Introducing Tumble

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If you’re getting yourself a PlayStation Move this week and you want a challenging game that shows off how awesome your new motion controller is, we recommend you look out for Tumble.
In Tumble, you use the motion controller to stack up and knock down blocks. There are over 50 challenges to tackle across single and multiplayer modes. Balance, Solve and Destroy with blocks of all different shapes, sizes, weights and dimensions and reach into the screen like never before.

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We’re already starting to get great reviews, and you can try it for yourself by playing the Trial version on your PlayStation Move Starter Disc or downloading it from PlayStation Store.
We’d now like to take you behind the scenes to learn some of the secrets from the development team, Supermassive Games.
The Move Is Too Precise?
We think Tumble has the most precise control system ever developed for a game: Every action you make with your motion controller is replicated on-screen perfectly.
We’re very proud of what we achieved, but early in development we had an issue with this amazing technology. The data we were getting from the Move was almost too precise; It picked up every tiny movement, every twitch, every overshoot and correction.
A long time was spent just working on how to use the huge amount of data we were getting back from the Move, smoothing out the raw data without introducing lag. It wasn’t just about getting 1:1 control; it was about making it feel like 1:1. We’re really happy with the outcome and sure you will be too when you try it out.
Multiplayer Attracts Crowds
There’s something about a massive, unstable, teetering tower of blocks that draws a crowd: People want to see it crashing down.
To test our multiplayer levels we invited everyone in the studio to have a go on Tumble whenever they liked. The crowds grew as the games got more intense. It made us realise that we had something really compelling with the multiplayer experience; everyone was a backseat driver, everyone wanted to grab the controller and everyone wanted to be the best.

Introducing Tumble

We also added drop-in co-op to all the single player levels. It’s a great feature to play with family or friends, or if you want to complete the Timed medals super fast.
What Hit The Cutting Room Floor?
Right at the start of the project we realised that stacking blocks on its own didn’t offer enough variety for the game, however precise and rewarding it felt.
So we had lots of brainstorming sessions and came up with a huge number of ideas – different materials for the blocks; destruction mode; light puzzles; sloped, rotating and moving platforms; sticky blocks; explosive blocks; anti-gravity blocks; earthquakes; wind generators; see-saws; jigsaw puzzles; sequence puzzles; maths puzzles; home run challenges; timed challenges; target challenges and a whole lot more!

Introducing Tumble

And Finally…
Tumble on a 3D TV is incredible: it feels like you’re actually reaching inside the TV. You should definitely give this super intuitive mode a go if you get the chance.
Thanks for stopping by. Go check out Tumble soon and we hope you have as much fun playing it as we had making it.

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  • IGN’s review says this game is bad (3.5/10), I don’t know if it will really be that bad.
    Still, is nice to see Move-compatible PSN games, I hope there will be more.

  • Hi Tom,
    I will be definitely getting this on Wednesday! Are there any details on pricing?

  • Wow the MOVE must be really accurate then :o
    Looks very fun this game definite purchase for me :D

  • this game is worth it – every single cent… doesn’t matter how much it will cost :)
    i played it in july,… on a sony-presentation and its just brillant. cant wait to play the full version… played the demo-version (from the starter-disc) thousand times :D

    • That’s cool. Really glad you enjoyed it. What’s on the demo disk is only a tiny bit of what’s in the final game. So it should keep you busy for quite a while!

  • Definitely getting this. Hopefully the price isn’t too high. :(

  • IGN’s review seems overly critical. I bet they’d love it if it was on another platform.
    Looks intriguing to me. If the price is right, I’ll definitely pick it up to test out my Move. :-)

  • Will it be part of the PS Store update this wednesday ? And how much ?
    And will there be other PS Move games released on PS Store this week (Flight Control HD) ? :-)

  • IGN haven’t a clue, forget that review. This game will be as good as it looks. absolute day one for me! will it be in the PS store this wednesday?

  • im from the uk, i was wondering why sony related websites list move as being released on 15th, and a guy up there ^^ commented he cant wait till 15th, when all major retailers are not releasing it until 17th, i have all my stuff pre ordered, but it isnt being released until 17th ?

