The Friday Debate – All The Right Moves?

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So, there it is. After just over a year of waiting, PlayStation Move has finally launched worldwide. There has been a lot of talk around it here on the blog and what has been most encouraging is that those who already have their hands on it seem to be having fun.
So it seems fitting to leave this week’s Friday Debate for you to talk about your early experiences, share any feedback or problems with us and discuss the possibilities of this new way to play with PlayStation 3.
The poll is all about genres and which you think will benefit most from motion control.

Jump into the comments and share anything that springs to mind around PlayStation Move, good or bad, and I’ll respond as much as I can.

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  • One with a giant floating Chicken that get’s blown up when you swipe it with the Move controller ^^

  • Move doesn’t work very well as a pointer like the Wii remote does.

  • Got mine today (thanks Mr. Postman!) and i’ve loved every minute so far :D and it’s suited for all tastes tbh

  • I think FPS games will work/do work better with MOVE along with sports games that involve hitting things with a big stick :D I would love devs to give MOVE a go with all the genres but for genres like racing games or football games I fail to see how MOVE could be implemented :(

    • It’s true that some games are just going to be better with a pad, but at least we already have a perfectly good one of those and, trust me, DUALSHOCK will not be forgotten!
      I’d like to try a MLB game with Move. I hear awesome things about them but I don’t know enough about the sport to appreciate them… at least with Move I could get my head around smacking a little ball with a big stick.

  • All of them in time hopefully :D

  • Truthfully the one that BEST suits move is Sports. It’s like playing the real thing mostly (except in real life power shots don’t set the ball on fire lol).
    But the one(s) I’d like to see most are RPG : Sword mapped to move for sword movement AND camera, navigation/dualshock for moving character.
    Survival horror too. I haven’t bought RE5 gold because I refuse to give capcom money when they don’t even map “shoot” to the trigger. -_-
    I’m looking forward for Sony to announce that horror game where you use a torch… nothing else is known as far as I know but please don’t abandon that.
    Also, if you’ve got dev time to spare please port L4D1&2 to PS3 and add Move support (I know this is up to Valve though).

  • I think party games and sports games are best suited for Move for all the obvious reasons. Strategy, action-adventure and puzzle games all have quite some obvious reasons why Move could be handy with them or work with them.
    Not that it’s bad for shooters or anything, not at all, but the much heard learning curve when it comes to DS3 controls might be steep in regards to shooters when using the Move. I find myself often at a disadvantage against a DualShock user at the moment, but that might be because I’m not in the swing of it yet. (The MAG beta takes to long for a game to start so haven’t had much chance yet)
    Personally I don’t see the use for Move in an RPG, but devs are more then welcome to ‘wow’-me-over on that one.

  • Got mine yesterday and it’s almost convinced me that motion controller games aren’t a total waste of time. Certainly far better than the wiimote in every single way. Has made Eyepet a lot less ‘glitchy’ to play too, no need for that awkward ‘magic card’ or even the dual shock anymore for that game which for something aimed at all ages including lil kids can only be a good thing.

  • Oh and Star Wars lol… Can’t believe LucasArts is wasting time with an on-rails Kinect game but aren’t working on a free-move and amazing Move game…

  • I vote driving and racing, games like Grid and stuff could use move to fiddle and re-wind replays using the move controler, also, steering would be cool with it as well.

  • I hope all of them but realistically it’s more than likely that only party games will be the focus of move. I’d quite like Move to succeed but unfortunately I can see it being a phase where the novelty will quickly wear off due to a lack of serious games. Shooters is the interesting one for me. With the gun attachment, SOCOM 4 & MAG should be interesting. It’s probably going to take COD to get people buying enough of the Move to force them to use it in other games too, then it might really take off long term.

  • POINT N CLICK ADVENTURES would be best suited for the PS Move.

  • Ok I’ll try the Shoot demo, thanks for the tip.
    I’ve mostly been playing RE5 and I can compare directly with RE4 Wii edition; it doesn’t seem to be so accurate and often decentres itself. Maybe that’s my or Capcom’s fault… Also I find the XMB hard to control with Move. Again, not as slick as the Wii’s functionalities.

  • Shooter is the obvious answer. Having a pointer controller gives a huge benefit. Although having a huge bounding box usually kills it for me personally.

