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As PlayStation Move launches across Europe next week, I wanted to share some of the new TV ads we’ve created to support it and give a taster of what we have in store for Move.
The first ‘Move into the action’ ad shows you how PlayStation Move puts you smack bang into the middle of the game. It shows off Move’s amazing precision and highlights some of the new games designed to showcase the motion controller at its best, including Sports Champions and the forthcoming The Fight.

[viddler id=6a16bd3b w=545 h=327 playertype=simple]

Most of you guys on the Blog will know all about Move and what it can do already, but there are a lot of people out there who aren’t as up to speed on all things PlayStation. The other ad you’ll be seeing on TV is the ‘Move into the Party!’ ad. We have many social gamers out there who love competing with friends on a night in and Move brings loads of new ways to beat your mates while having a good laugh at the same time, with new games such as Start the Party and the soon to be released SingStar Dance.

[viddler id=ffddd14e w=545 h=327 playertype=simple]

Look out for the ads on TV over the next few weeks and let us know what you think. I hope you enjoy them – and finally getting your hands on PlayStation Move next week.
Update: Here is the extended UK version of the PlayStation Move launch ad with more gameplay footage to really highlight the fun you can have with The Fight, Start the Party and Sports Champions.

[viddler id=d460ff67 w=545 h=327 playertype=simple]

You’ll be seeing this ad in some of the biggest programmes on TV over the next week – look out for it tonight in the final of Big Brother and in tomorrow’s Everton v Manchester United game.

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11 Author Replies

  • These are kinda embarrassing. We need Kevin Butler campaigns in the UK/EU too.

    • Hi Saber_1V, thanks for the comment.
      I love the Kevin Butler ads too, and they work really well for the US. But at SCEE we have more territories, with different audiences and many different languages to cater for than the US do, so it’s not quite as easy as just running those ads here. Also, not all of the people who will see these ads are as into PlayStation as you guys on the Blog so we need something that will appeal to these guys too.
      And look on the plus side – thanks to youtube you get the best of both worlds ;)

  • i love them keep up the good work guys!

  • Looking good, what’s the game in the second video when they are running on a big wheel? Looks fun.

  • What the hell. I gotta agree with Saber_IV these ads are fail.. BRING ON KEVIN BUTLER!

  • KEVIN BUTLER … where are you?????????
    Save Our ADVERTS

  • Like Saber_IV said…
    You guys just should bring KBs ads to EU, translate the ads with subtitles to non-en countries and you’ll be selling hardware like pancakes.

  • We need KEVIN BUTLER!!!

  • Agrees with the first comment
    From the adverts it looks no different than the wii, maybe it isnt, i dunno, i thought from the tech demo’s it would have more to offer, yet you havnt shown anything except wii’ness

    • Hi gbh08, I think when you get hands on with Move and Sports Champions or The Fight you’ll see the difference. And there’s plenty more to come from Move – Killzone 3 anyone?

  • Nice adverts :> Well done guys

  • Well I think the commercials are not that bad. got my controllers and sport champions the fight lights out on pre-order thinking about getting start the party as well.

  • SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo disappointing..I really have to MOVE to the U.S.
    Advertising HD PS3 with cardboard cut-outs WHAT!!!
    So where did the 750K go then……?

  • I would prefer one with KB but I like this.
    we will be getting a dutch version later in The Netherlands?

  • Those ads are horrible, fire your ad agency fast and hire the ones that are doing the Kevin Butler ads in the US!

  • I can’t believe it’s not Butler.

  • Kevin Butler FTW for me too.
    I just don’t understand why anyone thinks these sort of ads appeal to a European audience.
    Humour FTW.

  • Get Kevin Butler! I don’t care if he’s not European.

  • These ads are Terrible.
    Why do they only show casual games and look like the move has no hardcore gamer appeal.
    Where are the details?
    Why isnt the price mentioned either?

  • I like the ads, but there should be also ads showing more “hardcore” games as well.

