 99p), if they just got there first and got an exclusive deal, or even better bribes from the licensing team (*cough*) ;)
    If it is the former, I’m sure people won’t mind too much if you bumped the price up by 40p to match (also bringing it up to premium iTunes videos level), as long as there was a resulting increase in number of songs to go with it :)
    Not that I’m complaining about the songs we’re getting of course, but more songs more often are never a bad thing ;)

  • I know there`s probably no chance of getting any of these but it`s worth another go??
    Aha – Train of thought
    Alphaville – Big in japan
    Big country – Look away – In a big country – Chance
    Billy idol – White wedding – Eyes without a face
    Billy ocean – Love really hurts without you
    Bob marley -One love – Jammin – Could this be love – Buffalo soldier
    Boney m-Rasputin-Ma baker-Brown girl in the rain – rivers of babylon
    Bon jovi – Living on a prayer – Blaze of glory – Never say goodbye
    Brian adams – Run to you – Summer of 69 – Heaven – i need sombody
    Bronski beat – Smalltown boy – Why – Hit that perfect beat
    Bruce hornsby & the range – The way it is – End of the innocence
    Bruce springsteen – Songpack or disc
    Cyndi lauper – Time after time
    Deacon blue – Real gone kid – Wages day – dignity
    Dire straits – Walk of life – Money for nothing – Brothers in arms
    Don henley – Boys of summer
    Elvis pressley – Burning love – Return to sender – Always on my mind
    Eurythmics – Thorn in my side – Sweet dreams – Would i lie to you
    Fleetwood mac – Gypsy – Be with you everywhere – Don`t stop
    Flock of seagulls – Wishing (photograph of you)

  • Guns n roses-Sweet child of mine-Paradise city-Welcome to the jungle
    George michael – Careless whisper-A different corner-prayin for time
    Haircut 100 – Love plus one
    Hall & oates -Out of touch- Method of modern love -Maneater-so close
    Heart – Never – Alone – What about love
    Human league – Don`t you want me baby – open your heart
    Inxs – Mystify – New sensation – Suicide blonde – Disappear
    Joan armatrading – Drop the pilot (would be great on singstar)
    Johnny cash – Ring of fire – Hurt (Always asked for johnny @ partys)
    Kate bush – Running up that hill – Cloudbusting – Army dreamers
    Kenny rodgers – The gambler – Coward of the county
    Toto – Africa (How many more people have to ask for this track)
    Laura brannigan – Gloria – Self control
    Level 42 – Heaven in my hands -Running in the family -Leaving me now
    Living in a box – Living in a box
    Lotus eaters – 1st picture of you
    Madonna – Songpack or disc
    Massive attack – Unfinished symphony (absoulute classic)
    Meatloaf – Dead ringer for love – 2 outta 3 ain`t bad
    Men without hats – The safety dance

  • Michael jackson – To many to mention – songpack or disc
    Mike oldfield – Moonlight shadow
    New radicals-You`ve got the music in you(would be great on singstar)
    Nik kershaw – The riddle
    Oasis – Wonderwall – Don`t look back in anger – Live forever
    Paul simon -The boy in the bubble-Diamonds on the soles of her shoes
    Pat benetar – Love is a battlefield – We belong
    Peter gabriel & kate bush – Don`t give up
    Phil collins – Against all odds – One more night – In the air tonight
    Phil collins & Philip bailey – Easy lover
    Phil oakey & Giorgio moroder – Electric dreams
    Pointer sisters – Automatic – jump (for my love) – i`m so excited
    R.e.m – Orange crush – End of the world as we know it – Daysleeper
    Rod stewart – Baby jane – Do you think i`m sexy – Maggie may
    Robbie williams – Angels – millennium – She`s the one
    Simon & garfunkel – The boxer – Bridge over troubled water
    The jam – Town called malice(Suprised this classic isn`t already on)
    The hooters – Satellite (jump in the river & learn to swim)
    The knack – My sharona

  • The smiths – This charming man – Panic – How soon is now
    The stranglers – Golden brown – There`s always the sun
    The verve – Bittersweet symphony – Drugs don`t work – Lucky man
    The waterboys –Whole of the moon -Bang on the ear – Fishermans blues
    Talking heads – Once in a lifetime – Road to nowhere
    Tracy chapman- Fast car – Baby can i hold u 2nite – Talkin bout a revolution
    Ultravox – Dancing with tears in my eyes
    U2 – Songpac or disc
    Yes – Owner of a lonely heart
    More 70s, 80s & 90s classics PLEASE!!!
    Thank`s nina

  • Hi nina,
    I was wondering if & when our song wishlist is posted in the offical forum do we have more chance of getting people to take notice or is it just so you don`t have to deal with them anymore??