  • I think that as long as it’s intuitive and fun to play, any genre can work for me even though i’ve yet to try Move.

  • I Believe we NEED an official gun adapter that has buttons on the side … I want to play a hardcore game using a gun adapter, and currently it simply doesn’t work …
    Consider the official gun attachment …
    RE5 – the fire button is the new move button … how can we use the gun attachment to aim with the trigger and fire with the “face” button?
    hardcore fps (SOCOM for ex) –
    possible actions :
    change weapon
    pickup item
    use item
    granted that some of these actions can be substituted by gestures … but not all of them
    So for now the gun attachment is only useful for simple point and shoot games … very limited …

  • i couldnt vote cause i see the potential of Move being applied to all genres. its really is a cool piece of kit. really loving beat sketchers demo. lol also whats the likely hood of having something say like broken sword remastered and put on the store with move compatability. that would be amazingly awesome.

    • We’re so happy you’re enthusiastic about Move. I like the launch titles so far but I really hope we get some serious experimentation from developers, particularly on PSN titles, to wreak out all of the potential.
      I think that PSN is the place for trying something and setting a million pound/Euro trend.

  • The Gladiator game on Sports Championship is ACE! Amazeballs with awesomesauce on top – I want more hitting people with swords and axe games!!!

    • I’ve been writing heaps about Move lately, reading thousands of replies each week here on the blog (I am sad enough to read every single comment!) and I’ve noticed with Sports Champions that every preference is different. I tend to play Disc Golf and Bocce exclusively with my flat mates, and Table Tennis now and then on my own.
      Then there is you liking Gladiator Duel and a guy here earlier or on Twitter (can’t remember) saying Beach Volleyball is the best.
      I haven’t seen so much division since the FF at E3 a few years ago!

  • Still haven’t got Move yet. My bank closed and took by Debit Card away and I can’t buy anything online. :(
    I could walk to the shops but I won’t pay those highwaymen if I can get it cheaper online.
    As for the debate I need to try all the genres to make a preference.
    I like the idea of an RPG like Elder Scrolls: Oblivion or Fallout 3 with a first person view. It could work like the sword fighting game in Sports Champion.
    As I say yesterday Okami for the move would be an instant buy. I was saddened there way no mention at TGS.
    I was hoping for Suikoden VI as well since it is its 15th Anniversary this year.

  • TBH i always hated the point and click genre games because it’s better to use the joystick.. more advantage (well.. for me any ways)
    but what i would love to see on the move is an RPG game that uses your sword or other weapons as a move controller :) and the nav controller to move

  • also any chance of having a word with From Software about possibly giving demon souls a Move update. that would rock and the controls from the dual shock would fit perfect when mapped to a move controller and navigation stick. just a thought.


  • Now let’s see Metal Gear Solid Rising with Move support. That game seems like the perfect match for motion controllers :)

  • MOVE is great, its more acurate then Wii Mote…I know I had a wii, its gone, too much shovelware, I hope the Playstation doesnt follow suit BUT the The Shoot is GREAT fun! I preordered it! I just popped out and bought Sports Champions, tempted by Kung Fu Riders but its a bit complicated, and Tumble is a bit fincky but I am waiting for SORCERY! RE5 works ace with the NV controller, once its calibrated the MOVE is ace! I think I will get the GUN attachment, I have the Charging dock in the post. I got a clip and got PSEYE on top the TV, but have to move it below TV for Eyepet, there is no round that, but its not played as much as the otehr games or the will be as the forthcoming. RE5 is great fun…good job Sony!

  • Shooters definitely! “The Shoot” is one of my favorites so far, headshots are very accurate! And it’s funny how you made the 360º spin work, it certanly would make you have a good laugh if you could look at yourself…. LOL
    “Tumble” is the game I’m playing this week, not bad as someone said, actually I play it a lot because it’s fun!!!

  • @James Gallagher
    Do you know if there ever will be a shooter that uses a fixed position of the croshair from the move. So that wenn you turn the the move the camera turns?
    When i see shooters with the move, you always see the croshair moving on screen, and no fixed position. I think the fixed position is much better,
    I got the move day one, and it is truly accurate.