  • Kevin….(wait for it…..) Butler!!! :-P

  • Needs moar Kevin Butler!
    Heck, why not release KB ads in the UK and the more “European friendly” ads on the continent?
    KB is marketing genius, the “game is just a start” campaign is a little… embarrassing at the worst, and plain at best (seriously, they look like countless other advertisements… I constantly mistake PS3 adverts for HMV)

  • Can we ease off on the Locnville stuff? they’re becoming the Jedward of PlayStation… everything PlayStation has been taken over by these guys recently and they’re about as talented as that other pair of… (I’ll leave it there and save the mod team the hassle of editing ;))

  • Decent enough ads, I probaly would’ve shown more footage of Sports Champions, even I wouldn’t mind giving it a go.
    I do have to agree with everyone else’s comments tho. We need KB over here, the guy’s a legend.

    • The ads above are the ‘Central’ versions. Each country will have a slightly different version. When you see the UK one on TV you’ll see its 10 seconds longer, with all that time showing gameplay.

  • Still awesome without Kev, Would look good in the Cinema :D
    EU needs a Kevin Butler though. :(

  • I think the ads are bad too. It doesnt need to be KB, but in these ads you dont see any nice details. Its understandable that u want ads for the casual public. The setup of the ads are really terrible. For instance you see them swinging the rackets. But you dont hear that the move can transform in to that on screen. The 2nd ad is really terrible, what is the move? wenn i would see it for the first time and dont know about it, i would think that its a microphone.
    Also an ad for the hardcore gamers would be nice. Its mentioned before, some shooters would be great. I know allot of ppl that play these games but never look on forums and dont know allot about the move.

  • Does the PS3 really have to be like the Wii? :-/
    If the PS3 was £199 in the UK it would sell so much more. PS:MOVE is not needed i think. Anyway as long as SONY are giving me cool normal PS3 games then good luck to them with the PS:MOVE;)

  • What did i just watch?
    KB > This rubbish

  • I’m not a fan of ‘The Game is Just the Start’ campaign. It feels pretty lackluster. Kevin Butler ads would work better in the UK, but I agree that there should be others for the rest of the EU. UK spending habits are much more in line with US spending habits.

  • These are actually okay adverts, but they’re on to such a winner in the US with Kevin Butler, it seems a shame not to capitalise on that success over here.
    I know that the US ads are regionalised, so it would require new ads to be shot, but he’s funny, he’s cheeky and most importantly, he gets the message across.
    Make him VP of Tea and Crumpets, then introduce him to the UK public at the very least!

  • I hope these ads are shown off heaps in Australia. We bearly get anything PlayStation related on TV, which sucks cause a lot of people are missing out on heaps of top quality PS3 stuff. I cant wait to get my hands on MOVE :D

  • rubbish – needs Kevin Butler

  • Not very fond of these. But atleast you’re advertising.

  • “I love the Kevin Butler ads too, and they work really well for the US. But at SCEE we have more territories, with different audiences and many different languages to cater for than the US do, so it’s not quite as easy as just running those ads here.”
    I disagree. It’s obvious from comments on the web from people all across Europe that _everyone_ loves, understands and ‘gets’ the Kevin Butler character. Even if you ran them across Europe with the appropriate subtitles, it would do a better job than these.
    I think SCEE need to go back to the company that made the original PlayStation adverts. Okay, you’ll always struggle to live up to the ‘Double Life’ ad, because that was the definition of epic, but I’m sure they’d come up with something far better than this, and indeed the entire ‘Start’ campaign.
    These ads fall short of successfully highlighting Move’s main selling point, which is its accuracy. All I see here are people jumping around, which simply equates to the Wii or Kinect. I realise you may want to ride on their momentum, but you need to push the fact that Move is just as much fun, but far more capable, accurate and ‘realistic’ than the solutions offered by your competitors. These do not.

    • Interesting point Paranoimia, and I agree that there are a lot of comments on the blog saying that people in Europe ‘get’ Kevin Butler. However, I would say that you guys commenting on here are obviously passionate about PlayStation, are serious about games and know a fair amount about Move already, but that isn’t the same for the majority of people that will see these ads.
      I’d also like to think that with Move, we don’t need to ride anyone elses momentum but our own. I hope that when you get hold of one next week you’ll agree.

