DmC: Devil May Cry for PS3 Revealed in New Trailer

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Sweet, sweet Tokyo: the succulent ramen, the unparalleled electronics district, the red-hot video game rebirths.

Devil May Cry: The New Dante

If you’ve been following our Twitter, you know about Capcom’s biggest Tokyo Game Show announcement. Devil May Cry has been reborn as DmC in a soup-to-nuts re-imagining of the classic PS2 and PS3 action series. The results are undeniably striking, and are bound to trigger debate and discussion among series diehards for months to come. Judge for yourself — take a look at the debut video for DmC below.

[viddler id=70a11a16 w=545 h=326 playertype=simple]

In an international twist, British-based Heavenly Sword developer Ninja Theory is co-developing DmC with Capcom’s Japanese and US studios. The game is still shrouded in mystery, with few details relating to the setting (a strange urban environment with City 17 overtones a la Half Life 2), the combat mechanics (Dante’s sword appears to change shape at whim), the demonic enemies (marionette-like creatures not unlike those from the first game), or a release date.

Devil May Cry: DMC GameplayDevil May Cry: DMC Gameplay

That said, DmC brought a rousing round of applause from the crowd when it was unveiled at Capcom’s Tokyo Game Show event alongside Capcom’s other major announcement: Asura’s Wrath for PS3. What do you think?

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  • Looks brilliant cant wait. Any news on any resident evil games?? *worth a try*

  • Dont bother with a release date, I dont want this game. Its a shame Capcom decided to waste a perfectly good franchise by turning it into… THIS.
    Theyve lost a sale. Sucks for them.

  • wheres Heavenly Sword 2? come on , we want Heavenly Sword: Nariko’s Resurrection

  • New Dante looks much worse than the “new Cole”. Give me the old one back! :(

  • If it’s not PS3 only i am not bothered really. Fed up with having to put up with last gen graphics just because it’s on the xBox 360 to.
    Sorry for that moan tho :D

  • whatthehell is this? I wouldn’t have problemw with it if it was new IP, but really, this doesn’t look like the MDC i know AT ALL.
    I understand the point of this game is to have a DIFFERENT DMC, but really, this makes no sense.
    Make it a new IP, don’t use the names of another great game in a new game.
    I hope the trailer is misleading, cause I don’t like how it’s depicted in the trailer (not DMC-ish). I hope the actual game will be better.

  • Thumbs down from me…
    Devil may cry series are getting much worse. I won’t even dare to look at gameplay videos :S
    Thumbs up however for devil may cry 1!

  • Well, i guess this is the result of the ‘westernization’ aspect brought to the franchise.
    I’m hugely excited about this title, and that is all that matters.

  • Ninja Theory’s sense of ‘style’ clearly doesn’t match up with Devil May Cry’s and as unimpressive as MT Framework’s been on PS3, at least it doesn’t have the same overfamiliar characteristics as several dozen other Unreal Engine 3 games.
    Capcom management’s lost the plot judging by so many questionable decisions this generation and I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s been a mass exodus of lesser-known talent from the company too.
    I don’t see how this continued “globalisation” (read: westernisation) is doing anyone any favours. I buy Japanese games because they’re uniquely Japanese.

  • I can understand the appeal of Devil May Cry 4, and you guys no doubt have to expect a massive backlash along the lines of the ‘Cole Incident’, but I hope you stick with it and don’t buckle like Sucker Punch (although in their case, the redesign was for the worse) since DmC feels like a step in the sexier direction.
    The previous games just didn’t make a whole lot of sense, stylistically, to me, so I’m really looking forward to seeing this evolve.

  • @9 well said… and on top of that ninja theory messed up with heavenly sword. Ah yes I see: let’s mess up again with messed up series!

  • PLEASE! Let this be vapour-ware…. Thumbs-down

  • its got worse just like Resident Evil did. Looks like im going to pass on this game like i did with Resident Evil 5.

    Capcom… you had one of most badass iconic characters. and you butchered him. you turned him into some hipster stright from twilight.
    You have ruined my favourite action game series.
    Capcom, Ninja Theory and their Twilight Dante can GTFO.

  • a western developer rebooting a capcom fanchise. HOW CAN THIS GO WRONG?
    seems to be using UE3
    main character redesigned to go after the twilight tween girl market
    made by a developer who doesnt know what a solid frame rate is.
    oh lord capcom. I dont know that the fokes at Ninja Theory said to you but I hoped that after Grin you would have learned by know…..

  • JESUS CRIST!!!! what is up with every established japanese franchise being dumbed-down for 10 year old gormless yank brats!!
    Resident Evil
    Ace Combat
    now DMC!

  • As a series fan (bar 2, but nobody liked DMC2, nobody) and an obsessive collector of all things Devil May Cry like 99% of people in all the discussions I’ve seen about this reveal since it came out I’m disappointed to hear the rumours of Capcom outsourcing development to Ninja Theory for DMC are true and the trailer itself is just, in my opinion at this stage, terrible. And like Raonak and many others I’ve heard say, nobody wants Dante to look like the little brother of Twilight boy in juvie hall.
    I’m hoping for the best with DMC5 but I’m expecting the worst, I’m sure I’ll pre-order it when the time comes due to how much I’ve loved the series so far but if this turns out bad I’m done with the series the same way I am with Resident Evil after Resi 5 and the movies.

  • Make a Easy Mode plz and ill try it :P

  • OMG dante its that guy on the trailer?? EPIC FAIL

  • hmm dont think dmc actually needed a reboot all I can say to capcom is remember bionic commando.