  • “Move doesn’t work very well as a pointer like the Wii remote does.”
    That’s what I’ve always been worried about.Were the the has Wii has truly shown innovation is using the pointer,that’s why I wanted a Move,it’s always been pointer>>>>>motion for core games on the Wii.
    James your question is difficult,I’ve got a unopened starter pack sitting on my shelf because Game messed up my order (wanted Move,Nav con) so I cant really say what from your list is best suited.
    I would say shooters but as I’ve said above I have slight concerns,and cant judge until I try it.
    Personally it’s the genre’s you don’t list or haven’t been created yet that excite me more.As I said in the tumble section the other day,it’s the smaller store games that look best so far.Not the big “AAA” titles.
    I want a bit trip beat mini,or a Warioware style game over another fps.Not that they don’t excite me,but because their fresh and clever.

  • oh, James… is the beat sketcher demo working for you ? it will boot up for me then when I press O like it says, I get nothing :-(
    Anyway, got my 2 move starter packs in the post today, I got sports champions free when I ordered the starter kit .. so, i bought two and will trade in the 2nd sports champs and 2nd eye and the 2nd move controller will cost only €20-ish.
    anyway, check out the beat sketcher demo for me if you can, thanks !

    • I’ve already asked about Beat Sketcher and will let know if I learn a fix. Might not be until Monday, TBH, when we’re all back at it.

  • playing move since the 15th. none of the genres in particular really fit move, except racing every genre may profit from its awesome accuracy and since it has buttons, it has almost no down-sides compared to the normal sixaxis controller. lol!
    ~Azurium aka Dragonfly. PSMove pwns.

  • It would be great if Monkey Island SE 1 and 2 would be updated for move, and I’d love to see more point and click adventure games on the PS3.
    I would like Fallout New Vegas to be Move compatible too, and other Oblivion-like games.

  • By the way, the first Move game I’ve bought is Tumble, and I’m loving it!

  • Mag with ps move (no lag)!
    i am soo happy =P

  • Sony NEEDS to contact Revolution to bring BROKEN SWORD: DIRECTOR’S CUT to the PS3 with DualShock3, mouse and Move support.

  • Light sabre fighting games!
    Out of the day 1 games I’d pick Tumble as the perfect match for the Move.
    I’m not yet convinced about it’s merits for FPS type shooters. It feels too light and fast for the heavy inertial stability I need for the perfect head shot. But it’s really too early to tell, I’ve only done one game of Sabo with it on MAG Beta.
    RPG:s, well that depends… flicking through menus with the Move is not so special.
    Action/mystery/puzzle adventure style games, oh yes I see all sorts of possibilities here.

  • All of them except racing really.

  • i been debating today whether i need one, and at the moment with the games available i dont
    i was all intereasted in ruse, untill i played the demo, but id like it for rts kind of games and point and click kind of games but there isnt a great deal of them about
    kinda intreasted in fps with it but i can see it getting achey after a few hours and i play for a long time sometimes and honestly would just rather mouse and k\b support

  • I got the Move today just to minor gripes from me the 1st 1 is the awful sketch demo it does not work, it goes into 4:3 reto it does not go past the 1st screen by pressing O button.
    the 2nd gripe HR-MOVE demo the walking useint the Nav is cool no more pressing the R2 to walk forwand however i got total kick in by troy who in gods name says with move we wont miss any context be pressing the T button as the same to follow the QTE. so it not better for it. most Context you will get used to. :|

  • I’d love to play a FPS with the move, no reason why it couldn’t come as a patch for the next call of duty. Sports games too obviously, more specifically golf and tennis. looking forward to great iterations of those genres being used with move, hopefully the next everybodys golf. the next version of that is SO overdue

  • When are we getting Sorcery info? That’s the game that will truly showcase Move. Do you know if HP and the Deathly Hallows will support Move? I know it now supports Kinect.

  • i have question, like how sensitive is it? like i have a nice razer mouse, i can move the whole length of my moniter in a tiny tiny little dash, its awesome :-) the move thing, like can you get across the screen without flapping your arms about? like could i be sitting down, arm rested on knee\leg and move across the whole screen from that position or would i be needing to be waving about making big gestures?