  • ive preorderd it frm game what day do we get it ?

  • I tried the demo and it is very precise. What we don’t seem to be told is the price. So.. how much will it cost?

  • thats why i asked jamie. i preorderd months ago and they said 17th game still say 17th. i think its because EU likes to realese things on a friday where as US realese on a wed

  • @13 It’s a bit different than that – the US releases on Tuesdays, the EU on Wednesdays, and us silly old Brits release our games on Fridays… so Game are in fact correct, although Tumble will probably be available from Wednesday 15th.

  • ah i was right !!!! i hate UK rules

  • oh i see, lucky europeans lol, another 4 days for me :(

  • lol i answered my own question thanks anyways

  • From what I can see, it’s Boom Blox for PS3?

    • Tumble is about precision control that simply isn’t possible with a Wiimote. Which is why Boom Blox made you point at the screen to tell the game where you wanted to throw a block. (If you want to throw a block in Tumble you just pick it up and throw it.)
      And this is also why Boom Blox is really only about knocking structures down. That’s as precise as they could get. In Tumble you build up, balancing blocks with the precision, and with a wider set of goals and challenges. But you do get to knock structures down as well – because that’s fun.

  • This actually looks really fun!

  • 15th Sept – Move comes out in EU (but not UK).
    17th Sept – Move comes out in UK and USA.
    So I think the game will be released on the 15th, because that’s when Move is released in EU.
    I don’t usually trust reviews when I’m going to buy a game, but I was surprised IGN gave it such a low score for no reason.
    Anyway, I’ll just play the demo when I buy the starter pack and judge by myself :).

  • This game looks like fun, will purchase if it’s less than £10. I really hope the Move gets the support on PSN that the ps eye sadly never got.

  • So the fact that I live in Ireland,I’m being classed as a UK resident??Because it’s not being released here till the 17th either.Back on topic,I think I’ll have to give Tumble a purchase.

  • Yeah deja vu. Bloom blox. New ideas please Sony.

  • Preordered Move months ago, I’m growing impatient to try this out now.

  • Preordered Move months ago, I’m growing impatient to try this out now. So can’t wait :)

  • 3D + Precision Move Support = Incredible!

  • As lazy as this its gonna sound, I have to ask. Do you think youd be able to play this while sitting down. All the move videos I’ve seen are full of people standing. im fine with that for games like sorcerer…. but can I pull up a chair for stacking some blocks? :D

    • Yes. You can play sitting down. That was one of our design briefs! We knew that people wouldn’t want to stand up and play for long sessions. As long as the PSEye can see the MOVE, you’re good.

  • So, has it got a story mode?
    No seriusly it looks like a fun tec demo. Wouldn´t pay for it though.

  • Can’t wait to try this out.
    Is there any relation between this game and the tech demoes shown by Richard Marks? I heard that there is a team within Sony that gathered some ideas internally and pitched them to outside teams? Would love to hear some background on that if you care to share.
    The IGN reviewer had technical issues that I don’t see menionted in any other review. I personally think good reviewers should ask peers or even Sony if they have the same technical issues, but obviously that didn’t happen here. Even then there is no accounting for taste (I loved Super Rub-a-Dub and gold-medalled all levels, but that game got several 3s also).

    • One of those tech demo’s used art assets from an early version of Tumble! They were being developed at the same time, but the tech was build independently.
      We love the tech demos too – they’re very inspirational and we’re always trying to work out how we can get some of that cool stuff in our games.

  • Does this one support the single move controller, multiple people multiplayer (either against or co-op)?
    It looks great but i am not sure how many controllers i want to start out with so knowing about this would be a real plus.

    • It supports a single MOVE controller for singleplayer (obviously) and for the main multiplayer mode.
      We also support 2 MOVE controllers for a special race mode (which is a blast). And with 2 MOVE controllers you can play any of the single-player levels as co-op.