  • So whats this new guys real name cause that ain’t Dante. Also whats with the need to reboot a 9yr old franchise. Just give me DMC3 on the PS3 and i’m happy Dante and Vergil are all you need .. hey imagine that as a co-op campain.

  • Since the beginning of the trailer I kept saying please don’t say Dante, please don’t say Dante and then… “My name is Dante”. I mean cmon what the heck is that, it doesn’t even “say bad ass”, this is one of those guys that while fighting he might cry if he brakes a nail or messes the hair he’ll cry.
    DMC 4 was a bit awkward for some people since Dante wasn’t the main character, but Nero was awesome. And… and this…. I’ll stop writing, DMC ended in 4, it deserves a decent funeral.

  • what a pathetic character looks terrible
    i still wonders why good sold games with character who fits well in a game suddenly get changed for a unknown reason this game will never touch my ps3.
    wannabe dante..

  • Who the hell would clap for this? Looks lame. Made a vid about it.

  • “That said, DmC brought a rousing round of applause from the crowd when it was unveiled at Capcom” you can hear a pindrop at my house.
    can you See ppl here Clapping OMG you killed dante well that what you get if you mix british company, japanese & USA what do you expect.
    however i will decide on the B.B.F.C/PEGI Rateing to see if its dumb down, do we see danta change to his former self.
    that will be my decision. :/

  • Where the hell is Dante?
    And dont give me that crap that THAT is Dante.
    I want the orignal back please -.-
    I’m sure the gameplay is going to be awesome, but GIVE ME THE ORIGINAL DANTE BACK.
    You are turning away from your fans =,=

  • does look or feel like a DMC games at all. i’m disappointed that ninja thoery are involved with this game. It doesnt seem as fast paced as previous DMC games.

  • I really don’t like the new Dante.
    Not with that hair: it should be more messy, not like he just finished a photoshooting with Jean Louis David as hair stylist. He fights demons!! He shouldn’t be UK’s next male top model. Also the “jacket”/shirt is awful.
    I hope NT and Capcom will listen to their fans and tweak Dante like Sucker Puch adjusted Cole in Infamous 2.

  • I like it!
    For the die-hard fans who don’t like the change there is NO need to get upset. This version doesn’t need to change the ‘real’ Dante as seen in the original game. Rather it is a reinterpretation like you get with the Batman comics such as a medieval version. More original than just making a straight HD update.

  • too much emo cant watch

  • hey hey
    looks kick ass. i wantZ

  • Personally, I don’t want the “old” Dante back.
    I’m ok with a reboot and a change of protagonist. Simply I don’t like this look for the main character. And if you name him Dante you have to fulfil some expectations.

  • What do I think?
    I think this an insult to me as a fan of the series. If you wanna try new ideas, try it on new IP instead of using the name of an excellent one to sell the product. you know what? why should I bother myself with this, when the father & the creator of DMC has already gave me the true sequel for his work? Yes, I’m talking about Bayonetta.

  • DAMNN Capcom. :/
    I didn’t think you’d be the one to do that to your series.
    By that i mean Emo sweepy hair,tattoos and an over hermeneutic teenager.
    Please change hm back.

  • this? as a new ip, nice!
    but not as DMC …

  • Well done Capcom you killed a good franchise.

  • Great, Devil May Cry is going the same direction as Crash Bandicoot did

  • i like it. im tired of the old dante.

  • Heavenly Sword was a far, far better game than any of the Devil May Cry games. Never could stand the old Dante either.

  • What happen here ? who Is That Homeless ?
    What a waste of Time do you Think That Any product that Have a name for a great franchise Will Sell ? what A Cheap Work. capcom you Kill A Great Game . And They Said that “” The Japanese industry is not dead as long as Capcom is still around “” . Let Them With Them Self

  • lol’d at the design.
    Is this a joke? Who thinks a homeless emo drug addict that smokes is cool? Who is this meant to appeal to?
    Music was horrible too, but we’ll see what NT makes of this game.

  • Like i said on, im not a DMC fan but Christ! Dont be so stupid and change this guys appereance and have the audacity to call him Dante.

  • The question is WHY. Devil May Cry has only four games. There’s a lot of questions left unanswered. There’s lots of things that can be improved. Why throw everything out and reboot the series with a skinny druggy looking guy that has NOTHING of the old Dante. Even making him a smoker! That’s like throwing dirt over everything fans came to love on the Devil May Cry series. Yes, we haven’t seen anything of the game itself yet. However this doesn’t even look like it has anything to do with Devil May Cry. If they want changes and create something new JUST MAKE A NEW FREAKING GAME.

  • I still don’t know whether I should laugh or cry. Ninja Theory are terribad and this looks like Devil May Twilight. Do not want.

  • I can’t say I’m a fan personally. It’s not that he looks different… it’s that he looks stupid…

  • I don`t mind the setting and Ninja Theory did a great job with Heavenly Swords, ahhh the fond memories, but that is not Dante. Maybe Capcom is pulling a MGS2, but the guy in the Video can`t be Dante. Despite the movies he just does not look badass. Maybe they are nice and replace reworked Dante with good old Dante? :)

  • well another good game torn 2 bits 2 westenize the games series
    making another failure off a game we woulden’t have minded a new DMC atleast this marks the end off the whole DMC franchise for me been fun now just hoping for a good old hd collection off the games cause i am not buying this one untill it’s about 10 bucks

  • That isn’t Dante. The Dante we know looks nothing like some emo reject from Twilight.

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