  • There is no option for ‘All of the Above’ – that’s the beauty of Move isn’t it?! Played mine briefly and am impressed on first impressions, it’s not just PR speak the 1-1 tracking really does make all the difference.
    The demo of Tumble is perfect for showing the accuracy and tracking, I span mine around by it’s wrist strap and it still managed to perfectly replicate it on screen with the virtual version. I also found Disc Golf surprisingly fun (and realistic), and The Shoot was a lot more fun than I was expecting too. The way it controls Flight Control HD is also amazing and shows just how accurate and subtle the movements can be for RTS type games.
    The only turkey for me was Racket Sports, it seemed like Ubisoft did a lazy direct port of a Wii game and it benefits from none of the added accuracy of the Move (or the graphics power of the PS3 for that matter). Hopefully the Wii shovelware will be kept to a minimum though!

  • hey hey
    my personal favorite is going to be the way in which sorcery is looking to use the move. its a little cartoony but the gesture control looks plain awesome. the added nice touch with the colour changing sphere was again, just awesome.
    i think a little goes a loooong way. subtelty can sometimes scream volumes :)

  • Try to make a game which involves using the move controller as a flash light in a horror game or something like that. I know that it uses that concept in Echochrome 2 which looks EPIC but yeah. Id also like to see a large ammount of 3rd party games implement Move because I understand while trying to appeal to core gamers, you are also aiming to please family gamers and if many 3rd party games included Move support, I can see an increase in sales of that game and if it is appealing or just to try it out, I can see gamers investing in Move which will be great for Sony.
    Just my two cents. BTW, happy 15th Anniversary PlayStation!! :)

  • RPG’s!!!!! ps3 is severely lacking in them
    I’m sick and tired of all the shooters coming out this game :'(

  • After a couple of days with Resi 5 Gold and Sports Champions on Move, it certainly has Shooters and Sports in the bag. Very much looking forward to Killzone 3, Socom 4 and Virtua Tennis 4!
    After playing Archery and Gladiator Dual too i would like to see the 1:1 motion in those carried over into some 3rd person fantasy adventure game in the vein of Zelda but darker and puzzles that take advantage of the Moves accuracy. Sorcery is a start tho :D
    OH! have a word with Sega and tell them i want The House of the Dead 4!! still not played that cause it’s arcade only so far and theres like no arcades near me at all that has it!

  • I have played Sports Champions, Racket Sports and Tumble so far. I should have done my homework. If I had known Racket Sports was made by Ubisoft I would not have bought it. I had my doubts when I started playing it, and indeed. They have managed to make another crappy game. They try to be Wii Sports FOUR years after that game, on a superior machine, but they have done NOTHING right. It’s utter crap. I’d rather play Wii Sports, even though Wii doesn’t have HD. I liked Tumble, but I haven’t had time to play it much. Sports Champions was ok, but I found that it wasn’t all that accurate.

  • @ tm2010swe not accurate?? well its perfect, and accurate here, never seen such accurate device in a long time, so i dont agree.

  • I think the games which are suited best for Move are those which create a feeling of involvement you can’t achieve with a controller.
    While pointing directly at the target in shooter may increase the enjoyment of playing it is more or less the same concept with normal controls. Party minigames are fun and use some new ideas but they are mostly a short distraction and can’t create emotions in people.
    Therefor for me two genres have the most potential with motion gaming, Horror and RPG. The reasons are that those two are highly dependent on atmosphere and how well you can put yourself in the character you are playing. Those effects could be largely increased with the right use of Move. Flashlight in Horror as pointed out already is a good example however nowhere near enough of what is possible.
    Unfortunately most motion controlling in “serious” games at this point are stupid minitasks which have the total opposit effect of what they should do. They destroy the flow of atmosphere. Games should be build around the new control concept rather than put it in at some point so you can sell it better cause it is “new”.
    Overall excited by the precision of Move but waiting for good games.

  • Party games.
    I cant stand motion controls. the only way i see them is if you have drunk friends who arent into games and want to have some fun at a party.
    other wise i have to sit in my sofa and have only my thumbs moving. waving my hands isnt fun for me at all.
    i’ve used my thumbs since the NES days and thats how its going to continue for me.
    too bad nintendo had to create that casual market and draw sony and M$ into it.

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