  • According to everything I’ve read on the internet (Confirm or Deny! ;) ) this game supports simultaneous multiplayer using two Move controllers (one each).
    Also, much less often mentioned, this game apparently also allows you to play single player with two Move controllers, where I presume that the second Move controller allows you to move the camera so that you don’t have to use the arrow interface to rotate and move the camera. I assume that this is not shown or talked about much because initially Sony wants to stress the point that you can do almost everything with just one Move controller … ? (Sony, Confirm or Deny ;) )

    • Simultaneous multiplayer – confirm
      Single player co-op – confirm.
      You can both do everything in co-op. Both pick up blocks at the same time, both control the camera, both place mines etc.

  • I’m really looking forward to play this game. Looks really fun. I bet this is gonna be one of my favorite move games. Good Job :)

  • I will try (and most likely buy) it for sure this week. Can’t wait.
    Still I think the game would have benefited from a more fanciful presentation. You guys have designed some great stuff for Start The Party (awesome dinosaur and cat). Something like that should be in here as well.

  • Why is my fancy “Eyepet food bowl” avatar not working lately? :-(

  • I think this game will really show the potential of Move and i can’t wait to play the demo on friday!

  • i wonder if my Plus icon works yet

  • logout then login on he blog, then repost and it should show it, worked for me.

  • Oh, and since somebody asked: Wii Motion+ add-on has a decent gyroscope. This means it can sense tilt in all directions, like the Playstation Move. But to know its exact location in 3D space like you need in this game, you need more than just the Gyro.
    This is why the Move controller has the orb. The Wii-Mote at first glance seems similar but in reverse, as the controller has the camera built into the controller, which needs to see the sensor bar, whereas for the Move, the sensor bar is the Move controller and the Move controller is the sensor bar.
    This is still an important difference however – while the Wii-Mote should in theory be able to triangulate its position in 3D space, since the camera is on the Wii-Mote and needs to see the sensor bar, as soon as the sensor bar goes outside the (narrow!) field of view of the Wii-Mote’s camera it can no longer tell its distance from the sensor bar and loses track of its position. It can still sense that it is moving in a certain directly because the Wii-Mote also has accellerometers, but no longer by how much.

  • Awesome now these are the commercials to release this is the way you show people in what way you are ahead of the competition.. And off course why to by the move instead of other products..

  • I buy this on Day one! Cant wait…. two more Days until i hold Move in my Hands.

  • Reviews are good but never look at the score of the review, you have to look at the pro’s and con’s and see if you like it or not, because for me some con’s i see as pro :) for example on some mmorpg they can con’s for “too much talking quests” but for me that’s a pro because i hate doing quests that tells you to go and find something, that i don’t give a [DELETED] about

  • honestly… this game is a must have for “ps-movers”!!!
    all my respect to the crew who made it!

  • This game looks really exciting, can you provide a price?

  • the obvious question is – at wehat time exactly will the store update with Move demos and new firmware (I guess) happen on wednesday for us EU citizens? What about midnight purchases, will that eb of any use or will we have to wait till the evening to get all the updates necessary to enable move play? And does the already published RUSE demo support Move?

  • Looks interesting. No doubt LBP2 will have a “free to LBP2 owners” version of something like this soon after launch! But… I’ll probably give it a go if not too expensive. Looks like a nice test of the Move in terms of accuracy of object handling.

  • #46 Stepanek1 the ruse demo already supports move as does the mag beta.

  • I can’t wait to receive my Move starter pack, as yet I’ve not been that interested in the Move titles I’ve seen which are coming out this month & next. For me I think it’s just something I need to try so I’m hoping the demo’s change my mind about them but I’m more interest in the games that are going to be Move compatible then the Move only games.

  • This is a great game. I play the demo at home (got the MOVE early!) MOVE is an fantastic piece of technology! It is a shame that SONY dont advertise it here in the Nordic states. I have not seen anything about MOVE…But MS is really killing it whit ads for the halo…
    The only good thing is that Nordisk Film (middleman for the nordic states) has sent out demo kit whit MOVE to big electronic stores. But there should be SONY people in the stores telling everything about move. I dont thrust employees of the stores to know everything about move…
    Anyhow, I got MOVE starter pack, three move controllers, one navigation controller and following games:
    Sports Schampions, start the party and RUSE. All fantastic games and MOVE is crazy precise!

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