  • I approve, kudos. :)

  • My only gripe about these advertisements is that there is so much talking at the beginning and I kinda lose interest.Plus, the games that are showcased do not really boast the wide range of audiences that Move can cater too. In saying that though, they’re not that bad advertisements, pretty good.
    No doubt different advertisements will come in time as new games become available such as Killzone 3.

  • Follow up to my previous comment
    Yes that was my understanding, killzone 3, socom, something for everyone, just the adverts arnt showing that, the adverts look like there advertising everything the wii has already done, for all us that use the blog and net for our gaming news will know already its not the case but i think your selling yourself short when it comes to everybody else

  • Lovely,
    The only difference these adds will have per territory will be a voice over tailored to the local needs.
    Agreed with the majority – KB > EU (advertising)

  • Only one problem with the second TV ad, the music sucks? “i got the sun in my pocket” what is this 1990’s?
    The first TV ad was epic :D
    [Pre ordered my PS move yesterday from GAME]

  • These adverts aren’t going to appeal too the hardcore audience.
    They kinda childish.
    People will just think it’s “exactly” like the Wii.
    SHOW THEM that it’s not!
    Show Resident evil 5, Killzone 3, Socom 4 using Move.

  • paying for move updates has really soured me out of buying move now , hopefully it will not be true but im not paying £100 for move bundle the nav and game to then be asked to pay cash to update games i have already bought e.y high velocity bowling

  • I agreem with the general opinion here that these ads show no differences from the Wii, you really need to show games like Start the Party along with some of the more unique titles Move is getting, like echochrome ii or Socom. Show off the whole range that Move has to offer.
    The problem that just showing the games that are shown is that people unfamiliar with the Move just see it as a Wii clone, and a Wii’s probably cheaper. It also means us hardcore gamers who are likely familiar with the Move are disappointed that it’s not being shown off to it’s best.
    That being said, I really hope they push the campaign for Move as mich as it can so it really takes off.

  • Sorry – but these ads are a waste of advertising space. They are actually ‘THAT’ bad.

    Even my family knows and understands from this video what PlayStation move is and that it is going to be better. :|

  • Strangely, I had an email from this morning stating that Sports Champions has been delayed to May 9, 2011 and apologising for the delay with my pre-order. It’s still like that now:

    • Hi space1999, thanks for the comment. We’ve seen some similar comments in our twitter feed to this and have passed these on to our UK office. I can confirm the Sports Champions will be available next week at the launch of PlayStation Move.

  • This is the Person who sold me on PS3
    If it hadn’t been for this guy, I might have bought an Xbox360.
    So pls bring KB over to Europe / Germany and get rid of …. …. this!

  • I like.
    Whilst I’m a huge fan of the Kevin Butler adverts in the US, I must say that in terms of advertising a product, you guys at SCEE are so much better.
    I remember our advert for Uncharted 2 and whilst the US version was funny, the EU version showed loads of gripping gameplay which I thought was a smart move.
    Keep it up guys, regardless of whether it looks like Wii or not people are missing the point. Casual gamers do not spend as much time on sites like this, if any which is why they need to see products which appeal to them (Hence the Wii like resemblance) however the comparison there stops because to core content is there and the core gamers should already know that, if not then you will eventually because there are more ways to advertise to core gamers than TV.

  • Also – the whole ‘START’ thing just makes me think of Microsoft’s Start button. I mean, your SONY ads actually make me think Microsoft [DELETED].

  • That’s how you do a trailer! ^

  • i just want to say that i think these ads are perfect for the casual audience and the hardcore will take care of itself with games such as heavy rain, socom, gt5, killzone 3, mag, etc..

  • Great trailers.
    I really hope that Playstation Move sells a ton, I know I’ll be getting it. :)
    I’m looking forward to having some Sport Champions sessions with my mate.

  • still only somewhere between hhmm and meh for me, not going to buy sorry :(

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