  • ps sorry about my last post . i just think a bit of variety would be nice.something to keep everyone happy .its been pop songs all the time lady gaga and suchlike

  • Yeah variety would be good – I still can’t believe that with the popularity of shows like Glee that Sony has been so slow to get some west-end musical soundtracks on there.
    A quick search on Amazon shows that Sony Classical are the publisher for such soundtracks as:
    West Side Story
    The Phantom of the Opera
    South Pacific
    Fiddler on the Roof
    The Producers
    Jesus Christ Superstar
    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    The Sound of Music
    And many more.
    Surely Sony can leverage the relationships they already have as the publisher of these soundtracks to offer some songs on Singstar?

  • Hi Nina :)
    I might have read it somewhere but I can’t remember. So I’m going to ask.
    Will all the those Singstar songs that we own be compatible with all these new Singstar games that will be released?
    As for the rest of us, I believe that Sony is aware of the popularity of the songs that we want and if they could they would release them. But this is the way the market works. Create demand :)
    Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for your support! And you’re absolutely right when you say that we’d love to release the tracks if we could.
      You will be able to upgrade some of the songs you own with Guitar and Dance from the store soon. Watch this space for more announcements!

  • I want italian songs…. please :-(

  • Hi Nina, i’ve just purchased the both songs of the Pussycat Dolls, Jai Ho and Hush Hush. But when i look at my purchase history, it doesn’t stand there to download. But the money’s already been taking of my account. And when i try to purchase them again, it says, that they can’t handle my purchase. Can you look after this?

    • Hi Claudio_Bertozzi,
      Thanks you for reporting this. This is just happening with Hush, hush, right? We’ve had a few people report this and we do know what the problem is but we need to work with our colleagues at PSN to fix it.
      I’ll keep you updated and hope to have a fix for this asap.

  • Nina HELP :(
    I just went to the store to buy the new songs. I added them in my cart just fine, I paid them, and when I clicked to download now, it started downloading all the songs that I have bought but I dont have on my carousel. So I loged out to stop the process cause I didnt want those songs… Then I logged in again, and when I went to purchase history to download just the songs from this update, they werent there :S and when I chose the songs on the store, they still had their price on, like I never bought them, but If i try to purchase them and pay for them again it says that I cant continue this opperation and returns me to the singstore… :S
    Any help? :S Thanks in advance

  • Nina,
    I’m having the same technical issue here! :(
    Please help us, the money’s gone and we can’t download our songs!

  • having the same problem nina bought Pussycat dolls, hush hush. downloaded, but by carousel didnt update, its not in the carousel, its not in the purchased history but money has been taken!

  • same problem here too. both pussycat dolls songs paid for but cant download. its not on purchase history but it is in tranaction manager on the ps3

  • Nina, I tried to see the new songs yesterday (21), and no updates appeared to me, what happenned?

    • Hi – these songs were only released on 22/9 so you wouldn’t be able to see them on the 21/9. This post is just to let you know what will be released on the Wednesday of that same week and doesn’t mean they have been released onto the store yet. Thanks, Nina

  • @ dudusp: when nina posts here to say what songs will be available it is songs that are available the NEXT day so for yesterday’s blog the new songs were not available on the singstore until today (22nd)

  • I’m having the same problem as #42-45… can’t download the new songs I’ve just purchased, but the money is subtracted from my wallet. We need a fix for this soon! =(

  • having the same problem as some people above – have purchased girls aloud (and was intending to buy the pussycat dolls songs too) and it’s not there to download. Have paid for it, but it’s not in purchase history but clearly on the email that it has been purchased :(

  • Hi Nina,
    I’m also having the same issue as has been described above.
    I purchased both of the Pussycat Dolls songs and Dido’s Thank You. Money has been taken (confirmed via email) but they wouldn’t download and have yet to appear in my purchase history.
    I hope this is fixed soon. I have a Singstar party on Saturday night!

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